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Trapstik for Flies: Is It Effective? How Does It Work?

It’s summer, and hot weather is on its way. It is surely the time when hot weather flies blend well with other insects. If you have fly problems? Trapstik for flies might be of interest to you. This indoor fly trap is designed to trap and kill flies. But how does it work? And is it worth the money?

In this blog post, we will answer questions about Rescue Trapstik and more. We will also discuss the pros and cons of trapstik for flies, so that you can decide if it is right for you.

What Is TrapStik Flies Indoors?

Trapstik for flies indoors is an indoor fly trap that solves fly problems with the help of strong adhesive hold and a unique brilliant colors and a multi dimensional pattern.

hot weather flies blend pixelated pattern

This trapstik for flies indoors is typically placed on a window, door, kitchen counter, garage and other roofed patio. It is said to lure flies and other common species pests safely.

TrapStik for flies indoors is one of the most popular choices for an indoor hanging fly trap. It works by attracting cluster flies with a sweet scent, then trapping them on an adhesive surface.

Trapstik for flies is a non toxic indoor fly sticky trap used to solve a fly problem at home. It is odor free, has appealing colors with an effective extended use adhesive surface. This indoor fly trap should be hang inside the house such as the garage, in the mud rooms, kitchen or any places inside where pesky cluster flies can be found.

Apart from that, this indoor fly trapstik can be placed on windows or doors, and they are effective at catching all kinds of flying pests, including house flies, horse flies, fruit flies, and fungus gnats. This non toxic TrapStik is easy to use and can be reused multiple times.

So if you’re looking for a highly effective visual lure to trap and can kill pests and flies indoors, then TrapStik is worth checking out.


RESCUE! TrapStik for Flies – Indoor Hanging Fly Trap - 8 Pack
  • Indoor Fly Trap – This hanging indoor fly trap does the work of trapping flies for you. Once flies are stuck to the sticky trap, there’s no...
  • Attracts Flies – Most sticky fly strips rely on luck to kill flies. Fly TrapStik relies on exclusive VisiLure technology. Flies are attracted to the...
  • Indoor Use – This TrapStik is meant for indoor use only. For outdoor fly control, we recommend the RESCUE! Outdoor Disposable Fly Trap or Outdoor...


This indoor hanging fly trap is affordable. Unlike Expensive Bug Zappers Or Ineffective Fly Swatters, this Hanging Fly Trap Actually Catches the Flys For You at a very low price! A fly caught in a sticky trap has no chance of getting free.

With Exclusive Visilure Technology

It has a highly effective visual lure structure. This technology is said to encourage the presence of flies. When it comes to killing flies, sticky fly strips are a complete gamble. The innovative TrapStik uses their patented technology in attracting pests.

According to them, flies are attracted to the TrapStik’s appealing colors and multi dimensional pattern, and they can’t escape the adhesive surface once they land on it.

This TrapStik should only be used inside. The strong adhesive surface of this fly trap may also lure birds and other insects. But if you have infestations of fly outside you can use Their Outdoor Disposable Fly Trap as an alternative option in removing flies from the outdoors.

usa large catch surface extended use adhesive

It Contains No Lethal Ingredient

This indoor non toxic trapstik is safe to use and yet effective. Its killing agents are pet safety and odor free. It is safe for indoor use because of its high tech and unique features. It lure flies with appealing colors and a multidimensional pattern.

Apart from its hightech unique features that trapped flies fast, this indoor fly trapstik solves any fly problem without exposure to any hazardous chemicals. This indoor fly trapstik has a cardboard surface overlaid with a glue surface. The strong adhesive holds of this trap prevents pesky flies from leaving it once they become stuck on the sticky surface.

Made in USA

RESCUE trapstik fly trap is dedicated to providing homeowners with the most reliable and environmentally friendly pest control products possible. Their products are all manufactured, produced and distributed within the United States. According to them. as a company, it gives them great pleasure to produce their goods in the USA.

attracted extended use adhesive cardboard surface


  • Country of Origin: Made in USA
  • Area of Use: Home, Barn and Stable, Perimeter, Lawn
  • Assembly Required: No
  • Battery Size: None
  • Package Quantity: 1
  • Primary Material: Other
  • Height: 11.1 in.
  • Length: 3 in.
  • Weight: 0.07 lb.
  • Width: 3.5 in.
  • Targeted Fly Type(s): Filth Flies
  • Trap Type: Glue Traps

eventually expire pixelated pattern caught love

How It Works

Insects such as flies, cluster flies, fruit flies, and gnats are just some of the common pests or common species caught by the adhesive surface of the Rescue indoor hanging fly trap!

With their highly effective visual lure aka VisiLure® technology, the Rescue! TrapStik for Flies is able to lure flies with appealing colors and a multi dimensional pattern design.

The indoor fly Rescue TrapStik has a glue surface that captures flying insects. Once the lured pests stick to the glue surface it won’t be able to escape and will surely kill insects in no time.

Since this is a non toxic trapstik and guaranteed pet safety, this indoor fly trapstik is safe to place inside your home, in your garage, covered porches, mud rooms or wherever else where pests are roaming around. This product promised to kill insects and solve fly problem in no time.

To use The Rescue Indoor fly TrapStik tear the perforated strip on the left side of the adhesive then discard the cardboard backing.

