How to Remove Fly Trap Glue from Fur, Clothes, Hair and Skin

We will detail methods on how to remove fly trap glue from fur, clothes, hair and skin in the article below. After you’ve freed yourself, we’ll list some alternatives to traditional fly traps so you can avoid getting stuck again.

If you’ve ever had fly glue stuck to a surface, then you know how hard it is to remove. The sticky material catches nimble flies, so it needs to have a powerful adhesive like you’d find from Dynatrap refills Home Depot or fly vacuum trap.

Even the best DIY house fly trap and the best product for fruit flies should have strong adhesive as well.

If you’re setting up flypaper or traps and you aren’t careful, you can end up catching more people than flies. Don’t panic! If you have fly trap glue stuck in your hair, clothes, skin, or your animal’s fur, there are several ways to escape.

About Fly Trap Glue

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The original fly trap glue came from Flypaper. It came in a tiny cylinder and as a single sticky sheet of paper that hangs in the air. The paper attracts flies because of its sweet aroma. The fly poison bait will trap them until they die or poison them.

Flypaper and glue are made from a sweet and sticky substance and can be made from several different chemicals or organically. Many fly traps these days typically fly trap inside. The best at home fly trap works as a fly egg killer.

Nowadays, you will find various types of traps including fly trap green, glass fly trap, and quick fly trap.

Some fly paper can be potentially toxic to humans and animals and should never be consumed. When stuck to the skin, it can leave a rash and is very painful to remove. Now, flypaper is not as common as it once was because of its poor aesthetic appeal.

Flytraps use a similar method but typically come in a box or tent shape to make them less intrusive.

How to Remove Fly Trap Glue from Fur

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We all love our furry friends, but it’s common for them to get into some mischief. If you have animals running around the house, especially those with long fur, you know how obnoxious it can be to remove sticky things from their fur.

Even if the glue is non-toxic, it’s not safe to leave animals with it on them. They can lick the area and consume the glue, making it toxic. They can even have their mobility limited if there’s enough glue restraining them. However, with this proven method, you’ll have your pet clean in no time.


Step One: Find a Greasy or Oily Substance

Grease and oil are the opposite of glue. They make things slippery as opposed to sticky. You can use butter, vegetable oil, olive oil. It doesn’t matter.

Step Two: Lather Affected Areas with Oily Substance

Find the parts of your animal with the most glue and gently rub the oily substance over them. If you want to be thorough, then you can apply the substance over the entire body. After you’ve finished applying, leave the substance on the animal for at least five minutes.

You can give them some food or a toy to calm them down, but try to keep them in a contained area. If they run around your house like this, they will only get dirtier.

Step Three: Bath Pet with Room Temperature Water and Pet Shampoo or Dish Soap

After the oil has soaked in for five minutes, you can bathe your pet. Using a high-quality pet shampoo should work fine, but you can try dish soap if you want to remove all the oil.

It’s a good idea to ask your vet if this is safe before you do it. Some dish soap can be harmful to dogs and cause a rash. We recommend trying the pet shampoo first and only using the dish soap if everything else fails.

Step Four: Rinse with Clean Warm Water

After you’ve washed all the soap and oil away, your pet’s fur should feel silky smooth. You can rinse them with warm water and dry them. Come back in an hour and check their fur to see if there’s any glue left. If so, wait a day and repeat the process. Overwashing can be irritating for them as well.

How to Remove Fly Trap Glue from Clothes

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Another common place to get stuck with Flytrap glue is your clothes. Whether you brushed past the trap or wiped your hands on your pants after setting it up, it’s always difficult to remove.

If you still have sticky residue leftover after several runs through the washing machine, you can get rid of it with peanut butter. Try our easy method below.


Step One:

Spread out the piece of clothing on a table or any flat surface. If you want to keep the space clean underneath, put down some plastic or an old shopping bag. Peanut butter can get messy.

Step Two:

Open up your jar of peanut butter and spread a generous amount over the sticky area. You can use a spreader or a butter knife, just like you’re making a PB&J.

Step Three:

Pull the edges of the cloth tight. Then use the butter knife or another dull blade to scrape away the peanut butter. You should feel the glue coming out with it. You may have to repeat this process a few times.

Step Four:

Put the clothing in the washing machine at a high temperature if possible. The hot water should melt the remainder of the glue.

How to Remove Fly Trap Glue from Skin

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Flytrap glue is not the strongest glue in the world. It should be easier to remove than super glue. Try out one of the skin glue removal methods we listed below.

Method 1

Use warm soapy water to remove the glue from your skin. Make a solution in a hand-sized bucket, then soak it several times until the glue loosens and you can peel it off.

Method 2

Nail polish remover is also a suitable solvent for glue. The primary ingredient in most nail polish removers is acetone which causes a chemical reaction to make glue lose its grip on skin. Check the ingredients on your nail polish remover. If it doesn’t contain acetone, don’t use it.

You can use a paper towel or a cotton swab to apply it. Be sure to keep the nail polish remover away from your eyes and mouth.

How to Remove Fly Trap Glue from Hair

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To remove fly trap glue from your hair, you can repeat the steps in the animal fur method we mentioned above. Take any oily substance like butter or vegetable oil and rub it in your hair. Let it sit for about five minutes before rinsing. Repeat if necessary.

Take a Look at Sticky Trap Alternatives

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If you’re tired of getting sticky from flytrap glue, try one of these helpful alternatives.

A Bug Zapper

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If you have several flies around your home, you can try a bug zapper to get rid of them. It attracts the flies with light then kills them with a tiny jolt of electricity.

A Fly Swatter

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It might seem prehistoric, but with a little skill, a fly swatter can get the job done without causing a mess or using any power.


We hope our flytrap glue removal tips were helpful for you if you recently found yourself in a sticky situation. We wish you a non-sticky future that is fly-free!

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