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Yellow dual-sided sticky fruit fly and gnat traps

(1287 customer reviews)



Fungus gnats and fruit flies can be a nuisance as they can contaminate food and harm potted plants, while mosquitoes may pass on bacteria and disease. It’s time to take control, and the good news is that Trappify helps you fight back without the need for harmful chemical sprays or pesticides.

And the good just got better…

Trappify has upgraded its popular flying insect trap with a stronger base so they‘re easier to place into soil, a handy hanging hook to provide more places to combat infestation, and they‘re in bigger packs so you can cover every corner of your home or garden.

These tiny insects can‘t resist the bright yellow traps which are covered in a double-sided super-strong adhesive, so once they stick, they stay stuck!

  • PEST CONTROL: Dual sided sticky cards for mosquito, leafminer, aphid, and other flying pest problems
  • EASY TO USE: Peel off a trap from the stack and place in a houseplant, a home kitchen, or a garden
  • ORGANIC GARDENING: Naturally remove small pests with no harsh pesticides, insecticide, or chemicals
  • HOOKS INCLUDED: Bendable green hook wire to hang the traps from stems, branches, planters, or stakes
  • VALUE PACKAGE: 12 yellow butterfly glue traps for indoors and outdoors to get rid of invading insects

1287 Reviews Yellow dual-sided sticky fruit fly and gnat traps

  1. K1981

    These things work! We had some small gnats taking over our home and these traps have done a great job at catching them. Would definitely recommend and will buy more if the bugs persist! (only wish: that they had other colors but I think they chose yellow to show you what you’ve caught in the glue.)

  2. Sisters Rule!

    Good quality and easy to use. Very effective in quickly eliminating gnats in my indoor plants!

  3. H Ashraf

    They are really good. The string and stand that come with it are quite helpful. I noticed that in some places the gnats would stick really well. But at times they would fall off. Overall good.

  4. E&Msmom

    I tried making homemade ones only to find they didn’t work great. Found these on Amazon, thought I’d give them a try. I wasn’t expecting too much since the ones I made didn’t work. Boy, was I wrong! I have a problem with fungus flies. These traps work great. The bugs have stuck their little bodies all over them. I’ve tried sprays and standing over my plants killing them one at a time. (Yes, I’m THAT frustrated with those bugs). The Trappify Sticky Bug traps works great. They just kill themselves.

  5. DT

    Significantly helped rid us of a fruitful problem. Try to avoid touching the sticky surface, but if you do, a drop of mineral spirits removes it from your hands.

  6. SCNana

    We were inundated with tiny gnats in the house. I hate to use killing sprays around pets and people. We put a little vinegar in a cup under the hanging trap and it caught them by the hundreds. Yuck.

  7. LPN to RN 2017

    Work good. Could have more hangers in package

  8. Kathy J Hawes

    This product is excellent. Just put them in your plants. They collect all of the nats. It’s amazing . no more flying nats driving you crazy. Never again throw away the indoor plants. Love this product.

  9. RDA

    They are sticky and sturdy (sturdier than the competitors I’ve tried) and they come with convenient hooks you could hang up. They are very sticky no flies are going to get off of this trap.The only downside is that I sometimes trap my hands or my plant leaves. Make sure you put them in areas where you don’t loose leaves and prepare to wash your hands with oil then soap then repeat till unsticky.Overall this product works very well we will be repurchasing until the flies are gone.

  10. Amazon Customer

    At first I didn’t think it was working, but the next day it was dead bugs (the no-see-ums) galore. Thank goodness the dead bugs were on the Trapify and not in my kitchen. Works like a dream! I hate those little buggers!!

  11. Pete B

    I have a lot of gnats in my plants for some reason(New issue) and I put these in a few of them and they are FULL after just a few days. It took a day or so for them to start landing on them, but they have worked GREAT! About to take these out and put new ones in to get the rest of them. I barely see any flying around. Would definitely recommend these!

  12. Joshua

    100% does the job and doesn’t look tacky sitting in the pot. Will buy, again.

  13. laura

    It’s a good product, and it works as expected.

  14. J. Allison

    They work as described. I like all the extra tools that come with it.I had lots of soil gnats. This definitely trapped lots of them. However, there were so many, I had to put the plant outside.

  15. laurene mccune

    This item was amazing ! Worked immediately! Would highly recommend. Very easy to put up .

  16. Amazon Customer

    excellent product! Surprised at how many little bugs were in my plants!!

  17. Nicole Tucker

    Disgusting but effective I definitely would recommend

  18. sfiatoa

    Did exactly what I needed them today for my indoor plants!!

  19. rebecca

    Love them have put in my indoor planters and has caught many


    I like this product. It seems like the gnats were drawn to it. I put them in my plants because someone said the gnats could be breeding in my soil. My goodness, there were so many gnats caught on all of them that I put in my plants. No wonder I couldn’t get rid of them. Just but it. It works great!

  21. Nathan

    They would have flies on them before I even set them down on the surface I was taping them too, 10/10 would literally gasp out loud again

  22. Cuchita

    Love this product, looks adorable, very unique and traps the bugs! Very interesting concept!

  23. JC in KC

    These are sticky! Placed 1 at computer and sink. Only been a couple days over the weekend and caught a couple. Base def thick enough to plant, but I don’t have any plants.

  24. Andrew & Dean

    Easy to use, just don’t touch them! They’re very sticky and have been able to catch any annoying gnats that have tried messing with my plants.

  25. Melissa

    Since the pandemic, I’ve taken more of a liking to indoor houseplants, however the issue I’m finding is that our house now also has gnats in some of the plants’ soil. I found these on Amazon and decided to order them. The warning about them being sticky if they get on your fingers is no joke. I’ve applied a few of these traps to some of my most burdened plants and each time, I get the sticky residue on my fingers and it takes a while to remove! I wish that the stickiness was covered until ready for use. I find it difficult to get them in place without getting it on my fingers (even with the little thing to dig the soil). Other than that, they work – the traps have caught gnats!

  26. Amazon Customer

    Works amazing!

  27. SuzLV

    This product is awesome! I was bothered by little tiny flying gnats for weeks and was at my wits end. After sticking one of these traps into my plant, I noticed an immediate difference! It is so satisfying to see all those little bugs stuck on the butterfly!

  28. barbara reilly

    In the past I purchased the yellow sticky sheets and while effective they were a total eye sore.These are effective and though covered in gnats, I still think the butterfly shape looks better in my plant pots.They actually have a thicker layer of adhesive than others I have tried which should increase longevity.I highly recommend this product.

  29. Amanda

    Trapped more gnats than I had expected! Works well, but you still need to get something to target the gnats in the soil itself, otherwise it’ll just keep producing more. Also be careful just sticking it in soil, because it can stick onto your plant leaves. Also getting it on your skin is not a fun time (you can wash most of it off, but somehow you still feel a sticky residue).

  30. Leslye Wise

    This is the best deterrent for fungus gnats in my indoor garden.

  31. SouthernBrewReviews

    Fly’s get caught on it, but can wiggle their way off of it…. watched that fly miracle with my own eyes, just to be sure. I still use them indoor/outdoor when needed.

  32. NYC Mama

    I am happy with the effectiveness of this product! I am very satisfied with the immediate shipment of this item. Received all the helpful tools, stated in the description, properly wrapped in the box with instructions on how to use written outside the packaging. I had immediately put several sticky pads, which are thin but sturdy and in the shape of butterflies in my indoor plant pots. The small plastic digging tool was very helpful in the placement of the product. When I checked the butterflies the next morning, there were several gnats and fruit flies firmly stuck to the sticky substance. I am very happy and surprised on how many the product had caught overnight! Thank you Trappify and Amazon!

  33. bathoola

    I was amazed at this product. With a few minutes, I had so many files attached to this.

  34. Andrea Kiser


  35. iC

    This is a good fly trap we have only a few fruitflies coming from the fruit we bought from the store. It’s annoying to have one or two flies. This fly trap only works if you have something sweet to attract them. So after I drink a yogurt smoothie, I added tap water and mixed it, it does attract the flies. I added a pan of water just in case the sweet ant coming in the kitchen. I kept this setting for 3 days just replaying the smoothie juice and still working, today I trapped one more fly. Need to be very careful. Very satisfied with this product.

  36. Amazon Customer

    We have had a huge issue with gnats with our houseplants, and overnight this product help change that! I am glad I found this one here. very easy to use and incredibly helpful

  37. Skipper

    They were easy to use and worked wonderfully.

  38. Meldora A. Phipps

    Used for fruit flies and worked get along with apple cider traps

  39. Seattleite

    The best fungus gnats traps that I have used. Effective and easy to use. I would definitely recommend buying it.

  40. CarolB

    I had a problem with plant gnats. I put a few of the Trappify sticky traps into the plant pots and almost immediately found some stuck. The traps work great. Along with the traps I’m using insecticidal soap. I expect to be bug free very soon. Thanks for a great product!

  41. Shirley

    I was reading some of the reviews how it did not do the job, but I am sure glad I bought them! They killed all those small little small flies! By the time I finished using all of them they were all covered up! I will be buying more for sure!

  42. min.bassett

    Worked like a charm!!!

  43. Janette Howell

    We came home from a week long vacation to a fruit fly infestation!! I tried everything from ACV traps to sprays and nothing was putting a dent in the issue. I ordered these and I couldn’t believe how many were stuck to it after an hour!! And any flies that are hatching in the meantime are going straight to this and sticking! I am so glad I bought these because I don’t know about you, but I come inside to escape bugs of summer and being in my house was becoming stressful!!

  44. Alyssa

    Worked better than I thought! Put them in less than 24 hours ago and they’ve already got many flies stuck to them! Eco friendly and effective!

  45. Luckyfela

    After making and purchasing countless vinegar fruit fly traps with mediocre results, I was amazed at how well these sticky things caught fruit flies and houseflies. After a couple weeks I could hardly see any yellow!

  46. Ana

    It’s very sticky it has many bug stuck on it since I put on my plants works great

  47. Djana

    Great fruit flies catcher!

  48. Dave M

    See the reviewer’s pics of dozens of gnats and other little flying bastards stuck to these things, and that’s exactly what each of mine have looked like within a few days of placing them around my kitchen sink or tucked into some plants or succulents. I’ve used the little liquid filled apple traps with mild success, but these simplistic little yellow sticky butterfly things are the best bug catchers I’ve used. I will be ordering more for sure. They’re cheap and highly effective. Thoroughly exceeded my expectations.

  49. AHJC

    Simple, easy to deploy, and very effective—all you need to know.

  50. Elliottakayla

    This product is amazing!

  51. jeff Gray

    Great product! The way I use it is take a small cup that holds about a cup, I use the small clear plastic solo cups, then put fresh coffee grounds in the cup to about a 1/2 inch from the top. I found gnats love coffee grounds, so it really attracts them. Then stick one of the sticky things in the coffee grounds, standing up of course. ;-)Then just change out the sticky thing when it gets full of gnats.

  52. Kaitlyn

    I have a ton of houseplants and about half are for my tortoise to eat so I can’t use any pesticides but had a huge issue with gnats. Within seconds, literally, seconds there were at least 5 on all six stickies I put out. And knowing they’re a family owned business makes it even better, I will definitely buy again (and again)!!

  53. Michael Lathrop

    I have fungus gnats in some of my house plants, this item paired with mosquito bits got rid of them so quickly. I put these out and 20 minutes later it was covered. They are a little flimsy but are pretty effective. I would purchase these again if I need to. They are also easy to peel off houseplants if you accidentally get it stuck to one as I did.

  54. Kelly HUurford

    This is really a great product. Usually there are a lot of bugs in the kitchen, just like flies. Every time you go into the kitchen to cook, there will be four or five flying around and falling on the food, which is very annoying. When I put this product in the house for a while, there are really fewer bugs in the room and it works very well.

  55. Mark S.

    Great little trap. Tired of all the little gnats flying around from house plants. I put in bottom corner of front window and trap is loaded with little gnats stuck on it!

  56. Kyle

    I bought these last year on a whim when I had a very bad fruit fly/gnat infestation in my home. They helped take care of the problem so much and after a few days I had to replace the several traps around my house. I find they work best sticking out of a jar filled with water, dish soap, and apple cider vinegar to lure in bugs.Be careful though, they’re extremely sticky and the residue it leaves on hands is very hard to remove.

  57. Mary Beth Harris

    I had an infestation of fruit flies that I couldn’t get rid of——-until I tried Trappify. The fruit flies were gone in a couple of days!

  58. Amazon Customer

    I wasn’t sure about this product at first, but it is working great. It is collecting all the gnats. It helped to show us the source of the problem, a plant. The design is nice and doesn’t stand out or look offensive.

  59. Ame

    Did a great job catching little gnats

  60. Shenyi L.

    I tried to get rid of some fruit flies in my kitchen, stuck this trap on the garbage bucket, and got them on the third day.

  61. Amazon Customer

    Right off the bat, unless being placed in plants for fun gus flies, these traps dont actively attract little pests well. But it works if used with a product that does.I searched around for the perfect gnat/ fruit fly traps but all of them had either no way to draw the bugs in or no way to keep them from getting out. Others allowed for too much space on the top of the traps where bugs could breed and lay eggs. No thanks. So the smart thing would be to combine things that do one of each. Your hands will get a little sticky but just wash them after rubbing oil on them to get the glue off.All I did was buy the Fly Punch [currently at 20.99 for a 3 pack] and these butterfly shaped traps [i used the Trappify 25 pack currently priced at 17.87 at the time of my writing this]. You’ll want to ensure you get the butterfly ones since they have the best range. Just put the non sticky ends of two into the solution and wait. I keep three “stations” in the house and use electronic tea light candles at night for low cost 24 hour use. After half a day [yeah our problem this year is bad] the results speak for themselves. If you find this solution doesnt at least draw the tiny flies, its possible you have a different kind of small pest like fungus flies. The yellow traps can help with that as well.Hope this helps others!

  62. Abby G

    These traps have caught a ton of gnats in my houseplants. I also tried them for fruit flies by putting ACV at the bottom of a cup, and placing the trap in the cup above the liquid. It has caught a good number of fruit flies, but those things are hard to get rid of! I’ve tried many fruit fly traps and this works a little better than the others.

  63. PSE

    This product has worked well to trap gnats that I could not kill. Recommend.

  64. ashley

    Worked great attracted and trapped all unwanted fruit flies in the kitchen

  65. AJ

    Somehow this butterfly shape gets the job done.Just be patient and leave them where the small flys are gathering.3-4 days later, we got rid of them.Leave them with some flys, kinda disgusting, but they tend to come join more.

  66. Dina

    I never thought I’d have a fruit fly problem but when I did it was a nightmare. I could not sleep trying to kill all of them afraid that they would mate and my problem would get 10x worse. Then I found these and bought them immediately. Put them in a bowl with apple cider vinegar and they started to stick thank gd. I also got a fly zapper which I turn on at night and the green gobbler fruit fly killer that I pour down the drain at night to kill their eggs. I can honestly say in a matter of two days doing this my house is now fruit fly free I can barely see one flying around but I’m less stressed about sure that one of these traps would catch it. If you have a fruit fly problem I definitely recommend. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because the package came opened.

  67. Michelle P

    It worked right away in all my plants. The money tree is pretty infected not sure if I can get them all but within minutes the little gnats where stuck and kept coming. Great product.

  68. Randall

    Started catching nats immediately . Be careful taking them out of the pack because you’ll trap yourself .

  69. Cheryl

    This one works and caught the pesky fruit flies that snuck into my kitchen. The bugs just crawled over another trap and never entered where liquid was stored. Highly recommend and package has a generous supply ….enough to share with family.

  70. Amazon Customer

    WORKS! Had been using a very mixture alone and worded pretty well but problem continued. When I added Trapify within 3 days only a few gnats remained. Very easy and safe to use. Thank you!

  71. Amazon Customer

    Love these things! They really solved my gnat problem I had. Now I have them as prevention. Plus is it satisfies me when those pesky gnats get stuck on the traps. ?? Love the plastic cover seems like they upgraded from the old plastic paper wrap to an actual lockable plastic container makes it easier to stay mess free.

  72. Joshalyn Twyman

    The product arrived really fast. The seller provided useful tips which I didn’t need. I highly recommend purchasing from this seller if you want a product that arrives fast and most of all it works. This is my second yellow sticky that I have used for this orchid. The first was full of gnats. For some reason they love this orchid. I am going to have to purchase more. I have a large collection of orchids.

  73. Marie Connole

    These sticky traps are great! I have fungus gnats in two of my houseplants and these traps have stopped the adults in their tracks. I was worried about these being bright yellow and being an eye sore, but the butterfly shape makes people think it’s just a cute decoration. Very pleased with this product!

  74. cheryl t.

    These worked amazing. I throughly enjoyed watching all these stupid little Bugs die. I thought I had just a few in my house and was MORTIFIED to see this many after only one day. I would buy this product over and over and over again. Don’t even bother wasting your time trying to make your own bug traps. These are the bomb bomb

  75. marta swierzbinska

    If you’ve been fighting the usual swarm of summer gnats like I have been, you NEED these. I put them in my plants and randomly around my house, and have noticed a significant decrease in these annoying little bugs flying around. Trapify is perfect for catching them!

  76. Little Bit

    Totally works! No more annoying fruit flies!

  77. C. Ordonez

    Works great!

  78. Candice M Pauley

    I’m using these as one of the ways I’m attempting to get the fungus gnat issue in my indoor plants under control. So far they’ve been great at trapping the adult gnats. I’ve seen a noticable downturn in their numbers throughout the day, and lots of them stuck to these cute little traps. The box has a bunch, so I’m not worried about running out anytime soon. The directions and some tips for use were clear.For anyone curious: the steps I’m taking – these traps and beneficial nematodes. Next steps will be switching plants to either leca or to pots that can bottom water, and putting a layer of sand on top of all of them. You can apparently get black.

