Odorless Fly Trap – Top 5 on the Market

Our readers have helped us build an odorless fly trap top 5 list – take a look!

No one likes flies while they’re trying to enjoy a warm summer day. But having to hover near the stench of one of those scented fly traps is not ideal either. Some fly traps stink so much that they become a part of the problem, not the solution.  

You can also look into these solutions for additional options:

Odorless Fly Trap #1 – Catchmaster Outdoor Reusable Fly Trap

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The Catchmaster can boast that it does not produce an odor, but also that it is one of the more humane options for catching flies. It is also the kind of thing that you could see a person making themselves out of desperation and refining into a commercial product later on.

The Catchmaster consists of three one-way tubes leading into a one-gallon plastic jar. All you have to do is add the recommended amount of water to the jar. There is a bait pack inside, but it does not produce a perceptible smell to ruin your day. The bait attracts a wide variety of flies that are trapped and killed by the water over time. Since the bait can’t be detected and the flies are killed by water, these traps are also non-toxic.

The best part is that the Catchmaster is also reusable. Replacement bait packs can be procured online or from local hardware stores, and the top unscrews to make it easy to dump the dead flies and rancid water out. Since it is meant for outdoor use, you may not even have to take it very far to dump it out. 

Despite its size, you can hang the Catchmaster anywhere that it fits. You do not need to fill the entire gallon. Just add enough to fill the bottom so when the flies fall, they die. Simple. Honestly, there are few better outdoor and odorless fly traps available.

Fly Trap #2 – SEVERINO Bug Zapper

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This one doesn’t use smells of any kind. It uses sight to entice the pests you want to get rid of. The Bug Zapper does exactly what it says it will. It zaps bugs. Electric fly traps like this are not a new concept, but most of them only attract moths, gnats, and maybe mosquitos. The Bug Zapper attracts everything.

The color tone of the light used in this particular sort of Bug Zapper means it is visible to a much larger array of insects, and they can see it from further away as well. Insect eyes can detect this light from up to 1500 feet away, according to its manufacturers, and it entices them to fly towards it. Once they reach it, they immediately die and fall into the detachable tray included with the zapper.

The tray sets these Bug Zappers apart from older and simpler models of their kind. Gone are the days of sweeping up piles of dead flies after an evening sitting on the patio. Gone, as well, are the dangerous metal exteriors that risked shocking children and pets. As unusual as it is for a plastic frame to be a sign of quality, it does make these Bug Zappers much safer.

The only drawback is that they do give off a bit of noise and a faint humming sound when it’s turned on. These are both easily ignored, but they are there. Even still, this is an excellent and classic odorless fly trap.

#3 – Catchmaster Sticky Fly Trap Ribbon

Catchmaster Fly Ribbon, Bug & Fly Traps for Indoors and Outdoors, Premium Sticky Adhesive Fruit Fly & Gnat Hanging Strips, Bulk Scented Flying Insect Paper Rolls (20-Pack)
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Here is another classic. A fly ribbon, or flypaper in other forms, is a great way to eliminate flies in a particular area. Catchmaster also produces their fly ribbons odor-free, so you don’t even have to worry about the faint glue smell typical among similar brands.

Each fly ribbon canister comes in a tight roll which is easy to extend and place near the site of the problem. Flies do not have to smell it for it to work. All the ribbon has to do is offer an enticing landing spot. The ribbons are essentially a numbers game assuming that most, if not all, of the flies you wish to eliminate will land on the ribbon at some point or another.

Fly Ribbons are also relatively cost-effective. Catchmaster offers a pack of 20 rolls in one box. A single roll can whip out all of the flies in a room within 48 hours. With twenty of them, you will be equipped not just for a single outbreak of indoor flies or a night on the back porch, but many.

It is difficult to argue against such a classic option. While the radius of effectiveness is not especially large, it is still effective. While it does its best work inside, it will still work outdoors.

Fly Trap #4 – Indoor Plug-In Bug Zapper

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Here we have a fly killer explicitly made for indoor use. Flies outside are one thing, but to have flies within your own four walls is another problem altogether. Immediate action is needed, and the indoor Bug Zapper can help.

This silent wall plug-in contains a UV light that doubles as a shocker when flies get close enough. The bugs are then collected in the tray at the bottom, out of sight and out of mind. The plug-in can be easily changed and replaced as the need arises, and the whole process stays sanitary from start to finish. You will not even know that the Indoor Bug Zapper is there or that the flies ever were.

Another reason it will be easy to forget the plug-in Bug Zapper is there until it is time to change it is because it is relatively small. The plug-in is the size of a standard air freshener, the only difference is that it freshens the air against flies. Even if some flies die on the outside of the plug-in instead of in the tray, it comes with a tiny brush to sweep them in.

Much like the others, the lack of a scent or any form of dangerous compounds makes this an attractive option for people with kids or pets. All and all, this is another excellent choice.

#5 – Trappify Hanging Stick Fly Catcher

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Continuing the trend of small and inconspicuous odorless fly traps, there is the Trappify hanging stick trap. The stick can be placed anywhere. You can hang it on a shelf or a porch or leave it in the corner of a window sill. It is all the same in the end. There is no scent, only the unique color that insects find instinctively pleasant and enticing to land on.

The only aromatic part of these is the preservative packaging. After that, these are discrete enough that you can forget they are there and practical enough that you can just throw them away and replace them once enough flies are stuck to them. The stick fly trap is another product on this list from Trappify, emphasizing the quality of their brand.

The hanging stick trap works similarly to the Fly Ribbon. Flies land on the sticky surface and can’t fly away. They become more stuck and ultimately drown in the sticky sludge. Even insects that release certain smells when they die can do nothing to dampen the smell of your home when you have stick traps positioned to take care of them.

If what you want is a discrete and effective tool for disposing of a few tiny flies, look no further than the Trappify stick trap.

To shop the complete line of Trappify’s odorless fly trap and other non-toxic pest control, CLICK HERE!

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