White Vinegar as a Gnat Trap: Setting Up


Not many household pests can compete with gnats for the title of the most annoying insect. That’s because gnats can be super tricky when it comes to determining their source and getting rid of their infestation. In this article, we will answer the question is a gnat trap white vinegar the way to go?

If you’re dealing with a gnat issue, you already know there are tons of products designed to eliminate gnats because let’s face it – you’ve probably tried a bunch of them! Similarly, several home remedies can be highly effective against gnats – gnat traps made from white vinegar are one of them.

Today, we’re going to break down how white vinegar traps work and how to set them up, so let’s get started.


Where do Gnats Come from?


Generally speaking, gnats will enter your home in one of three ways:

Gnats thrive in the warmth of summer, which is when you may notice the problem blowing up. The thing about gnats is that despite being virtually harmless, they’re extremely annoying because of the fact that they multiply very quickly.

For this reason, once gnats are inside your home, it can be weeks (or even months) before you can completely get rid of them. To speed up the elimination process, many people resort to traps.


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Why are Gnats Attracted to White Vinegar?


As we mentioned above, gnats may enter your house in multiple ways but they’ll always have the same goal; feeding and breeding. If you’ve been reading up on the enemy, you should know that gnats are attracted to moist spots for these exact purposes.

Such places include food spillage, garbage cans, overwatered grass or plants, moist potting soil, puddles in the kitchen or outside the house, leaky pipes under the sink, as well as condensation around windows and vents.

Fruits, vegetables, and decaying organic materials are also sources of food and moisture for gnats. These include produce left out in the open (especially sweet-smelling fruits), rotten fruits, rotten flowers and plants, decaying leaves, mold, compost, as well as moss.

So where does vinegar, or white vinegar to be exact, fit into the equation? Why do gnats love it so much that so many home remedies for eliminating gnats involve using this household staple?

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Well, it’s really simple; white vinegar is a perfect meal for the tiny pests because it’s entirely fermented organic matter. Gnats just can’t resist the scent of vinegar since they always gravitate towards the acidity of broken-down natural materials.

For gnats, white vinegar is like Kryptonite. They fly right into an open container of it and attempt to consume it through their mouthparts, but end up drowning themselves in the liquid.


Setting Up a White Vinegar Trap for Gnats


Sometimes getting rid of gnats can be a difficult task despite all the preventive measures and commercial products you try. Luckily, many home remedies have proven effective in controlling gnats indoors.

The single most popular household item used in such solutions is white vinegar. The following are two ways you can make white vinegar gnat traps.

Don’t forget to set up these traps in potential feeding or breeding grounds to achieve the best results.

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White Vinegar Gnat Trap


Here, you’ll need a jar with a wide opening, a lid, a knife, and white vinegar.


As they’re attracted to the scent of the vinegar, gnats will make their way to the jar or the container and get in to have a taste, but they won’t be able to get out.

If you don’t have any jars or containers that you can use, you can make the trap using a bottle as an alternative. It’ll do a decent job, but the only issue is that the lid will be pretty small, so fewer gnats will be able to get inside.

However, you can overcome this situation by setting up more bottle traps around your house.

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White Vinegar and Dish Soap Gnat Trap


Here, you’ll need a glass bowl, plastic wrap, white vinegar, dish soap and toothpicks.

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  • Start by pouring some white vinegar into the bowl.
  • Add a few drops of dish soap. It helps break the surface tension of the white vinegar so the gnats can’t sit on top of the solution, but rather fall in it.
  • Cover the bowl with plastic wrap.
  • Poke a few small holes in the plastic so that the scent can escape out.
  • Poke a larger hole in the center of the plastic so the gnats get in easily.

The gnats will make their way to the source of the smell, enter the bowl, remain trapped in the liquid, and eventually die off inside the glass.


Other Types of Vinegar for Gnat Traps


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Instead of white vinegar, you can also use apple cider vinegar. It’s an ideal lure for gnats because it’s basically a fruit that has been distilled until it became a fermented liquid.

You can use either one of the methods we described above to make highly effective apple cider vinegar gnat traps.


Alternative Homemade Gnat Trap


If you want to really increase the chances of eliminating gnats in your home, consider making a fruit peel jar. Much like the vinegar traps above, this homemade fruit gnat trap relies on the pest’s sense of smell to lure them in.

You can use a glass, a jar, or even a plastic container. Simply take the garbage/leftover pieces of fruit that you’d normally throw out ( for example apple cores, banana peels, avocado skins/pits, and the tops of strawberries) and put them in a container.​

Fasten a lid or a piece of plastic wrap, then poke holes for scent circulation and one large hole for entry. Wait a few hours then check the trap.

An even simpler trap you can try is a wine bottle with a little bit of the liquid still in the bottom. Leave the bottle open and watch gnats dive headfirst inside.


Tips to Prevent Gnats from Coming Back to Your House


Here are a few tips to keep gnats from coming back into your home:

  • Don’t leave food out in the open.
  • Wash your dirty dishes and drinking glasses. Don’t let them pile up.
  • Fix your leaking pipes and faucets.
  • Cover your trash cans and take out the trash as often as necessary. Stinky trash cans don’t just attract gnats, but other pests as well.
  • If you have plants in the kitchen, don’t overwater them and let the soil dry well between waterings.
  • Remove dead organic material on top of the soil. Throw away dead leaves, fruits, flowers, and so on.


Wrap Up


There you have it, everything you need to know about using white vinegar as a gnat trap. Remember, if the infestation is serious, home remedies won’t be enough and you’ll need to contact a professional.

Click Here to see more options for eliminating gnats in your home!

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