Lavender Moth Repellent: Effective or Not So Much?

So, does lavender moth repellent work? Can you use a lavender moth repellent to mothproof your house? Keep on reading to learn more about this topic.

You have been storing some expensive wool sweaters since last winter, and it’s finally time to get them out of the closet, so you can look your best as the temperature drops. Unfortunately, you see some annoying holes covering your precious garments, and you realize that the unwelcome clothing moths have infested your closet.

Moths are quite annoying and can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. You can definitely buy chemical mothballs to get rid of them, but if you’re trying to find a potent organic way to get rid of moths, you’ve come to the right place.

What Can Moths Do?

Moths usually infest your house when you store a second-hand or dirty item that contains moth eggs in your closet. Before you know it, the larvae will start to feed on any clothing item that contains natural animal-based fibers. They contain keratin, a protein that the larvae need to reach maturity.

Once they’re mature, the adult moths will lay more eggs in the tight and dark corners of your closet and drawers, creating a serious infestation that can be extremely difficult to get rid of. If you have recently found some holes covering your favorite woolen sweater or cashmere cardigan, then you know that you should act fast. Moths can also feed on rugs, carpets, and any upholstery furniture if the fabric contains animal-based fibers.

Flying moths aren’t the ones that you should be worried about. These will most probably feed on plants and won’t be interested in your clothes or rugs. Clothing moths hide in dark corners and lay their eggs in dark, humid places, so they’re not easy to spot.

They’re also attracted to dusty and dirty spots. If you store dirty clothes without washing them, you’re at a bigger risk of having your closet infested with clothing moths. They can also hide in air ducts to feed on pet hair.

Getting Rid of Moths Naturally: Lavender Moth Repellent

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Hanging dried lavender flowers in your closet will work to get rid of moths. The strong aroma will also keep your clothes smelling nice, especially if you store them for longer periods.

There are more than 300 compounds in lavender that give it a strong scent. Among these are two strong compounds; 1,8-cineole and camphor.

These repel moths thanks to their insecticidal powers. They’re also present in other aromatic plants like rosemary, but they’re present in higher concentrations in lavender.

Compared to chemical compounds that get rid of moths, lavender is extremely safe as it doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals. Mothballs that use chemicals help get rid of moths but can cause irritations or allergic reactions. Some countries have already banned some of the chemical compounds used in chemical mothballs like naphthalene.

Why Should You Use Lavender to Get Rid of Moths?

Lavender is one of the best ways to get rid of moths. Here are some of the benefits of using lavender essential oils or dried flowers to keep moths at bay.

  • Lavender has a clean, pleasant smell. If you’re storing your clothes in airtight bags, adding some dried lavender buds will make them smell nice when it’s time to wear your clothes again.
  • The aromatic smell of lavender relieves stress. Adding it to your closet and around drawers will make your entire room feel extremely comfortable and relaxing.
  • Unlike other chemical compounds, lavender mothballs, lavender essential oil, and dried lavender buds aren’t toxic. They will unlikely cause an allergic reaction. You can also use them if you’re trying to make sure that your home is chemical-free.
  • There are multiple ways you can use lavender to keep moths at bay. You can also combine lavender with other natural remedies like peppercorn or cloves to make sure that your clothes are protected from moths.

How to Use Lavender Moth Repellent

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Growing lavender in your garden or home is a potent way of keeping bugs and insects at bay. It gets rid of multiple insects, including mosquitoes, and is also potent at getting rid of moths that cause holes in your clothes and rugs. Here is how to use lavender to get rid of moths.

  • Before storing your clothes, wash them properly. Make sure that you use water that measures between 100 and 120 degrees to kill any larvae or eggs that might be present in second-hand clothes.
  • Use a detergent that contains lavender extract to keep the bugs away. You can also use a lavender fabric softener to make sure that the smell is strong enough to keep moths away when you store the clothes.
  • Use lavender dryer sheets to make your clothes smell better and repel the moths.
  • Mix water and soap with lavender essential oil and wipe the corners in the house. You can also use lavender soap to wipe the floors.
  • Make homemade lavender mothballs. Get mesh fabric and fill it with dried lavender buds and tie the fabric in the form of a ball. Use a ribbon to hang the balls around the closet or keep it hidden in the darkest corners of your drawers and shelves.
  • Before adding the dried lavender buds to mesh fabric, soak them in lavender essential oil. This will help the fragrance last longer.
  • Keep some dried lavender flowers in an open jar or box. Keep it at the bottom of the closet to make sure that the fragrance is lingering.
  • When keeping your clothes in airtight bags, keep a few dried lavender flowers hidden between the different layers. Cover them with mesh fabric to make sure that they don’t stain your clothes.
  • Soak a piece of fabric with lavender essential oil and wrap it in mesh fabric. Make sure that the lavender oil doesn’t get in contact with your clothes because it can cause stains.
  • Mix lavender essential oil with water and alcohol and spray it in the corners of your closet.
  • Prepare a natural moth repellent by mixing several essential oils together. You can combine the lavender essential oil with cedarwood, peppermint, and eucalyptus oil to get rid of moths and make sure that they won’t infest your clothes or rugs.
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  • Buy a natural lavender moth repellent. This will be safer than chemical mothballs because it doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals.

How Potent is Lavender Moth Repellent?

Lavender is quite potent, but you need to reapply it regularly to keep moths at bay. If you’re using dried lavender buds, the smell will eventually become weaker until it completely disappears. This means that you need to refill your homemade mesh lavender mothballs with fresh dried lavender flowers to protect your clothes.

Mixing dried lavender with lavender oil works better. The oil will hold the fragrance for a longer period.

Wrap Up – Lavender Moth Repellent

Moths aren’t easy to detect but can cause a lot of damage as the larvae feed on the natural animal fibers that can be found in your clothes or rugs. Lavender oil is a potent treatment that can help repel moths and protect your clothes. It also leaves a pleasant, relaxing smell that makes your house smell heavenly.

You can either use dried lavender flowers or essential oil in your closet to get rid of moths. You can also use lavender-scented detergents to wash your clothes and lavender-scented cleaners to wipe the corners of your house.

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