Safer Brand Moth Traps – Reviews, Field Reports, and Alternatives

Safer brand moth traps are eco-friendly insect traps for the home. Their market is built on individuals who want to rid themselves of pests in the healthiest way possible. But, are they as effective as alternative brands? 

Nobody likes to find moths in their pantry or closet. A female moth can lay up to 600 eggs at one time. If you even let one of these devils into your bag of flour, you could have a colony of moths in a matter of weeks. 

However, people are also hesitant to put toxic chemicals close to their clothes or the food they consume. If you rid moths from your cereal cabinet only to have your Lucky Charms taste like insect spray, it’s still a losing battle. 


About the Safer Brand Moth Traps

Safer Brand 05140 Pantry Moth Pest Trap and Killer for Grain, Flour, Meal and Seed Moths - 2 Traps
  • Controls Pantry Moths - Attract and trap adult pantry moths including grain moths, flour moths, meal moths, and seed moths
  • Traps & Alerts - Use it to trap active adult moth infestations and monitor moth activity when an infestation first begins
  • Long-Lasting - Each time-release pheromone lure works for up to 3 months

Safer started as a garden-focused brand. Their goal was to rid gardens of unwanted visitors while keeping vegetables and other plants safe for human consumption. They have been making human and pet safe pest control products for over 30 years. 

Their products are made with real all-natural ingredients like seed oils and soaps. Safer caters to professional gardeners and amateurs with a relatively new line of products focused on indoor gardens and the home


What to Look for in Moth Traps


Before we go into the extensive list of the anti-moth solutions Safer offers, let’s look at the important elements of an effective moth trap



Whenever you’re buying an anti-moth product, you need to keep in mind its safety. Mothballs are one of the most common methods for killing cloth-eating moths. You place some white balls in your dresser or closet, and it kills any winged creature daring enough to enter. 

However, mothballs have also been linked to some side effects like headaches, eye, nose irritation, coughing, and nausea. In some more severe cases, people can develop hemolytic anemia if the trap contains naphthalene. 

It’s essential to research the moth traps you buy and try to avoid products that contain naphthalene. Organic and natural brands have a much smaller chance of causing these side effects



Moth infestations can get out of hand quickly. Without the right product, you can think that your infestation is eliminated only to find more holes in your underwear a couple of weeks later. 

Moth larvae and pupae can survive for months without food, so cleaning out the pantry isn’t always the best answer. Their entire life cycle can take four to six months, so you’ll need to be thorough if you want to get rid of them right away

That’s why you need traps and killers that will eliminate moth presence from your home. The product should have an efficacy rate of 100%, and products that have residual defenses are even better. 


The Type of Anti-Moth Product

Hot Shot No Mess! Fogger With Odor Neutralizer, Kills Carpenter Ants, Spiders & Fleas, 3 Count, 1.2 Ounce, NULL
  • NO NEED TO TURN OFF PILOT LIGHTS: Dry fog technology
  • WHERE TO USE: Use in enclosed spaces such as apartments, attics, basements, boat cabins, cabins, campers, garages, homes, households, sheds, storage...
  • NON-STAINING: No messy residue

There are several different types of moth traps for you to choose from. The type you choose should be based on your home, the space you want to purify, and the size of your infestation. 

Some products will work better with small spaces, and larger infestations will almost always require you to call in the big guns. The most powerful anti-moth products are probably insect bombs

These potent sprays are like tiny anti-moth grenades that you leave in your house for a few hours. Once it’s finished, you’ll need to open some windows and clean up the corpses, but your infestation should be handled. 

Of course, there are also sprays to consider. Sprays are great for eliminating surface area infestations. They will kill any moths attempting to invade your home, but they won’t do much to prevent larva growth. 

Finally, there are also moth traps. They come in many different varieties, and you place them in at-risk areas. Moths should be attracted to them and get stuck there, keeping your clothes or your food safe. These are primarily for preventative measures. If you already have an infestation, they won’t help you. 


Safer Brand Moth Traps – Product Reviews


Now that we’ve established some knowledge about moth traps, let’s see what Safer has to offer. 


Safer Brand Clothes Moth Trap

Safer Brand T720 Terro Clothes Moth Alert Traps-T720, 1-Pack
  • Lures & traps clothes moths
  • No moth ball odor
  • Helps protect clothes & furnishings

Clothes moths are moths that love your clothing. They live in closets and storage spaces and slowly eat away at the fabric, ruining your favorite sweaters by filling them full of holes. They are what popularized mothballs as one of the most common anti-moth products. 

However, they are only dangerous during their larva stage. Adult clothes moths do not eat fabric. 

Safer clothes moth alert traps come in two phases: the trap and the lure. Clothes moths especially love animal-based fabrics like silk and wool. If you have items from these materials, they should be closest to the trap. 

To use the trap, place it at eye level hanging in your closet or room. Then open the lure and place it inside the trap. You can set one or two traps per room, but no more. Too many may confuse the moths, and fewer will be trapped. 

The traps last about three months and should be closely monitored. If you see them getting filled regularly, then you probably have an infestation that needs more attention. 

Most of the people who use this product were satisfied. They said they cleaned their entire house then placed a couple of traps. After two days, their two-month moth infestation had ended. 


Pantry Moth Traps

Safer Brand 05140 Pantry Moth Pest Trap and Killer for Grain, Flour, Meal and Seed Moths - 2 Traps
  • Controls Pantry Moths - Attract and trap adult pantry moths including grain moths, flour moths, meal moths, and seed moths
  • Traps & Alerts - Use it to trap active adult moth infestations and monitor moth activity when an infestation first begins
  • Long-Lasting - Each time-release pheromone lure works for up to 3 months

Pantry moths look similar to clothes moths, and to the untrained eye, it’s difficult to tell the difference. Their preferred hunting ground is the best way to identify them. These moths infiltrate dry goods like pet food, cereal, and flour and lay their larva there. 

Safer Brand’s pantry moth traps work the same way as their clothes moth product. Open the lure, place it inside the trap, and then place the trap in the area you want to protect. The traps also last three months and need to be checked regularly. 

The best way to use this product is after a thorough cleaning. The trap won’t do anything to kill the larva inside of your rice crispy treats. First, you should empty and clean your entire pantry, then place the traps. 


Safer Flying Insect Killer  

Safer Brand 5110-6 Insect Killing Soap, 32 Oz.
  • Targets and kills aphids, earwigs, grasshoppers, harlequin bugs, leafhoppers, mealy bugs and mites
  • Also kills plant bugs, psyllids, sawfly larvae, soft scales, spider mites, squash bugs, blossom thrips and whiteflies
  • OMRI Listed and compliant for use in organic gardening; Does not kill beneficial insects and can be used up until the day of harvest

Safer also recommends using its flying insect spray in collaboration with the traps. When a trap is full or has moths flying around it, you can use the spray to terminate them. It is non-toxic and 100% effective. 




We found one great alternative to Safer Brand’s moth traps


Peaceful Valley Codling Moth Trap


If you’re looking for another organic moth trap, Peaceful Valley is a great place to start. They have an all-natural moth trap that comes in a pack of two. It lures males into the trap and stops the mating process in its tracks. 

However, these lures will only last eight weeks compared to the 12 offered by Safer Brand. 


Safer Brand Moth Traps – Conclusion


Now you’ve learned about Safer Brand’s moth traps. Their excellent products are safe for you and your home. They are also practical and designed from a knowledgeable perspective. Customers of Safer Brand are always satisfied. Your home will be safe from pests if you choose them. 

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