  79. EWhitlock

    This product did just what it intended. Caught the gnats. I would say they have been reduced by 95%. I have some on plants that are too small for the size of this product but just placed them near the bigger plants. I use disposable gloves to place and remove, it’s VERY sticky. I will buy again. Thanks.

  80. Ally

    Gnats were TERRIBLE as you can see in my photos. These traps work great. 2nd time purchasing from this brand. I bought a smaller pack the first time and opted for the bigger pack the 2nd time around. I love them for my house plants. I fold the bottom stem of the trap and stick the trap directly into my flower pot. I change them about once a week or sooner if necessary. I recently changed my potting soil and I find that I have significantly less gnats than pictured now so I don’t have to change the traps as often, so that’s a plus!

  81. penny

    My traps are covered in fungus gnats. Gross to behold, but a testament to the effectiveness of this product. I do not have to repot my bonsai now. Also, as a tip, I bought Mosquito Bits. You add this granular stuff to the soil and water it in. This kills the larvae so I am battling on two fronts.Whenever I bring a new plant in the house, I will be sure to have these traps on hand. This will help me ‘diagnose’ and prevent a gnat infestation next time. Buy these traps!

  82. Teal C. Perez

    This product really helped with pesky gnats!

  83. LINDA N

    Great for catching fruit flys. Good product! Very satisfied.

  84. Shannon Subryan

    Works effectively

  85. Amazon Customer

    Seemingly out of nowhere our house was hit by flying gnats. This great product wiped them out in no time. Very simple to use and to dispose of.

  86. Flytyer-1 (GSSjr.)

    Great product. Exceeds my expectations.

  87. Leora Oliver

    I love this trap… I am a plant lover but don’t nets that come a long for the ride. These really working and easy on the eyes… ??

  88. Amazon Customer

    Great. Works well

  89. DoingMyBest77

    I put ONE of the traps out and it worked that day. I put it over by my door. I could not believe how quickly it worked. I’ve had it up since and its still working. Im pretty sure I won’t have to many more problems with the gnats and if I do I will be using this product. I love helping small businesses too. This is a win win situation. I will definitely keep them close! Thank you TRAPPIFY. You guys are awesome!

  90. Theresa Laryea

    It really did the job. But my pack got finished so quickly. Wish there were more in the pack.

  91. Piwacket

    The worst thing about warm weather are the gnats/kitchen fruit drain flies. So gross. Hanging these around help keep the population down. It is surprising how many of the little buggers these sticky things catch. They do work.

  92. MK

    Work as described.I put it in my garbage bag because it’s where fruit flies mostly congregate and they keep get stuck to this verySticky traps.

  93. Nicholas Singh

    Worked like a charm after 2 days.

  94. Hayley

    I just moved from San Francisco (no bugs) to San Diego where these little fruitful gnats were driving me crazy. I didn’t believe these would work. The one I put outside near my balcony door (in a fake plant) worked right away but the one I had indoors in a real plant wasn’t working for a couple of weeks. But I moved it next to my sink and now it works like a charm. There’s now 15 bugs stuck there. It doesn’t smell at all and even though it’s a little gross it’s not as gross as fruitflies flying around on my food and drowning in my drinks. They really work.

  95. Jessy

    I placed the product in several places around the house to catch flies and fruit flies. So far it’s worked and it’s very easy to use.

  96. Tisha

    These stickies are great!The instructions were very clear as well, we were having a bit of a fruit fly problem but their numbers have dwindled to maybe 1 or 2 within 3 days. Even other little bugs have made it onto the sticky traps.

  97. Amazon Customer

    We have an occasional gnat problem and this product is one of the best things we have found. This was our second order. Easy to use and a great product.

  98. Trystan A. Knight

    I love every aspect of the product. I bought the 50 pack and they come in two resealable containers so you peal one off and close it back up to keep the rest sticky. It is easy to use, it looks good doing it and most of all, IT WORKS! It was delivered fast.

  99. SGT Airborne

    It came neatly packaged with the right tools to avoid getting your fingers sticky. I use it to catch fungus gnats, and it gets the job done. I recommend this product and am glad I chose Trappify.

  100. Kara

    Did the trick for a small gnat problem with indoor house plants.

  101. Teacher Suzanne

    These are *VERY HELPFUL* in solving the problem of gnats and fruit flies in my kitchen.?? They catch an unbelievable amount of these critters! They caught “half a butterfly” before I’d even got all of them up. I would recommend using masking tape to adhere them to a surface. Make sure that both sides are exposed as both are sticky. The bugs seem to like landing on the top more, but I recommend you flip them over and re-tape for maximum usage. I am very glad I got the larger package because I’ve needed them in several places, and so far have changed them once a day. (As others have noted, they will not hold larger bugs like flys—darn!)

  102. J. Jordan

    I have been having trouble with fruit flies for awhile now and no remedy was working until i purchased these. It’s kind of disgusting seeing all the dead flies on the butterfly, but it’s doing what i want it to do!!

  103. SammiDoodle

    Nice and sticky! Seems to work well, like the fact that it’s chemical free. Good product, will buy again

  104. Heather

    Shipped in a timely manner. Packaging and instructions were great. I put the product in several indoor potted plants and a few hours later when I went back to check some already had a few annoying gnats one them. Will definitely be buying again!!!

  105. ChiNic

    While growing plants indoor I was starting to see flying insects due to the soil. These super cute, super sticky butterflies took care of the problem. I would recommend. Only to butterfly part is sticky and the stake isn’t so you can stick in the dirt. They also come with wire hooks with the wires for hanging.

  106. Ms Rabbit.

    I have used these in my plants for a month and they are working like a charm. I have trapped quite a few gnats from my plants. The gnats seem to like me as well, so I hang one in my office. Does not get all of them, but it helps.

  107. Austin

    Product works like it should. Within a few days all the gnats around my plants were gone! Comes with green hooks, which make it easy to hook onto windows or hang from the plants. Great product, nothing bad to say!

  108. Amazon Customer

    Great seller to deal with fast shipping and awesome communication.

  109. Stephanie Klein

    Really like this approach 2 sizing down bugs!

  110. Padraic Newport

    We got hit hard last year with some fruit flies, and I bought a couple packs of these. I would take a drinking glass and pour a little bit of apple cider vinegar in the bottom, and then put one of these in the glass. By the morning, there’d easily be 30 or so flies caught. I also used some drain cleaner in an attempt to get them out of there. They were very annoying but eventually got rid of the problem. I would recommend these to anyone looking to trap fruit flies.

  111. Leeann ford

    Great product for a decent price. Already caught a ton of flies that decided to house up in my plants.

  112. B.L.

    I’ve been battling fungus gnats in my houseplants and needed to combat them head on. Among other things I bought these and they work awesome! I’m finally able to get ahead of my gnat problem and highly recommend these. They are also super easy to install and you have a less chance of getting the sticky stuff on your hands.

  113. Sadiqa White

    Not sure why gnats like this sticky stuff but I love it. Great product.

  114. Kindle Customer

    They are actually cool. Fly traps that are cute! So much better than ugly strips!

  115. Amazon Customer

    We did as the instructions said and placed it in a small cup of apple cider vinegar and within 24 hours there was almost 20 of the fruit flies gnats stuck on them! Definitely worth it! We got the 12 to see if it really worked and they sure did!

  116. Dennis

    Bugs started piling up on it. GREAT PRODUCT HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!

  117. cynnethia

    Catch some of the gnats

  118. Khem T.

    Very satisfied. My uploaded pictures might describe a lot.

  119. Deanna

    I was skeptical until they were completely filled! Ordering more! Suggest wearing gloves when setting and disposing the traps. It’s kind of gross how many gnats I have in my house plants! These work really well.

  120. Charles Rankin

    Really good products at a good price and fast shipping! Just as advertised easy to use and no mess!

  121. PostiveMe

    Thank you for a simple solution!

  122. Connie Hawk

    Easy and simple to use instructions. Good things come in small packages!! My orchids always seem to be bothered by these harmless little pests. Ordered these after a TicTok review. They were delivered today at 6:16pm. Installed by 6:17pm. Took the photo at 7pm!! LOVE THESE!!!

  123. Jaylen

    Great and easy to use!! works well and there’s a lot in the package that will last a while

  124. Christina Camara

    Had a bit of an issue with gnats and fruit flies,put them out and immediately saw them sticking to the traps. Fantastic product! Highly recommend these!

  125. DanneeG

    I have several indoor plants that are infested with these teeny tiny flies, and these sticky things are working really great to catch them! Watch your fingers – this stuff is gooey!

  126. monika cabrera

    They are super super sticky but washes off hands easily. Kind of gross how many bugs it can catch but that’s the point! So it’s great !

  127. bozbozboz

    Easy to use and we already see the plants being saved from the bad bugs. Will buy again for sure.

  128. smh

    These work really well, just left them there over night and caught them. I try not to use harsh chemicals and try to go the chemical free route but I might have to. Beware of the plants you get from Stores. They have gnats and other diseases. I didn’t quarantine that one plant and now I have a gnat problem. Got some Neem oil spray and it has kept them at bay!

  129. Ally

    I’m so glad I bought these. They came super fast and I’m so grateful. They’re super easy to handle and pretty versatile. I set out 3 and was able to easily pinpoint where the problem was (my sink’s garbage disposal). I haven’t had any problems since I set them out. Cute design too. The adhesive feels like a sticky goop on it, so I was kind of skeptical at first, but it worked nicely. I think it would be easy enough to wipe these off and reapply some more goop, or just buy more since they’re pretty reasonably priced.

  130. ineedbooks

    If you gain satisfaction from watching little fungus gnats get caught and wriggle to their demise, this is the perfect gift for you and your plant.Just don’t get it on your fingers or you’ll turn into a gnat trap too.

  131. Geege

    In the past I used your product. Now these pesky creatures have returned. I grow both herb and perennial plants. This product will not cause harm to my plants or me. It is easy to use and will correct my problem. Thank you for being at my rescue.

  132. Spencer Schmitz

    Works great, after 2 days got most of the small gnats out of my greenhouse and even caught a bunch of the larger ones too

  133. Cindy

    I added the product to my indoor plants and was amazed at the amount of gnats that was caught on it after the first day. Then I had to take one to my daughters and add them to hers as well, same great results.

  134. Mbwood

    These are GREAT! Starting catching fungus gnats immediately!

  135. Michele Torma

    These traps are the best thing for catching those pesty bugs. They do really work and catch those fruit flies. They trapped those fungus flies that were around my orchids. I tried other remedies and this worked the best.

  136. JennyinDC

    I brought home a new houseplant that has just given me THE MOST trouble with gnats. Between neem oils, replacing the soil, and daily sprays of soapy water these little traps have caught quite a number of the gnats still hanging around.

  137. Amazon Customer

    I used the trappify in my kitchen . It was very effective withCatching the gnats and fruit flies. Good price and product

  138. Happy Mom

    These work great.

  139. Nan Marie Neale

    This is simple, non toxic, and it works! I’m very happy!

  140. Doria

    Work great. Would buy again!

  141. Kindle Customer

    These work amazing! They caught tons of knats in minutes after using them….. now if only my stupid dog would stop taking them outta the plants

  142. Vee

    I have 2 hanging up in my kitchen to catch the fruit flies…One is hanging on the cabinet by the stove and coffee pot and other is hanging on the cabinet door near the fruit baskets. I’ve attached a pic of one of my stickies!! My husband and I love them!!Just watch out…make sure YOU don’t touch the sticky part because its pretty thick and you’ll need to scrub your hand with soap to remove.

  143. Sarah A. Flintroy

    I liked that this fly trap actually worked! I saw a few gnats on the trap the next day…

  144. Tamara M. Rashid

    I was skeptical about this product at first but willing to try just about anything once. It really works very well! Follow instructions and wait a couple of days, then you’ll see it filling up with the unwanted flying creatures. We use in the kitchen, bathrooms, near plants. Will order more to have on hand.

  145. Virginia L. Corpus

    Product is sticky and gets the little gnats. I find these are easier to work with than the strips because it can easily slide into the dirt where my plants are. These can also be hung up or watch the video and see how you can place on the counter. Nice product and very attractive.

  146. Thomas Blemings

    The loop fungus gnats under control. The only problem is my cats are obsessed with pulling them out

  147. Arielstanley

    Works like a charm to catch any little bugs around my indoor and outdoor potted plants!

  148. Sapph

    This little thing is sticky and fairly effective. If you have a fruit fly or gnat problem, it can get pretty gross pretty quick. Honestly it did not really eliminate the problem, but it did reduce it by a great deal. We were dealing with fungus gnats from some house plants. Until I ended up taking the plants outside nothing helped. I tried this, bowls with cider vinegar with sugar and soap, I tried watering with hydrogen peroxide solution, but they kept coming back.

  149. mwilliams

    A few days ago I suddenly started being “bugged” by tiny little flies inside the house. I went to Amazon’s site to see if there were any fly traps available. These were delivered in record speed. I put one in my catnip plant & caught about 40 of them in the first hour on both sides! Not sure if they are gnats or fruit flies but they really stick. I see relief ahead!

  150. Victoria

    I decided to purchase this item since I’ve been having a huge gnat problem. I have used wall traps before, but wanted to try and see if traps in my plants would be more beneficial since they are the source of them. Trapify works like magic! Super sticky and attracts bugs like crazy. The picture above is about 24 hours after putting it in the pot! I will definitely be purchasing this again and would 100% recommend to all plant owners!

  151. DBeagley

    I had an outbreak of fungus gnats from recent plants I repotted and it was so annoying and gross to have these little guys everywhere. I like that there are different options on how to place these around, with wire or right in the plant. Coincidentally, the one trap I bated with vinegar worked the least, so I just let the vinegar evaporate and then put that trap in another area. They are really sticky, so try to avoid touching that area. I was also happy to support a small, veteran run company and would buy from them again.

  152. Stacy

    I was dealing with gnats. It was irritating. I really like that once the gnats land they can’t leave the butterfly. It’s only been a few days but the results are amazing.

  153. Jen

    They work great! The first night I caught so many. I didn’t even know that many were in the plant!

  154. M Daniels

    This is the second time I’ve ordered Trappify, they work that well. Highly recommend them–safe, no odor, effective.

  155. Susan Moffat

    This product works like a charm! Both sides of this one sticky butterfly were covered like this in less than 48 hours. Definitely recommend!

  156. Pamela R Young

    Great product!! It really catches a lot of fruit flys. I don’t think I could have gotten rid of the flys with out this sticky trap.

  157. Amazon Customer

    These starting working instantly for me, absolutely love them. I use systemic granules insect control, but they don’t seem to work well enough. While I’m trying to find a better preventative product these are great to kill off all the bugs I currently have.

  158. Colleen C.

    These work great! I’m using them to help control fungus gnats in my tortoise enclosures, and they have definitely helped. Happy that they are non toxic.

  159. Sina

    Very nice product! Helpful seller provided instructions to use it! Friendly look indoor, and effective

  160. Billy and Bre

    Wonderful!! I had tried other techniques to get rid of some small flies/gnats in my lemon seedlings and nothing was working. They were spreading to my other plants. Within 30 seconds of placing one of the sticky traps I had caught a fly!! These work wonderfully ?? Will definitely buy again in the future if I ever need them again! The picture is the next day, less than 24hrs after putting it in. Works so fast!!

  161. Ann M Parchman

    Great product. Even when you thought flies were gone, I hung up fresh ones and low and behold, it snagged even more. I will never live without at least one of these hanging in my kitchen ever again.

  162. Katherine Harding

    They came quickly. Just started using one yesterday and it appears to be working. Only one caveat (but a complaint); they are really sticky to take extra care when handling them. I got a little goo on one finger and it took more that the standard 20 second pandemic handwashing to get it off. Wish I’d had some Goo Gone in the house!

  163. Robert E. Huie

    They now have lots of bugs on them.

  164. Amy F.

    Does what its supposed to

  165. MizzKimm

    Cute design and pretty color so it looks like a decoration. I just switch it out when it gets full of visitors.

  166. PDaughtrey

    Ken represented Trappify’s product Sticky Fruit Fly and Gnat Trap Yellow Sticky Bug Traps for Indoor/Outdoor very well! He followed up after I received my outstanding product. Offered any assistance and guaranteed my satisfaction.This is the way all businesses should conduct business in a global economy!All my thanks,-Pat D.

  167. C

    Product works better than most gnat traps. Only thing I would have preferred is a less obvious color. It’s great that it catches insects, but it is bright yellow butterfly – not exactly discrete in smaller pots.

  168. Kristi Ramirez

    So pleased with these. They took a couple days to get them all but with the combination of killing the larvae with another product, these traps caught all the adults that were already hatched! My house is finally gnat free!

  169. Seth Smith

    Easy to use product, comes with a tool to loosen soil so you don’t have to with your fingers. Also like the pack they come in is resealable.

  170. nicole

    Had one in for less than an hour. Simple yet effective. Amazing product.

  171. Bookdweller

    Very easy to use. Actually hung mine from plant hooks in the ceiling. And they helped tremendously with the knats that came out on nowhere and invaded my house. Recommended them to coworker.

  172. sushigoose

    I bought these to fight a gnat problem in our house. We had been trying for a couple of weeks with bowls of cider vinegar and had caught a few but after 24 hours these traps trapped so many. I’ve posted a picture of just one of the three traps that were plastered with gnat carcasses. The only downside is figuring out how to hang them in the house. Some creativity is required.

