White Fruit Fly – Causes, Dangers, And Getting Rid of Them

This article covers all things related to the white fruit fly, including causes, dangers, and how to get rid of them. Keep reading to find the answers to all your white fruit flies questions.

Fruit flies are one of the most annoying uninvited guests. They are not particularly scary, but these pesky little invaders can be a nuisance. They may give the impression that your home or restaurant is unhygienic. 

The good news is that fruit flies do not bite or sting. However, they can still pose a health risk if not controlled. 

What Is A White Fruit Fly?

White fruit flies are easy to spot. They are tiny winged insects that are related to aphids. These small white fly-like insects usually invade in clusters. Fruit flies are usually very active at night and quickly scatter when disturbed. This makes it a lot easier to spot compared to nocturnal pests. 

Although there are hundreds of fruit fly species, most of them target specific plant groups. 

Silverleaf whiteflies are the most common in the United States. These species are smaller and exhibit a yellowish hue rather than entirely white. Whiteflies can’t survive the cold winters and prefer the indoors. That is why you notice them more during mid to late summers when it’s hot and humid.

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Common Causes of Fruit Flies Infestation

Although these unwanted guests seem to pop out of nowhere, there is a reason your home or restaurant has them. Their two drives are food and reproduction. 

After getting into your home, the female lays more than 500 eggs that hatch within 24 hours. Getting rid of them after that becomes burdensome. 

Here are some of the things that attract fruit flies to your home or restaurant.

Food Waste

You may have noticed flies around your garbage disposal. Food waste is usually a mixture of everything. It can include bits of half-eaten fruit, veggies, or fermented milk. All of these things provide sucrose and glucose when they rot. 

What you consider crap is a source of nourishment to fruit flies. Be careful where you dump your food waste. Too close to the house, and you are practically inviting them in.

Ripe Fruits

Generally, fruit flies are attracted to fermenting vegetables and fruits. 

Their diet consists of fructose, a form of sugar found in plants and fruits. The flies suck this sugar which fuels them for flight and reproduction. They will be able to keep refueling and multiplying if you leave ripe fruits around. 


In addition to fruits and food waste, fruit flies can’t resist damp places. 

Empty bottles, mops, and cleaning rags provide all the right conditions for their stay. These moist or wet surfaces are breeding grounds. The larvae need moisture to survive to maturity.

Fermented Products

Fermented products such as wine, beer, and alcohol are other favorites. 

However, strong drinks like vodka and gin can kill them. It is all about the correct ethanol levels. So fruit flies know where to go to survive. Their larvae thrive on an empty wine or beer bottle that will have them swarming in no time.

The Hidden Dangers of the White Fruit Fly

Fruit flies don’t sting or bite, and you can quickly shoo them away. This combination makes them look harmless to many. 

However, don’t let this fool you; white fruit flies are dangerous in other ways. So getting rid of them is not optional; it is a necessity. Here are some reasons why white fruit flies are hazardous. 

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Exposure to Diseases and Bacteria

The most significant health risk associated with fruit flies is exposure to bacteria. 

Generally, these insects are attracted to damp places like garbage disposal, compost, and food waste. They also make stops on your ripe fruits and vegetables to refuel. The flies deposit dangerous bacteria from their hairy bodies onto your food and plate. 

The result is the spread of illness and digestive problems. In most cases, the affected person suffers severe bouts of diarrhea.

According to the Center for Disease Control, more than 48 million people suffer from foodborne illnesses yearly. Those “harmless” fruit flies are guilty of a lot of those illnesses.

Attract other Pests

A fruit fly infestation brings with it other problems. Your biggest headache will be dealing with other pests that feed on fruit flies. And while the fruit flies don’t bite, some of their predators can be deadly to humans. 

At the top of this list are spiders, frogs, and ants. These are a pest you don’t want anywhere near your home or restaurant.

Spiders start to come out of hibernation when it starts getting warmer. This is around the same time fruit flies invade homes. Some spiders are poisonous and can cause serious injuries. Dealing with spiders, ants, and frogs is a step up from fruit flies

Fortunately, you can avoid all this escalation by getting rid of the white fruit flies.

White Fruit Fly – Getting Rid of Them

Now that you know their dangers, you can appreciate why getting rid of fruit flies is necessary. 

Luckily, this is achievable with everyday household items. Alternatively, you can go nuclear and opt for store-bought chemical solutions. Ultimately, it’s up to you. 

Here are options on how to get rid of whiteflies.

Eliminate Breeding Grounds

Fruit flies can lay their eggs on any damp surface. There are several nooks and crannies in your kitchen that fit this description.

Check for potential breeding spots like mops, cleaning towels, and empty cans. Removing them prevents breeding and further infestation.

Rinse Fruits Before Storage

Fruits and vegetables are the biggest attraction for fruit flies. Very ripe fruits, in particular, are irresistible.

That doesn’t mean you should bring fruits home. The way around this is by rinsing the fruits before storage. Washing in a vinegar solution before rinsing in water is a very effective solution. 

Utilize Fruit Fly Traps

Traps are another way to go. They lure the fruit flies with sweet smells and kill them off. Traps use a different mechanism to get rid of the annoying insects. Some trap them while others drown the flies

You can use old wine, vinegar, yeast, or ripe fruit to lure them. 

An open container like a jar or dish with a few adjustments makes for a great trap. There are also store-bought traps you can try.

Consider Bug Spray

Bug sprays are the nuclear options in the war against fruit flies. Sprays are very effective; the only problem is at what cost

Most of them contain harmful chemicals. You follow the safety guidelines to the latter. It is best to use it if you plan to be away for a few days. Also, remember to keep them from animals and kids. 

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White Fruit Fly – Final Thoughts 

We hope this guide has answered all your questions, such as “are white flies dangerous?” More importantly, we hope you now know how to get rid of white fruit flies

Like with everything else in life, prevention is always better and cheaper. Rinsing your fruits, throwing out ripe ones, and cleaning all surfaces can go a long way. Should you notice them anywhere, act swiftly. 

Typically, home remedies are enough to eliminate them. If you have to resort to bug spray, use it moderately.  

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