Pet Friendly Fly Killers – The Market Overview

This is where this pet friendly fly killers guide comes in handy! Today, we’ll walk you through brief overviews of the best available options on the market like what chemical spray kills bed bugs, get rid of flies, yet safe for pets. Let’s dive in!

You will find numerous types of bug killers for homesspider killer, cockroach spray, bed bug spray, and other kinds of insect killersGetting rid of these pests and getting rid of flies and pests can be a daunting task, especially if you have pets.

On one hand, you want a highly effective solution that is capable of killing these annoying pests. On the other hand, you don’t want a highly toxic material that can harm your lovely pets in the process. Perhaps, you can make your own best at home bug spray like a glass fly trap, DIY bed bug killer, or food safe fly spray. 

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Regardless, you will need a pet friendly fly killer like an ant spray indoor repellent, gnat strips, roach sprays, and fy traps. Yes, you might need an outdoor and indoor ant spray to protect your pet.

Top 5 Pet Friendly Fly Killers on the Market

1. Wondercide Indoor Pest Control Spray for Home and Kitchen – Best Overall

Wondercide - Indoor Pest Control Spray for Home and Kitchen - Ant, Roach, Spider, Fly, Flea, Bug Killer and Insect Repellent - with Natural Essential Oils - Pet and Family Safe — Lemongrass 32 oz
  • KILLS & REPELS. A preventative and a treatment, this plant-powered insect spray kills and repels indoor pests and keeps your home protected. Kills...
  • PROTECT YOUR HOME. This versatile bug control spray is also an indoor flea treatment and flea killer for your home. It kills adult fleas on household...
  • SAFE AROUND PETS & FAMILY WHEN USED AS DIRECTED. This spray is safe for daily use around dogs, cats, and family throughout the house when used as...

Let’s start with one of the most efficient and safest pest control sprays out there, the Wondercide Spray is highly effective against a large variety of flying as well as crawling insects all the while staying ultra-safe for pets and children.

One of the things that makes Wondercide special is that all the active ingredients that kill and repel insects are made of natural essential oils and organic ingredients, such as cedarwood oil. It can work on other insects as well.

You can use it as a spider killer spray, an ant killer spray, or a cricket killer spray. It also works as a spray for nats, carpenter ants, and fire ants.

Another unique aspect of the fly killer is that it has a tolerable lovely scent. For example, this one has lemongrass oil as an ingredient, so it’s lemongrass-scented. However, there are other fly killers with various scents, such as cedar, rosemary, and peppermint.

The fly killer is available in various sizes, ranging from 4 ounces all the way to 1 gallon (128 ounces).


  • Highly effective against flies and other insects
  • Easy to use
  • Available in various sizes and scents


  • A bit pricey

2. Raid Essentials Ant and Roach – Best for Budget

Raid Essentials Multi-Insect Killer Spray Bottle, Child & Pet Safe, for Indoor Use, 12 oz
  • Introducing Raid Essentials Multi-Insect Killer that is safe* to use around kids and pets (*when used as directed)
  • Raid Essentials is made with essential oils, and is specifically designed to only kill bugs
  • Deals with ants, roaches and other crawling and flying insects, including house flies, mosquitos and spiders

Raid is one of the biggest Insecticide brands out there that produce highly effective products against pests. However, the original Raid spray is harmful to pets, children, and even humans to a certain extent.

Luckily, the company has produced a new line of safe products that are made of plant-based materials and essential oils that are tested and found highly effective against a wide range of insects. They also work as cockroach killer, ant spray, and spider spray as well.

The MultiInsect Killer Spray is remarkably safe to apply around pets and children. The spray is incredibly easy to apply, so you won’t find a hard time following the instructions to keep it 100% safe.

The best part about this Home Depot cockroach killer is that it’s extremely affordable and costs almost a fraction of what some natural fly killers would set you back.

The only downside about this product is that it requires heavy ventilation during use because it can trigger an allergic reaction to susceptible people or pets.


  • An excellent pick for buyers on a strict budget
  • Highly effective against a wide range of insects
  • Comes with Raid’s Money-Back policy for a worry-free purchase


  • Has a strong smell and can be unsuitable for those with heavy allergies

3. EcoSMART Flying Insect Killer Aerosol – Best Indoor Aerosol

EcoSmart Flying Insect Killer 14 ounce. Aerosol (2 Pack)
  • Safe and effect way to kill flies, gnats, mosquitoes, moths and other bothersome flying insects
  • EcoSmart is non-staining, safe enough to be used inside the home - just wipe away excess product
  • EcoSmart is 100% organic so you can feel confident using this non-toxic formula around children and pets unlike other insecticide products

If you prefer the convenience and continuous release of aerosol cans over regular sprays, you might want to give this product a try.

The EcoSMART eco bug spray is a competent flying insect killer that is capable of keeping your house free of house flies and some other insects like mosquitoes and gnats to a lesser extent. It can also work as spider killer spray indoor.

The aerosol has a strong peppermint smell which might not be pleasant to everyone but it’s safe and mild on pets and children. It’s an effective mosquito repellents. It can kill mosquito larvae fast!

One promise that the EcoSMART aerosol really keeps is the fast killing. Ideally, insects might not last longer than a few seconds before they’re falling dead after spraying it directly over them.

Once again, you need to keep in mind that it does have a strong peppermint smell that can be quite irritating for some, so it’s recommended that you maintain good ventilation and keep the windows open after spraying it.