  173. Dani Lopez

    It has been very useful

  174. Minerva Cuellar

    These sticky tapes work fast! I saw a big difference in one day. I would Definitely recommend this product to anyone. Amazing product!

  175. Teri Fedeler

    These work great. There is no smell. They come in a nice closable package so there is no mess. I had a bad gnat infestation and these took care of them.

  176. Christopher

    We had a real gnat problem in our house and a jar with apple cider vinegar and a little bit of dish liquid with this handy thing ontop of it was an instant success!

  177. Diane P.

    Many insects stick to the glue. Been using these for fruit flies and gnats indoors I place one in a small glass with apple cider vinegar which attracts the insects. Only issue is the glue is so very sticky it’s a bit difficult to separate one piece from the others. Hard to get the glue off your skin or surfaces it has touched. Happy I bought these and do recommend purchasing them

  178. Amazon Customer

    Easily the best fly/gnat trap I’ve bought. The design is great and it’s much larger than other sticky yellow traps I’ve purchased before. The product itself comes with everything you need to set it up different ways, whether you need to hang it or simply stick in your plants. Immediately saw results both inside my house and out in our patio.

  179. Doris M

    Easy to use product.

  180. Jenny Sch

    It works great!!! Very happy with results

  181. Tmdc27

    These sticky traps are getting the job done!I saw in the comments there’s a simple home solution (6 drops of soap, 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, 1/2 cup of water and 3 tablespoons of sugar) and tried it in parallel with the sticky traps. Both work great, but I think the sticky traps really get into the plant so anything I missed, the traps seem to be getting them. My package arrived an hour ago and this picture is showing bugs already trapped within an hour (the bowls were set overnight, so you can clearly see it didn’t get them all, but the traps are getting the remainders!)I’ve been working from home and love my indoor plants since they bring so much joy, but I look like a maniac during video work calls swatting these pesky gnats.Will be ordering more so I can have them in hand for desperate times!

  182. Anthony Fritz

    These work great and look nice. Wife wanted something better than fly strips and spray. These look better and perform very well. Will buy again.

  183. Martin

    Received very quickly, traps work as they should. I will buy again.

  184. Logan Misuraca

    I GIVE THIS PRODUCT A 10/10!!! I usually never write reviews, but with this product, I had to tell everyone how effective it is! I placed them in cute but minor noticeable places, and my sugar fly problem was literally fixed in the matter of 8-9 Hours! I still keep them out after 2 weeks of them in use, and the adhesive is still as strong as when the package was first opened. Over 200 tiny flies caught and stuck due to trappify! Now I can walk around my home with unoccupied air space and not worry about little gnats ever again! My cats are extremely happy and I have caught them playing with these products a few times, but it is 100% safe and hasn’t gotten them ill! They still get the adhesive on them but that their own fault haha! HIGHLY RECOMMEND ??

  185. Farah Mosbah

    It’s actually catching all the pesky fungus gnats ??????I love them. And they’re beautiful??

  186. Tina T

    This product works well. I used tape while I waited for my order. I caught one gnat using my tape method. Once I got this product I got ALL the gnants in a matter of a few hours! I highly recommend this product.

  187. Maria P Aquino

    This really got the small insects flying around especially the gnats & fruit flies

  188. Lynn

    Worked great for my gnats. Works so well I will have to buy more before my infestation is handled.

  189. Ky

    Didn’t know how bad the problem was until I put these in our windowsill potted plants! Worked like a charm, even got a huge housefly one time. I recommend following the instructions, the little tool they give you is very helpful to prevent sticky fingers.

  190. Samantha Peterson

    I LOVE these. I put them up and in 24 hours it caught so many stupid little gnats. Long term, they have really decreased the amount of gnats I’ve had. Only complaint is that if you get the sticky on your hand, you need the goo be gone stuff it get it off. It’s kind of the point so not really a complaint, more of a warning haha. Wonderful product!

  191. Baby Dallas

    Needs more accessories to go with pads.

  192. Kindle Customer

    They are cute & work great!!

  193. Amanda

    This is my first time writing a review. I bought these for my house plants because I notice gnats, which made me freak out a bit. I found these from a girl recommending them in a YouTube video. The butterflies look the exact same as the pictures, super sticky and truly works after a day the butterfly was covered. Soo now I’m recommending them to whoever is reading this review.!

  194. Mark S.

    We used this for some plants that were in desperate need of support and it was AMAZING! Worked perfectly, completely hassle free! 10/10 would recommend

  195. Amazon Customer

    This product is one that I make sure to have on hand every summer. I works like a charm.

  196. Kameron M.

    Quickly resolved an infestation on our house plants.

  197. danielle

    I was gonna throw away all my plants because of annoying fungus gnats. These saved my babies.

  198. Shiloh D.

    We love trappify!!! Unfortunately our new covid inside garden had a bit of a gnat problem. We found Trappify and figured we would give it a shot. They worked instantly! They are really easy to use and the butterfly design is aesthetically nice. We have reordered multiple times and will continue to use Trappify.

  199. Joshua Manikowski

    Works like a charm. Sticky little suckers.

  200. RDA

    These are the highest quality fly/gnat trap I’ve found. They’re very sticky and easy to hang or put into plant soil. It caught most of our flies in a few weeks. There is no paper covering them like other products which is nice because many of those had bad ones where the paper didn’t peel all the way off easily. Being able to easily hang the traps was also very nice. The traps are very sticky. The only annoying thing is that I”m clumsy and got my hands super sticky (but washing your hands in oil easily fixes this). We’ve already repurchased them to make sure we have them on hand in case of another outbreak of flies.

  201. outdrsis4me

    Works great on gnats and fruit flies! Easy to use

  202. Carolyn deal

    Absolutely love these things. I had mine out for maybe 15 minutes and it had 8 nats on it. After 1 day I had to change it. I didn’t realize how many were in my house. Will never use anything else. Highly highly recommend

  203. Marcy Stone

    I had a fungus gnat problem and these helped greatly! I used these sticky traps, and combined them with some Mosquito Bits and the problem was solved in a few days.

  204. Jenn

    This is a great product. Works really well and I’m happy with my purchase.

  205. Rebecca Dudley

    Worked overnight. Tried a lot of organic tricks, this one actually worked.

  206. Michelle

    I love this product I had fungus gnats in some of my plants and these and a couple other products have completely gotten rid of them. And the dont look bad sitting in my pots

  207. Megan Perez

    Loved everything about it! Super easy to place. Love the small extra tool it comes with. Immediately starts working. I feel evilly happy when gnats get trapped on my butterflies! ?? an easy non toxic solution to my most hated insect!

  208. Scarlet

    Excellent seller, keeps in contact with customers. Would definitely do business with them in the future!!

  209. Kristin

    I don’t usually write reviews, however this product works great! Highly recommended.

  210. Amazon Customer

    These work just as they are supposed to. Super sticky.

  211. Mimi

    How ingenious! These butterfly shaped sticky traps work perfectly and discreetly in my houseplant pots. Insert one into the soil of the pot or hang one up on a plant stem. The soil gnats become trapped on the sticky goo coated on the butterfly. I am an experienced houseplant grower and I wish I knew about these a long time ago! Thank you Trappify! I will be buying more!

  212. Npr. Florida

    Kept our place free of gnats

  213. anthony ruiz

    Good product gets the job done and is easy to apply.

  214. Amazon Customer

    Great product, had a fruit fly problem that was pretty bad for my indoor plants. Within a day there was a bunch of them on it. This product help so much for a very reasonable price! If you have a fruit fly problem buy these.

  215. Lexi Martin

    It does a good job at catching the gnats but didn’t really effect the number of fungal mats on my plants

  216. Maureen M

    What a great product! It started working as soon as we put it in the potted plant. I will definitely repurchase if I need more!!

  217. Karla N.

    I had a number of some kind of small flies (not sure but don’t think they were fruit flies). In any case, i stuck these little fly catchers around my house and they caught a lot of little flies. I have left them up to catch any residual flies as i have a couple still lingering. But overall, great product. I just wish i could find the source of these annoying flies!

  218. D. Hunt

    Saved my garden!

  219. elektrolad

    Certain times of the years we get a lot of fruit flies. This year have a lot more due to fruit flies inhabiting some potted plants.Don’t touch the glue cause it’s difficult to remove. It’s like that on purpose.The first one I used yielded results within the hour. It was still early in the fruit fly season so it took a while to fill the trap.One even managed to catch a regular fly.I tried the hanging version, but it didn’t catch as many. When stuck directly into soil works better for me.So yeah, these are great! I would buy more.

  220. Guadalupe

    I have several small houseplants, that unfortunately attracted several gnats, so I needed quick solution, although the instructions mentioned that it might take several days for the traps to work, they were wrong, it took almost overnight! This is an amazing product, I only needed to use three for the pesky gnats! It was really easy to set up, although I did get my hands a little sticky, it washed away after using a bit of oil and hand soap. Would really recommend!

  221. Sky O

    I really like the product! Its helping me get rid of the little buggies pestering my poor succulents. Just be careful when handling them, they’re VERY sticky!

  222. M. Sinclair

    I was very pleased at the number of tiny bugs that were trapped on each trappify, especially the traps I placed in my plants. I had to order more!

  223. Kaiti Hayman

    Pretty good!! My only complaint is that I just wish the plastic was a little thicker and sturdier making it easier to insert into the soil, but literally within a minute of putting them in the soil there was already one bug on one of the traps. Hope it continues to do so!

  224. LQ

    Thanks so much…Love them!

  225. Abby Taylor

    These work great for any small bugs or gnats around my inside plants! They’re super easy to use and very useful!

  226. D. Judd

    This is a fantastic product. I have used it in multiple plants only a few days ago and it has almost completely irradiated my fungus gnat problem. I would strongly recommend this product to anybody!

  227. RIOTgamer

    These work great!! I stick them in a can or tape them around a bottle of stuff they like and they are doomed. Unfortunately a Bad drain gave me quite a problem with the little burgers and in no time you can see results. My only complaint would be that they’re too small but they keep working for quite awhile.

  228. Charlie

    Works great.


    It has multiple ways to use and beautiful at the same time. I like that I can hang them or use them in a pot.

  230. Customer 1


  231. Peyton

    Works very well

  232. Amazon Customer

    To be completely honest, including several home remedies we have tried, this is the only product we have used so far that actually works! Started working almost immediately.

  233. XPD154

    I like this product. The only reason it wasn’t rated 5 stars because product didn’t work unless apple cider vinegar was used—suspend in small cup with vinegar at bottom. I will buy again for gnats.

  234. Kristen McFann-Johnson

    I liked how within hours of putting up the trap I already had flies sticking to it. I’ve had fruit flies for months and nothing truly worked until I set out some traps for them to land on. The numbers have significantly decreased over the past week putting these around the house.

  235. ayneesha taylor

    I orderethe traps bc I had a sudden influx of gnats in my apartment. When I received them, I was very happy to see that they were cute and not the usual eyesore that most traps are. I placed them out and by the next day they worked. This is the first night in almost 2 weeks that I have not been frustrated due to gnats in my apartment. I will definitely repurchase and recommend to others.

  236. Eva

    Super sticky! Easy to use. Worked great for the gnats in my houseplants.

  237. B. White

    These pictures were taken within about an hour of setting them out!YUKBut they work??

  238. Amazon Customer

    Worked great for getting rid of fruit flys in my kitchen

  239. Adam H

    Works good. Bugs are attracted to it. Wish it was a little thicker for sticking in plants.

  240. Amazon Customer

    It took me awhile to put the product in use but once I did I love it. It does better hanging then setting in a planter as it just falls down. But it has caught several bugs so far and including nats. Took a bit of time to get the sticky off my fingers But thats was not really a problem for me.

  241. Taylor Bentley

    These are SO STICKY and super easy to use. They have helped me free my house from so many pesky gnats. I will continue using this awesome product and will definitely recommend to friends.

  242. Safeyyah Aly

    these work great!

  243. Tatiana

    After hours and hours of research over the course of several weeks here and there, I figured I would give what I learned a try in hopes of finally getting rid of the fungus gnats on my house plants! I purchased these lovely sticky sticks and mosquito bits. I soaked the mosquito bits overnight outside in a tote of water. I then fed all of my house plants thoroughly by making sure to saturate the soil until water ran through. I then waited about an hour and stuck these stickys in. The next morning I was in AMAZEMENT at how many gnats were on these stickys! The mosquito bit water kills the gnat eggs and the stickys catch the adult ones so they can not reproduce. I read that you may have to repeat the process to be successful but it only took me one time! It has been a few months and have not had any issue with gnats! If I had the issue happen again, I will not hesitate to purchase these from this seller again. Biggest word of advice, let your plant soil dry out before watering again to prevent fungus gnats to begin with, but if you have them, mosquito bits and these sticky sticks is the way to go!

  244. DGatton

    Love these and will double my order next year. Plan to hang with hem on a string of lights next year.

  245. Shopping Addict

    I have a terrible infestation of gnats in the dirt of one of my plants. There are even gnats flying around the house. Welp, I was very excited when this package arrived! I stuck one trap in the dirt, put away the rest, washed my hands, then checked on the plant to find that I already had 2 victims. This one trap continued to catch several dozen more gnats. After the dirt completely dried from the last watering, I poured in a solution of water mixed with Bayer which has killed the gnats in the dirt over time. With a second trap added on the other side of the plant, I have seen one gnat fly through the house. I am very happy with my purchase and will recommend to everyone I know!

  246. Carol Anne Posey

    These simple little trips, so easy to set up, work like magic! I truly didn’t expect such great results. My problem is with gnats that had invaded my kitchen because of strawberries and raspberries left out too long. They were multiplying like rabbits! In desperation I sent off for this product, though I didn’t think any nets were in my two potted plants in the house. Was I ever wrong! It’s amazing the results you get with these little yellow traps. In the kitchen, I simply taped them to a glass turned upside down and I didn’t think any nets were in my two potted plants in the house. Was I ever wrong! It’s amazing the results you get with these little yellow traps. In the kitchen, I simply taped them to a glass turned upside down and Voilá! I was shocked at how great they worked

  247. Freda

    These work great! We are astounded at how many fleas and gnats they catch every night by our light. Thank you so much. Will definitely be reordering! A+++++ product!

  248. michelle graham

    Love love this product!!!

  249. Kikimay

    These little sticky sheet get the job done! Although it took roughly two weeks of using them to get rid of 99% of the gnats, it was good to not have to spray my plants with bug killer. They’re cute butterfly shape was a plus, too.

  250. Alisha Price

    Works as expected

  251. claudia

    I loved it!!! It works really fast!! I’m very glad with my purchased, would buy again!

  252. Sol


  253. TallManShortWoman

    I’m not sure whether to be intrigued or grossed out by how many gnats / fruit flies this caught in 3 days. Wow! Yuck! Awesome product!

  254. betsylouwho

    Much better product than what I ordered last time. I especially like that the proceeds go to Veterans. It gives you a choice of placing the product in the pot or hanging it from a branch. Very useful for catching those little bugs that infest my house plants.

  255. Manga madness

    Purchased a week ago and works extremely well. Easy to use and excellent value!!!

  256. DeeAnne L.

    Simple and efficient packaging. Fascinating to open and utilize. Good instructions readily available in two places making it user friendly. The product is pleasant to the eye, small in size so I don’t mind when my eye catches them around the house. Color is bright enough for bugs to see. Adhesive well done. Was confused at first as they only come with a few wire sticks for hanging verses one wire stick per sticky but I think the idea is to re-use the few you have which is fine. I get it now. Here’s hoping I catch some annoying flying creatures. I have confidence in this product. Would buy again. Really sticky and cute.

  257. Jazz Lover

    The picture is only 1 of 3 traps that I placed in my plant basket. I also want to note that the other side of the trap contains dead insects, as well. I didn’t realize how infested the plant basket was until after I used Trappify. I am extremely pleased with the product and with the additional guidance provided by the vendor. Awesome product!

  258. Emily Michelle

    Do not touch the sticky part. If you do, use oil and soap to get it off. As for catching gnats, they visibly work. I just wish they weren’t so garish.

  259. Cindy S

    These are just perfect for my year round indoor garden rooms. I look forward to getting more!

  260. Kristal

    Second purchase from them and will continue to order every time.

  261. Jorge Urdaneta

    Great simple solution and easy to apply

  262. Deborah S Mabry

    I bought one set and used them and was very impressed. I ordered a second set. I have a lot of plants and gnats have been a problem. These traps definitely attract them.

  263. Lib

    I liked how easy it was to use and set up.I used it for the tiny flies around my indoor plants.Started to work immediately

  264. glenda king

    I love these lil butterflies. I have caught some gnats on my indoor plants already. I don’t have an infestation yet that’s why I purchased. We love our wine. Hehe

  265. Kay Kay

    This product gets the job done but the adhesive is so thick you’re bound to get some on you. Those pesky gnats gone. Hopefully it’ll catch these flies. Inexpensive and it works

  266. Amanda

    My grandmother uses these in her kitchen, next to the sink to get the fruit flies and she recommended them. I purchased a pack for my indoor plants (I have a jungle) and it significantly decreased the soul gnat problems I was having. Highly recommended for any indoor plant parent!

  267. sharon cinnamon

    These are Awesome. I repotted my plants and for the first time I got fungas knats..really..yep. I tried many different methods to get rid of them including repotting my plants and cleaning the roots and using new soil from another company..got them again. Nothing worked. So I saw an ad on fb for these sticky yellow butterflies that kill the knats as they come up from your soil..sure enough it works like magic. These are fantastic!

