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How to Catch Chipmunks on Your Own

How to catch chipmunks? If you have ever seen chipmunks and ground squirrels in your yard, you would think that they are cute to look at.


However, if these chipmunks decide to infest your home, that cute and cuddly feeling can quickly turn into a disaster.

Chipmunk infestation is quite common because they are considered nuisance animals. Chipmunks along with other nuisance animals like squirrels, are quite hard to eliminate. This is why a chipmunk trap/chipmunk traps are needed in your home to kill chipmunks.

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Of course, any one who has ever seen a chipmunk may think that it’s too hard to kill one. But, chipmunk infestation gets worse with time.

There are many kinds of chipmunk baits that you can make use of to prevent chipmunks in your yard like:

  • Chipmunk repellents
  • Chipmunk Burrows
  • Bird feeders
  • Snap traps perpendicular
  • Trap doors
  • Live traps/live trap
  • Trap trigger
  • Bucket trap
  • Trap doors open
  • Chipmunk poison
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Vegetable gardens
  • Peanut butter

All of these items listed make excellent bait to get your chipmunk problem under control. In fact, bait placement and trying to get rid of of these rodents and other animals in your yard is not as hard as you think.

Peanut butter works just as well as many traps out there. Some of the best chipmunk bait/best chipmunk baits are easy to use to lure chipmunks to the trap.


If you are running out of luck catching chipmunks and want to get rid of them, then you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will be teaching you how to trap chipmunks, how to call the right pest control companies, which chipmunk baits work best, and how to easily dispose of a trapped chipmunk.

Chipmunk Trap: What is a Chipmunk?

poison peanuts chipmunks

How to catch chipmunks?

Before anything else, what are chipmunks? Chipmunks are rodents from the Sciuridae family. They are quite similar to rodents and other pests like mice.


It’s easy to spot a chipmunk in your garden, because they have brown fur which ranges to reddish or brown color. Chipmunks have two white stripes on their fur and five black stripes on their back. These rodents like to dig for their food.


If you don’t remove chipmunks from your yard, chipmunks can make a huge mess of your garden even if it is well cared for. Some people like to house these critters like pets. Just like mice, chipmunks can also be trained as pets inside your house because they are a smart animal. They like to chew on nuts, and easily enjoy other food.


Chipmunks eat peanut butter, while other animals eat chipmunk bait. But one of the best ways to get rid of chipmunks is if you use the best chipmunk baits/best chipmunk bait. However, in the long run, chipmunk poison will work well.

Chipmunk Traps: Where do Chipmunks Live?

chipmunk killer

When it comes to the choice of home, chipmunks like to change quite often. They can be found in trees, shrubs, or gardens. Chipmunks also feel safe in areas with ground cover like rocks or logs.

This animal likes to make deep holes in the ground and create camouflaging entrances to their home. These rodents are also good at making an extensive network of tunnels underneath your yard. If you have a garden, they will chew on your plants from underneath, which makes them quite troublesome.

Chipmunks like red squirrels also like to chew on nuts, so if you have a bird feeder you can put some nuts in there and it will control the chipmunk problems/chipmunk problem.

You can also add a bit of peanut butter in the trap. Just one bite of the best bait and it traps the chipmunks inside. Make sure to always wear gloves when you are handling a chipmunk.

Trapping Chipmunks: They Eat Absolutely Anything

best chipmunk poison

It’s no secret that chipmunks are notoriously difficult to eliminate. These crafty little pests will eat just about anything, which makes them very difficult to control.


If you’re looking for the best chipmunk bait, you’ll need to get a little creative. One option is to use a snap trap baited with peanut butter or sunflower seeds. Another option is to use a live trap baited with apple slices or other fruits and vegetables.

The best bait for chipmunks is ultimately whatever they are most attracted to at the time. Once you’ve caught a chipmunk, you can either release it into the wild or humanely euthanize it.


If you’re looking for a permanent solution, however, you’ll need to enlist the help of a professional pest control company. They will be able to identify and remove the chipmunks in a safe and effective manner.

Remember to check local laws as well with regards to euthanizing chipmunks. You can find a complete guide for pest control and how trapping chipmunks with the baits works better for control.

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If you want to try snap traps, Set the live traps with chipmunk bait perpendicular to the chipmunks pathway or in pairs along travel routes with the triggers facing away from each other.

These triggers are easily sprung and can catch the mini bear inside. You can use chipmunk bait like peanut butter, or other forms of lure. Ground squirrels are not hard, but it will also depend on the kind of pest control trapping techniques and the kind of bait/poison you put into the trap.

