Where Can I Buy Pheromone Moth Traps? Best Options

Have you been dealing with moths lately? These pests can get into your home and destroy your pantry or clothing and other textiles, making them an annoying and expensive issue to handle. Whether you’re dealing with clothes moths, almond moths, seed moths, or another breed, these pests are difficult to deal with. Many traps are available to help catch moths, including pheromone moth traps. Now you may be wondering, ‘Where can I buy pheromone moth traps?’ Never fear! We have you covered with a great list of places to purchase such traps and answers to other questions you may have about pheromone moth traps.


Best Places to Buy Pheromone Moth Traps 

Pheromone moth traps catch moths and help you monitor moth activity, making them an essential addition for those trying to deal with an infestation.

If you’re interested in trying pheromone moth traps, there are plenty of locations to find them. There are several brands to consider and sites to find them – so many that it can become overwhelming. We’ve put together a list of the best places to buy pheromone moth traps for your home both in-person and online.


Bug MD

BugMD Clothes Moth Boss Traps (6 Count, Green) - Sticky Glue Bug Repellent Pheromone Attractor for Closets Wardrobes Cabinet Drawers, Moth Balls for Closet, Moth Traps with No Harsh Chemicals
  • Catch and Trap Closet Lurkers: Our quick and easy Clothes Moth Boss traps use pheromone-infused glue to capture closet and cabinet dwelling moths that...
  • Fuss-Free!: Our closet traps are super easy and convenient. Simply peel off protective film, fold, tuck tab, and place where those clothes moths hide.
  • Extra-Strong Glue: We use extra-strong hold glue to keep insects stuck in the trap for reliable, mess free control. Folded design keeps bugs from...

Bug MD is great for those who want to order from the source and in bulk. You can get up to 55% off your order when you buy multiple traps from this brand. 

Their pheromone moth traps are easy to set up and look a little nicer than many other options on the market – the sticky tape is inside the cardboard, so you don’t have to see dead moths every time you check the trap.



8 Pack Pantry Moth Traps- Safe and Effective for Food and Cupboard- Glue Traps with Pheromones for Pantry Moths
  • Pantry Moths Only- These do not work for Clothes Moths or Gypsy Moths. These are made for food moths only
  • Easy To Use- Simply peel back the paper exposing the glue, then fold into position and place in your cupboards
  • Keep Food Safe- Protects Yourself from moths that eat grains, cereals, flours, pet food and other dry goods

Chewy is primarily known for its many pet-related items, but did you know they also have pheromone moth traps? Their traps aren’t just for clothes moths – they offer options for those dealing with Indian-meal moths, seed moths, raisin moths, almond moths, and tobacco moths. 

These traps also don’t have any killing agents, so they’re safe to have around pets.


Home Depot

Enoz BioCare Clothes Moth Traps with Pheromone Lures, 2 Traps with Lures
  • Pre-assembled sticky traps with pheromone lures
  • Attracts adult male webbing clothes moths--will not attract pantry moths
  • Signals when an infestation is present; does not control the larvae that feed on clothing

Home Depot has plenty of pheromone moth traps (and traps without pheromones). They have over 200 indoor and outdoor options, making it one of the best locations to buy insect traps, including Enoz Biocare traps. For under $5, you get two sticky traps and pheromone lures in each package. Enoz Biocare products are pesticide-free, keeping chemicals away from your clothes.



TERRO T2900 (Pack of 2) Pantry Moth Traps - Traps grain moths, flour moths, meal moths, and seed moths, (Packaging May Vary)
  • Attracts and traps grain moths, flour moths, meal moths, and seed moths
  • Pheromone lure attracts moths to the sticky trap where it gets stuck and dies
  • Ready-to-use and non-toxic sticky traps

Lowes also has plenty of pheromone moth traps for purchase, including options by the brand the Terro. These brands are beneficial for those who need to monitor year-round, as they include time strips that indicate when the trap needs to be changed out.

One of the most popular options on their website is the Pantry Pest Moth Traps because these traps are non-toxic. That makes them safe to put in areas where cereal, pasta, dry pet food, grain products, chocolate, nuts, species, and more are stored. The traps can also be put in birdseed storage areas, making them popular with animal lovers!


Walmart Supercenter

No products found.

Walmart is an easy choice for many. They’re often conveniently located and have various options for pest control. They carry one of the most popular pheromone moth traps on the market, Trappify Moth Traps.

As the name implies, these traps deal with clothing moths and promise to safeguard your clothes and furniture. They come in two different styles.


Pheromone Moth Traps FAQs

There are many moth traps available to purchase, and it’s hard to know which kind will be effective for your situation. However, pheromone moth traps are popular for a good reason -they work, especially in tandem with other moth infestation tactics.


How Do Pheromone Moth Traps Work?

Pheromone moth traps are one type of moth trap available on the market and are quickly becoming well known among those dealing with infestations. They work by utilizing female moth hormones to attract male moths to the sticky card. 


Are Pheromone Moth Traps Successful?

Pheromone moth traps help in two ways: they are effective in helping break up the breeding cycles and helpful for monitoring moth activity. 

By breaking up the breeding cycle, the rate that moths create the next generation is disrupted and becomes slower, naturally leading to fewer moths over time.

You will also be able to monitor the number of moths trapped over several months. Many pheromone moth traps can last for three months after activation, and checking them weekly will allow you to keep track of the number of moths caught in the traps.

  Keeping a log based on pheromone moth traps will help you understand how the infestation has grown or declined. 

They tell us the type of moth infestation you are dealing with and can serve as an early warning that you have an infestation – allowing you to get treatment before the infestation becomes too severe and causes more damage.

A significant problem with clothes moths is that they are sneaky – meaning they can tear through your wardrobe long before you see one. Using a pheromone trap can lure them out and take action much faster.

Over time, the information from the pheromone moth trap will give insight into how to further deal with the moths. For example, if you find more moths over time, you may need to change your strategy or techniques.

Pheromone moth traps only capture male moths. Because of this, they are more effective in eradicating moths, primarily when used alongside other traps and thorough cleaning. 


How Do You Use Pheromone Moth Traps?

Most pheromone moth traps work by assembling a moth trap box and activating the pheromone board. Once you activate the board, it can attract male moths for up to 12 weeks.

The best location for most pheromone moth traps is at the height moths fly – so three to six feet above floor level. The traps can also hang atop a wardrobe or from a hook. 

You may need to hang a moth trap inside a closet. If so, make sure that clothes do not surround the trap. Not only could the trap get stuck to your clothes, but you also want the pheromones to be able to circulate.

Locate your traps away from other repellents – such as cedar chips or lavender satchels – as that can affect their ability to attract. You should also avoid direct light, highly trafficked areas, or areas where air frequently circulates – such as open windows, vents, or A/C units.


What If My Pheromone Moth Traps Aren’t Catching Anything?

There are a few reasons you may not be catching things with your pheromone moth traps

The first reason could be that you’ve placed your traps where the moths can get to – in that case, try moving one or two to see if you have more success.

It’s also possible that the moths are dealing with a lull in their life cycle, where there are only juvenile or female moths, as the conditions are wrong for larvae to pupate and hatch. Because the pheromone moth traps only attract adult male moths, this lull means you may still see moths but not the ones that a pheromone trap catches. In other words, female moths.

Finally, if your traps are nearing the end of their three months, they may be losing their power. Remember to replace your traps once a season for them to be an effective way to trap and monitor moths.

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