Are moths harmful? Are they short-lived? Moths are normally considered as inoffensive creatures. Some believe that moths survive only by eating clothes. However, the reality is different. Though these creatures cannot sting or bite, they can be dangerous to humans. Moths are not as popular as butterflies. There are many myths about this creature. In this article, we will educate you more about moths by answering some of your genuine concerns.

  • These Tiny Creatures Fly At Dark Hours: Myth

People believe that moths are the night creatures and they can only fly at might. However, some moths can fly in the day time. There are different species. When some prefer day hours, others love to fly at dusk. When it comes to day flyers, Sphinx can be the best example. These creatures have transparent wings and that makes them fly easily without coming to the notice. Some moths can fly both in the day and night hours.

  • Moths Are Not Big Enough in the Size: Myth

There are around 200,000 species across the globe. When some of them are small, others are colorful and big. You can take the example of the Black Witch. This type is known for its large wings. The wing size is about seven inches. People confuse this Moth Type with bats. Another example is the Silk moths. This type is of your hand size and some of them are even larger. Also, their colors are worth mentioning. They can be of different colors including blues, orange, pink, and yellow. Once you will research on moths, you will love their different species, looks, and distinct qualities. Most of them are eye-catching and beautiful like their cousin butterflies.

  • Moths Do Not Serve Any Specific Purpose: Myth

Moths are not friendly to humans. Even if these creatures are not much popular, they can give a lot of troubles to other living beings. Similarly, they can be helpful to certain types of creatures. Moths along with butterflies work as the important components of the global ecosystem. Moths are known as the nocturnal fliers and they rest by extending their wings. Many insect-eating predators survive on moths. Also, these creatures are pollinators for many plant species. They have many species and all of them serve the universe in some ways.

  • Moths Are Not Beautiful like Butterflies: Myth

Moths are less popular than butterflies. Also, these creatures are not mostly recognized due to the lack of information. However, they are beautiful and eye-catching. You can find them in gardens and can easily confuse them with butterflies if you are not familiar with the distinct qualities of this creature. Some species are known for their beautiful colors. One such family is Tiger. The Tiger moth types are impressive and colorful. Other species have subtle colors and Intricate patterns to create a distinct recognition. Some species including Day-flying Burnets come with club-like antennae. But some species have less hair than butterflies.

  • Moths Are Not Harmful: Myth

Are moths dangerous? What makes these tiny creatures dangerous and harmful? Many people have the perception that moths cannot be harmful since they cannot sting or bite. But these creatures can be dangerous to humans as well as their pets. They can easily contaminate some pet foods with their white cocoons and feces. When humans and pets will come into contact with that contaminated food, they can be infected. The contact with infested food and textiles can cause allergic reactions to humans and their pets. The contacts can also cause mucosal irritations. These foods consumption can be even more harmful leading to some intestinal issues.


  • Moths Do Bite: Myth

Some people even believe that moths can bite. It is worth mentioning that moths cannot bite. Are Moths harmful even if they do not bite?  Many species do not have mouth parts that can cause biting. These creatures do not show any interest in humans even if they can be found in their homes. However, they can dangerous as their cocoons and feces can contaminate food and cause allergies. Therefore, it is always suggested to eliminate the infestation with fast notice to avoid any contamination.

  • These Creatures Eat Clothes: Myth

Many of us have this perception. People believe that moths eat only clothes. However, this is not true. There is no denying that some moths prefer to eat cloth fibers. They like to eat clothes and prefer hair-like materials that include furs, felt, wool, or even upholstered carpets and furniture. They do not like cotton wools and synthetic textiles. But the majority of them like to eat plants. So, you should not be concerned about your clothes when moths are around. Yes, you will have to follow some preventive measures to protect your plants from these creatures.

  • Moths Are Not Poisonous: Myth

Moths are harmful, dangerous, and poisonous especially when you are planning to eat them. In some parts of the globe, people are eating moths. But it can pose serious health issues when precautions are not taken. Some species are not toxic to humans. However, they survive by eating unpalatable and Poisonous plants. They rely on the milkweed and that contains cardenolides. This content can be poisonous to the human heart. These tiny creatures store this poison and humans can be infected while eating them. Though most parts of the world do not prefer to eat these creatures due to their colors and size, some others eat them to get nutritional benefits. There is no doubt that these creatures can meet some of the nutritional benefits. But the poisonous effect cannot be ignored.

  • Moths Cannot Spread Fast: Myth

Many of us are not aware that these tiny insects can spread fast and can hide in almost all places. As there are around 200, 000 species, it is not possible to recognize them. When some of them are large, a few are too small to be recognized. However, all of them are dangerous and can cause a lot of health and skin issues. They will spread rapidly and will hide in every possible place that includes holes, crevices, and furniture, walls, cracks, and ceilings. Also, they can hide in the hard to reach areas making it impossible to find out the source. These creatures can also hide in the drill holes and your plastic food package. They can make their way inside and contaminate the food through feces. As they spread rapidly, they might spread easily and quickly from one room to another through a cupboard and any other possible sources. They will spread all over your home fast if you ignore them with the first instance.  Are moths harmful based on this alone?

  • Moths Cannot Crawl: Myth

People believe that moths can fly only. However, these tiny creatures can crawl fast. They can crawl on the even surfaces as well as on the walls. This ability makes them spread all over your home or even hard to reach areas without any difficulty. From a food packet and cloth, they can spread at high speed and finally cover all the flats, blocks, and entire buildings. One infested food package can cause spreading all over the building. The key to prevent the spreading is to find out the infestation and take all the measures to ensure complete elimination.

  • Moths Do Not Have Mouth: Myth

Many people think that moths do not have a mouth. Therefore, they cannot sting or bite. But this is not true. Most species have a mouth and they prefer to suck nectar. Others like to eat. Some of them do not have a mouth as well. They cannot eat and suck. They can only live for a temporary period. We can take the example of the Luna moth. They do not have a mouth. Once they emerge from the cocoon, they leave for around a week. The main purpose of this type is to mate and then lay eggs. The shorter lifespan will be dedicated to reproduction.

  • Sugar Can Boost the Lifespan of Moths: Myth

As stated above, some moths do not have mouths and they cannot eat. Therefore, they cannot survive for a long. One such type is Luna moth. They live only for a week. Some believe that they can increase the lifespan with sugar. However, this is not true. Luna moth will not live more than a week even if you try all the possible ways since they do not have mouths and cannot eat anything.

  • You Can Destroy the Wing with Simple Touch: Myth

While touching the wing of a moth or butterfly, we notice some powdery substance. We feel that wings will be destroyed if we touch them. However, this is false. The wings of these creatures are designed to be lost in little scales and that will look like the powder. However, it will not affect the efficiency and integrity of the moths wings. Even if they lose some scales, they can easily fly without any difficulty. These powdery scales can only make your fingers beautiful!

These are some moth myths that you might have come across. These beautiful and tiny creatures are less known than their counterparts. You might have many of them in your garden. You can simply buy a moth trap to find one and enjoy its beautiful appearance!