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Indoor and Outdoor Plants That Repel Bugs

by | Knowledge Bombs


Here are some indoor and outdoor plants that repel bugs you can plant this week. These plants are pretty to look at it, they’re better for your health, and they’re easy to plant.

Are you tired of the pesky bugs that keep bothering you at home? You’ve probably tried everything from spraying bug spray to insecticides and traps. Yet, none of them seem to get the job done.

Today, we’re going to show you an easy, fool-proof way to fight off insects and keep them away for good. It’s all done with the help of nature.


Plants That Repel Bugs


When we talk about planting, the number one fear many have is that they’ll eventually kill them off. They’re scared they’ll forget to water. Then there’s the anxiety of giving the plants too much sun or not enough. It can be too much for some people.

If that sounds familiar, rest assured that all the plants on our list are easy to grow and maintain. They practically take care of themselves.

The best part is you get two benefits in one. First, these plants will keep your home bug-free. Second, plants add natural beauty and style wherever they’re placed. You may even use some in your cooking.

The reason why pests invade your home is that they’re looking for food. So, what’s the best way to keep them away? Confuse their sense of smell.

Insects rely on scent to find their food. By messing with their sensory information, they’ll be discouraged from looking for food in your home. One way to keep them away is to plant herbs with strong scents, such as basil or sage.

Another thing you can try is to strategically place different smelling plants together, such as marigolds in your vegetable garden. This confuses the insects and makes it harder for them to find food.

Read on for 10 no-fuss plants that keep bugs away.


Indoor Plants That Repel Bugs


Here are five of the most common houseplants that repel bugs. They’ll also keep your home looking and smelling terrific!





When you think of basil, what’s the first thing that pops into your head? Pesto? Caprese salad? You’d be absolutely right. Yet, the benefits of basil don’t stop there. It’s also a strong deterrent for flying and crawling bugs.

Many people like growing basil in pots on their kitchen windowsill, which is great! Just keep in mind that this aromatic herb needs from six to eight hours of sunlight each day. Other than that, basil is quite easy to manage.





Certain insects hate the fragrance of chives, which is perfect for us! Plus, you can cut up a handful and sprinkle them on your salads, pasta, and baked potatoes. Yum!

Another reason why we love chives is that they can be grown almost anywhere. They’re resilient and really easy to maintain.




Instead of lighting up a Citronella candle, why not plant a pot of citrus-smelling Citronella grass? Place them near windows and doors to keep away flying and crawling creepers from your home.

If you’re going out and want to keep mosquitos away naturally, you can crush one of the leaves, then rub it over your skin. Its main component, geraniol, is used as a common ingredient in commercial repellent products.





We all know how rosemary adds delicious flavors to dishes, but not many know it’s also a potent bug-repellant. It keeps mosquitoes and cockroaches out of your home, along with a variety of other pests.

Some people place sprigs of rosemary in their drawers around the house. They help keep moths and silverfish away.

Rosemary is one of those plants that prefer being in places with good airflow and plenty of sunlight. Water only when the soil is dry to the touch.





Mint is an aggressive plant that spreads quickly and likes being on its own. This is why experts recommend planting it in a pot, rather than in your garden.

Thanks to the aromatic oils found in its leaves, it works as a strong bug deterrent all year long. Plus it’ll look so pretty sitting on your windowsill. You can also lay springs of mint around your house, and even among your outdoor plants.


Outdoor Plants That Repel Bugs


The best way to deter pests from gathering in your yard is by planting these five plants in your garden. You can place pots near the doorway or plant them right by your porch to create a lovely garden while fighting off annoying pests.





Having such ornamental blooms will give your garden a punch of bright color. Besides looking pretty, chrysanthemums are great at removing toxins and purifying the air.

They’ll also do their best to keep away ants and other pesky bugs. The secret is in its main compound, pyrethrin. In fact, it’s so effective at repelling insects that it’s used as one of the main ingredients in commercial bug sprays.





Lavender is one of those plants that everyone agrees on because it has so many benefits. These soft-colored plants promote relaxation and stress relief.

They also look beautiful and smell amazing. This is excellent for us, but not so great for some insects, including mosquitoes and gnats, and even rodents.

You may have noticed some laundry detergents include lavender as one of their ingredients. This adds a nice smell to your laundry, but its main job is to deter moths. Another trick is to tie up a bundle of lavender and hang it in your closet.

Lavender plants can grow pretty large. They can be easily repotted or split up into smaller plants.

It’s important to mention that lavender can cause allergic reactions in some people. So, it’s better if you keep lavender plants outside to prevent the onset of an allergic reaction.





Add a burst of rich color while fighting off a variety of bugs. It’s a perennial plant, which the experts refer to as ‘nature’s pesticide.’

The best part is that they’re easy to grow, as long as you keep them somewhere that gets plenty of sunlight. You can plant them strategically around your garden, or in pots near your doorways.





Marigolds not only look gorgeous, but they also work overtime to fight off insects. It’s all thanks to the compound pyrethrum, which is in many commercial bug repellants.

You can place them in pots near your front and back entrances. Another idea is to plant them in your vegetable garden to keep away harmful pests. They also look pretty when they’re placed along the edges of flower beds.





Sage is quite easy to keep around the house. They’re pretty to look at and don’t require a lot of fussing over. Yet, their most important benefit is that they’re excellent insect repellants. Sage is also known for its ability to purify the air and remove negative energy.




Mother nature has provided us with a terrific way to combat insects and other pests. These indoor and outdoor plants that repel bugs you can plant this week are perfect!

Remember to place your plants near entrances where they’re more likely to sneak through. These plants will provide your home with protection against pests. Plus, they’ll look amazing and give your home a wonderful smell.

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