What Are “No See Ums” and How to Get Rid of Them

You are tired of being irritated by the (no see ums) pesky flies ruining your surroundings. These pesky flies look a lot like mosquitoes but they are even smaller in size. They are so tiny that they can find their way into your house through the small gaps in your windows.

These pesky flies are commonly known as no see ums. You might also have heard them being referred to as sand flies, biting midges or gnats. It is possible to get a terrible rash if a noseeum bites into your skin. You would want nothing more than to know the sure-shot ways of getting rid of this nuisance.

This article will cover everything you need to know about noseeums. Most importantly, this piece of writing will guide you regarding how to get rid of no see ums.

All About No See Ums

These pesky little flies have a lot in common with the mosquito family. They go by the biological name of Ceratopogonidae and are as small as 1mm in length.

Generally, their size lies anywhere between 1mm and 3mm. They thrive well in humid regions and so no wonder they are known for carrying dangerous diseases in the tropical regions. This specie grows through four cycles:

  1. Egg Phase
  2. Larva Phase
  3. Pupa Phase
  4. Adult Phase

No see ums take around 2 weeks to 5 weeks to develop into a fully grown adult. They require water, air and humidity to grow. The female species of no see ums require blood to get the protein necessary for laying eggs. Ceratopogonidae represents the family of midges that has over 4000 species under its umbrella. These are bloodsuckers which play a major role in carrying diseases related to different viruses and bacteria. If you get bitten by a no see um you might feel itchy and get inflammation in that area.

They display a certain range of colors which vary due to the growth cycle and intake of blood. No see ums are generally grey with a tinge of white spots all over their body. The white colour is prominent in them when they undergo their larva phase. When they come into the adult or imago phase, their body transforms into black. They become reddish when they have had an intake of blood from vertebrates like human beings.

What Happens When Noseeums Bite?

no see ums bite

No see ums consume nectar and sap from plants as they derive energy to fly from these elements. Since the female species of noseeums require blood for reproduction, they are equipped with a better biting mechanism in their mouth. The male species do not have a proper biting arrangement in their mouth as they do not feed much on blood.

The saliva of noseeums is laced with anticoagulant elements which prevent the blood from clotting in the arteries and veins. As there is no formation of blood clots, the midges get an unobstructed supply of blood from human beings. When the saliva of noseeums comes in contact with the skin, they trigger an allergic reaction which causes the formation of pimples. If you do not treat them with some soothing ointment, the redness and the inflammation can stay for a few weeks.

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How Do Noseeums Get Attracted?

Noseeums get their primary source of food and energy from flower nectar, sap and blood of the vertebrate community. They can trace their next prey with the help of the heat generated by the vertebrates. Human beings are known to generate a large amount of carbon dioxide and heat. This helps the noseeums to trace their next prey through the trail of heat and carbon dioxide.

Noseeums can also get excited from the smell of lactic acid. Lactic acid is generated in human beings when they undergo strenuous exercise. The body cells produce lactic acid when the cells generate energy without oxygen. This way the lactic acid enters into the bloodstream of the human body. Pregnant women also have a lot of lactic acid in their system. Hence, pregnant women and individuals working out are more susceptible to the bites of midges.

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How Can You Protect Yourself From The Noseeums?

The first thing you could do is to protect yourself with the help of ointments or repellents. Any repellent rich in DEET will form a good line of defence against the noseeums. The chemical composition of DEET is N, N-diethyl-meta-toluamide, which helps in warding off these pesky flies.

Here are some more solutions which will help you in reducing the effect of noseeum bites:

Ice packs can give you a soothing effect when you apply it on the impacted region. It helps in reducing redness and the itchy sensation. If you continuously apply ice on the noseeum bite, it will even help in suppressing the inflammation.

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Aloe vera has excellent healing qualities which can help in improving skin rashes. The gel present in the aloe vera leaves work wonders in calming the itchiness and burning sensation. Aloe vera gel also aids in reducing the red patches that have occurred due to the noseeum bites.

Calamine Solution

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Calamine helps in getting rid of skin problems and restoring its original texture. This is a chemical solution which is widely used in treating skin ailments. If you are not allergic to the chemical composition of calamine, you can go ahead and treat yourself with this lotion.


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Hydrocortisone is an effective deterrent against the rashes and pain caused by noseeum bites. This hormone cortisol based cream helps in soothing inflammation and provides much-needed relief from the itchy sensation.

How To Get Rid Of No See Ums?

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You would like the opportunity to completely get rid of no see ums instead of dealing with their bites. There are various traps available for capturing gnats. Here are a few ways that you can employ to rid yourself of the midges.

  • Use Fines Mesh Partitions

You can get your doors and windows fitted with fine mesh partitions having very tiny holes. This will help in keeping the no see ums at bay. You might have a garden or lawn attached to your house which can be home to a lot of midges. In that case, it is essential that you have your doors and windows equipped with fine mesh partitions.

  • Do Not Allow Stagnation Of Water Anywhere

These midges or noseeums thrive in water and humid regions. Stagnant water provides a suitable environment for the noseeums to lay their eggs. If you have any pot or tub filled with water lying around for days, then you should empty them. If you have water bodies in your garden, then you should take care of cleaning them from time to time.

  • Use Midge Repellent Sprays After Regular Intervals

You can get rid of no see ums by spraying a generous amount of repellent sprays from time to time. Try to spray it in the dark corners or underneath your furniture. The repellents come with the essence of citronella laced with DEET chemicals. This helps in getting rid of the noseeums as well as masking the odor of human beings. The midges will not be able to trace their prey amidst the strong pungent smell of the repellents.

You can also use citronella based candles in your house to ward off the pesky flies.

  • Bring Down The Room Temperatures With The Help Of Air Conditioners

The midges thrive in hot and humid conditions. They do not venture into colder temperatures which restrict their breeding. You can switch on your air conditioners for a few hours so that your room remains cool. This will discourage the midges from entering your house.

  • Use Dehumidifiers

Tropical countries have a lot of moisture in the air. The people living in tropical countries are more susceptible to sweating due to humid conditions. This attracts the gnats that grow more in a clammy and stuffy environment. You can use dehumidifiers to regulate the humidity of your room and keep the midges away.

  • Ultraviolet Electrocutions

Insects and bugs get attracted to the bright ultraviolet light. UV electrocution devices are traps which you can use to finish the no see ums. The device has an electric field fitted with ultraviolet light that attracts the insects. Once the insects come close to the UV light it unintentionally enters the electric field and gets electrocuted.

  • Use Proper Clothing While Venturing Outside

Noseeums can trouble you to no end even when you might be taking a walk outdoors. The midges get attracted to dark colours. Hence it is advisable to wear light-coloured fitting clothes. You should also cover yourself with full-sleeved overalls together with socks. This will help you in avoiding getting bitten by noseeums.

Some other methods that you can employ include putting your fans on full swing or use carbon dioxide traps. You can also use special gnat traps for this purpose. The wings of noseeums are not strong to sustain strong winds. So switching on your fan to full swing will ward off these tiny insects.

Now that you know how to get rid of no see ums, you should take all the required precautions. Even if these pests might not always carry diseases but they can pose as a nuisance in your life.

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