Yellow dual-sided sticky fruit fly and gnat traps

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Fungus gnats and fruit flies can be a nuisance as they can contaminate food and harm potted plants, while mosquitoes may pass on bacteria and disease. It’s time to take control, and the good news is that Trappify helps you fight back without the need for harmful chemical sprays or pesticides.

And the good just got better…

Trappify has upgraded its popular flying insect trap with a stronger base so they‘re easier to place into soil, a handy hanging hook to provide more places to combat infestation, and they‘re in bigger packs so you can cover every corner of your home or garden.

These tiny insects can‘t resist the bright yellow traps which are covered in a double-sided super-strong adhesive, so once they stick, they stay stuck!

  • PEST CONTROL: Dual sided sticky cards for mosquito, leafminer, aphid, and other flying pest problems
  • EASY TO USE: Peel off a trap from the stack and place in a houseplant, a home kitchen, or a garden
  • ORGANIC GARDENING: Naturally remove small pests with no harsh pesticides, insecticide, or chemicals
  • HOOKS INCLUDED: Bendable green hook wire to hang the traps from stems, branches, planters, or stakes
  • VALUE PACKAGE: 12 yellow butterfly glue traps for indoors and outdoors to get rid of invading insects

12 pack, 25 pack, 50 pack

2846 reviews for Yellow dual-sided sticky fruit fly and gnat traps

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  1. I used to order your traps regularly on However, my last two orders were really a mess. First, they sent me the 12 count box when I clearly ordered the 50 count. Next, they sent me a bottle of mens shampoo and it was labeled “Trappify.” So, I decided to order direct from Trappify and I’m glad I did. Your shipping was fast and I’m willing to pay for shipping to get my order correct. My wife loves these traps and she has LOTS and LOTS of plants!!!! It’s her hobby and I must admit, I enjoy seeing the beauty of all of her plants.

  2. These sticky traps work very well & are more convenient than others I’ve seen because you don’t have to peel off paper from each trap.
    Also, these folks do a great job of shipping very quickly.
    I appreciate that & can recommend them.

  3. These are the best yellow sticky traps I’ve seen. You don’t have to peel off labels, so they’re ready to use.
    They also come with a convenient spatula to help remove the traps so you don’t have to touch them after the bugs stick to them.
    This is a really good company & they ship very quickly!

  4. Extremely fast ordering/shipping and a great product that works wonderfully for our indoor fungus gnats 10/10.

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