How to Keep Flies Away From Patio During BBQ and Hanging Out


If you want to keep flies away from patio and enjoy your time in the yard, this post is for you.

Barbecue is one of the best methods to get together with friends. As the food cooks, people catch up and talk about their days while enjoying a meal. Most meat-eaters all around the world are becoming more interested in this exciting endeavor. 

However, few things are more annoying than a fly that won’t go away. Flies have been a nuisance to humans since we started barbequing. The sight of flies on your patio during a barbeque is downright embarrassing. 

While there are a variety of strategies used to repel flies, how do we go about actually keeping them out? 

Here are a few pointers to assist you with this process.


How to Keep Flies Away from Patio – Use Lemons and Cloves


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Cloves are the scented dried flower buds of the Syzygium aromaticum plant. Cloves are dark brown, aromatic spice with a nail-like form. Furthermore, flies despise the fragrance of lemon. Cut a lemon in half and set cloves around the area to keep the flies away.

Since flies dislike the scent of cloves, you can also bury them in the flesh of each lemon half. Place the lemons in decorative basins and scatter them around the meal locations. A mixture of cloves and lemons should keep the flies at bay.

Unfortunately, lemons are effective at repelling house flies but also attract fruit flies. Attracting fruit flies may or may not bug you, depending on the type of flies you’re fighting. Use fragrant oils or a dish filled with orange or lemon peels. Your visitors will like the scent as well.


Cover Food and Toss the Trash


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Like all bugs, flies can smell food from a long distance, whether it’s fresh or rotten. An efficient way of keeping them out interferes with that smell by covering the BBQ after it’s ready. 

You’re bound to generate rubbish at any outdoor gathering. Empty plates, used cutlery, discarded food packaging, and other items that need to be immediately disposed of after the visitors have left.

On the other hand, flies are attracted to smells, so you’ll enhance the possibilities of a swarm descending on you and your guests. If you keep your barbecue covered when it comes off the grill, you should have fewer unwelcome visitors.


Ultrasonic Pest Repeller


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An ultrasonic pest repeller is an electronic pest management device that creates a sound at a frequency that causes bugs to get irritated, die, flee, or become incapacitated. 

Ultrasonic pest control claims to be simpler and safer than traditional pest repellents and pest control methods. A battery-powered repellent is ideal for patios because you can move it around depending on where the flies are concentrated. 

They’re relatively simple to use; all you need is a power supply. Ultrasonic pest repellers do not generate any noise; you may use them both inside and outside (in a covered, dry area such as a patio). They are effective against flies, as well as other insects, and even rats.


How to Keep Flies Away from Patio – Treat Your Patio


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To keep flies away from the food at the party, treat the patio with pyrethrin-based insecticides or other natural repellent forms if you have it on your porch close to the house entry. 

Insecticides work quickly, so it is ideal for a one-time barbecue. However, because flies have short life cycles and develop resistance, they are ineffective in the long run. Furthermore, the insecticide’s effect is short-lived.

Pyrethrin, a substance derived from the chrysanthemum flower, is effective against house flies, gnats, and other insects. It won’t leave any evidence, at least not on your patio; it works as a quiet assassin.


Setting Up Flytraps


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There are hundreds or perhaps thousands of websites set up to sell fly traps. Finding the right fly trap is relatively easy. You can also decide to be creative and build one from scratch. Off the shelf, flytraps are affordable and easy to use. 

However, they can ruin your appetite fast. Expect the traps to catch very many flies in a short amount of time. This added weight can make the trap crash down, causing a disgusting sight.

Homemade fly traps can help you mitigate this problem. Here is how you can make your custom flytrap. This is what you need:


  • Empty plastic bottle
  • Water
  • Bait 
  • A smidgeon of liquid dish soap




  • Cut the top of the bottle.
  • To make a funnel, flip the top over and place it back into the bottle’s base. 
  • Fill the bottom of the container halfway with water, leaving a gap between the “funnel’s” base and the water.
  • Add a few drops of liquid dish soap and some stinky bait. The dish soap adheres to the flies’ wings and captures them a little more effectively.


Your flytrap is now operational. All you have to do is place it strategically during the barbecue.


Use Optical Illusions


Damon Clark (Yale University’s associate professor of molecular, cellular, and developmental biology) claims in their report that flies detect motion in static images in the same manner as humans . 

When confronted with the optical illusion, the flies immediately rotated in the same direction as the motion that humans see in the pattern.

If you place optical illusions in strategic positions around the patio, you can expect to have a fantastic time with your friends. The flies will automatically fly towards the direction of the illusions.


Use Fans


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Flies love to fly in calm conditions. This is proven by the lack of flies on windy days. They dislike exerting energy when it is windy. When flying, the flight muscles of flying insects consume a lot of resources. 

Flying into the wind makes them use more power and, as a result, deplete the nutrients their muscles require more quickly. As a result, most flying insects will seek refuge from the wind to avoid investing too much energy in fighting the air currents.

Use a fan with larger blades for your patio because they distribute airflow more evenly across a larger area. Simulating this occurrence on your deck by the use of fans fixed on your balcony will ensure that you not only get rid of flying insects but also enjoy a relaxed atmosphere when hanging out and barbecuing.


Grow Strategic Plants


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Green plants around a patio create a fantastic atmosphere. If these plants repel flies too and do it while smelling nice, then it’s an even greater cause for optimism. Here are some of the plants that will do the trick;

  • Basil – A healthy basil plant in a patio will provide a pleasant perfume while also keeping wandering flies at bay. Basil requires regular irrigation in addition to direct sunlight.
  • Sweet woodruff – Sweet woodruff is a low-growing ground cover with tiny white blooms that grows well outside. It would look great in a hanging basket with enough room for the tendrils to stretch out and dangle.


How to Keep Flies Away from Patio – Wrapping Up


If flies were a bit cleaner and stealthy, maybe we would not consider them as annoying. However, they are crazy fast and come in large numbers; hence getting rid of flies physically would be incredibly strenuous. 

Get ready to have a relaxing and buzz-free barbecue on your patio with this list of fantastic ideas to keep flies away from your patio during a barbeque.

You will have fewer bug bites and be able to enjoy barbeques at home with family and friends more because you’ll be able to appreciate your hangouts and be more comfortable doing so if you employ one or more of these strategies.

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