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Terro Indoor Fly Trap Review

The Terro Indoor Fly Trap is an effective and efficient tool for dealing with house fly problems. It utilizes an attractant to draw in the flies, providing quick relief from annoying buzzing and flying insects.

With its easy-to-use design, it is one of the most reliable solutions for eliminating a fly problem in your home or business. With this comprehensive review, you can learn how it works and if it is right for you.

Overview of the Terro Indoor Fly Trap

The Terro Indoor Fly Trap is an effective and efficient way to trap flies. It features a large catch surface that is capable of trapping multiple flies at once, even in hot weather. In addition to this, it also has a lure which lures flies with its multi-dimensional pattern and appealing colors.

Once the fly gets close enough, the sticky surface ensures it is unable to escape. The mud rooms inside the trap also act as an additional deterrent, making sure common species of flies are thoroughly trapped. With its powerful and efficient design, the fly trap is perfect for stopping infestations quickly and effectively.

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Benefits and Features of the Terro Trap

The Terro Indoor Hanging Fly Trap is an effective solution for getting rid of fly problems indoors. It features a large catch surface designed to attract and trap more flies in hot weather. The adhesive surface holds the flies and prevents escapes, making it both odor free and safe for indoor use. In addition, the non-toxic traps are easy to use and require no baiting for added convenience.

The trap also features exclusive Visilure technology, which is a multi-dimensional pattern that specifically attracts flies. This unique design encourages more flies to enter the trap while keeping them trapped inside. Furthermore, the adhesive surface holds the flies securely without any toxins, ensuring a safe and efficient method of eliminating bothersome flies indoors.

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How to Use the Terro Indoor Fly Trap

The Terro Indoor Fly Trap is an effective and non-toxic pest control solution for dealing with fruit flies, fungus gnats and other flying insects. The trap consists of a sticky glue board and a specially designed trapstik to catch the insects.

To use it, simply place the trap near areas where you suspect there are flying insects. The trapstik will attract the flies and they will get stuck on the glue board. After a few days, you can dispose of the insects safely in an outdoor trash bin.

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Pros and Cons of the Terro Indoor Hanging Fly Trap

The Terro Indoor Hanging Fly Trap is an innovative solution to managing cluster flies and other common indoor flying pests. It uses an indoor fly trapstik with an adhesive surface that can be hung up in the home or garage.

The adhesive holds the trap in place, meaning it won’t move around when you walk near it. The adhesive surface of the trap holds onto the bugs and wasps that land on it, allowing them to lay in wait until they are collected.

The trap also contains a special attractant that helps draw in flies and wasps from around the home. It is designed to be effective for about a month if used as directed. However, it is important to note that the traps should not be used around pets as the adhesive holds may irritate them. Additionally, it is advised to hang the trap in a place away from food preparation areas and where kids can’t reach it easily due to its sticky nature.

Overall, the Terro Indoor Hanging Fly Trap offers an effective way to manage cluster flies and other pests in the home. It is easy to use and doesn’t require any special installation or setup.

Additionally, it is designed with enough adhesive hold that it won’t move easily when bumped into. However, care should be taken if you have pets around as they could possibly get stuck in the adhesive. For more details, you should consult the packaging instructions.

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Where to Buy the Terro Indoor Hanging Fly Trap

The Terro Indoor Hanging Fly Trap is a great way to keep pesky flies away from your home. The trap uses pheromones to lure and capture house flies without the use of chemicals or poisons, making it safe to use around children and pets.

It can be purchased at most major retail stores across the USA and delivered right to your door. You can also contact the Terro online to purchase a pack and have it extended to you. Reviews from customers are positive, and many have seen great results with this product.

Alternate Solutions for Trapping Flies Indoors

Trappify Fly Traps

Trappify Hanging Fly Traps Outdoor: Fruit Fly Traps for Indoors | Gnat Traps for House Indoor | Fly Trap Indoor - Disposable Sticky Fly Trap for Indoor House Pest Control (8 Pack)
  • CATCH PESKY BUGS: Our yellow fly stick trap easily captures indoor mosquitoes, gnats, and flies. Perfect for fruit fly and gnat control. Discover...
  • PROTECT YOUR HOUSE with the Trappify Hanging Fly Traps! Hang it near bug hotspots for effective pest control. Pair with insect strips, fruit fly...
  • THE GREAT OUTDOORS: Perfect for porches, garages, patios, gardens, stables, lawns, chicken coops, and hotspots for flying insects. Includes phorid fly...

