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Fruit Flies Annoying You? See If the Pop Fly Trap Can Help

Are you looking for a pop fly trap?

Flies are one of the most annoying bugs on the planet. These little buggers love sitting on your front porch, hover around garbage bins, or any place with a strong stink or has a vile smell.

Trying to find a suitable method that kills flies could be a pain as well. This why finding the right fly trap will catch flys for you.

When looking for a fly trap, it’s important to look for a refill packet with a fast acting attractant in order to kill flies.

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Fly traps like rescue pop or pop fly trap is good for common house flies. It is filled with killing agents which you can use for up to a few weeks. You can leave a pop fly trap around dog kennels, compost piles, and you’ll find dead flies inside.

Additionally, it can also kill more than garbage flies but all kinds of insects. The rescue pop fly trap is also a reusable fly trap which is best for outdoor use.

If you are looking for a fly trap you can leave on your porch on an early Tuesday evening and doesn’t have a negative review, then you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will discussing the benefits of using a rescue pop fly trap, how rake up those dead flies, and how to make your own DIY fly trap that has the same effect.

How Do Pop Fly Traps Work When Catching Nuisance Flies?

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Pop fly traps are one of the most commonly used killing agents for flies. They are very effective in killing both house and stable flies, as well as horse and deer flies. However, they have a negative review when it comes to killing other species of flies, such as fruit flies and cluster flies.

Many people also find that they need to use additional attractant packets in order to get the trap to work properly.

Two Part Fly Trap

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The trap itself is made up of two parts: a killing chamber (for all the dead flys) and an entryway. The killing chamber is where the fly is caught and killed.

The entryway is how the fly gets into the killing chamber. There is a small hole in the entryway that is just big enough for the fly to get through. Once the fly is in the killing chamber, it cannot get out and will eventually die. It is also non toxic and one refill pouch is enough to last you for two weeks.

What Can a Trap Catch?

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So, imagine you’re sitting on your porch one Sunday afternoon. Then a fly comes in and starts invading your space while you are enjoying your outdoor time, wouldn’t that feel annoying?

When it comes to catching flies, it’s important to have something very effective. Even if you have a pop fly trap and it has very liquid left, it has to be able to kill flies. The question is, where would you leave it and what exactly can it kill aside from flies?

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Here are some ideas we can quickly run by you so you have a better idea where to hang them for outdoor use what it can kill:

Fruit Flies

Aside from the normal flies, a trap can kill insects like fruit flies as well. These outdoor traps have a sweet smell which attracts these little buggers to the trap and kills them.

Green Bottle Flies

The green bottle flies are another insect that these traps can kill. Once they get trapped inside, they will be unable to get out of the container.

Flesh Flies

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Flesh flies could be found in uncommon areas like restaurants or houses. You can let the pop trap sit anywhere in your house and the flies will instantly get trapped in the container.

Common house Flys

House flies are the easiest to catch with the pop trap. Once the flies get attracted to the smell, they will get trapped inside it.

How to Purchase a Pop Fly Trap

You can get strangely inundated with flies during the summer, which is why you need a trap like Rescue to fix your problem. Rescue pop is definitely a hot commodity these days – and for good reason! and the only negative thing about it is – absolutely NOTHING!

They’re super effective at catching those pesky one hour flies, AND they’re really easy for customers to use. Here’s a quick guide on how to purchase your very own rescue pop fly trap:

Rescue traps are sold separately and can be bought at any local store or online store by customers. A customer can buy a rescue pop trap from a well known online store.

Shipping fees may vary prices depending on which country the customer is situated. Once a rescue pop has been ordered, it usually ships to a customer within a few days.

A customer can also visit the rescue website to buy rescue products and find out of the shipping fees and schedules. A customer can find the shipping information at the bottom of the website. Additionally, a customer can also choose from different variants on the website.

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Where Can You Put a Trap?

There are many locations around your home where you can add a pop trap. You just need to add water and wait for the wind to blow! The most common locations are: by the front door, in the garage, or on the back porch.

You can also purchase a trap at most hardware stores. However, if you live in an area with high winds, you may want to consider adding a weight to the bottom of the trap.

This will help keep it from blowing away. Most traps will last for several years with proper care. Here are some other places you may want to check:

Garbage Dump

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Flies love to hang around a dump a lot, so it’s best to place the pop traps in places where there’s rotting food.

Compost Piles

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Most years, a little fly action around the compost pile is to be expected. after all, they are attracted to rotting food scraps.

However, if the population of flies near your compost pile seems to be flourishing, you may want to take action. one simple solution is to add a fly trap to the area.


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No one likes pests, especially when you’re trying to enjoy a peaceful camping trip. But thankfully, there’s an easy way to keep them at bay – by setting up a trap! Now, you might be thinking, “Won’t that just attract more pests?”

And yes, that is true. So how do you set up a cage? First, find a spot near your campsite that’s away from any areas where people will be spending time. Then, take a container and fill it with a mix of water and sugar. Add a drop of dish soap to help the pests drown.

Next, cut out a piece of paper or cardboard and make a cone out of it. Finally, Tape the cone to the canister so that the pointy end is facing down into the water.


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A lot of people are concerned about bugs in their barn. Here’s a guide on how to place a bug trap in your barn so you can enjoy your time without swatting away bugs!

First, find a spot in your barn where the bug cage won’t be in the way. Bugs like to congregate around food and water sources, so try to place the cage near where the pests are coming from. Once you’ve found the perfect spot, open up the pest trap and set it down. Then, add some bait to attract the pests into the trap. You can use anything from rotting fruit to raw meat. Just make sure to check the bait regularly and replenish it as needed. With a little patience, you’ll soon see fewer pests buzzing around your barn!


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If you’ve been struggling with a pest problem in your yard, you may be considering buying a pest cage. But where should you place it?

Ideally, you’ll want to put your pest cage in an area where flies are congregating. You’ll also want to make sure that the trap is in a sunny spot, as flies are more active when it’s warm.

How Do You Make a Trap for Outdoor Use?

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One of the most pesky pests during the summer months are the flies. Not only are they a nuisance, but they can also carry disease.

If you’re tired of dealing with flies, why not make your own trap? It’s easy to do, and you likely have all the supplies you need already around the house. All you need is a jar or recycled soft drink bottles, some sugar water, and a piece of paper.


First, make a small hole in the lid of the jar. Then, mix together equal parts sugar and water, and pour it into the jar.


Next, take the piece of paper and roll it into a funnel. Insert the funnel into the hole in the lid, making sure that the narrow end is pointing downwards.


Now, all you have to do is wait for your fly trap to work its magic. So go ahead and enjoy your fly-free summer!

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