The cap of The Rescue TrapStiks features a hanging loop for convenient storage. Lift and stoop by inserting the index finger into the grip. The RESCUE! TrapStik for Flies is for indoor use only and should be hung in good locations such as covered porches, mud rooms, garage and kitchen. For further usage instructions, please refer to the packaging.

trapstick for flies usa large catch surface full page pattern

Helpful Reminder In Using Rescue Trapstik For Flies Indoors

There are no poisons or other lethal chemicals in any of their fly traps. They use food and feed-grade materials to attract flies, then trap the insects until they die.

Animals can be discouraged from entering a trap by hanging it where they can’t reach it. Any time you or an animal comes into contact with the glue, simply pull Rescue TrapStik away from the area to get the adhesive to release.

To get rid of any remaining glue, use petroleum jelly, baby oil, mineral oil, or similar petroleum-based substance.

When using your outdoor Rescue TrapStiks, please use the included bird guards to prevent injury to birds and other wildlife.

Please call their hotline if you suspect that your pet has accidentally consumed a piece of the fly trap.

If you accidentally spill or drop  the trap on textile, we suggest using an enzyme-based cleaning to remove the smell . You shouldn’t put anything liquid like water on dry powder attractant that has spilt because that will make the smells more noticeable. Sweep any spilt dry powder attractant directly into the garbage.

How To Purchase Rescue Indoor Fly Trapstick Online

You can start shopping for Rescue Trapstik for flies online through a merchant insect store such as Amazon. Rescue trapstik for flies is a trap that uses flies’ natural instincts to land on vertical surfaces to lure them in and trap them. The trapstik catches both common houseflies and fruit flies.

Rescue Trapstik for flies is easy to set up and can be placed near windows, doors, covered porches or in any good locations where flies rise as a problem. Amazon offers free shipping on orders over $25, so it’s easy to get Rescue Fly Trapstik for your home.

Customers Reviews:


These are far superior to anything I’ve ever purchased. The multi dimensional pattern and the extreme adhesive holds of the killing agents makes it much more appealing than the old-fashioned sticky traps. It is pet safety so I am not afraid to hang this indoor fly trapstik anywhere in the house.

If you leave it in the kitchen, it will quickly become a fly problem. The ones that are hanging do not have nearly as many indoor flies on them. Flies cover every surface including the one resting on the counters. Good thing it has a large catch surface.

I live near a lake and have hens, so during hot weather flies blend with the wind and other insects instantly become a major issue. I will give 5 stars on this product. I’ll never purchase anything else.


I purchased two of these to hang in a nursing care room where there are a lot of houseflies and some other common species like fruit fly. After a month, they had only trapped fruit flies and possibly two house flies. Houseflies are still an issue. It might function better outside or in different lighting.


These are wonderful fly traps! Nice to hear that this product is from the USA, large catch surface area, non toxic and odor free. We put one of those in our recycling bin since horse dung attracts a lot of flies.

We’ve tried everything, but none works even close to as good as these. More than simply house and barn flies are caught by us. We catch a lot of gnats, yellow flies, horn flies, and other things that I can’t identify, as you can see in the images.

My only issue is that they’re too little. We can fill every accessible surface on one of these in a matter of days, and then we’ll need another. The cardboard surface overlaid is good however, I hope it has a large catch surface so it can catch more flies on it.


I purchased this product to cut down flies around my horse feed table. The flies caught love the senior and mini feed. I hung one at either end of the feed table. These fly sticks cut the number of flies by at least 90%.

trapped on the adhesive cart add full page attracted patterns


Indoor fly trapstik catcher is SUPER sticky, which means this indoor fly trap truly captures flies! I get upset by the number of insects flying around.  So I hang this to different good locations hoping that it would lure flies with appealing colors and multi dimensional patterns.

The photo depicts the number of insects attracted and trapped on the adhesive in 15 minutes! I am glad with this product because of its unique features and the other’s odor is intolerable.

Unfortunately, I did not read the instructions, which state that it should be “hang indoors, or in shelter settings,” and that it should not be placed “where birds might come into touch with the adhesive.” It has strong adhesive holds and captured a bat and two birds the first night. It was my fault.

They had no way out because the adhesive was so strong. I’m will create a chicken wire cage for it. So that flies get stuck but birds and bats don’t. I’m giving it 5 stars since it does an excellent job of catching flies. However, unless you want to feel as guilty as I do, don’t put it outside.

trapstik for flies usa large catch surface full page pattern


Rescue!® trapstik for flies is a product that helps catch flies, but prevents them from escaping thanks to its sticky surface. It is also easy to use – just hang it up and forget about it. Use Rescue!® trapstik for flies indoors. There are some reported incidents where birds and bats are trap on the adhesive pad.

If we look on the customer’s review of this product a lot of its customers were happy with the product. However, there are some who are not satisfied with the result.

If you are looking for an effective, non toxic, safe insect trap we highly recommend Trappify.

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This bug catcher and killer is made of high quality materials, naturally kill insects and other flying insects with no harsh ingredients and strong adhesive surface to make sure that no fly, gnats or pesky insect can escape once lured by it. Plus, Trappify offers a huge discount on bundle products.

So anyone who is looking for an effective way to catch flies, gnats and other pesky pests indoor or outdoors, go get your Trappify Adhesive, disposable bug and fly catcher now!

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