  268. Jamie Savage

    Excellent product! Works exactly as it’s intended and is easily customizable to fit wherever you need it to. I have several hanging around my indoor plants as well as suck in the soil.Also, they’re cute AF.

  269. Mar

    I like that it does not look offensive. It is easy to set up , and has several ways to be used. The results are rapid and effective. The directions are clear and thorough.

  270. Kimberly Henry

    Worked great! Trapping all my fruit flys and a lot sooner than I thought they would. Five stars would definitely buy again if needed

  271. Ella Hobgood

    Literally in love with this product!! My house plants attract little bugs and I found this product and I’ve been using them! They work amazingly, will definitely order again and recommend to anyone who is trying to get rid of nasty little bugs

  272. Eva Vallejo

    I love this product because I wanted to find a way to catch the little bugs my basil plant has and one day later after placing the little trap, I found the bugs stuck on it. I am new to taking care of plants and did not want to hurt them with chemicals and this seems to be a great solution.

  273. Dan

    I’ve been trying to fight fungal knats with EOs for a while now and it just wasn’t working. I actually saw someone use them on the app TikToc and decided to give them a try! They have worked amazingly well! I have an insane knat problem so it will be a while before they’re eliminated but the traps are working as they should! I also love how the company is family owned and are veterans!

  274. Skye

    Great product. I put it in a cup of apple cider vinegar/ dishwashing soap lure and it worked like a charm. Just wish it came with more twisty ties. I just ordered my 2nd package.

  275. Laguirre

    Easy to use, work great!

  276. lbcagle

    I had bought some potting soil that had gnats. In a matter of days they were everywhere. I purchased these and was shocked at how many were caught overnight. They are now on my subscribe and save!

  277. Cugini

    The butterfly part is very sticky. Any fruit fly that touched it is stuck no matter what it does. I doesn’t emit odor, pesticides, or any other potentially unhealthy substances. Although cheaper than others, this strap still offered not only cute design but efficiency in controlling fruit flies. I bought it to catch fruit flies (it did an excellent job), but it also captured other similar flying insects and mosquitoes. It also came with a hook that helped me to avoid touching the butterfly and is also very handy in hanging the straps. I am satisfied with the product.

  278. Angel S

    These little stickies are amazing for trapping those pesky little fly things that are always around my plants. I’ve had these stickies for not even a week now and they have already caught so many of the little flys. I am soooo super satisfied with this product and will most likely purchase them again!

  279. Robin

    The attention to detail given in the instructions was so helpful. We were able to place the “traps” without fuss and began clearing the air of pesky gnats immediately!

  280. krista

    Easy to use, effective for gnats that like damp potting soil. Need something else if you are trying to kill them before hatching.

  281. Amazon Customer

    They work great!

  282. Adrienne young

    I love this product. We have always had a huge problem with fruit flys every year due to the large number of indoor plants we have and i can tell you the number of flys i see has dropped drastically. I wven bought some for work and it has worked wonders.

  283. B

    I loooove buying house plants but I’m not a fan of the annoying gnats that come home hidden in the plants. I found these and thought to give it a try, so I bought the 12 pack. These are awesome, you just pop them in the pot with whatever plant you’ve noticed lots of little bugs around and you’re done. I’ve noticed significantly less gnats around and the little yellow butterflies are slowly gaining gnat-speckles. I have them all over my house now. I came back to re-buy the big pack and thought I’d leave a review. Definitely recommend!

  284. Amazon Customer

    I have been dealing with fruit flies/small flies for months last summer. I tried everything in the book. I came across these on amazon read the reviews and wanted to give it a try. These workkkkkk just like it said it would. I haven’t seen one fly since ??

  285. HelloMiss

    These do the trick! A little too pricey, but worth it. They are VERY sticky and a little difficult to get off the sticky stuff off skin, but this is what makes them effective.

  286. BarbB

    Very sticky! Like that they can be hung in the plant.

  287. marie

    This product was shipped out fast and works great! I had small gnats that were bothersome and these took care of them right away! Very happy with the quality and timely matter the product was delivered. Will be ordering again to send some to family

  288. IanM

    These things work like a champ. We had a huge issue with gnats. I put these in all of our plants around the house and, bam, a week later, full of gnats.

  289. Kindle Customer

    I have indoor succulent plants and the nat loves them. This works really good!thanks.

  290. dolores

    It actually works! I will buy again

  291. Jordan

    I’ve had some pests hanging around my plants and purchased these and some neem oil and they’re almost completely gone. It comes with tools to help make a spot in your soil for the tip of the trap to be inserted. The only downfall to the product is the tip that’s inserted in the dirt is a little wide so you do have to make a large spot for it to be inserted in if you want it to fit secure. I watered my plants and stuck it in there to make it a little easier to slide it down all the way so it didn’t fall over. Definitely will purchase more!!

  292. Amazon Customer

    These sticky gnat traps work great. They are useful for other insects as well such as baby caterpillars and bugs dwelling in the soil if too wet.Try them they work.I would suggest not touching the adhesive if at all possible.

  293. Kasee Carter- Layton

    I love the product and the company. Wonderful pricing for such a great product. Easy to use and received the package very quickly. Ken, a part owner in the company even reached out to make sure i was satisfied with their product. They are a small business with an outstanding product. I will be buying more when i run out!!! Thank you.

  294. K. Bry

    Super cute! I used those sticky ribbons from Walmart but the looked so gross and left brown sticky residue on everything. I saw these and I’m so glad I got them! I didn’t realize how many gnats I really had in my plants but these work so well and so quickly.

  295. Karolina H

    Super easy to use and love that it’s keeping my plants free from those bugs!

  296. Lisa


  297. dude0307

    These things really work!! We had ton (and I mean a lot) fruit flies in our home. They were coming from the plants we had indoors. We put these in all the plant pots and they got all of them. Very happy with the purchase.

  298. Mark J Griffin

    easy to use and does a good job on my back and knee

  299. Jennifer Keller

    Works great! Attracts the bugs and keeps them from flying around my house. This is my second purchase, they are an outstanding product!

  300. Studio M Productions / Senator Mike Michaels

    …pretty well; about as effective as the yellow tube (Black Flag)

  301. Wl

    the knats stuck to the trap

  302. Lori Buck

    The product works great. It has caught dozens of fungus gnats in my plants. It’s hard to install it without getting a bit of adhesive on your fingers, but it comes off with soap and water. A little of the adhesive had leaked out into the cardboard during shipping, but it didn’t really cause a problem. Will order again if I need to.

  303. Iowa W.

    This product works. Great to reduce gnats flying around that come from the plants.

  304. Brendon tracy

    Loved the fact they were simple and easy to use right away! My gnat problem was bad and I could not stand it as soon as I put these traps out they were sticking to them like no ones Buisness definitely would recommend these for they DO WORK!

  305. Taylor H

    These come in a stack all stuck together with some hangers in the box. Just peel one off and stick it in a plant or hang it. I have a mild issue with fungus gnats in house plants, and I’ve stuck some in various plants throughout my house and they caught some gnats within the first few hours! So far, so good!

  306. Dmitry Espinoza

    This product works great!!!

  307. chloe cat

    We were having a gnat problem and this product is wonderful. The gnats filled up one trap almost immediately. I would highly recommend.

  308. Tricia

    It seems to work well for fungus gnats.

  309. Deanna

    I have honestly tried everything I can think of for a fungus gnat problem I am currently dealing with and have been dealing with for about a month or so. I just recently bought this and the night it came in, I immediately put one into all of my pots. The next morning all of the traps have caught at least 3 gnats each. I didn’t put any lure out yet but I can already see that these work perfectly! I will defiantly continue use of this product in the future.

  310. Oja

    Its hella sticky

  311. Anthony B

    Started to work for us instantly. My wife bought a lot of house plants for air quality, so on turn we adopted hundreds of gnats. I installed this product in multiple plant pots and when I came back to check a few moments later there were already gnats stuck on it. After a couple of days, most have 10-20+ stuck on them.Be aware that you will almost definitely get some of the glue stuck on your hands. It does not come off super easy, will just require some good scrubbing with some good soap. But plan on your hands getting at least a little sticky.

  312. I Love Coffee

    My daughter gave me one of these to try. So many gnats were captured that I decided to buy a box for myself. I ordered a box that looked just like these, but it was NOT the same. Not even close to as sticky as Trappify’s brand. I ended up throwing that box away (same price, too) – a total waste. I ordered the Trappify brand and this picture doesn’t show what this thing looked like a couple hours later. Totally covered. These work great and I will only purchase this brand for this problem. Great product, thank you. I HATE gnats in my house!

  313. Norma Brown

    These sticky traps are easy to use, the adhesive is very strong, they work, and they are very cute!

  314. Crazeesane

    Work wonders for gnats! They’re recommended by a plant lover on TikTok, and after discovering an infestation of gnats in the soil of some of her 42 beloved houseplants, my daughter placed an order. After placing several butterflies in her plants, she stuck an extra in a plant on the kitchen windowsill. I’d seen a single gnat flying around the kitchen. After a couple of days, I was both horrified and at the same time highly satisfied to find the butterfly now had at least a dozen gnats decorating its wings. And my daughter’s now contains a grand total of over sixty bugs. Gross! But yes, bugs begone!

  315. Dan

    I put a few in my small greenhouse to catch the nats and flies. They are almost full after a week.

  316. Kim hellams

    It is easy to use and I had gnats all over them the first day. I will continue to use these until I dont see anymore. Thank you!

  317. bugslug321

    Worked great!

  318. Amazon Customer

    This product is the BEST and I will be reordering soon!!!!!!

  319. Dee

    Very easy to use, caught all of our flies within a day or two. We only ended up using only ~4 or 5. It’s really important to set them up correctly though, some of our traps caught a lot of flies and some none. We used containers with a small neck (e.g., a Champaign flute) so the trap was in the way of the flies getting in. Regular cups did not work as well. We used apple cider vinegar in the flutes

  320. castadoc

    Easy to use and can be placed pretty much anywhere.

  321. suemarie

    It works! The fruit flies were driving me crazy. After one day I trapped so many. Easy to use and looks cute in the plants.

  322. AlPennG


  323. Jess Crow

    These are seriously sticky no joke only downfall is the tool to not get your hands sticky is not so great but these really do work

  324. Linda Keezer

    The product came quickly and when it was supposed to. Started catching the fungus gnats right away. Hoping these will help with aphids too.

  325. kronion

    I started building an indoor garden, and I took in a plant from outside that must have had some Nat bags on it. Hell week, my whole indoor garden was invested. I laid a couple of these traps down, and within a couple of days, the Nats were down to a pretty manageable level. I haven’t won the war yet, but this gave me a big hand.

  326. natalie wills

    You need to have this to among your arsenal to fight fungus gnat infestations among your houseplants. Sticky traps + mosquito bits + diatomaceous earth + time &c consistency = bye bye gnats.

  327. Happy Mama

    The Trappify product works really well. Little to no effort in either hanging it or sticking in the soil by using the handy plastic spoon provided. I plan on buying this product again.

  328. Shelton

    These traps worked like a charm and were easy to use. I am very pleased with my purchase.

  329. stephanie

    Great product! Will definitely buy again!

  330. Amanda

    After I repotted my Parlor Palm I started noticing fungus gnats and they had begun to spread to other plants I had nearby. I wanted an easy solution that wouldn’t introduce chemicals to the plants. This does the trick!Sure, it probably takes a little longer than some other methods but without any attraction for the gnats besides the yellow sticky you have to be a bit more patient. I put these in Sunday evening and took these pictures Wednesday. I’ve been impressed and am noticing less and less live gnats coming from the plant.If I had to find a complaint it would be that it seems some of the adhesive melted and it gunked up on the inside of the packaging.

  331. Robert N-S

    I got these because of knats around my pool its kinda a byproduct of the mud from flushing my filter. These may not be baited idk but they work pretty well just overnight I had 10-30 on each one the sticky is easy to get on your hands and isn’t easy to wash off so use a glove when collecting or dispersing.

  332. bobby

    It was really easy and it works great 🙂

  333. Teri Bitler

    I put these traps in two of my plants and they are LOADED with gnats!!! If you get the stickiness on your fingers, just follow the directions using vegetable oil and dish soap.

  334. Vanessa

    Super easy to use!

  335. Kindle Customer

    Easy to use. Incredible results. No more gnats around the house plants.

  336. BWenn001

    The product is catching the gnats that have been spawning relentlessly and causing my plants issues. The butterfly design isn’t an eye sore; it adds a little style while being effective. If your plant/pot is small, you might want to consider cutting the base so that it fits as best as possible. Note: this will not kill your (fungus) gnat problem – it will definitely contain them, though. I recommend searching a more permanent solution, like a hydrogen peroxide and water solution (one part 3% hydrogen peroxide with four parts water) or whichever alternative works best for you and your plant(s).

  337. La

    These arrived quickly – and with friendly follow-up from the seller. I’m happy to buy from an independent business, especially one who cares about their customers.These beat the cost of the last traps I used for fungus gnats — and are just the delightful death trap I needed!These have lured those little buggers to their doom like magic. I don’t miss needing to shoo flies away from my nostrils!

  338. amanda d.

    As soon as I got these I placed one in each of my planters. Almost immediately I noticed gnats stuck to it! These have helped immensely to get rid of gnats in my home. Cheap and very easy to use – will be buying again if I have this problem!

  339. Alan Anderson

    Kills gnats fast.

  340. Amazon Customer

    These work really well. I’ve had mine in my potted plant for 48 hours now and have already caught quite a few.

  341. Emma W.

    Worked perfectly!

  342. Melissa.acosta

    Great sticky traps for those pesky plant gnats! I’ve used them in all my indoor plants and haven’t had an issue! Highly recommend!

  343. Amazon Customer

    So happy I found something that finally FINALLY works for my mini-blueberry bushes!!

  344. Amazon Customer

    These are much more attractive than normal fly tape, and catch just as many bugs! The informational PDF is super helpful and useful!!

  345. Marisa Gonzalez

    this thing has caught dozens and dozens of tiny bugs already in almost a week! you need this in your life if you’re having pest issues with your house plants

  346. Ian R

    Absolutely love these. We had a huge fruit fly problems in our appartment after some maintenance issues. We tried everything to get rid of them. Nothing really helped. I was killing dozens with a swatter daily. Then I got these traps and I hardly see any flies anymore, except on the traps.

  347. ali abrishami md

    Functions well at a bargain price. Highly recommended

  348. Vidhya

    It a great product ????????????

  349. Jennic71

    I had gotten a full beautiful Pothos plant from a local nursery and it came infested with fungas gnats. I immediately treated the plant and separated it from my other plants. I purchased these to put in my other plants to prevent further infestation. They worked exactly how they started. The adults stuck to the adhesion preventing them from laying larva. Great product and great price. Recommend for plant lovers.

  350. Cheryl D. Roane

    I really like this product. I plan to reorder.

  351. Heather Conrad

    I wasn’t sure what to expect, but work fantastic. Uber sticky and catches more gnats than I even knew existed!

  352. AJ

    Love how easy they are to use and im able to put them in my plants n house. Recvd them quick will order again plus tell my friends

  353. ABCAT

    Worked IMMEDIATELY! Super easy to use and great quantity for price.

  354. emralston

    These are super convenient and very effective. You can use them anywhere. I will buy them again.

  355. Carolyn

    We love these! They work amazingly well with gnat problems! Will order again!

  356. Nollee D. Ciballos

    Fast shipping. Great product. Do not hesitate to purchase

  357. Kindle Customer

    I love my house plants. Don’t love the gnats. These little yellow butterflies have solved the problem as you can see in the photos. I highly recommend for their ease of use and efficacy.Thank you!!

  358. Sandy G

    I loved the attractiveness of these sticky traps, I developed little gnats or fruit flies in my aerogarden and these attracts different types of flies so I don’t need to know which kind and I don’t have to use pesticides in my herbs. These have been here a week and have caught lots of flies. Sticks to me too, though a little oil removes the residue.

  359. Andrea P.

    My office has an influx of fruit flies roaming about. They’re highly attracted to the vibrant yellow color. Highly recommend!

  360. Irma Rendon, Dallas, TX

    Yes, this product works great and then some! I’m already on my second purchase.

  361. Rachel

    Good company and product, easy delivery and its catching lots of the annoying fungus gnats in my houseplants since I did not want to use chemicals.

  362. Dex

    Product is as described and works well!

  363. Amanda

    As the photos show, these traps are very effective against fungus gnats. I have placed them in all of my potted plants and they have really made a difference in the amount of gnats. They are easy to put into the soil with the pointed bases. I really like these support themselves in the soil as other sticky traps I have used did not have supports to suspend all the traps included in the package. They seem to be more effective than those I have laid on the soil or hung higher in plants as they are at soil level but catch them as they fly around the soil. They are very sticky on the butterfly portion and stay sticky and effective for a long time.

  364. Karen Bedard

    This product has worked well for me. I have a medium size basil plant from the grocery store that always seems to come with little gnats. You don’t see them until you water the plant, and then they jump/fly up. I only use one of the traps in the pot. At first, I didn’t see any gnats on the trap. I noticed that when I watered the plant that there would be gnats jumping/flying out of the flood. Many of them got stuck on the trap. Every time I watered the top of the soil, more wound up on the trap. After a few days of lightly watering the top of the soil, I don’t see anymore flying around, so it looks like it did a great job. These traps are really sticky on both sides.

  365. Jessica

    Well-made, the kit comes complete with green wires for bending into the shapes you need, plus one flat green “mini-shovel” if one wants to insert a trap into the soil. I’m waiting to see aphids collected (none yet, but it’s been only 2 days)…I had a few questions for the seller, sent them, and got a response almost immediately. How’s that for incredible customer service? KUDOS!

