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7 Best Insect Fogger Machines for Your Yard Under $100

Do you have a problem with insects in your yard or yard foggers for bugs? If so, you need to invest in an insect fogger. Insect foggers are machines that emit a thick fog that kills insects on contact. They are perfect for getting rid of mosquitoes, spiders, ticks, and other pests. In this blog post, we will discuss 7 of the best insect foggers available for under $100.

What Is A Mosquito Fogger?

A mosquito fogger is sometimes called a bug bomb. It is a device that releases an insecticide in the form of a fog. Insect foggers are designed to kill insects on contact and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

They work by using a small amount of insecticide mixed with a propellant, which creates a fog that can fill a room or an entire house. Insect foggers are typically used for large infestations and are most effective when used in combination with other pest control methods.

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The effectiveness of mosquito fogging lasts for around 30 days. Your insect fogger will not be as effective when extended period. Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes or any flying insects, so getting rid of it and keeping it that way is essential.

Although there are alternative non chemical mosquito yard sprays used for pest control such as peppermint oil sprays, cedar oil sprays. These mosquito yard sprays are non toxic, all organic compared to hazardous chemicals used in different mosquito fogging machines such as the cold fogger and thermal fogging machines.

Types Of Mosquito Fogger For Pest Control

Mosquito fogging can either produce cold foggers or thermal foggers . There are pros and cons to using both types of mosquito foggers for mosquito control. Although there is some variation in how mosquito foggers work.

Thermal Foggers

Due to the high temperatures required to heat the fogging solution, thermal foggers are better suited for outdoor application. Depending on the model, thermal foggers can be used within, but in general, they should not be brought inside.

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Thermal foggers create a visible fogging cloud with particles in the.05-.10 micron range. The thermal fogger applies heat and air pressure to a fogging solution before spraying it out. The fogging type determines whether the thermal fogger’s heat barrel is prepared using propane, gas, or electricity.

Electric Foggers

Electrical and gas-powered thermal foggers are the two primary options. Plugged into an electrical outlet, the electric fogger releases a fine mist of vaporized water droplet sprays.

Gas Or Propane Thermal Fogger

Propane is a common fuel source for gas foggers. Propane foggers are particularly suitable for treating large areas like lawn, farms, or your entire yard from flying insects. Furthermore, propane fogger’s machines vary in terms of particle size and area covered per minute. Propane foggers have the advantage of portability.

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Cold Foggers

Due to the absence of a heating assembly, the equipment’s own heat is less of a concern when using cold foggers. Cold foggers pest control uses air pressure to atomize mosquito fogging solutions. This allows mosquito foggers to be operational in a matter of minutes.

What’s The Difference Between Cold Foggers And Warm Foggers?

Thermal foggers tend to be less expensive, but they pose a bigger fire risk than a cold fogger pest control machine because the equipment can get very hot when it’s being used. A lot of gaseous fumes from the fogging machine come out. In terms of user comfort Cold foggers machine works better than thermal fogger machine.

However, one drawback of cold fogging machines is that they tend to make fog that is hard to see, which makes it harder to control and might be inhaled by accident. This post risks the body and health of individuals doing the pests control or living in the area.

Where And When To Use Mosquito Foggers?

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Since mosquito foggers are only a short-term solution, they are best utilized to treat a large area from mosquitoes.

These machines get rid of mosquitoes in large outdoor areas such as campsite, yard, lawn, patio before a party or other event when people will be spending a lot of time there. Hence, this pest control machine should be used hours before the actual event takes place.

Cities like Fort-Worth, TX, Memphis, TN, and Atlanta, GA typically score among the highest for mosquito activity, so these pesticides would be helpful to protect residents there.

Place the fogger near any trees or other sources of shade in your yard, as well as any pools of water or other dark, moist spots.

Since the poison in insect foggers can also kill beneficial insects like bees and butterflies, avoid spraying them in locations where these species navigate.

Best Mosquito Foggers For Your Yard That Cost Less Than $100

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Burgess 960 Electric Foggers


No products found.

For less than $100, you may acquire a machine comparable to those mosquito foggers used by professionals to eliminate West Nile Virus carrier mosquitoes. With this mosquito fogger, you can cover a yard or farm of around 5,000 acre for about 10 minutes. And you won’t see any mosquitoes or flying insects for at least six hours.

