Do Ultrasonic Insect Repellents Work? Top 5 Products Reviewed

If you’re searching for a non-chemical way to get rid of insects and pests, then ultrasonic insect repellents are for you. Ultrasonic insect repellents emit high-frequency sounds, which insects and rodents find intolerable, thus chasing them away.

But, do ultrasonic insect repellents work, or is it too good to be true? Should you ditch your old deterrents, and switch to ultrasonic insect repellents instead? We’re about to tell you, so keep reading!

What are Ultrasonic Insect Repellents?

Ultrasonic pest repellers are designed to emit high-frequency ultrasonic soundwaves, which can repel, injure, and even kill household pests.

Manufacturers claim that these devices emit sounds ranging from 25 to 65kHz. These sounds are believed to cause a physiological response, thus distressing and disorienting most rodents.

Therefore, to avoid discomfort, pests would have no other choice but to leave the general vicinity.

The sound frequencies caused by these devices are too high for humans to hear. Research indicates that we can detect sounds with a frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz only, whereas pets, such as dogs and cats, have a range of 67Hz to 45kHz. So, most ultrasonic repellents are safe to use around children, and pets.

Do They Actually Work?

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has yet to confirm the effectiveness of ultrasonic insect repellents.  This is due to most manufacturers not having scientific evidence to back up that these products do work.

Furthermore, manufacturers make it a point to state that ultrasonic deterrents are by no means a quick fix, because they can sometimes take months to completely repel pests.

The truth is, the effectiveness of these products is often hit or miss. However, thousands of users claim that these devices have significantly decreased the number of pests found in their homes, where only a small percentage say they haven’t.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that these repellents do work, although maybe not 100%.

5 Best Ultrasonic Insect Repellents Worth Your Attention

Here are five of the best ultrasonic repellents in the market. This is according to user effective rate, quality build, and functionality.

1.   EverJoice Ultrasonic Insect Repellent – Best Overall

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The EverJoice Ultrasonic Repeller is packed with useful features.  For instance, four switches, which have individual functions. The first switch, the Test switch, simulates the sound rodents and insects hear at a human level. It also allows you to check whether the device works or not.

The Ultra switch creates ultrasonic waves, which repel mice effectively. The Trans switch emits high-pressure waves. These fend off most rodents, including rats and squirrels. The Duo switch does what it says on the tin, and drives away both insects and rodents.

One of the best things about this device is that individual intensities can be adjusted, depending on the infestation you’re facing.

Similar to most of the products on this list, EverJoice has high impact pressure waves, which range from 25kHz-60kHz. This, therefore, allows the device to effectively deter the most problematic pests.


  • Quick results
  • Deters most pests
  • Multiple intensity options
  • Can be used outdoors


  • Not the highest build quality

2.   Torena Ultrasonic Pest Repellent – Runner Up

If you have a relatively large home, then the Torena Ultrasonic Repellent is for you. It has a coverage of 5,000-5920 square feet, which is more than what most average ultrasonic repellents.

What makes this ultrasonic repellent different? It is the fact that it’s equipped with transducers and dual speakers both of which create high-pressure waves that reach up to 65kHz.

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For reference, an average human has a frequency range of about 20kHz. Pets, such as dogs and cats, have a hearing range of 25-45kHz, therefore safe to use continuously for you, your family, and your pets.

This device has a 360° protection range, thus giving it the capacity to travel through walls. Regardless, Torena manufacturers recommend placing the device in the middle of a large space, in turn maximizing efficiency.


  • Drives away most common insects and rodents
  • Has a high-frequency range
  • Covers a large space
  • Multiple customization option


  • Doesn’t come with a battery option, so it needs to be plugged in all the time
  • Doesn’t work with bigger rodents such as raccoons

3.   Bocianelli Ultrasonic Pest Repeller – Best Budget Pick

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If you’re searching for a budget-friendly way to protect your home against pests, the Bocianelli Ultrasonic Pest Repeller might be for you.

The Bocianelli Ultrasonic Pest Repeller comes in a pack of six for just under $30. Each device has a coverage of up to 1,600 square feet, which is not as powerful as the Bezano or Magic Cat repellents.  However, using all six devices grants up to 8,000 square feet of pest protection. The ultrasonic waves emitted by the Bocianelli can penetrate through walls, thus giving maximum efficiency.

The manufacturers recommend using the device for up to three to four weeks, to continuously permanently chase rodents and insects away.

The frequency waves created by the Bocianelli range anywhere from between 22kHz-65kHz. It doesn’t have an adjustment function, so using all six in a single room might distress your pets. Therefore, it’s best to use one device per room.



  • Doesn’t provide instant results
  • Sound frequencies cannot be adjusted

4.   Bezano Pest Repellent

The Bezano Pest Repellent is a thing of beauty. It has an elegant but modern design, which makes it an out-of-the-way addition to your home.

Similar to the Magic Cat Repellent, the Bezano Repellent has a range of up to 6,500 square feet. It comes with three modes—Normal, Rapid, and Discrete, depending on the number of rodents and/or insects you’d like to deter. It can work for eight hours continuously.

Multiple users claim that the Bezano Repellent is very effective against squirrels, rats, and cockroaches.

A great thing about this product is that it has a low power consumption, so you can have the device running 24/7 without worry about high electric bills.


  • Made with high-quality material:
  • Modes allow you to adjust frequencies
  • High range capacity


  • Not the most affordable

5.   Neatmaster Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

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The Neatmaster Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is one of the most popular repellers in the market. It has a very high success rate.  It will deter most insects and rodents, including cockroaches, squirrels, and mice.

Among all the products we’ve reviewed, the Neatmaster covers the least space, which is 800-1,200 square meters. But, its functionality more than compensates for lack of coverage.

This device comes with three settings, which depend on the infestation you’re facing. The Green and Blue light options are used for minor, and normal pest issues. Both settings have a very high-frequency range, which means they aren’t audible to the human ear.

The Red light option is used for extreme pest problems.  But, it is audible enough for even humans to hear. Therefore, manufacturers recommend using this only when you are outside the room in question, so be careful.


  • Comes with three intensity modes
  • Repels almost all types of pests and rodents


  • Waves don’t penetrate through walls
  • Doesn’t have high coverage

Ultrasonic Insect Repellents – Final Thoughts

Our top choice for the best repellent is the EverJoice Ultrasonic Repeller. Not only does it allow users to switch between frequency modes, but also has a wide range capacity. Plus, you can use it outdoors, which is a bonus!

CLICK HERE to see all of our non-toxic pest control solutions. Then, you can decide which is the best option for you!

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