Do Rat Poison Baits Kill Chipmunks?

will victor poison peanuts kill chipmunks

It’s a warm autumn day, and you’re out in the garden enjoying the last of the season’s bounty. Suddenly, you see a furry little creature dart past – a mini bear!


As you watch, the chipmunk begins to stuff its cheek pouches full of acorns, presumably to store up for winter. All of a sudden, you remember: you put out poison bait to help control the rat population! Will the poison baits kill the chipmunks too?


Unfortunately, the answer is yes – toxic baits are designed to terminate any rodent that consumes them, and that includes chipmunks. However, there is some good news:chipmunks are relatively small creatures, so it will take less poison to terminate them than it would to kill a rat.


Additionally, chipmunks are less likely than rats to visit bait stations regularly, so they are less likely to be exposed to fatal levels of poison. In other words, while poison can kill chipmunks, it’s not particularly likely unless the chipmunk eats a lot of bait or has regular access to it.

How Do I Get Rid of Chipmunks?

chipmunk killer pellets

The guide to chipmunks and other insecticide traps and insect repellents. Eastern chipmunks are closely associated with the ground squirrel and there are 15 different species in North America.

The two common species having the most extensive population are the eastern chipmunk and the less chipmunk.

The animals often confuse ground squirrel and red squirrel in three-lined species. The Chipmunk is more prone to spending its time in the soil in burrowings, whereas a Red Squirrel mainly lives within trees.

Chipmunk Burrows and Damage

chipmunk bait poison

They hide under woodpiles in the basement of houses and buildings, stumped in the brush. Their nests range between 20-30 ft long and often contain food storage and nests. It also has exit tunnel and side pockets connected to its shaft.


The burrow may not be visible because the entrance point lacks a visible pile of dirt around its entrance. The chipmunk would take the excavated soil out of its pouch to hide its entrance to predators.


Chipmunks are pests because of causing damage from burrowing activities. These are susceptible to destroying decks, patio, wall structure, walls for protection from the foundation, walls for laying foundations.

Tell Me the Difference Between Toxic and Non Toxic Bait?

On the hunt for chipmint bait you can find both harmful bait and nontoxic bait. The poison of the chipmunk can be poisonous to the fish and cause their death immediately.

These are probably an interesting option for someone who has an infestation outside the house of chipmunks.

Because if people use dangerous bait they are unlikely to be able to predict where they will die. Non-toxic bait can be used in a trap. The user can then decide on using deadly versus catch-and-release traps. This will be a good choice if someone is suffering from chipmunk infestations at home. Non-toxic baits are also ideal outdoors.

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How to Catch Chipmunks: How Quickly Does Toxic Bait Work?

The rate of toxic baits’ effectiveness depends upon the chemical components. It is possible to find two poisonous bait varieties – rapid action and slow release. The toxic baits we recommend are rodenticides and slow releases.

Fast-acting baits work very quickly. A rodent’s killing can take just a few meals of food at once. Slow releases of bait require several exposures. Rodents can eat poison at least three times per day.

This shouldn’t have been an issue. The bait is scented peanuts, making it a viable eatable product. The couple could continue on the lure for years, until their death.

How to Catch Chipmunks: Live Trapping Chipmunks

Trapping provides an effective way to eradicate chipmunks from your property, while also limiting future generations to be susceptible to such pests.

This can be done quickly – even if you have no hunting experience to relocate them anywhere you want. A humane way to relocate an animal instead of killing is the best method. I also use it. A live-trap with bait would be cheaper and easier for chip-mongers than moving chipmunks yourself.

How to Catch Chipmunks: How to Bait a Chipmunk Trap?

Do you want to learn how to catch chipmunks? Or how can you bait chipmunks? It’s recommended that you use small amounts of peanut butter, almond, or cashew butter.

Put additional fruits and seeds in peanut butter and leave a little butter in it. Remember, something goes much further!

Do not feed your living traps as they are a danger to their effectiveness. Keep in mind that the food may not be ready until you use more than the required amount.

How to Catch Chipmunks: What Do Chipmunks Eat in Your Yard?

are chipmunks poisonous

When you put a trap on a tree, check the chipmunk bait before you put it in. Your bait must be at least as attractive as what your chipmunk eats. Mini bears eat almost everything and likes to eat all sorts of foods.

They can eat everything they can get their hands on. The majority of problems involving chipmunks are in backyards with large branches and are available to them year-round. Spring. In spring, chipmunks often eat vegetable crops from their gardens. If you see some vegetation munching up during the summer there’d be an infestation of mini bears in your house.

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