  • Convenient spraying method
  • Safe to use around pets and children
  • Quite fast when applied directly on flies


  • Requires ventilation due to its strong peppermint smell

4. Trappify Bug & Fly Clear Window Fly Traps – Best Window Traps

Trappify Window Fly Traps: House Window Fruit Fly Traps for Indoors, Gnat, & Other Flying Insect, Disposable Indoor Fly Trap with Extra Sticky Adhesive Strips - Inside Home Housefly & Bug Catchers (8)
1,428 Reviews
Trappify Window Fly Traps: House Window Fruit Fly Traps for Indoors, Gnat, & Other Flying Insect, Disposable Indoor Fly Trap with Extra Sticky Adhesive Strips - Inside Home Housefly & Bug Catchers (8)
  • VALUE SET: Available in 4, 8, 12, and 24 packs, these fruit fly traps for indoors are designed to effectively attract and capture a variety of pesky...
  • EASY TO USE: Just simply follow these steps to set up your trap: Open the trap and slowly remove the protective release paper from one side. Begin by...
  • LONG LASTING: Our bug indoor trap is equipped with a powerful double-strength adhesive that ensures a secure and long-lasting application each time it...

This one is a completely different approach to get rid of flies in your house, and while it doesn’t instantly kill them, it can help you eliminate their presence in the house altogether. Meanwhile, they’re completely safe and non-toxic for pets. One would say that this is the best commercial fly trap.

One of the best things about these sticky fly traps is that they’re equally effective against almost all flying insects, even the resistant ones like gnats. They can also help repel mosquitoes.

These traps are simple strips of waterproof paper that are covered with adhesive and material that attract flying insects. But don’t you worry, both of these materials are non-toxic and safe for pets. You can use it as an indoor fly trap, and this will kill flies and rid of them. You will find dead flies in these sticky traps as soon as you place them out.

All you have to do is place these traps near windows and at spots where the flying insects fly around frequently and enter your house. Of course, they also work great as outdoor fly traps. They are also great as a fruit fly trap.

Another guarantee of safety is that you can hang them higher than your pet’s reach. Once the strip is filled with insects, simply remove it and apply a fresh one in the same spot.


  • Completely non-toxic and doesn’t have any strong smell or sound
  • Doesn’t require ventilation
  • Ultra effective against flies without endangering pets


  • You’ll have to remove the insect-filled traps and replace them with a new one frequently

5. Brison Plug-in Bug Zapper Home Electric Insect Trap – Best Indoor Plug-in Zapper

No products found.

Fly zappers are highly effective against multiple species of flying insects around the house, such as flies, gnats, mosquitos, and moths! They’re effective insect repellents. They can protect you from mosquito bites.

What we like about the Brison bug zapper is that it’s a plug-in design, so you only need to plug it in to establish a flies-free zone around the clock.

The smart design of these insect traps makes them highly effective against flies but safe on pets, as the LED lights are protected with a plastic cage with openings that is too small for paws to pass through but large enough for insects to be lured in.

Additionally, the zapper has a voltage of 110 volts and 3.5 watts, which is more than enough to kill insects but won’t hurt larger animals.

This one is a perfect solution for anyone who won’t mind some popping noises throughout the day but doesn’t want any chemicals or strange odors in the house.


  • Safe for pets while staying highly effective on flies
  • Super simple plug-in design
  • Can operate every day of the year


  • It will make a few pops throughout the day as it zaps the insects

5. EcoRaider 16-Ounce Bed Bug Killer

If you’re dealing with a bed bug infestation, you know how difficult it can be to get rid of these pesky pests. But with EcoRaider Bed Bug Killer, you can rest easy knowing that you’re taking care of the problem in the most effective way possible.

This bed bugs spray is made from natural enzymes and botanical extracts, and it’s been proven to kill bed bug eggs on contact. It’s also safe to use around children and pets, so you can be confident that your family is protected.

And because it’s non-toxic, you won’t have to worry about harmful chemicals in your home. With EcoRaider Bed Bug Killer, you can finally get rid of bed bugs for good.

Pet Friendly Fly Killers – Tips to Maximize the Benefit and Safety of the Fly Killers

Here are some extra tips to help you increase the efficiency and/or the safety of these fly killers:

  • Combine different techniques together for added efficiency
  • Whenever possible, keep pets and children away for the first few minutes
  • Check the ingredients for any possible allergic reactions

If you’re having problems with various insects like an ant infestation, you need to get an ant bait, like the Terro Liquid Ant Baits. These ant baits will work with your repellent to get fully eradicate the infestation in your home.

Can These Fly Killers Kill Ants and Roaches?

Fly repellent Spray Outdoor-Use works great on insects like ants, roaches, and crickets. However, the best way to get rid of roaches and other insects like ants and crickets is to use a combination of different solutions. This includes using an anti-roach spray, baits, and insecticides.

Sprays for crickets should be used in areas where they are not visible. They should be sprayed on surfaces and cracks where insects might hide or lay eggs. Ant spray should be used in areas where ants are seen crawling on the ground or surfaces. If you would like to kill ants, be sure to use an animal friendly ant killer or pet friendly ant killers.

Pet Friendly Fly Killers – Final Verdict

There you have it! With this complete market overview of the best pet-friendly fly killers, you’ll be able to get rid of them without risking your beloved pet’s health in the process. Of course, you can always make your own natural bug sprays. Perhaps, you can create your bed bug spray with Home Depot ingredients.

Ideally, we pick the Wondercide Indoor Pest Control Spray as the best overall option because it’s highly effective and comes in a wide range of scents and sizes.

However, if you’re looking for something a little less costly, you won’t go wrong with the Raid Essentials MultiInsect Killer Spray Bottle. This one will help you to safely eradicate all the flying insects without costing you an arm and a leg!

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