Top Gnat Deterrent Plants to Keep in Your Home and Yard


Gnats are tiny winged pests that like to hang around your home, but nobody wants them in their home, garden, or any other place around them. They’re harmful pests to both you and your garden vegetation, not to mention their bites that require treatment.

Interestingly, certain houseplants are one of the best natural remedies against insects at home. Therefore, if you’d like to go the natural route of eliminating gnats, this article is for you. Here are the top gnat-deterrent plants to grow


Top Gnat Deterrent Plants 


The best way to get rid of gnats is by preventing their establishment in your garden or home. Even the best of pesticides are not as effective as prevention, and one very effective way of avoiding gnats is by using certain houseplants. Below are the top gnat deterrent plants to grow:


1. Citronella Plant


Citronella Plant - Mosquito Plant - Pelargonium Citrosum - Live Outdoor Plants - Overall Height 12" to 16" - 1 Gallon - Tropical Plants of Florida (Plant Only)
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  • Overall Size: 12" to 16" tall including the 6" planter


Citronella is a perennial grass that can reach as far as six feet high. You can plant it in a large pot or a planter.

The Citronella plant does well in warm climates and cannot survive the winter. For this reason, you’ll need to plant it in a planter with a caster to enable you to easily carry it in when the frost starts.

You can purchase Citronella balm seeds packaged in a paper seed envelope to put in a seedbed and get your citronella plant. The seeds come with germination and growing instructions displayed on each package to ensure you’re successful in growing them.

Alternatively, you can purchase seedlings and transfer them to your home.

Citronella repels all kinds of pests and especially mosquitos. Its strong smell is what makes these bugs quickly exit your home or garden. You’ll be surprised to learn that several mosquito repellents are manufactured using this plant.

The naturally strong scent of this plant which is more potent than any of its by-products will go a long way in keeping gnats away from your yard.


  • Natural and has been around for a long time.
  • Safe and non-toxic.
  • Easy to grow. 



2. Marigolds (Calendula Officinalis)


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The Marigold plant is one of the best gnat deterrent plants. It goes further than repel gnats and many other bugs, such as mosquitos. It exterminates them.

It’s a perennial plant that’s rich in pyrethrum. Hence, it’s a compound very vital in the production of numerous chemical pesticides.

What’s great about the Marigold plant is you can plant it as an ornamental plant or as a border to keep gnats off you or your plants.

Marigolds do exceptionally well in rich, fertile soils. They also respond very well to sunlight. In most cases, the plant will reseed itself. Nevertheless, you can pick the seed and transfer it to another location to establish a new plant.


  • Inexpensive to grow.
  • Require little care once planted.
  • It can grow all season if you deadhead them regularly.


  • May instigate certain allergic reactions.


3. Horsemint



Horsemint is a hardy plant able to withstand extreme weather conditions. For example, it can withstand sandy and arid soil, and it can survive salinity. It’s no wonder you’re likely to see the plant in coastal areas or by the beach.

However, despite its hardiness, like the citronella plant, horsemint doesn’t love freezing weather. Therefore, an ideal place to plant it is in the crater so that you can take it in when winter starts.

Horsemint has a strong scent known to repel gnats and mosquitos. It will serve you well in keeping gnats away from your home area.


  • Moderately drought-tolerant.
  • Does well in a wide range of soil types.
  • Comes with health benefits, such as making herbal tea.


  • It does poorly during cold weather.


4. Ageratum


Floss Flower Seeds,ageratum houstonianum,Cloud Nine White-PEL,Early Variety.(400 Seeds)
  • Brand:Ageratum, Country/Region Of Manufacture:United States
  • Model:Ageratum Mexicanum, Patternname: 400 Seeds
  • Mpn:Flossflower


Ageratum, also known as the floss flower, is a perennial plant that can grow to 18 feet. The plant produces blue flowers that come in shades of white, pink, and violet. 

The strong scent of the ageratum plant repels gnats and also exterminates them. It’s also a source of coumarin, a substance used in the manufacture of chemical pesticides.

However, caution is required because when ageratum leaves come in contact with your skin, they may cause some irritation. Therefore, if you intend to crush some of its leaves, which may be necessary to make the scent stronger, avoid touching the leaves with your bare hands.

The ageratum plant doesn’t need exposure to sunlight, so it can blossom and do just fine with partial exposure to the sun.


  • Easy to grow as it can do well indoors with minimal exposure to sunlight.
  • Used in the manufacture of chemical pesticides.


  • Leaves can hurt your skin.


5. Rosemary (Salvia Rosmarinus)


Rosemary Plant - Live Plant in a 4 Inch Pot - Salvia Rosmarinus - Indoor Outdoor Edible Herbs for Kitchen Garden
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  • Rosemary (Salvia rosmarinus) is a fragrant herb that grows as a perennial rounded evergreen shrub. It features slender, needle-like, gray-green leaves...


Rosemary herb is another gnat repellant to keep in your home. The plant does not only eradicate gnats but is an excellent natural means of eradicating bugs and mosquitos.

This plant thrives in warm and dry areas. You can also plant it in a container or pot to allow you to bring it inside when winter sets in.

Interestingly, you can trim the herb into any shape you like to bring out the garden beauty you’ve always admired. But what’s more, Rosemary acts as a double boost, eliminating pests that can damage other plants in your garden.

Rosemary can also be used to spice up food.


  • It does well in warm, dry climates.
  • You can use it as a cooking ingredient.
  • Adds beauty to the garden.


  • It doesn’t do well under freezing conditions.


6. Catnip


Van Ness Fresh-Nip Catnip, 1-Ounce
  • Package Dimensions: 5 L x 7.88 H x 1.5 W (inches)
  • Package Weight : 0.05 pounds
  • Model number: CN1


Catnip is another natural repellent suitable for getting rid of gnats and keeping rabbits and deer away from your garden.

However, Catnip attracts cats, so if you have a cat, you’re better off with other gnat repellent plants. That’s because your cat’s love of this plant will cause it to live in your garden and likely ruin it.

The catnip plant is not hard to grow as it can survive extreme weather.

On windy days, the plant’s effectiveness gets hampered. The wind may direct the odor elsewhere, hence reducing the plant’s efficacy.

In such a situation, grind some of the herb’s leaves and sprinkle them around your garden. Either way, the strong scent of Catnip will eliminate gnats and any other micro pest that has invaded your home and yard.



  • Unsuitable in homes where there are cats.


Take Away


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There you have it. Now you know what plants you can keep in your home or yard to deter gnats. Now you don’t need to helplessly watch as gnats quickly multiply. And, unfortunately, once there’s a plethora of them, controlling them can be a daunting task. With any of the gnat deterrent plants mentioned above, gnats will no longer be a problem. They’re a safe and effective way of getting rid of these annoying pests.

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