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Victor Fly Traps: How Do You Use Them? Do They Work?

Do you have a problem with flies in your home or office? If so, you may be considering purchasing a victor fly trap. These house and blowflies traps attract flies through a trap and bait system. These fly magnet traps can be very effective if used correctly.

In this blog post, we will discuss how victor fly traps work and how to use them effectively. We will also answer some common questions about victor fly traps, such as, is it the most effective bait, “how do they work?” and are they more effective than other competitive products or bait on the market. Keep reading to learn more!

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House Flies

The most frequent fly found in a person’s household is the house fly. They account for 90% of all fly infestations, so you’ve probably seen these insects before. They are 6 to 7 mm long and gray with black markings on their backs. Also they have crimson eyes, and fast wings.

Harmful Effects of Flies

Flies are one of the most effective agents for transmitting germs. They do not bite, but they can transfer illness by flying from one location to another.

This is why house flies are so hazardous. Consider how fast these guys are as they whizz about you. They’re in the garbage, crawling over rotten food one minute, and then they’re on the supper you just made the next.

The bacteria they pick up on their bodies permits them to disseminate it to the next location. This eventually contaminates food or kitchen utensils, causing a person to become unwell. 

What is Victor Flytrap?

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Victor Fly trap magnet, traps flies using its drown baited system. This fly magnet attracts flies through its effective bait. The non toxic bait is made of dehydrated food grade products mixed with warm water.

Bottle flies are attracted and trapped by these patented non-poisonous bait called Victor® Fly Magnet®. Attractant lures bottle flies in but does not allow them to leave! Moreover the diamond shaped lid design of the product allows it to attract more flies to the trap.

Victor Fly Magnet is also effective for outdoor use. This fly trap is great to use during backyard party since they are completely non toxic and safe for children, dogs, and the environment. Moreover, the Victor® Fly Magnet® bait which is made of dehydrated food grade products is purchased separately.

Victor Fly Magnet Specification

  • Brand: Safer
  • Model: Disposable fly trap model
  • Brand Color: White
  • Style: Magnet
  • Material: Plastic
  • Number of Pieces: 4
  • Is Electric: Yes
  • Target Species: Fly
  • Package Dimensions: 16.57 x 10.04 x 4.21 inches
  • Item Weight: 13.4 ounces
  • Bait: made of dehydrated food products
  • Manufacturer: Safer Brand
  • Country of Origin: China Attracts House

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How to Use Victor Fly Magnet Trap

Victor fly magnet reusable traps are meant to be used outside to keep flies away from your home before they get inside. It is advised that you put several traps around the perimeter of your home, about 10 to 30 feet apart. It should be noted that the bait requires a 24-hour activation time before it becomes completely effective.

  1. Open Victor Fly Magnet and place the trap with bait bag inside.
  2. Fill the fill line with water. Swirl the items together.
  3. Suspend roughly 18 inches above the ground in a warm, sunny location. The white color and diamond shaped lid helps attracts more flies.
  4. Add water on a regular basis to keep the bait wet and the flies immersed.
  5. You may re use the trap. Once the container is filled with flies, dump contents. Re bait the container for continuous use.
TERRO T380 Outdoor Reusable Fly Magnet Fly Trap - Poison Free Fly Killer and Trap with Bait
  • Say Goodbye to Flies - Attracts, traps, and kills a variety of flies, including house flies, barn flies, and bottle flies. They go in for a treat but...
  • Irresistible to Flies - Combined with the bait, the trap’s color and diamond-shaped lid is designed to attract more flies
  • Easy to Use – Simply pour in the bait, then add water to the fill line and swirl to mix. Add more water as needed to keep the bait moist and flies...

Best Features of Victor Fly Magnet Trap

  • Victor Fly magnet attracts a broad range of species including bottle flies, fruit flies etc.
  • More flies are drawn in by the attractant, are unable to escape, and drown. Hence, a few flies are lured by the attractant, are unable to escape, and drown. Hence, a few flies will not reach and enter your home.
  • The baited system will be effective for a long period. Time has no effect on effectiveness. Bait will attract a wide variety of insects, including house and blowflies.
  • Traps can be reused. Replacement Baits are available and are sold separately.
  • It is a disposable fly trap model. Hence, once full with flies, discard the contents, re-bait, add water, and repeat!
  • It is a non toxic bait and made of dehydrated food-grade products.
  • Fill the trap with bait, then fill it with water.
  • The white color and diamond shaped lid helps to attract and traps flies.