Only use insecticides with the brands Black Flag, Cutter, or Repel in its yellow reservoir. Do not begin fogging soon after turning on the device. Preheat it for a few minutes to boost the effectiveness of the pesticide treatment.

Wait until the fog has dissipated before allowing anyone to access the area you have just treated, which normally takes around five minutes. Aside from insecticides, you may need an extension wire to plug the fogger onto a power socket.

Black Flag 32 Oz Propane Insect Fogger


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According to the manufacturer, this propane thermal fogger will keep your yard mosquito-free for six hours following treatment. The technology generates particles that can be up to 7 times smaller than mist.

It, like the previous item, can extend the range of 5,000 square feet in 10 minutes. The product is handy since it is readily available and has no unpleasant odor.

The pricing is reasonable, and the product is cost-effective. One quart of the product is required to treat half an acre.

Another benefit of using such an item is that it is suitable with two canisters: the taller (14.1 oz.) and the shorter (14.1 oz.). (16.4 oz.). So, depending on whether you plan to take the fogger trekking or treat the yard, you can determine the most suitable propane canister.

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Burgess 1443 Propane Insect Fogger


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This product has a few drawbacks compared to Black Flag fogger. To begin with, a 14-ounce propane canister is the only kind that will work with it. You may argue that this makes the gadget more convenient to carry about.

A Black Flag fogger is just 9 x 21 x 10 inches, making this product significantly less portable. However, the weight of both goods is close to being the same.

To me, the Black Flag fogger has more practical uses than the Burgess fogger does. Burgess’ product is superior since it prevents unintentional insecticide dispensing by virtue of a trigger lock.

Bonide 420 Fog-Rx Propane Insect Fogger


Bonide Products 420 O9604620 Propane Insect Fogger
129 Reviews
Bonide Products 420 O9604620 Propane Insect Fogger
  • Propane insect fogger
  • Produces a dense fog that permeates foliage, cracks and other hiding places, collapsing insect populations and leaving a safe, pest free environment
  • Made of durable nylon with a translucent bow

The lighter weight of this one is an advantage. Compared to the Burgess fogger (3.1 pounds) and the Black Flag product, its lightweight design (2.7 pounds) makes it more portable (3.65 pounds). Unfortunately, its dimensions of 16 by 12 by 8 inches makes it less portable than alternatives.

The Bonide fogger has a transparent bowl, which is another one of its strengths and an added convenience. This allows you to check for any leftover insecticide. Beyond that, the apparatus produces a very thick fog that leaves no trace behind.

Bonide is an established brand in the market that provides everything from replacement parts to pesticides. This fogging machine is guaranteed to meet your fogging needs.

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Cutter Backyard Bug Control Fogger (Aerosol Fogger)


Cutter Backyard Bug Control Spray Concentrate (6 Pack), Kills Mosquitoes, Fleas & Listed Ants, 32 fl Ounce
33,148 Reviews
Cutter Backyard Bug Control Spray Concentrate (6 Pack), Kills Mosquitoes, Fleas & Listed Ants, 32 fl Ounce
  • KILLS FAST: Kills mosquitoes, listed ant types, fleas and other listed insects.
  • QUICKFLIP HOSE-END SPRAYER: Hose-end-sprayer activates spray at the flip of a switch – just grip, flip and go
  • LASTS ALL SUMMER: Controls up to 12 weeks against house crickets, carpenter ants, harvester ants, lady beetles and earwigs.

If you need to get rid of mosquitoes quickly, you might want to consider picking up a couple of cans of Cutter spray. This pest control product is great because it is very portable and can kill contacts.

If you notice that there are a lot of mosquitoes in your yard, you can quickly use Cutter mister to get rid of the problem. The problem with Cutting tool is that it can only do so much.

Each can will last about 20 seconds, which is just enough to fog one large bush. I’ve also seen times when the cans don’t make fog but steam, which has almost no effect on the mosquitoes.

Electric Insect Fogger Black Flag 90107


The Black Flag Electric fogger is a better choice than the heavy-duty backpack and propane-powered foggers because it is easier to use and fits better.