These traps are an effective and easy-to-use solution that uses attractive colors, shapes and scents to lure flies into a small adhesive trap. Once inside, the flies become stuck in the glue and can’t escape. Trappify Fly Traps are safe for humans and pets, and they don’t leave any mess behind.

UV Light Traps

DynaTrap DT3019-1003P Flylight Indoor Black Plug-In Fly Trap with 2 AC Outlets - Kills Flies, Fruit Flies, Moths, Gnats, & Other Flying Insects – Protects up to 600 Sq Ft
  • Works Fast – The trap starts working immediately to attract, trap, and kill flies, fruit flies, moths, gnats, and more
  • Protects Large Rooms – The UV LED light naturally attracts flying insects to the trap to protect rooms up to 600 square feet
  • Discreet Design – Trapped insects are discreetly hidden behind the decorative faceplate, so you and your guests never have to see them

These traps lure flies with an ultraviolet light, which is then trapped in a sticky glue board. This method is very effective and can be used for both small and large infestations.

Electric Fly Swatters

YsChois Electric Fly Swatter Electric Fly Zapper - Premium AA Batteries included - Powerful Large Grid - Easy to Use - Lightweight Bug Zapper Racket for indoor & Outdoor Use
  • Handheld Pest Control: Thanks to its clean, large grid, our fly swatter electric zapper effectively targets fruit flies, gnats, mosquitoes, bees and...
  • Easy to Use: This battery fly swatter racket offers convenient, hassle-free operation, just Insert 2 AA batteries into the insect racket and start it...
  • Designed for Safety: Our electric mosquito swatter racket provides reliable protection. The front and back of the 3-layer grid are both insulated with...

An electric fly swatter is a quick and easy way to kill flies indoors. They work by electrocuting the insects on contact, and they are safe to use around pets and children.

By employing these alternate solutions, it is possible to effectively trap flies indoors with minimal effort and mess. With the right solution, you can maintain a healthy and hygienic living space free of pesky flying insects.

Trapping flies indoors doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive when you make use of alternative methods like Trappify Fly Traps, flypaper strips, UV light traps and electric fly swatters. These solutions can help you keep your home free of flies for good.

FAQs About the Terro Indoor Fly Trap

Can You Use Terro as an Outdoor Disposable Fly Trap

Yes, the Terro Indoor Fly Trap can be used outdoors. It works best when it is hung in a covered porch or near windows and doors to attract flies and other annoying insects.

How Do You Install a Terro Indoor Fly Trap?

Installing a Terro Indoor Fly Trap is easy. All that is required is to activate the attractant included in the package and place it on any window sill or hang it from a wall or ceiling with the piece included. Once the attractant is activated, it will start to lure in and attract flies.

By activating the attractant, positioning it near a window or hanging it in an open area, and keeping windows nearby closable, customers can be sure that the Terro Indoor Fly Trap will do its job properly and quickly. With this simple installation, customers can rest easy knowing that their fly problem will soon be a thing of the past.

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What is Inside Terro Fruit Fly Trap?

The Terro Fruit Fly Trap is an effective and easy-to-use solution for getting rid of pesky fruit flies. Inside the trap is a powerful attractant that lures fruit flies in from up to 30 feet away. The trap comes preloaded with a liquid bait, which starts working within 24 hours to eliminate the fruit fly population.

Additionally, the trap can be used outdoors or indoors and is safe to use around food preparation areas. The attractive design allows it to blend in with any kitchen décor while still being effective at killing fruit flies. With regular use, this trap will provide long-lasting relief from pesky fruit fly infestations.

Is Rescue Fly Trap Poisonous to Dogs?

Rescue Fly Trap is a humane and non-toxic way to control flies in your home. It uses a special bait that attracts the flies, trapping them safely inside until they die of dehydration.

The bait used in the traps contains food-grade ingredients like sugar, salt, and yeast that are safe for pets should they come into contact with it. However, as with any household item, it’s important to keep Rescue Fly Trap out of reach of pets when possible. This will help ensure their safety and

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Where Should Fly Traps Be Placed Indoors?

Fly traps should be positioned near windows, doorways, and any other areas of high foot traffic. Furthermore, they must not be placed close to food or surfaces used for food preparation in order to avoid contamination. Additionally, hanging the traps from the ceiling using string or fishing line will help keep flies away from food.


The Terro Indoor Fly Trap is a smart, safe and effective way to catch pesky flies. But if you want a more effective solution, you might want to get your traps from our store today! You won’t regret it, and you will see a noticeable impact on your fly problem after only one usage. Shop now, get yours, and finally sleep well at night – you know that pesky flying friends won’t disturb you anymore. Find out what an expert has to say —> Here! 

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