  366. RoxyRite

    I really like this product! It does exactly what it says it will do!! It’s a bit awkward to handle but not too much. I think that a “stick” option would be great also making it easier to place in your pots and avoid contact with the foliage. I’ll definitely order more and definitely recommend these to others!

  367. Amazon Customer

    Works really well! Some of my plants have to stay constantly moist and so they constantly have fungus gnats around them. I put them in the soil so the bugs just land on them and get stuck. Also loved the packaging most traps have paper you have to peel off, which just produces a lot of garbage, but these are all just stuck together and easy to peel off. Totally recommend them!


    I had a lot of houseplants,I love the bug traps. I have one in each of my plants, need to order more.

  369. Gina L.

    I have a ton of houseplants and use these to get all those pesky fruit flies. They’re easy to use, affordable, and if you have a fruit fly problem… you need this.

  370. Kayla

    I have nothing to critique, they worked perfectly!

  371. Kaitlyn Gaudio

    They are hella sticky and sort of a pain to take out of the package, but they for sure work. I prefer dealing with this than anything toxic – so I still gave 5 stars.Within a day of placing near the source of gnats on my plants the trap is COVERED.

  372. Katelin

    Very nice business and allows you to ask follow up questions if you need help when you get the product! I’m waiting to see if mine work, very excited to get rid of my little gnats!

  373. Brianna

    Wonderful product! It took care of my fungus gnat problem within two days! Super fast shipping and delivery. I will be keeping these on hand to manage indoor flying pests!

  374. WaterAddict

    At first I thought it works a little but it actually works a lot to the point I couldn’t wash the stickiness off my hands which attracted some gnats to me, I put one by the window above my sink and it worked, a huge amount of gnats winded up on it.

  375. Mauigirl

    This worked exactly as stated and is cute to boot. They worked extremely well in my gnat infested fiddle fig. I put them in all my indoor plants and they work great. Received the product promptly and the seller is local US small owner. Will definitely be buying these again. Don’t hesitate to purchase!

  376. godiva

    Works great! Catching more and more gnats everyday, and an occasional full size fly! And no toxic chemicals!

  377. Grumpy

    Didn’t have to do anything special and it started working very fast to catch the gnats.Definitely going to order again.

  378. Lady Libra

    LOVE THESE!!! Works well..

  379. Biblioangel

    OMG! Gnats are the worst! These have really helped.

  380. Anne88

    This was used in a sickroom where the patient had been bothered by tiny gnats. I hung the sticky traps on two lamps in the room, near the bulb. Voila, we caught gnats! Definitely recommend this as a low cost, natural way to control small flying insects.

  381. Paula Barker


  382. Belk

    I was looking for a gnats trap that won’t cost a lot of money.This strap helped me catch most of the gnats and other small flying insects that dared to venture inside my apartment.

  383. Fadia

    Love them

  384. pay

    Product was everything we expected! Deff recommend easy and convenient to use

  385. Hannah

    i’ve been using the acv solution to try to attract fungus gnats off my alocasia polly, but was still seeing more bugs on the plant than in the cup. since i switched to these stickies, i’ve been able to capture most of the bugs buzzing around

  386. crystal ross

    These are amazing! Helps catch all the little nates and even the flys that linger around. I even gave some to my mother to use. She loves them as well.

  387. M

    This product is absolutely amazing. It’s quickly eliminating the fungus nats plaguing my house plants. Very, very happy with his purchase!

  388. MPrætorius

    I have the delightful yellow traps hanging all over my computer area. I’m quickly driven nuts with little bugs flying all around my monitors. In these modern times monitors are soft plastic and would suffer from spraying them with bug sprays. Another method was needed and now we have it in Trappify Sticky Fruit Fly and Gnat Trap Yellow Sticky Bug Traps. The poor creatures don’t stand a chance! It is beyond fine to see lots of the darling uh little buggers stuck to them. And I leave them up, hanging and catching. I figure their little bug friends can look through the windows and say “Hey! What’s the matter with all our gang?” Well, the gang’s all here and stuck. These traps catch and catch and catch some more…no poisons and perfectly safe, fine job Trappify.

  389. sensistar

    These work wonders! I have about 78 indoor plants and these traps save my sanity!Just be careful the cat doesn’t try to rub up on it or you’ll have a sticky mess for a few days.Almost had to shave the cat. Luckily it wears off of fur after awhile.

  390. maurice nelson

    Easy to use, very effective

  391. Iris K.

    I had just bought a few African Violets and a bamboo plant. And they suddenly developed problems with fungus gnats. I refused to lose my plants just when I got them, so I learned what was causing the problem and got these sticky pads. They’re incredible! They really work. You have to give them time to work. At first I was skeptical and thought I got taken in but I was wrong. I decided to leave it alone and hope for the best. A day or less later the sticky pads were covered in gnats. You don’t realize how big the infestation is untill you see them stuck to these sticky pads. I was pleasantly surprised. One problem, you will have to deal with later, the larvae. I read that they burry their larvae two to three inches underground and they feed on the roots. This takes care of the flying gnats that lay the larvae and it does that very well. But there’s more to these little suckers, so in addition l bought something that gets rid of the larvae. But I figured if I’m going to get rid of the problem I have to go all in.

  392. mayra22

    Great product to catch insects

  393. marie-therese leamy

    I had a sudden invasion of gnat and I was able to get rid of them in 24 hours. I do recommend this product

  394. Amazon Customer

    I like the shape of the trap, it’s decorative enough to place anywhere around the house and small enough to be unnoticeable. I place it near the fruit bowl and in the pantry

  395. OhioGranny

    These are great and I love that they improved the packaging! The sticky side is now protected in a little plastic box that snaps closed instead of just a sleeve. Great improvement for a great product!

  396. Amazon Customer

    They worked really well. We were having problems with gnats .so I ordered these butterfly traps and they worked. Thank you so much and they are really cute and colorful.

  397. Peter Mayer

    I used them last year and they worked well, so now I use them this year as well, I do use apple cider vinegar plus drop of soap and put them in the cup with that or hang them above.

  398. Marco Cuevas

    It works amazingly!!

  399. Traci Suzanne

    This product…. omg…. STICKY! But that’s the point, right? It definitely works, and is so easy to use. The seller is awesome and corrected a problem IMMEDIATELY upon request of my email.

  400. Dana

    Love these highly recommend if you have indoor plants !They truly work

  401. Quelo

    These sticky butterfly’s are great. I used them for my vegetable garden and potted tomato plants. The next day it caught a bunch of flying gnats and white flies. I will put in another order.

  402. Kathleen K.

    Very effective! I cut off bottom triangle to fit inside lampshade. The edges catch the most gnats, so that also gives more edge.

  403. Sue

    Perfect. No chemicals or pesticides. Just sticky glue on a stiff piece of plastic. Indoors or outdoors. Can hang from a hook or push stake end into soil in a flower pot or garden. Catches Mosquitoes and No-See-Ums.

  404. Melissa Flanagan

    Fast shipping….. Easy to use… Easy packaging

  405. Amazon Customer

    The one I hung in my bathroom caught the gnats immediately…just got them today and put em all over the house, so we”ll see…

  406. JeannieL123

    There’s a lot of similar products at various price but this one seemed to be reasonable for the qty.It works and is super sticky!!! You may have to play with placement but it does work.

  407. AmazonUser2018

    It works and cute!

  408. MDY

    There was nothing that I disliked. Just make sure that when you put it in your potted plant, stake it in a place that your pet can’t lick it. My chihuahua licked it right off the bat. So I made sure that the second time, I placed it where it was not easily accessible for her.Before I bought these Trappify pest catchers, I constantly battled with gnats around my face, food and fruit….not anymore!!!

  409. Silvere Elve

    Work better than the tube strip things and don’t get sticky stuff everywhere.

  410. Amazon Customer

    These are amazing.I have been fighting gnats since moving into our new home. I was sick of putting tubs of vinegar in different plants. I bought these and put them in the plants. They worked almost immediately. They attract the fruit flies and kill them quickly. They also look nice!

  411. Eliud

    I bought these to use on my houseplants and to use in our backyard.The adhesive is very sticky which I was very surprised. I used twine to hang the ones I placed out as that’s what worked best for me instead of the bendable hooks that were included. I will be purchasing again in the future.

  412. Melissa Brandt

    Super easy to use and works very well catching little flying bugs.

  413. it’s a jungle out here

    Best fly catcher I ever bought

  414. young hee kim

    It is Work .Great and perfect

  415. Megan Elizabeth

    Does exactly what’s described! No complaints, thanks so much =)

  416. C. S. Ruhland

    Excellent product to catch gnats and fruit flies. Family and pet safe!! No obnoxious smell. Decorative design blends in anywhere in your home.

  417. Ka Thor

    It worked!

  418. Irene

    These traps REALLY WORK!!!

  419. Amazon Customer

    This produced worked so well! I bought some plants that were infested with gnats. And after 2 days they were gone. The traps caught 30+ gnats all over the house.

  420. Amazon Customer

    Best thing created & better than using any bug sprays to control the gnats. I was ready to move it around cause it was day 4 got up the next it was doing the job!

  421. Paulette Beaird

    Great purchase.

  422. ssk

    I live keeping plants in our home, but living in the south means lots of chances for bugs to invade. I’ve tried different methods of ridding bigs from my houseplants but by far these sticky traps are the best. They are extremely effective, easy to use and are esthetically pleasing with their bright color and butterfly shape.

  423. Ashton W.

    These are definitely worth the purchase. I had so many fungus gnats flying around my plants, and now I hardly see any. I have them in a few different pots.

  424. Amazon Customer

    This product works great!!!! After trying so many other bug traps… this by far works the best! It caught SOOOOO many gnats and little mosquitos within hours of planting them in my precious veggie garden. I have already placed another order!

  425. Amazon Customer

    I was thoroughly satisfied with this product. It was easy to use. The sticky stuff did not get on your hands and they were very easy to insert. I will definitely order this product again

  426. Huiyu

    The fly trap catches tons of gnats flying around in my plant room, but they will not get rid of the gnats that reproduce in your soil, so you will have to use another method on top of the traps to remove the root cause of the problem. For the purpose of capturing gnats though, these are great. I haven’t need to replace them yet, but they should be replaced once there are a certain amount of gnats or flies on them. The only thing I dislike is that it’s too sticky and if it gets on ur hand, it’s a bit hard to wash it off.

  427. Conor O’Brien

    Great product, worked like a charm.

  428. Lindsey

    I am SO impressed with this product! I absolutely love my many many house plants, but fungus gnats irritate me to no end! After just 1-2 days with these in a select few pots there is a significant decrease in the gnats! Wonderful value! I will definitely buy again!

  429. Ashley Kilcullen

    This product is perfect for getting rid of the fungus gnats in my indoor plants! I will definitely be buying more once I use these! I recommend these for anyone trying to get rid of gnats or pests!

  430. M. sweetie

    arrived fast.I use it around my guinea pig cage to keep bugs in check.works great and no pesticides.

  431. Ohbigchicken

    Does what it needs to do

  432. DarkAngel

    Omg it works!Must buy!

  433. Jamie W.

    Be careful, you can’t wear gloves or those will stick too, and it gets all over your hands. However it definitely works.

  434. michael farese

    Good product very sticky works well for gnats

  435. Amazon Customer

    Hung this in my kitchen window and had 7 gnats/ fruit flies within 24 hours. Extremely sticky and will leave a residue on you fingers if touched but can be easily washed off with soap and water. Great product!

  436. Lorraine Y

    I use these in my house plants inside. We have a sliding glass door where gnats get in and drive me batty. There are never a bunch of them, just enough to annoy you. Well apparently I was wrong about the number of them flying around inside. I have four plants with Trappify in them and about ten to twenty gnats on each of them. It took five minutes for one of them to land on the sticky butterfly. Very simple concept but extremely effective one. The packaging is great because you can close it up when you don’t need them all. I will be purchasing these again when I need them.

  437. Nicole William’s

    Works FANTASTIC! Supper sticky and effective! I used in my all organic garden and house! A great company aswell!

  438. morgan hernandez

    I loved this wonderful product! Looked gorgeous in my indoor garden and worked very well to keep the bugs off my plants and out of my space.

  439. Mary A.

    I don’t know if it was the store-bought bananas or one of the nursery plants I bought to brighten up my apartment during the stay-at-home order, but I got them–those dreaded, pesky, annoying little fruit flies. I put up with them for weeks, slapping them away during conference calls and perfecting that mid-air karate kid grab, but they never went away.Finally, after knocking over a plant in an attempt to crush one of the little tormentors, I broke down and bought these traps. At first, I was skeptical about how well they would work, but now that I’ve seen them in action, I’m honestly going to tell everyone I know about them. It did take a couple of days, but they’ve caught way more fruit flys than I wanted to believe were there in the first place. It’s so satisfying to see them all stuck to the traps, and now I don’t have them flying around me. Plus, the butterfly design is actually pretty cute, especially tucked in with some of my larger plants. I would definitely recommend these.

  440. Sandi

    Super easy to use and good communication from vendor. Looking forward to these eliminating my gnat problem!

  441. jill

    These are AMAZING. I had a gnat problem on a couple of plants and of course it was spreading, I ordered these and within 10 minutes of putting them up I had already trapped a couple of all 7 I placed. The photos I attached were after 3 days. Super sticky and if you get it on anything, comes off easily with warm water and some soap. JUST ORDERED MORE!

  442. customer

    These things are amazing!!!I have a bad infestation, caught a million gnats in 4 days.

  443. Marcia S.

    I love these little butterflies! Every year in the spring and early summer we have problems with gnats. I’ve tried lots of remedies and none work as well as this product. I put a little apple cider vinegar in a plastic cup (which attracts the gnats) then set the butterfly in the cup. It works great! I also hang them on the patio.

  444. Papa

    Product is very sticky. Has caught several gnats. Looks better than the other traps as well.

  445. Alanna Metz

    Recently my houseplants have gotten gnats in the soil. Even with neem oil I couldn’t get rid of them. The traps are working wonderfully! At least 4 gnats on each one within a day. This kit comes with all the tools you need, even if you want to hang the traps. Will buy again if the gnats come back.

  446. KH

    Shipped very quickly, and has taken care of most of my fruit flies in 1-2 days!

  447. Keri Page

    These work amazing!Such a simple yet cute way to get those pesky fruit flies or fungal flies out of and away from your plants. Highly recommend!

  448. rskinva

    Updating previous comment. Received package and product is working. Put in2 planter and already seeing some results. Less flying pest in the house.

  449. Potter Fan

    use every year and happy to find these cause they are better looking than the big square sheets.

  450. Kathy Grappin

    Got rid of my problem with gnats around my houseplants, once and for all!

  451. Jhoel Mercado

    It appears that my houseplants provide the perfect breeding ground for fungus gnats especially my orchids. I placed Trappify traps on each plant and they are effective in trapping these pesky gnats. It’s only been a few days since I installed them and I have not seen any gnats flying around. Compared to the Raid’s fly ribbons, Trappify traps are easier to manage, prettier and decorative.

  452. Grace

    Yes they do work! Beware that they are very sticky/ wet and the adhesive gets easily stuck to your fingers and hands. But I have caught something on these papers.

  453. Amazon Customer

    Easy to use and effective

  454. Yuliana Avila

    These traps fixed my gnat problem. They saved my indoor plants. 100% recommend.

  455. Miguel Morales

    I like the ease of use of the product. I really appreciated the packs not being all individually wrapped. This saves a big mess afterwards. I will be buying more products from this company

  456. Ryan Fields

    Very happy with these. Well worth the money. I used them to catch gnats around my indoor house plants.

  457. Kirk W

    I think the product works. It seems to attract and trap the type of gnats or flies we have; however, I gave it 4 stars because it’s just really hard to work with. I think a liner placed between each trap might make it easier to pull these apart. They’re basically all stuck together stacked in the box.

  458. Eric Peterson

    These little things work great. Always looking for non chemical solutions.

  459. sea_spawn

    Great product! I saw this product recommended in a TikTok and figured I’d give it a try. With the warmer weather I’ve been dealing with fungus gnats in my plants and within 5 min 3 gnats were already trapped. I highly recommend this product to anyone dealing with a similar situation. Not only do they work, but they are stupid easy to use and the adhesive is impressive!

  460. mt

    Had these for almost a week an its helped me so much with ending the cycle of gnats, finally! Love the cute shapes, I’d recommend!

  461. meg

    These are great product! There is no odor and they are easy to use! They are small and can be hidden if you so choose. My plants and I are much happier!

  462. C. Gregory

    What an excellent product! So easy to use and the sticky yellow butterflies are very cute. I had a terrible problem with all those little flies in my houseplants and they were constantly flying all over the place. I placed a Trappify butterfly inside each of my houseplant’s pots, and they immediately started filling up with little flies stuck all over them. Within one week, all those pesky little flies were gone! I highly recommend this product!

  463. Savannah

    Awesome product!!!! If fungus gnats are an issue this is the product you need! But seriously, I will definitely be ordering this product again.

  464. Margarit

    I am very happy with product. It works! This is the second time I’ve purchase this item. It works, and I’ll keep ordering it

  465. CriticalP

    I don’t write reviews very often. This product did the job exactly as it said it would. In one night I have caught hundreds of gnats that were bothering my indoor vegetables. I believe that within a few weeks after the next round of larvae hatches we will illuminate the problem. This is a great product! The first time you use it peel apart the traps very carefully because they are thin and sticky and you might end up inadvertently peeling off two traps at the same time. You will get the hang of it quickly to use only one at a time. Thank you guys for a great product that is taking care of a very bothersome problem!

