Walmart Fly Traps – User Reviews & Alternatives

Grabbing some fly traps from Walmart is a natural thing to do, but are the products sold there safe and effective? Let’s take a look!

Just before the cold season, the buzzing of the flies seems to get an uncanny boost. And swarms of these annoying pests invite themselves to every outdoor or indoor activity we have. Luckily, there are many ways to get rid of flies.


Are the Highest Ranking Walmart Fly Traps Good Enough?

Getting rid of every fly in our surroundings is convenient, but at the same time, we need to be sure we’re using safe methods of pest control.

We checked out some of the most popular fly traps at Walmart, and here’s what we found.

1. Rescue! Outdoor Disposable Hanging Fly Trap

RESCUE! Outdoor Disposable Hanging Fly Trap - 8 Traps
  • Easy Fly Control – This disposable outdoor hanging fly trap gets rid of common flies, including hundreds of the most prevalent species. Once the...
  • Fast Acting — This trap uses an attractant bait that flies can’t resist. Lured by the scent, flies enter the trap through the cap and drown in the...
  • Easy to Use — Follow the easy directions on the bag to expose the trap entrance. Add water to activate bait and hang the trap outside, at least 20...

The Rescue! fly trap is among the easy solutions for a difficult problem. All you have to do is fill it with water and hang it in a convenient spot. The non-toxic solution inside it attracts the flies, and they can easily get inside. They can’t get back out though as the cone-shaped inlet is a one-way ticket of sorts.

For best results, the manufacturer recommends placing the trap near trash bins or animal pens. A single trap can catch up to 20,000 flies before needing replacement. And since it doesn’t cost much, you can easily put up a new trap.

Getting rid of the used trap is no hassle at all. Just close the lid and dispose of it in the bin. You don’t have to touch any of the gross contents inside it. This clean method of insect trapping and disposal is definitely one of the best we’ve come across.


  • No toxic materials
  • Easy to use
  • Effective
  • Budget-friendly


  • Has a strong smell

User Reviews

This trap has a high rating of 4.5 stars, with 1000+ reviews. The general user experience seems to lean heavily on the positive side, as 92% of the users recommend it to others.

One of the happy customers emphatically declares it as the “best fly trap ever!”. The outdoor trap had already caught so many flies in the short duration of a few hours.

The negative stories are pretty rare, but one user seems to be really frustrated with it. She used it outdoors while grilling some steak, and didn’t see a single fly walking inside the trap. She reverted to fly-zappers and swore by them.

2. Raid Fly Ribbons

Raid® Fly Ribbon, Fly Traps for Indoors and Outdoors, 4 Pack
  • Fly Trap: Raid Fly Ribbons attract, trap, and hold flies, gnats, moths, and many other flying insects.
  • Indoor & Outdoor Fly Traps: These fly ribbons are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Hang or place anywhere flies are a nuisance.
  • No Insecticides: These fly traps are aroma-free, insecticide-free, and last a long time.

Some locations around the house seem to attract flies more than others, and so using Raid fly ribbons seems to be a convenient solution for catching them where they are. Additionally, it’s an eco-friendly product that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals.

The containers come with 10 ribbons, so you can distribute these traps over various spots. The process is straightforward. Get the ribbons out of the can, warm them up with your hands, uncurl them, and stick them to a suitable wall. That’s it.

The ribbons then do their magic and attract all kinds of flying pests. Some spots are better than others, as flies are naturally sensitive to odors, sources of food, humidity, temperature, and light. It’s best to experiment a little till you can find the optimal location.

Disposing of the ribbons are they fill up with bugs is as simple as taking them off the wall and dumping them into the bin. Not the neatest job, but not too gross either. Overall, a good product.


  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Doesn’t contain pesticides
  • A single ribbon lasts for months
  • Trustworthy brand


  • If you’re not careful while uncurling the ribbon, it could get all stuck and messy
  • The ribbon looks unsightly with all the pests glued to it.

User Reviews

Raid fly ribbons is a popular product that 84% of users recommend. It has a 4.3-star rating after almost 300 reviews. The positive reviews share similar experiences of watching various flying insects caught by the trap.

One happy user mentioned that “Every summer I am inundated with gnats and fruit flies. Since those vinegar traps don’t really work for this amount of insects, I tried this inexpensive fly ribbon and it’s fabulous.” He also expressed that it’s “not very pretty”, but that didn’t seem to matter all that much. The trap also caught a spider and a cockroach, so he absolutely likes it.

Other users appreciated the efficiency of the trap, in addition to the fact that it comes in at a great price.

