How to Get Rid of House Flies – Actionable Checklist

One of the biggest and most common mistakes people make when trying to get rid of house flies indoors is to use highly toxic products that can affect their health. In this article, we will cover how to get rid of house flies safely.

No one likes house flies, and yet many people have them. While having house flies around might start seeming like a necessary course of life, it does not have to be that way. There are plenty of ways to get rid of house flies. Better yet, there are plenty of non-toxic ways to get rid of house flies.


What Attract Flies and Causes Fly Infestation?

Flies are attracted to a variety of different sources, including food and other organic materials. Flies are drawn to odors such as those produced by decaying fruit or animal waste, recently cut grass, or garbage in trash cans. Additionally, they may be attracted to open containers of sugary liquids like soda cans or spilled soda on the ground. Sweat, oils, and pet waste can also be very attractive to flies.

If food or other organic materials remain out in the open for an extended period of time, such as on a picnic table or garbage can, then this will create an ideal environment for flies to lay their eggs and reproduce. Once an infestation adult flies has started it may be difficult to get rid of, as flies can reproduce quickly and in large numbers. To prevent fly infestations it is important to keep food sources covered or stored away and ensure that all garbage cans and compost bins are securely sealed.

It is also essential to take care of any animal waste around the home, such as pet or animal feces, or bird droppings, as these can easily become breeding grounds for flies if not disposed of properly. Keeping the outside of the home clean and tidy will help deter flies from entering. Homeowners should also ensure that any cracks or crevices are sealed to prevent entry into the house.

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How to Get Rid of the House Fly – Why Should You Get Rid of It

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While the occasional housefly might not seem like a major threat, you should know that there are some very compelling reasons to get rid of them. First of all, even if you only start with a nuisance flies a few houseflies buzzing around here and there, it is only a matter of time before infestation sets in, and you have dozens of them or more flying around the house all day.

That said, there is another reason why you should take the presence of house flies seriously. Having house flies around presents a serious health risk. House flies can carry and inflict several nasty diseases.

The diseases that a housefly may be carrying include:

  • Cholera
  • Tuberculosis
  • E. coli
  • Dysentery
  • typhoid fever

House flies can also cause eye infections. In any case, whether you mind them or not, you should endeavor to keep your pet food and home free of house flies.

Here are some helpful, non-toxic methods for getting rid of house flies.

How to Get Rid of House Flies – Plant Herbs That Deflect Flies

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There are several herbs that you can plant that will keep house flies away naturally. House flies naturally avoid many herbs that you can plant in your garden.

Lavender, bay leaves, basil, catnip, and marigold are excellent herbs that can effectively keep house flies away. By planting these herbs in gardens around your home, you can create a barrier that will help discourage house flies from coming around the house.

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How to Get Rid of House Flies – Natural Sprays

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Instead of using heavy chemicals, you can easily keep house flies away by employing a variety of natural sprays. There’s a wide variety of simple, natural, gentle concoctions that you can keep in spray bottles and spray around the house every few days.

The best way to use natural sprays to repel house flies is to spray them along the window screens themselves, doorways, windows, and the most common places that flies tend to gather or enter the home.

This Spicy Spray Keeps the Flies Away

If you are looking for a safe, natural way to keep house flies away, try mixing cayenne pepper and water in a spray bottle. Cayenne pepper for fly control that is safe, natural, and cheap! One of the advantages of using natural sprays to repel house flies is that natural ingredients like cayenne pepper cost less than chemical-based repellents.

Apple Cider Vinegar Is the Natural Version of Agent Orange for House Flies

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Another simple remedy for repelling house flies and other insects is a mixture of apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil. Apple cider vinegar is one of the substances that house flies hate the most. Mixing it with tea tree oil makes it a gentle, natural spray. Why use toxic chemicals when all you have to do is throw some apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil together?

Go Natural with Lemongrass Spray

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If you do not like the scent of cayenne pepper, it’s OK; not everyone likes such a spicy smell. There are plenty of alternatives, like lemongrass. When you use lemongrass spray, you won’t just keep the house flies away. You will make your house smell amazing!

All you need to do is mix 12 drops of lemongrass essential oil with ¼ cup of water, and presto!

Hang a Strip of Duct Tape

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As it turns out, duct tape really can fix anything, well, almost anything. One thing is for certain; it can definitely help get rid of house flies!

Keep in mind, this method might be highly effective, but it’s certainly not for the squeamish. If house flies have infested your home and have been driving you nuts, all you have to do is hang up a few strategically placed strips of duct tape.

It won’t take long for you to see the difference that a few strips of tape can make. Within a few short hours, you should see a black squirming mass kill flies strewn across the strips of tape that you hung up.

While it might not look pretty or seem particularly humane, it works on most flies.

Fry Them with UV Light

If you have fly problem and don’t feel like spraying various concoctions around your house or hanging strips of duct tape everywhere, you could always fry the flies away. UV light is incredibly useful when it comes to getting rid of house flies.

There are plenty of different UV traps available. Some of them are light traps designed to kill house flies by utilizing heat, while others are sticky traps designed to trap them in a container. Either way, they are pretty effective in getting rid of house flies, and it’s non-toxic.

Boiled Cinnamon

For those of you that are a bit squeamish about the idea to get rid of flies by using something that traps or kills house flies, you will be happy to hear that you can get rid of house flies non-violently and more humanely by simply boiling a pot of sugar water and cinnamon sticks on your stove.

House flies detest the scent of cinnamon, which means they will avoid houses with outdoor lights that smell like cinnamon. This is a simple yet effective solution to eliminate house flies without killing them or trapping them in light trap.

Clean Your House

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Flies are attracted to garbage, soda, and even the crud that collects at the bottom of your drain. One of the best ways to combat flies and get rid of house flies without using any products that contain toxic chemicals is to keep your house clean.

If you have noticed that house flies are swarming around your kitchen sink, try having the drain cleaned. This will remove the crud and food debris that is attracting them to the area.

Sometimes all it takes to attract house and fruit flies is some soda. House flies are attracted to soda because of the sugars. Try wiping down any tables, counters, or surfaces where soda has been spilled. This will help keep the flies away proactively.

Another thing that house flies are commonly attracted to is open bottles of alcohol. They usually die inside the bottle, but no one wants to drink something that has dead house flies in it. You could use open bottles of alcohol as a more fly trap, but it would be an expensive one, and it would ultimately continue to attract more house flies inside.

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We Saved the Best for Last, the Humble Fly Swatter

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One of the best non-toxic tools for getting rid of flies is a simple fly swatter. You might work up a sweat using it, but it’s an effective tool. Keep in mind; you get what you pay for; it’s best to use a sturdy, well-constructed fly swatter.

You don’t want to buy a cheap fly swatter and have it fall apart within the first a few drops or hours of use. Get yourself a good one and get to swinging!

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