  466. Rita

    I put them in my plants and they have bugs on them already. Last year I had a horrible infestation with gnats in my home, this year I got something for them! No gnats indoors so far. I will buy again if needed. The seller has been supportive and courteous.

  467. Carissa Rachele

    Literally a LIFE SAVER and worked GREAT against those pesky gnats!!! Warning!!! Adhesive is CRAZY sticky so don’t touch! 😀

  468. Sonya H

    They are very very sticky so separate carefully as they are very thin and be prepared to scrub quite a bit if you get it on your fingers. Put in all the houseplants to control fungus gnat infestation. Used in combination with a systemic soil additive to kill the larve. Very happy with these sticky traps. They’ve caught several dozen gnats in a few days. I’m nearly gnat free!

  469. Bax

    It’s nice to have gnat and mosquito-free nights when I stay at the porch, and I don’t even have to deal with sudden sparks from insect killers or chemical smells from aerosols for it!

  470. Rachel Sterrett

    The team reached out afterward to thank me for the review, and since this is the third time I’ve bought from them, I figured it was time to shout them out. Very nice people and terrific product that’s made a tremendous difference in the amount of insects we’ve had to deal with in our apartment. The flies have almost disappeared since we’ve gotten this product! Very simple to use and unobtrusive.

  471. sandra

    These got rid of my fungus gnats pronto. And they look cute in my planters. Stickiness hard to get off your hands – but lots of soap and warm water did the trick. Now my seedlings are growing again

  472. Trini in Ossining

    A relative recommended this product. I am pleased with it. What a smart way to control those pesky insects in plant soil!

  473. Ninesun

    Millions of bugs I never noticed at first getting stuck and dying.Aloe and Garden plants are happyTh Ankh Yah for everything13Love

  474. Heidi Harmon

    I’ve been trying everything to get rid of these little pests and after researching more, I found these little traps I ordered them, as soon as I got them I put them in my plants. The next morning my son and we’re amazed! These things are great!!

  475. RibbitRabbit

    The packaging says allow 3-5 days to start working because they are pesticide free. However, they worked almost immediately! I was over watering my plants, but it was already too late. I did not realize how badly I needed these until the second day the traps were put up – way more little gnats than expected and is sticky on both sides. Worth the money, easy to use and organic!

  476. Sarah

    These sticky traps seem to be working pretty well in my lettuce and tomato planters! They arrived quickly and I like the little trenching tool that came with them. My only advice would be to wear gloves when you’re putting them in- the adhesive is really hard to get off with soap and water, and even with rubbing alcohol. Otherwise so far so good!

  477. JB

    These work well. The glue is goopy, which makes it easier to clean the item after catching bugs.

  478. SDnative

    Traps gnats

  479. Courtney

    Works amazing in my houseplants.

  480. Lk1891

    I have one of these in all my baskets and planters to help control gnats. It is amazing how many of those little nuisances get trapped on these butterflies. Couldn’t be more pleased!

  481. James L.

    WOW! That was a fast response. The seller, because of my concern with the paper box storage of the traps, issued me a refund and explained they are improving their case for holding the traps.That is great news. I usually don’t go into detail, but felt I needed to, and do feel strongly that giving honest feedback only helps a company improve. And this one is run by veterans! I want them to succeed!!

  482. Tammy

    I know that mosquitoes were a nuisance that could ruin our camping, so I purchased these cute traps before “d-day”. (Guys, if you want to enjoy your camping without insect bites, off lotion won’t be enough). These traps are very sticky, which made it very effective in trapping irksome mosquitoes. Not just mosquitoes, it also trapped some other small flies. This product is a safe and cheap way of catching mosquitoes. And did I mentioned how I love its versatility? These cutesy deserves a 5 star.

  483. Morgan B.

    This product is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! This is my first time having my own succulent terrarium so I’ve been battling all kinds of learning curves from plant sunburn to feeding, indoor lighting, etc..I started to see these little flies come out of seemingly nowhere. After some research I learned that they were fungus gnats. Being a newbie with all of my plants, I was too nervous to use any kind of pesticide or chemicals (I also just didn’t want to use any harmful chemicals). After buying this product, within the first week there was significant decrease in the fly problem! By two weeks, they were pretty much gone! I will definitely buy this again just to have as a backup in case I get anymore pests. They saved my terrarium!!

  484. Tyler

    Within a couple of days this was catching tons of flies i didnt even know about. Turns out theres a lot of tiny flies in plants. Came with a dozen traps and i replaced them after about a month, covered in flies.

  485. Watson

    This product is way stickier than I expected, and that’s a good thing! It did an excellent job of catching mosquitoes, flies, and gnats. It’s very effective and reducing the number of irritating insects flying around my yard. I’m also glad that this trap worked indoor and outdoor. I was able to use it in standing and a hanging position too, which is convenient.

  486. Michael Fong

    Great product for fruit fly/gnat problems. Prefer this product over the hanging fly strips.

  487. priscilla tang

    Just set it & let it do its thing. I received these yesterday & it’s already trapping those pesky gnats around my monstera plant. Service was great as they followed up with me to make sure I was happy with my purchase which I really appreciate. I will definitely buy again from this seller.

  488. J Tansimore

    These traps work awesome and have been a godsend since the fruit flies are coming out and my son is happy :-)!!!!

  489. Dalton

    Worked great had to buy it again this time in the 50 pack

  490. Villy

    Works exactly as indicated. Excellent product and great value for the money.

  491. Jessica Moran

    Amazing product!!

  492. Ally

    So I purchased my first house plant a few months ago. I noticed the little plant flies every time I watered the plant, they would fly up. Sometimes they would also roam the apartment. I recently moved and I was not dealing with them in the new place. I’ve previously tried apple cider vinegar and dish soap to trap them. I even tried a few other home remedies. They worked, but they would dry it after a few days and it would take some time for the flies to take to the home trap. This Trappify Sticky Trap arrived today and it is already working. I have Gnats on the trap as I type. I pulled one trap from the stack and placed one in my plant as soon as I got it. Well worth it!

  493. Robin

    This product is working really well already but I wish they had been individually wrapped. It’s hard to get them apart and into the plant without getting the sticky junk all over your hands and it’s really hard to get off. Otherwise I’m completely happy with them and the price and I will buy again!

  494. Mitchell Household

    Awesome product

  495. Erik Stinson

    Such a cute and efficient product. First, it is a Veterans company. Second, they didn’t try to over embellish their simple product: it is what it is. A sticker for flies with good color and shape.You can tell their attention to detail in every aspect. Glad I found it.

  496. John

    Love it! Super easy to use, no harmful chemicals and it started working as soon as I put it in the soil!

  497. Julie A Reilly

    This little yellow stake in my plants caught 18 fungus/soil gnats in 24 hours. Amazing! Obviously works very well and so easy to use. And if you get the sticky stuff on your hands, it washes off easily with a bit of oil and soap and water. Great product.

  498. Miss Kitty

    Cute yellow butterfly shape, very sticky and catches the bugs well. Where have these been, glad I discovered them.

  499. Hungarian Princess

    This worked so well after only a few hours!! It’s very effective and looks cute

  500. Howe

    25 pieces could do a lot! I only used four for the kitchen and family area, and it was enough to get rid of most of the flies and mosquitoes in the whole house.

  501. JEG

    We had some fruit flies in the house, but no fruit laying around. We bought these and put them in a small glass with some apple cider and it caught many fruit flies.

  502. Dalton

    Quality really easy to use trying to get rid of those pesty gnats, fruit flies, aphids, leaf miners, white flies. No worries with Trappify.

  503. happy reader

    This thing really works! We had a major fruit fly problem. I stuck a few of these around the house and caught so many. I recommend sticking it in a mug with some red wine at the bottom. I also stuck one in a plant in my kitchen.

  504. Rachel

    Works wonders!

  505. Christopher P.

    Easy enough to use, aesthetically pleasing, and fairly inexpensive.I have bought similar products that I’ve liked more, mainly because each of the sticky portions was covered with a wax paper so they were much less messy and I felt stuck better, but these work fine and cost about half as much.

  506. Iris M Gonzalez


  507. Amazon Customer

    This is the best product EVER

  508. Dixie

    Works like a charm!

  509. Amazon Customer

    Wow these are extra sticky and they really seem to attract the gnats which I needed. I would totally get them again.The only thing is I wish the had a part on top that wasn’t sticky to take out of plant and discard, as the sticky stuff is harder to get off fingers, but I will be ordering again !

  510. Proud Patriots

    They are “ight”. Giving them some time.

  511. Toddey

    The flies that we had before don’t bother us anymore since they’re almost gone, and who knew this will be the only thing we’ll be needing for it! These are better and stickier than regular flypapers.

  512. sarah

    Does exactly what it is supposed to do! Super easy and I do not get sticky!

  513. Lakeli

    These things work so great and they are way nicer to look at than most sticky gnat traps

  514. Fredicinda Jones

    I used this product for two purposes. One to kill gnats from my indoor plants and two to kill gnats outside in raised garden.

  515. Lori Marston

    The packaging made this sticky trap easy to access without getting the sticky on your hands. There’s a non sticky end for putting in to the dirt of the plant. I also hung one in the window with the included wire pieces. Super easy to use!

  516. TVJ

    I love to have plants around the house, but hate the ever-annoying gnats to come with them. I wanted something that was safe for my plants, but would get the job done in getting rid of gnats. These sticky traps are perfect, but watch out, they are very sticky! I like that you can stick them in the plant soil or hang them. Whichever way will get the job done.

  517. April

    I have some type of tiny flies/gnats in the soil of my indoor plants and these traps got them super quickly!

  518. Mart

    This reduced the number of fruit flies in the house, and the last time I checked and threw out the traps, it was full of bugs, which was super gross. But at least it does the job!

  519. Jacob

    Used this product to help catch and eliminate gnats on my tiny succulent, and it worked great! Caught over 20 gnats within three days, and its effortless to set up and use! Great product for a great value!

  520. John

    Works great

  521. Faith M

    Put them in my potted plants and they are working great!

  522. Natalia

    SUPER STICKY! I have places these in my raised vegetable garden, they are wonderful. Within a few days they are full of bugs. They do help reduce the amount of bugs around my vegetable plants. I recommend them. They are very easy to install. They are very sticky!

  523. L.T.

    So far so good. Followed the instructions to the T. And worked great. Already changed it out and onto my second trap. Just put it in a plastic cup with apple cider and the bugs come flying.

  524. T. May

    I had a ton of little nates, flies flying around my new tomato plants. Got these and stuck them in dirt and In a day, the flies were all stuck to the sticky traps. Loved them Worked great.

  525. Amazon Customer

    Works amazing! It works better than I expected and was easy to use. I did decide to wear gloves after peeling and applying the first few due to the adhesive being so strong.

  526. P Jimenez

    i liked the ease of this product to useIt is very sticky so a quick reminderWash your hand immediately after touchingThe metal stems seem to hold up wellDon’t push to firmly on them they bend easily

  527. Christopher Walker

    Work great and they’re attractive at the same time.

  528. Mary

    I had an issue with tiny bugs on my indoor houseplants. Using these were perfect for this problem. The bugs loved them and now it’s great!!! NO MORE BUGS!!!

  529. HDavis

    Hassle free. Place in potted plants soil. In a few days I noticed the sticky material already had a few little bugs/nat’s on it. Will definitely repurchase.

  530. Robin A. Vessels

    Wonderful product! Works great! Highly recommend!

  531. Brittani

    Awesome little things I’ve been using in the kitchen recently due to all of these fruit flies trying to get to my produce!! I’ve used the green wore hooks that came in the pack to hang them strategically near fruit, the sink and trash can and they love landing on them only to get stuck and leave my food alone (: very happy! Got tired of the vinegar traps having to refill or getting knocked over and making it smell like rotting fruit?? I love these little sticky’s

  532. Tessa

    This trap is fantastic! I really had an infestation of gnats once I brought my elephant ears and lemon tree inside. You have to wait a day or so but boy to the bugs stick to this trap! I’d rather use a non-toxic product and also support a business like this one. I had such a problem I had to buy another box to put in several other plants.

  533. Angela Calix

    These traps work great! I started noticing a difference right away! They really do attract and trap all of the adult gnats! Definitely recommend!

  534. lb213

    this product works exactly as described. it has caught a disgusting amount of gnats in my houseplants, who are all much happier now!

  535. Carina Via

    So far this has been the best way to get rid of the pesky fruit flies!

  536. Vesper

    Works well. Had/have fungus gnats in my houseplants. Each day, I see more and more gnats stuck to the butterflies. Not completely gone, yet, but in less than one week, they are much reduced! Have already ordered product a second time to catch what I hope is the final generation of adults.

  537. TreyNelAmazon

    Easy to use and seems to work well!

  538. P. Shake

    I love that the product is non toxic in my home and so easy to use ??

  539. Mary E. Burke

    It would be great if the butterflies were different sizes. I have very small plants and although the butterfly fit I could use something smaller..maybe a long caterpillar?

  540. Jen Raft

    This is my second purchase and really like them in my house plants to catch gnats.

  541. Nyanza

    Worked immediately to trap insects that were getting everywhere due to new plants. Gross to see but effective

  542. phyllis light

    Fruit flies don’t have a chance of escaping if they land on it

  543. steph

    Thank you for the speedy service and complete instructions.

  544. C.Canales

    This product did exactly what it claimed to do. I used this to capture some fruit flies. I didn’t use anything else to lure the flies and within a few days, it was covered in flies. Ick! My only wish is that they were individually wrapped (like a band-aid) so I could unwrap them once in place. I got into a battle with one of mine and I was sticky for a few days. I would buy them again.

  545. PattyM

    I used these to get rid of gnats flying around my seedlings. They work. Within a few hours of placing them around my indoor growing area the gnats started to stick to them. I’m very happy with these. Since there are several in a package, they should last me a long time.

  546. Elaine Louden

    This product is a must for plant mama’s (and daddy’s). I don’t have a huge gnat problem, but with 75+ house plants, there were a few buzzing around here and there. 2 days out, and I haven’t seen a gnat (except stuck to the trap). Thank you for this product, genius!Tip ~ I put mine on basic skewers in my plants.

  547. Ms T

    This product works great. I was to the point I thought I would have to get rid of my plants inside the house bc they attract small, pesky gnats. The Trappify really helped. Within 1-2 days of sticking them in the plant soil, I could see several gnats stuck to the traps and even more as days passed. Not pleasant to look at once the trap is full, but it is much better than seeing them flying around the house. Amazing results.

  548. Mary

    It started with a few minor skirmishes.I didn’t think much of it at first. Substantial disagreements over existence aren’t uncommon. Living things have been killing each other since the dawn of time.But it became serious almost at once. The invaders had become too comfortable and began taunting me to my face. What had once been a minor annoyance turned into a massive invasion – my enemies were reproducing by the hundreds – stealing from me, polluting my home, and lying to me.I declared war yesterday, April 13 2020. Operation Green Furor began with a chemical attack on the young. Nothing destroys moral like grieving for dead offspring. I drowned many of the elderly in acid. And for the fighting population I called on the Amazonians to assist with their poisonous butterflies.My sneak attacks have largely been successful – but where I really excel is in hand to hand combat. Nothing is more satisfying than triumphantly gloating over the massacred post battle.During warfare one mustn’t loose focus or become cocky. I’m lying in wait for a counter attack. I’ll send updates as soon as I secure my communication lines.There will be no mercy.

  549. Joe H

    These were very easy to use, they’re incredibly sticky and within just a couple hours there was a noticeable difference on how few bugs were hanging onto the leaves of my pepper plants.

  550. CC

    Excellent my 3 rd time buying. Works great in my potted plant garden.

  551. Monica

    Great item. Several have filled with gnats to the point where barely no more room and I can barely see the yellow. So glas I got these and I WILL buy more

  552. erica

    These worked for us! There’s a great satisfaction in oneself seeing these little guys stuck! I would recommend putting them on top or next to items that attract them.

  553. Gcooley

    I was fighting a losing battle with infestations in my indoor plants. This product to me is amazing.

  554. LINDA T.

    This actually works! It catches flies and even small gnats. Will purchase again for sure.

  555. Lagosz

    REALLY STICKY! Be careful when you’re placing them because they are sticky! That being said – they’ve caught a lot of pesky fruit flies! I put one in every plant I have! Started working immediately.

  556. Gela

    Mosquitoes are all over my closet. I don’t know why. It’s a good thing that I came across these traps online. It’s so easy to use, and it also drove away all other kinds of insects. It worked really well!

  557. Olivia

    Highly HIGHLY recommend these traps! I’ve had one in a silver nerve plant that attracted gnats for about three weeks. It was completely covered with gnats! This product has tremendously cut down on the gnats/fruit flies/pantry beetles flying in the apartment from the plants.

  558. Telle

    These traps are so dependable. I tell you we had my dad’s birthday in the garden, and there were lots of flies. Like hundreds of them. Good thing that my mom bought some of these just before the party. And almost all of the flies were stuck on these cards. So reliable!

  559. S Banks

    Very easy to use, and effective!

  560. QueenB

    Awesome company!

  561. Sue

    These are perfect little traps to catch fruit flies. They are so good, you will be amazed at the number of flies living with you! They helped minimize the number of flies in my home while I continued the search for the source, which I think I eliminated today. Now I’m using the traps to measure my success because these traps are fail proof, any lingerers don’t stand a chance. They can’t resist!I didn’t find the traps alone to be very helpful but when I nestled one in a container with a mixture apple cider vinegar and lemon juice, they couldn’t resist. Within a very short time, I saw amazing results. Thank you for helping me fight these awful little flies.