The handle on the Black Flag 90107 is made to be more comfortable to hold while fogging. It is also powered by electricity, which allows it to operate as long as you have extension cables to reach the further parts of your property.

Even though this mosquito fogger doesn’t have the best reviews, it’s a great buy for the price because it works well and is easy to put together.

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Tri Jet ULV Fogger (Cold Fogger)


Some people call this fogger a mini jet engine because it is so loud when it is running, but when it is running, it has a lot of power. The Tri Jet ULV fogger is better in both quality and function than the smaller Fogmaster Jr.

This unit sprays fog almost six times as far (30-40 feet) and has a tank that holds four times as much water (1 gallon). The unit tends to get clogged, but a quick rinse with water and soap should clear it up.

Fogging Insecticides

CARDINAL 3.5 Gallon Backpack Mosquito Spray

The Cardinal Backpack Mosquito Fogger is a sprayer and fogger with a large capacity that can also be used to blow leaves. It is made to be comfortable for the user and has straps that can be changed to fit most body types.

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Use it to kill mosquitoes in yards and places with a lot of plants. It also has a mist range of 30 feet, which lets you cover up to an acre in 30 minutes.

The unit is easy to use, lightweight, and comfortable. It has a droplet adjuster and a simple throttle control so that you can fog mosquitoes with precision.

Ortho MAX Malathion Concentrate Insect Spray

The solution is made up of malathion at a 50% concentration, which makes it very powerful. As a point of reference, this ingredient is an organophosphate, which is a type of chemical used in farming and garden care.

Malathion kills mosquitoes and other pests by stopping their nervous systems from working right. They label the product for a number of pests, including mosquitoes.

One of the best things about the product is that it can be sprayed safely not only on bushes and trees, but also on fruits and vegetables.

This is important because if you want to get rid of mosquitoes, you’ll have to heavily treat the plants where they like to hide. And the plants and flowers in your garden or yard will not be hurt by this solution.

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Mosquito Magician Natural Mosquito Killer And Repellent Concentrate

This is another natural solution that uses a mix of citronella, rosemary, lemongrass, and cedar essential oils. One gallon costs as much as a great fogging machine, but if you need to treat plants, it is worth it to buy.

Use foggers and sprayers to apply the product, . Foggers and sprayers will make the product last for a month. All users need to do is combine four to six ounces of the concentrate including one gallon of water and put it in the insect fogger container. According to the manufacturer this solution can kill almost all mosquitoes in an area.

EcoGuard Plus, 8 oz, All Natural Tick and Mosquito Control

Here’s another natural solution. This one is based on cedarwood oil, which makes up almost half of all the ingredients. This is a pretty large percentage, which means that the item might actually work.

A team of researchers at Cornell University says that the EPA has approved cedarwood as a safe and efficient method to keep mosquitoes away.

This product costs about thirty dollars less than the other one, so I think it would be smart to use it. Mist blowers, hose-end applicators, and sprayers are all good ways to use this solution. It is easy to measure and pour the liquid into the fogger’s container.

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Do Mosquito Foggers Really Work?

Mosquito foggers are an effective and popular way to control mosquito populations. They work by releasing a cloud of insecticide into the air, killing mosquitoes on contact. The insecticide is typically safe for humans and animals, and it evaporates quickly so there’s no lasting residue in the environment. In addition to their effectiveness, mosquito foggers are convenient, easy to use, and relatively inexpensive.

When used properly, mosquito foggers can be a great way to reduce the number of mosquitoes in your yard or other outdoor areas. It’s important to remember that they don’t offer long-term protection; after a few days, the insecticide will dissipate and the mosquitoes will return. To keep populations at bay, regular applications of fogger are needed.


The amount of insecticide in the insect fogger is very small and is only enough to kill something as small as a mosquito. Although, some people said that they used only small concentrations of the chemicals, and people who are occasionally expose to the insect fogger will not get sick. Still these are still chemicals and frequent exposures to these chemicals may cause harm to someone’s body.

Any disinfectant can irritate the skin, eyes, or airways and cause other health problems for people who breathe it in. So if you want a much safer insect repellant we highly recommend you try Trappify fly traps and hanging fly sticks. Not only they are effective but are also safe to your pets and loved ones

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