How to Purchase

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When you purchase a victor fly trap, you will need to choose between two different models: the Victor Fly Magnet Reusable Trap with Bait 1 qt and the victor ultimate fly trap. Both of these traps are effective at catching and killing flies, but they work in slightly different ways.

The original victor fly trap uses bait to attract flies into the trap, while the victor ultimate fly trap uses a pheromone lure to attract flies. If you are not sure which model to choose, we recommend purchasing the original victor fly trap, as it is less expensive and easier to use.

To purchase, just look for a Victor disposable fly trap model online. You will need to choose whether to purchase Victor Fly Magnet Reusable Trap with Bait 1 qt and the original Victor Fly Magnet Disposable Fly Trap. Check the store menu and see product details, its model number, and online price.

In the store menu, search for the customer’s form. Fill out the form with your name and your address. There are two modes of shipping available: address ground shipping and expedited shipping.

The estimated pickup day on the physical store after you purchased it online is 4 days. However you can avail of expedited shipping in where there will be additional payment apart from its online price.

Customer Reviews:

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Is this product a fly magnet? Yes, it absolutely does! When you mix the potion up to the ‘fill line’ (which isn’t very high), it’s as if flies all over the region send out invitations to come and participate in the exquisite delicacy, even to adjacent states.

It’s amazing. Do not apply it inside your house; it has a little stench that can be off-putting, and it has the unintended consequence of drawing more flies than you had previously.


We tried putting the victor fly magnet tape around the home, but the wind conditions were flying them against the soffit, trim, and siding, staining them with the glue.

I removed those disposable fly trap models and replaced them with victor fly magnet traps with bait. These traps made such a difference. One of these traps collected more flies in a few days than three tape traps did in weeks.


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Hey, it works, but it’s awful. I got two of them, and they consistently capture flies. But I didn’t see a huge caution in the product description. ***BIOHAZARD*** I bought two of them and placed them in inconspicuous spots around the home, out of sight, to control a fly issue that had gotten a little out of hand.

After a week, we begin to notice a weird odor in the house. After a few days had gone, the dog had an accident (which never happened). So there was the end of the scent (or was it?).

Preventing Flies

The greatest approach for preventing flies in the home is by rigorous cleanliness, which includes eliminating garbage everyday, keeping all counter surfaces clean, ensuring that all windows and screens are properly screened, and properly disposing of any rotting food waste.

If you have pets, keep up with trash collection by emptying litter boxes and cleaning up dog feces around the yard.

If a fly infestation is detected, a registered pest management specialist should undertake an examination, especially searching for any areas where fly eggs may have been deposited. Once the breeding location has been removed, the pest specialist will devise a house fly treatment strategy depending on the specifics of the infestation.


Inspection is the essential to cleanliness, just as sanitation is the key to good filth fly control. To remove fly breeding locations, first identify the attractive element.

This is frequently only possible by doing a comprehensive investigation of the premises and understanding what to look for and where to look. Identify the flies implicated first, then look for stuff that attracts that species and remove it.

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Exclusion of flies from the premises is another crucial stage in fly management. This is accomplished by closing as many doors, windows, and vents as possible, as well as screening and sealing around these and other fly entrance locations. To enhance an integrated fly management program, automatic door closing mechanisms and air curtains that blast air away from doors can be installed.


Victor fly traps are one of the most popular ways to get rid of flies and other house pests. They work by trapping the fly in a sticky substance and then killing it. 

However, there are some reviews from users that the product releases awful odor after sometime, which may have a harmful effect to the people or animals living near the product.

If you wish to use other products that are as effective as Victor Fly Magnet but with less odor, you can try Trappify Indoor/Outdoor Hanging Fly Stick Trap or the Yellow Dual Sided Sticky Fruit Fly and Gnat Traps.

Both of these fly traps have effective attractant lures that catch all kinds of flies without the bad odor.  It is ready to use, just open the attractant and it will lure bugs to their impending doom. They are perfect for porches, patios, gardens, and any popular hotbeds for flying insects.

Check out the Trappify store for quality and effective fly and moth traps.

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