  562. Beverly Yuruki

    I really like this product a lot! Since I set it up one night, the next morning there was a lot of gnats already stuck on there! Within a week some traps were almost full! Thank you for a great product!

  563. Christina K

    I was skeptical, but these are amazing and quickly attracted and killed the gnats that were destroying my indoor plants.I feel empathy for the bugs that died a horribly sticky death, but happy for my plants.

  564. T Clark

    Works grest

  565. FLbound

    This product was just as described. Packaged nice, and received in the time specified. Will definitely be ordering more if needed!!!!!! The traps are filling up fast which is a good thing!

  566. BookNerd

    I’ve tried other traps, and this one has by far been the most effective. Great bang for your buck. Would HIGHLY recommend to others.

  567. Pia

    We have a dining set in the garden, and sometimes, we eat breakfast and dinner there. So, we decided to buy a bunch of these traps, so we can use it while we eat outside. These are so effective…

  568. Ryan Sharman

    Extremely effective at catching adult fungus gnats but you will need to cover or treat the soil to kill the eggs and end the life cycle.

  569. Steve

    While it wasn’t enough to kill off the infestation, it does trap fungus gnats very well. I think they like the color? These looked a lot better than the squares. ^_^ Still not the easiest thing to put in the dirt, the included tool helped and I used the wire to pull out the “full” ones. 🙂

  570. joel

    Great sticky trap. Worked great. Depending on how bad your situation is you can also hang them near a little bit of apple cider vinegar mixed with a little dish soap to really get them suckers.

  571. jennifer Harned

    Works well. I have fungus gnats in multiple plants that are sticking to it

  572. Leah N Fuentes

    I really like that you can put it in the planter pot- totally works and super easy! Silly flies don’t stand a chance!

  573. A O.

    It worked in one room, but not the other. In the room where it’s working, there are probably at least 20-30 bugs already caught on the sticky trap and we’ve only had up for a few days.

  574. Jingx

    I will definitely repurchase! These “butterflies” solved our little insect problem, and our house is now officially fly-free – finally, no more annoying flies flying around the kitchen.


    These are great for indoor house plants

  576. Sweet Jamell

    First do not think it will work on it’s own but with the right lure it’s amazing my Bug infestation did not stand a chance. Once they where full I threw them away. They worked as advertised. Would buy again.

  577. MJP

    These were more effective than any other FRUIT FLY TRAP we tried!!! And so easy to use!!!

  578. Jen

    We have been using these sticky traps for a while now, and it really is an amazing product, I recommend it!

  579. John

    Crazy how many gnats is actually catches had no idea I even had that many.. highly recommend

  580. john krall


  581. Emalea Russell

    Works great

  582. rachel anderson

    I put these in my potted house plants. I thought I only had a few gnats flying around my house, but I was SHOCKED to find that within a few days there were dozens on each sticky trap. They work great! And, they’re still sticky even after over a month of use.

  583. MooCow

    Love Love love !!! One of my BOP all of the sudden just became a home to a bunch of gnats! I was going crazy trying to get rid of them. These have been amazing! I have never had a gnat problem like this.

  584. forever student

    This worked on a houseplants FL (hello bugs) when chemicals didn’t. Easy to use. More importantly, it works.

  585. halfsleeper

    Photo is after less than 24 hours. I also sprinkled some diatomaceous earth on the top layer of the soil.

  586. Loren

    Product has captured flying bed bugs. Using this in addition to spray to kill larvae on the soil. Awesome. Would recommend.

  587. biowiz

    i wish they had more hanging sticks for it

  588. Chelsea carpenter

    Exactly what I was looking for. Solved my fungus fly problem ????

  589. Souchong

    Had a huge problem with gnats. Now, a week later still have a few but I’m confident they won’t last long. Used in a cup with Apple cider vinegar as suggested works better than just hanging. My only disappointment was that a box of 25 came with only 5 wires for hanging and that they were fairly short.

  590. Rocco Iannapollo

    Worked like a champ! Gnats stood no chance.

  591. Nicole

    It’s great NOT having flies in the house anymore. I tried the fly traps bought in groceries, but they didn’t work. Fortunately, these do. I quite like these. They are useful, yet affordable.

  592. R. N.

    These are easy to use, good adhesion and at a good price

  593. Mays

    We use these indoors, and they work me. Their adhesive is pretty good, the butterfly design is quite easy on the eyes, plus the included hooks are so handy.

  594. Maura F.

    So far they’re great! My roommate has caught some of those pesky gnats and we have a couple hung up because our town has a lot of gnats

  595. MARY ANN B.

    My plants were infested with tiny white flies thanks to a new addition. I had seen these used on Home and Family and wanted to try them. These have a LOT of sticky stuff on them and within a few hours there were some tiny flies on them. It’s been a few days now and there are a lot of tiny flies on them. I am very pleased with them! Be sure to hold them on the bottom where there is no glue.

  596. Ken


  597. Amazon Customer

    These are amazing! I stuck them in a couple plants aside some apple vinegar containers and they are stuck. I see less fruit flies, gnats I or whatever they are inside my home.

  598. Chris Carrillo

    Good product. Worked with catching those nasty plant bugs.

  599. SD

    Very effective, but a little pricey for what it does.

  600. Jennifer Webster

    They work great. Already caught a bunch of those little buggers

  601. Love

    For gnats and flies and even mosquitoes, these trappers are great for the job! They are sticky enough, and being in these butterfly cut-outs make them quite presentable.

  602. Ginny

    Easy to hang in my tomato plants. They can also be inserted into the soil to stand near the plant. Collects the flies as expected. Very satisfied with the product!

  603. Mike

    These things work great! Love not using harsh chemicals inside our home to deal with the lil buggers in our houseplants.

  604. Amazon Customer

    Like a magnet, my houseplants are now bug free. These attracted and killed hundreds of them. Be patient. We now put a few in the garage and they also attracted all of the annoying bugs. We are bug free now! Love these. Patience is key.

  605. Rebecca Kenderes

    Really trapped all my bugs within a few days!

  606. Jerry M

    I ordered this to help get rid of fungus gnats in my indoor garden. Set then out in various places in the soil as directed. It catches them as they emerge from the soil. Hopefully it will catch all before they lay eggs and restart their 3 week life cycle. A lot have been trapped already. At a minimum they will control the amount of gnats. Affordable if you do need to reorder.

  607. Hats

    These are easy to use, and they trap the flies and mosquitoes nicely and securely. Finally, I don’t see some bugs flying around my kitchen.

  608. Dani W.

    I had an infestation of gnats in my kitchen. I hung a few of these around the area they were most frequenting. It cleared them up within a week. I had tried using the apple cider vinegar method prior to purchasing these and it only seemed to make the issue worse. I’m glad I purchased these. Certainly did the trick!

  609. Dortha

    They worked

  610. tonytony

    I just love having plants in my house, but some plants come with gnats, and they are ANNOYING. So having these is great! These trappers get every one of the gnats without me putting some effort!

  611. Edwin

    Really works!!

  612. NYStarr

    I have had a little problem with these little flies in my plants and this little contraption worked like a charm. The seller was also great at reaching out to make sure I was pleased with the product as well.

  613. rachel

    Works very well.

  614. DSB

    I used these in a few houseplants that came to me riddled with fungus gnats ??I’ve bought several different traps and ended up pretty unhappy with the efficacy of the (at least half dozen) others. However, these by far are the stickiest and most effective for fungus gnats. So glad to – along with other measures – finally get a handle on these annoying little buggies!

  615. Cheyenne Marani

    Effective for catching fungus gnats in house plants!

  616. NVShootist

    Work as advertised!! Have trapped several nats on each plant. Still not completely gone but much fewer then before

  617. Rebecca Allen

    We like them and they work great! We eat a good bit of fruit and we use them for the fruit flies.

  618. John Zawislan

    The traps are very sticky, very pleasant odor of lemon but be careful handling them with bare hands. If you have cheap plastic gloves they do make things easier and cleaner.

  619. james oldham

    They work great controlling gnats etc. In my RV when camping

  620. Ralph Castanza

    I just put them up where we would see fruit flies.

  621. flywithbirds

    I have been using this product for a week now and am satisfied with the results. I use it in conjunction with Raid sticky window strips, that cost somewhat less, but are also effective. The yellow strips are most effective when used right at the source of the fly infestation.

  622. Pauline M. Jones

    product used for catching gnats. very effective.

  623. Loretta

    Perfect and did the job. Will buy again

  624. LM

    It really works. Simple “set it and forget it” solution.

  625. Walker

    I despise bugs, so living near a lake can get really annoying because there are a lot of weird bugs and insects you see everyday. This is why I got these trappers placed all around my home to them out of my house. There’s no ways I’m letting those spawns of the devil get inside my house. Yuck.

  626. Lisa Hodge

    These are amazing for nats and fruitflies catches them quick then you throw it away.

  627. Angela Grossnickle

    Gnat problem and we didn’t know what to do. Glad I saw this product on Amazon and tried it out. Works great! The photo was from a week. Butterfly shape looks cute in potted plants. I wouldn’t say the problem is solved completely, but a very noticeable difference in the number of gnats we are seeing throughout the house. We highly recommend others to buy and try Trappify!

  628. lynn h

    This worked well for gnats and flies.

  629. Linda Jackson

    Collecting gnats from plants

  630. Amazon Customer

    I did see a gnat flew to the sticker and really stick to it. I put 1 or 2 each pot that night I received the product and the next day I saw many gnats on them. It works, but after I watered the plants more gnats are flying around. I will see if the stickers work well after a little while.

  631. Kevin Akey

    If you are going to kill bugs, why not do it with a little pizzaz? Why settle for the boring rectangular sticky traps? The butterfly-shaped Trappify sticky traps work exceedingly well and solved my gnat problems on my porch plants. Plus they have the added benefit of being decorative! You can’t miss with Trappify! The gnats can either!

  632. Troy C.

    I did not expect much from the product when I placed it into one of my plants that had a gnat infestation. I went on vacation for two weeks after I installed the product. Upon my return, I noticed there were at least 40 to 50 gnats stuck on the trap. I didn’t even know there were that many gnats around the plant. Needless to say, it solved my gnat problem. I am very satisfied with my purchase.

  633. Sue

    I use it to catch the gnats from my acquarium of little snails. It works perfectly! I also hang one over my trash can and it catches any that go there.

  634. Ulala12

    Excellent seller and product works very very well! Great communication with seller as well, will buy again. Thank you!

  635. bayda asbridge

    They work! I placed them in the plant pots because that is where the fruit flies breed, and i saw many stuck to them.I still have some flying around me but i am hopeful that most of them will end up stuck to the sticky yellow butterflies.

  636. Amazon Customer

    Got the job done, had a lot of flies on our plant and it got all of them

  637. Alana

    I can’t ask for better trappers! Flies have been a problem for a while, so when I saw the feedback of this, I decided to try it out, and they did not disappoint. These are even better than regular fly traps!

  638. KWalker

    The traps come in a small box with everything you need to apply them in the houseplants soil. If you don’t use them all immediately, they store well inside the plastic sheath provided. The stickiness doesn’t fade, whether in the package or in the soil. I recommend wearing some disposable latex (or other) gloves when you are apply them, just for easy cleanup. Otherwise, washing hands with dish soap helps if you get the sticky resin on your fingers.

  639. Rose G.

    It got rid of the little insects!

  640. Maritza Torres

    This is great. By the next morning it was full of gnats.

  641. Michele L. Foster

    This product was exactly what I needed. Upon putting the sticky butterflies in each potted plant, they started to do their job! They are catching the gnats that were flying around my house plants. Good Job Trappify!

  642. PawPawMI

    Traps work as advertised. Super simple setup.

  643. Juli Miller

    Great product! I bought them out of desperation because everything else I tried had failed. Put one out to see how they work and boom flys with in minutes and the card was full the next morning.

  644. Parker Hannon

    I tried many home remedies and other products to get rid of the pesky gnats and nothing worked. I put 2 of these up and caught them all!

  645. RhiannaS

    I would see a fruit fly in my house, every now and then. I bought these to see if I could catch the ones I have seen. I put a couple of traps out and I was SHOCKED! I did not know I had that many! I was mortified! We have a garden and noticed that there were some fruit flies that came in with our harvest but I didn’t think I had THAT many. These things are amazing! They helped so much! Get them!!! You will not regret it.

  646. Amazon Customer

    These really work. Will be buying more.

  647. star

    I love this product. It really helps get rid of the gnats.

  648. JMF

    Works very good. Only thing better is if it attracted the fruit flies.

  649. Nitisha Walker

    Does the job.

  650. bluedolphin

    I am so in awe such an amazing sticky yellow piece that can attract those gnats. It works way better than the insect light that we bought $60. My husband even asks me where I got it, and if we knew about this product we wouldn’t waste the money on the light since the light doesn’t catch as many as this trappifly. Give it a few days to work.

  651. Moshi

    This is my most useful purchase yet, and it’s pretty obvious that I’m happy with these trappers. Removing gnats, flies, and mosquitoes just got a little easier!

  652. Kindle Customer

    These are doing a great job catching all the little gnats living around my indoor plants. Thanks!

  653. Amazon Customer

    Used our Trappify Stickey fruit fly trap the same day it came. It worked great Had fruit flys’sm from some old produce with s short time they where gone stuck to the trap. It works. Couldn’t be happier.

  654. Betty Wood

    Using the tool provided, it was so easy to place in my large potted plants. Product works great!

  655. Harmony

    Works fine

  656. Barb W

    These work great. Within a few hours of hanging one near my plants, I looked and it had caught quite a few gnats. Several days later, it’s still working and many more gnats are stuck to it. Great and easy solution to our gnat problem.

  657. Katie Daniel

    Absolutely awesome! Would definitely recommend.

  658. Nelly

    As you can see it really works disgusting little bugs inside my plant’s bed in the house within hrs the bugs trap was full make sure you use the apple cider vinegar and place after the bottom stem soak for a while in it I also pour some of the vinegar in the dirt so they can run towards the trap!

  659. M. Maffei

    It only took me one sticky butterfly to rid my plant of these pests. I knew which plant it was and placed the trap in it as instructed and within 4 days I had caught about 15 gnats and haven’t seen one since then. I am very happy with this product.

  660. Justin Green

    Collects all the nats

  661. Roman Valles

    Delivery person marked as handed to me directly, it was left on my door step. Otherwise goid product, works well.

  662. Nazira

    Used these to get rid of small gnats on indoor plants. They worked great. Got rid of all of them. It is a bit tricky to get them out of the packaging since they are so sticky.

  663. Veronika

    I have a decent amount of houseplants and I had a really bad fungus gnat problem, these work great at getting the little buggers!

  664. craig givens

    Gnats no more! Great product will buy more if need.

  665. Anon

    I’ve had these hanging out with a couple of my plants for a few days and they’ve killed so many of those pesky tiny flies! I love the cute butterfly design too. I’m always going to keep these in stock!


    The proof is in the photo. I have turtles and those pesky fruit flies invaded. No other products trapped them like Trappify!

  667. Halton

    The traps worked when nothing else did, saved me from getting rid of my plants

  668. Amazon Customer

    These were super super easy to use. Didn’t take more than an afternoon for the gnats to start to find it.

  669. Stacey Ricketts

    These have worked very well. Using apple cider vinegar with them attracts more fruit flies then the product traps them. Best product I have found.

  670. Jimmy Badgerton

    I would say that it did work to some degree. Not sure that its the most effective thing you can do for fruit flies but it did work in catching some of them.

  671. Carlos

    Does the trick

  672. A. Allen

    Don’t waste your time or money I didn’t catch a fly at all

  673. Audra W

    These things work wonders. I put one in the plant and hung one in the window. They are super sticky and easy to use.

  674. BougiePrincess

    Very easy to use!

  675. grandma of 7

    When I brought my plants in for the winter suddenly I had a very significant gnat problem. Frustrating and such a nuisance. So embarrassing when people were visiting our home. In desperation I decided to give this product a try. So glad I did. Placed them in my windows and near my plants. The first day we caught like 5 gnats, the second day more and more. We hardly ever see a gnat now. Problem solved. I will always keep a supply of these on hand from now on. I’m telling all my friends about them. Thank you Trappify

  676. Rig

    I was having so many problems with our garden because a lot of insects are roaming around and it was getting out of hand. We end up with ruined leaves and flowers. It’s a good thing there are insects traps and catchers like this product. Amazing!

  677. Amazon Customer

    We have fungus gnats and aphids that were driving us crazy and harming our cactus seedlings. We tried making our own traps with yellow tabs and petroleum jelly, didn’t work. We also tried spraying with hydrogen peroxide, didn’t work. I put in 4 traps and overnight this is what they caught. I put out the remaining from the package after seeing how well they did in less than 8 hours. Can’t wait for these to catch the gnats throughout their life cycles. Will definitely buy again if needed. The directions said to use oil and soap if you get any in your hands, and olive oil did the trick. Super sticky otherwise.

  678. Trips

    Some insect trapper doesn’t really trap the insects like it’s supposed to. It’s a complete waste of money. But the opposite is true for this product. No mosquitoes will make a mistake and enter our home any more thanks to this. This effectively traps them because the stickiness doesn’t decrease even after some time. High quality, indeed.

  679. Sheila

    Worked well, except no hooks in the box.

  680. Caitlin Sanderson

    These traps work very well when you place them into some sort of bait. I used apple cider vinegar, a wine bottle and a beer can. They have been very helpful in waging war on the fruit fly population that decided to take up residency after a bag of returnables went unnoticed. I also put a few into my indoor plants, but they are definitely more effective when placed in bait.