Few negative reviews showed a different experience, where the ribbons didn’t work too well or not at all. There’s a possibility that the traps were not placed in the right locations.

3. Trappify Indoor Window Corner Fly Trap

Trappify Window Fly Traps: House Window Fruit Fly Traps for Indoors, Gnat, & Other Flying Insect, Disposable Indoor Fly Trap with Extra Sticky Adhesive Strips - Inside Home Housefly & Bug Catchers (8)
  • VALUE SET: Available in 4, 8, 12, and 24 packs, these fruit fly traps for indoors are designed to effectively attract and capture a variety of pesky...
  • EASY TO USE: Just simply follow these steps to set up your trap: Open the trap and slowly remove the protective release paper from one side. Begin by...
  • LONG LASTING: Our bug indoor trap is equipped with a powerful double-strength adhesive that ensures a secure and long-lasting application each time it...

The Trappify window corner fly traps are made for indoor use, and they’re especially useful around windows. They quickly attract flies, and as the pests land, they’re glued in place.

These traps do not contain vapors or toxic materials, so they can be used around pets or in bustling households. They’re not known to have unpleasant smells as well, and that’s always a plus.

Each trap can last up to 30 days, or until it becomes filled with trapped flies. It can then be replaced by a new one.



  • Not a pretty sight
  • Disposing of it is a little gross

User Reviews

Most of the users’ comments were positive, and 66% of them recommended these sticks to other users. Some said that it’s the only product that worked for them, and many others praised its fast action, being non-toxic, ease of use, and being safe around their pets.

Some less enthusiastic comments expressed their disappointment that it caught only one fly.

The Best Alternatives for Walmart Fly Traps

Fly traps are safe and effective methods of pest control, but they don’t work for everyone. And sometimes it’s best to use a combination of methods for best results.

Here are some of the alternatives to catch these annoying flies.

1. Trappify Indoor/Outdoor Hanging Fly Stick Traps

Trappify Hanging Fly Traps Outdoor: Fruit Fly Traps for Indoors | Fly Catcher, Gnat, Mosquito, & Flying Insect Catchers for Inside Home - Disposable Sticky Fly Trap for Indoor House Pest Control
  • CATCH PESKY BUGS: Our yellow fly stick trap easily captures indoor mosquitoes, gnats, and flies. Perfect for fruit fly and gnat control. Discover...
  • PROTECT YOUR HOUSE with the Trappify Hanging Fly Traps! Hang it near bug hotspots for effective pest control. Pair with insect strips, fruit fly...
  • THE GREAT OUTDOORS: Perfect for porches, garages, patios, gardens, stables, lawns, chicken coops, and hotspots for flying insects. Includes phorid fly...

These flying insect traps kill a wide variety of pests, without using harmful chemicals. It uses a selective method that singles out flies and other insects without harming humans, pets, or other animals.

This product is moderately priced, and it seems to be quite popular with many users.

2. BugzOff Electric Fly Swatter

No products found.

The tennis racket-styled bug zapper is among the best ways to eliminate flying insects without using any chemicals at all. The mechanical action is easy with the lightweight of the zapper, and the large surface area makes catching flies no hassle at all.

This method can be used anywhere at all, indoors or outdoors. Changing the batteries frequently is probably the only snag you might face. Plus removing the fallen bugs, of course.

3. Enoz Sergeant Swat Fly Swatter

Enoz Sergeant Swat Bug Swatter - 3 Pack - Heavy Ultra Duty Manufactured Flyswatter - Environmentally Conscious, Effective, and Inexpensive Method to Control Flying Insects
  • SERGEANT SWAT BUG SWATTER FOR INSECT CONTROL: This flying pest control method is equipped to take down large insects like wasps, hornets, and...
  • HEAVY ULTRA DUTY DESIGN: The industrial strength metal handle with precision manufactured flapper takes down large flying insects that invade your...
  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: Flyswatters are the environmentally conscious, effective, and inexpensive method to control flying insects; A pesticide-free...

The Enoz Sergeant fly swatter is another mechanical device that doesn’t even need batteries. It’s the good old way of squashing any kind of insect.

The manufacturer lightheartedly suggests other uses for this swatter like a back scratcher, windshield scraper, and other hilarious uses. We’d rather stick to its pest control function though!

Walmart Fly Traps – Conclusion

Most of the fly traps we checked out at Walmart were effective at catching these buzzing insects, in addition to being safe for use. There’s a wide variety of brands that work indoors or outdoors. And there’s are several methods by which they trap flies.

If these traps don’t work as intended, you can check out any of the other alternatives listed here. Or, you can use them in tandem for better results.

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