  681. Homeboy Gotcha

    These work amazing for gnats indoors! I’m not lying! I mean, they really are a “sticky trap” but they work. My tiny indoor experiment garden for flowers and herbs suddenly got overrun by gnats, a problem I had never experienced before. These are so cool.It’s a weirdly satisfying feeling walking up at the end of the day and seeing how many stuck to it. lol.I had them out for about four hours before the gnats decided to yeet themselves onto the sticky stuff, and by a week practically ALL of the gnats are gone!Super simple to use. Peel off the the pack, stick into soil near the plants plagued with gnats OR use the twist ties (two rigid plastic ties included) to hang them near a light or a window. Honestly, I just pulled them out of the ground by the part in the soil.I did get some sticky stuff on my hands once, and holy crap it is STICKY. Warm water and it comes right off. Even came off of my pants, just with warm water.Highly recommend for anyone who does gardening indoor/in a greenhouse!!!!

  682. Mike G

    I used it for gnats in our kitchen.

  683. terry reisiger

    I’ve been having a problem with gnats in my house…I bought Trappify…What a help! These are made by a small family company, who, will keep in touch with you…I placed them in several plant pots, within a few days, several gnats were caught…I’m still having a problem, so, I bought more…they really help!

  684. Theresa1 A.

    This is the most effective way to trap nasty fruit flys. I’ve tried them all and this is definitely the best solution. Works 100% of the time.

  685. Amazon Customer

    I seriously love these things. They really help capture adult fungus gnats in my houseplants. I have one in about every pot at this point. Fungus gnats are horrible and impossible to get rid of, but these traps plus a hydrogen peroxide soil rinse really makes a huge difference. Watering with the hydrogen peroxide kills the larvae, and these sticky traps kill the adults.One of these traps really goes a long way. The gnats keep sticking to them so I don’t have to change them too often. Only complaint is it’s tough to get the trap situated in the soil without getting some of the sticky glue on your hands. Otherwise, love love these, just bought my second 25-pack!

  686. Rachel Thomas

    Great to capture those pesky gnats in your plants! I’m trying my best to get rid of the gnats and have modified my plants soil and used a sand top layer followed by a mulch layer. These sticky traps are an extra precaution in hopes to get rid of them entirely.

  687. Bib

    Stickiness is perfect, and after just minutes of putting one on my planets, it already caught a lot! These are way better than fly papers. They are more effective and more presentable!

  688. Ashley Prince

    Works effectively!! It’s very sticky just use the tools that come with it.

  689. Amazon Customer

    This is a wonderful product that is working great. But I have a cautionary tale of user error; I have long hair and often bend over my plants to inspect them, when I forget to tie my hair back and it falls forward and gets stuck to these little sticker guys! The stickiness comes out really easily with goo gone and shampoo, and obviously this is not the fault of this great product. I just wanted to warn others to not get caught in the trap like me and the flies!

  690. tlanden

    We were wondering where all the gnats in the house were coming from in November. We found an old bag of onions and we do have plants in the house. We ordered these and hung a few in the kitchen and living room. Within 2 days, they were all gone. Great, easy to use, and have some left over (in case we find another bag of old food!) Highly recommend!

  691. Kyle

    These honestly work so well! I’ve tried tons of different products and they gravitated to these sticky traps like crazy! Awesome product I love it, may just subscribe!

  692. Abby

    I ended up with an annoying fungus gnat infestation in some of my houseplants. I got these traps from Trappify and Bonide Systemic Houseplant Insect Control and they were gone within a day.The traps look really cute actually, I like the butterfly design! Be aware that the glue will almost certainly get on your hands when setting them up, so be prepared to get a little sticky setting up the traps. I was careful about what I touched when I noticed my hands were sticky so as not to spread the stick, and it washed off pretty easily with soap and water when I was done.

  693. kelly murray

    These are great, work exactly as you’d expect them to. VERY sticky!

  694. Dallas

    These are my most favorite traps ever. They are especially great for potted plants, I can simply jab them into the soil and watch them collect flies.

  695. Jessica Barndollar

    Amazing! If you have hose annoying little bugs that just won’t leave tour plants alone you need these! They work great even if they get wet. Would buy again.

  696. Renee

    I tried another brand but these are superior in their stickiness and effectiveness! Will purchase again… Only problem-they are indeed super sticky. Kind of hard to use without getting sticky yourself. Use caution.

  697. Daidre

    These worked incredibly well! I hope I never have to order these again but should the situation arise, I’ll coming right back to get these! Great product!

  698. Kindle Customer

    After buying a plant with fruit flies/gnat like things, I bought these. They are easy to use and they are working great. I placed them directly in the planter, using no lure like apple cider vinegar. There are a few stragglers but I’m really happy.

  699. Danny und Beck

    Great product! These work better than the products where you add liquid to draw the gnats to them and they last longer! My husband and I recently had a gnat infestation from produce brought into our home, and the Trappify hangers finally finished the buggers off!

  700. Sam

    Great traps!

  701. LieJu

    These butterfly traps are very fun to use, especially in our garden. Whenever my kids are outside, they watch how different insects are trapped. It’s like science. They observe and conclude what’s going to happen next. So cool!

  702. C. A. Gary

    Using this to remove fruit flies from my apartment

  703. Amazon Customer

    Easy to use. The bottom arrowhead part is not sticky, so you just grab there to pull one off the stack (like a post it note). I put in all my house plants. You barely notice them. Very sticky.

  704. Joseph Connolly

    Works great bugs go right to product

  705. Spring

    These trappers are so worth the purchase! Our home has a tendency to have a lot of flies and mosquitoes at times, and these “butterflies” keep our home bug-free!

  706. Amber S.

    Works very well. Will order again if needed in the future

  707. Louise

    If you have houseplants, this is definitely a must! These trappers get flies and gnats lurking around plants effortlessly, and it’s great that these have hooks included.

  708. Phoenix Ei Transportation INC

    We have a few indoor plants in our office and have lots of gnats. This product has helped in catching the gnats as they hatch!

  709. jillery!!!

    using as a rest from ACV and water covered by plastic with holes in it….

  710. Cloe

    Worked wonders. Even the next day almost all of the gnats were gone. Would definitely recommend!!

  711. Picking-sha

    It’s been a while since we spent time at our beach house, and flies and mosquitoes are everywhere. Thank God I decided to buy this sticky trap a week before the get-together. It was awesome!

  712. bradley morris

    woks on fruit flyes

  713. VaBeachChic

    Great product

  714. Rootedinplants

    Does exactly as advertised, so far it’s caught several fungus gnats on indoor plants.

  715. Jessica

    This ended up not working for me, but the seller was great about issuing a refund. I wouldn’t use it for gnats, because that’s what I had in my house.

  716. Four State Flipper

    Well it is basically just fly paper, and I don’t notice that it really attracts gnats. The only real Advantage is there not as ugly has the fly paper strips. If you put them in an area where the gnats are pretty heavy it’ll catch a good amount.

  717. Donna Simmons

    Worked aweaome. Took care of the gnat problem in some of my plants.

  718. JG3

    These in a cup with 1 inch of apple cider vinegar will get rid of gnats for a month! It’s the only way I have been able to keep gnats out of my kitchen this year. Amazing and thank you!

  719. tmichelle92

    These work great. I find they work best with ACV/dish soap traps and the trap placed inside. I also used these for my potted indoor plants and they were helpful, just be sure that you don’t get the adhesive too close to any of the leaves because it will tear them off when removing.

  720. ShoppingGeek

    We had an infestation of little drain flies (or whatever they are called) in our kitchen. I set one up near the drain and it did a great job of catching them. I also set one up in my study (near the kitchen) and it caught those. After a week or so, we quit seeing them flying around, took down the traps and haven’t seen any since.I see that some people say they don’t work. Don’t know what to tell you. They worked great for me.

  721. Shandra

    I had a major gnat infestation in my home office where my house plants are. After a week, the gnats were gone and the traps were full!The traps are also cute butterfly shaped.

  722. Jordan L.

    These are great! They come with a scraper to get them off of each other, (they are packaged stuck together in plastic) and little metal hooks for if you want to hang them up. I just put one in a cup of apple cider vinegar and every single fruit fly in my kitchen and lizard cage stuck to them and are no longer a problem.

  723. Natalie H Faulkner

    Wow I’ve caught a lot of fungus gnats with this! Just make sure you’re using gloves ANY time you handle it. If you even slightly tough it, it takes several washes to get it off your hands (which they do mention…). Great product though. Highly recommend.

  724. AR

    Awesome product and worked so well!!

  725. Destiny

    This is the only product that worked to actually eliminate drain gnats. Works immediately and continues to work until it’s completely covered. Gross but helpful!

  726. Amazon Customer

    Worked well

  727. Miles

    A quick way to kill mosquitoes! We just put these where the insects usually fly around, and the trappers certainly get most of them. We no longer feel the need to spray insecticides since there are fewer bugs flying around.

  728. lorraine bigler

    These are great very sticky an work fabulously, I’ll definitely order them again

  729. doug prendergast

    This is a great item ,I used this for my houseplants and worked like a charm it took the gnats away from my plant. will buy again ! If you love your houseplants its worth it!

  730. Eleanor OBrien

    This product is easy to use and really works! I had a major gnat problem, but these slick little traps helped right away. I ordered more to keep them away. They arrived quickly with a follow up email from the friendly seller that included extra tips and tricks. So glad I found this! ?

  731. Lauren Orosco

    Very sticky

  732. Karen Myers

    Highly effective and easy to use!

  733. William G.

    We purchased this product because of a fruit fly issue. We put several traps out in the evening and by morning they were covered with fruit flies! They are also kind of cute for a fly trap. Thank you!

  734. not that tom

    Gnats, beware!


    Good product

  736. Ann Ellertsen

    If it gets on your hands, easy to remove. My basil plant attracts flies, so I stuck this in the dirt, and it catches everything! To remove, I pull it out with a paper towel.

  737. james potts

    It works every flying thing gets stuck

  738. Bella

    Bought for my mom. Seems to work.

  739. Juliano

    I’ve used one of these before but not as effective as this one. This trap hates everything that flies, and it’s a good thing for a meticulous person like me. Perfect!

  740. Dee

    These things were covered in them in no time! They really helped us out until we found the breeding source.

  741. Joy

    I was having a really bad problem with gnats. I tried vinegar and wine. I got rid of my fruit but nothing was working. I saw this product on Amazon and ordered it. I used the suggestion to put vinegar in a cup (the small red Dixie cups worked perfect) then sit the Trappify sticky side up in the cup. I sat them in several places throughout the house and within an hour there were gnats on all of them. It’s been several days and I still see an occasional gnat but mostly all are gone. Awesome product

  742. Alf

    Was hoping these were a little longer than they are and wish they had a longer hook but other than that, they have worked like a charm. I ended up with gnats due to some tomatoes going bad and I had a swarm. Was using a solution to trap them but each morning, they met me. I placed an apple cider solution in a plastic cup, set the trappify traps in the cup and watched the gnats get stuck. I even set a cup on the floor by the cat’s litter box and what didn’t fall in the cup stuck to the trap. I placed them in 3 places and if the gnats hit the trap, they stuck. You really need something to hang high and low, so I had to improvise. Good bargain for the price and simple to use.

  743. Ramsey Pharaoh

    This thing is awesome. It doesn’t seem like it but it literally caught like 20 flies for each piece. I didn’t realize how many I had in the house. It definitely did the job. I popped it in a cup of apple cider too and it added some extra to help bringing them down

  744. very satisfied

    I don’t usually take the time to write reviews, but let me tell you, these things work. But, you must make a dish of apple cider vinegar and Dawn dish liquid (the blue one), and put the non-sticky arrow into the dish. The mixture draws the fruit flies/gnats in and then when they go to fly away, they get stuck. Sometimes the fruit flies will make their way into the dish and drown in the liquid, but not that often. I had about 20 of those little suckers annoying the heck out of me and I caught them all! I forgot to say that I put two dishes in the living room, two in the kitchen, and one in my bedroom. Get these and you won’t be sorry.

  745. Beverly C.

    Neat little stickies. Work well, great with the hooks. Would by again. A+

  746. Kraused

    I have these traps all over the house, in the kitchen, living room, and bedroom. I also installed lots of them in the garden. Making sure that my plants are safe and sound, lol.

  747. douglas howard grogin


  748. Harold Erickson

    We like this cute little bug catcher.It worked very quickly and caught a lot of those pesky little flying critters. My wife says they are cute. Works for me.

  749. R. Hall

    As advertised. Free shipping. I got it in a couple days. Seller very appreciative.

  750. Jeanne

    Admittedly, I apparently did not have a HUGE infestation of gnats inside my house, but these have definitely done the trick within hours. Set up in a cup of apple cider vinegar….it works. Very happy with the effectiveness of this product.

  751. JW

    Best product I’ve used for fruit flies. This is great if you have some flying around. You can just wave it in their general direction and it will stick to them. The adhesive is very strong.It didn’t do much in terms of attracting fruit flies, but just placing a couple around the kitchen enabled us to get rid of all our fruit flies within a week.

  752. Holly Rivers

    Theses work great!

  753. nancy Russo

    Does everything that was promised

  754. Laurensea

    Noticed a growing number of little flies after getting a new house plant – it’s been grossly satisfying watching the butterfly fill up with dead flies.

  755. Shannon Fetters

    Overnight, these little gnats overrun mykitchen annothing seemed to put a dent in their population. I got tired of leaving cups of vinegar everywhere so I lookedfor some other way. These traps caught my eye because they didn’t use and chemicals and were kinda cute. They are packaged nice and easy to just peeloff and use. The hanging hooks are awesome. One week later and the gnats are pretty much gone. These work great!

  756. Lambs

    I put one of this near my fruit tray to keep fruit flies away. I also have some near our windows to keep mosquitoes and other insects out of the house. So far, so good. No bug invasion has happened lol.

  757. Jay

    Wanted something to catch the “gnats”/fruit flies that seem to come out of nowhere (!) that like the tomatoes from my garden ( I had them on the counter). Per the suggestions accompanying the traps, I put a sticky trap down in a glass to which I added a few teaspoons of apple cider vinegar (and added a couple tiny pieces of tomato). Within minutes, I had caught a few “customers”! Caught quite a few more in the next few days; will leave it out a while longer, although I’m not seeing them around any more. I’m pleased with how this worked for me.

  758. Ericka Erickson

    First of all, fungus gnats WILL be the death of me. I have been using hydrogen peroxide, neem, garden insecticide spray etc.all of those killed eggs, but these little traps were the last step I needed to trap adults and monitor progress. Easy to use, very sticky, not too big, great! Would highly recommend

  759. Ashley

    Great product and it works!!!

  760. Emily

    Our house was becoming overrun by fruit flies and none of the homemade traps were working. These traps solved the problem in 24 hours! See my photo for a recommendation for getting the flies to go near the trap. I put a little apple cider vinegar and sugar in a beer bottle and put the traps inside the mouth of the bottle. Immediately we caught flies, and in a day’s time, we had pretty much caught them all. Highly recommend this product!

  761. Barbara Arnett

    Very sticky! Better to not get on your hands. It’s kind of hard to get off. Tiny fungus gnats were very attracted and stuck. Works great!

  762. zambi44

    I had hundreds of gnats living around my ficus tree and now I have zero gnats. These traps worked great and are adorable. It did take several weeks to eliminate all of the gnats because they continue to lay eggs. I placed 4 traps in the soil and they slowly filled up. I didn’t want to use chemical sprays.

  763. susans

    works great. we were invaded by fruit flies. they love this product. ha ha

  764. Carol Van Leer

    I had lots of tiny flying gnats and didn’t know where they came from, but they were hanging around my kitchen sink and would be attracted to light. I bought this and stuck two into a peach I put in a cup with some water and dish soap to nearly cover the peach. It took a couple of days, but no more gnats. It worked great. I recommend this product.

  765. Pandarus33

    These seem to be far more water repellent than most sticky traps and they are 10 times cuter than the yellow rectangles on a wooden stick. Personally, I have found that they seem to last longer than the Gnat traps and don’t have the problem of a stick degrading or the entire trap getting so soggy that it no longer catches anything. I’m definitely buying these again!

  766. love2bass

    Was very easy to use.. Flies even stuck with feet only.Very effective.. Put one in high traffic areas.. Kiiled 90% so far almost gone!

  767. Kristen Hawkins

    Works great. Caught many gnats right away

  768. Reby

    I have an allergy with pesticides and insecticides, which is why I would instead use this. It’s cool though how it can be put in different places. You can stick it in a wall, or hang it in pots, or let it stand in the soil. You can practically put it anywhere you like to prevent a bug invasion from your home. Mine is now safe.

  769. Izzy O’Donnell

    There were no gnat survivors in my plants and I’m happy about it. You for sure need these even if you think you only have a couple buggies because I bet there’s more than ya think.

  770. Sheila C

    I didn’t realize my fruit fly problem was at epic proportions. They were in every room of the house. After trying my own home-made traps the problem was getting worse. I read the reviews and used the advise of the manufacturer.After a week I am happy to say they are gone!I set one out in each room, including bathrooms, and the traps were attracting them right away.Thanks for a great product.

  771. S. Warfield

    These very sticky fruit fly traps work like a charm. Fruit flies have been bad this summer, so I had to find something to control them. Each trap is a yellow sticky trap with a pointed end that is easily put in flower pots, garbage disposal areas, or anyplace where the little flies like to socialize. I put one in a cactus pot, and two days later both sides are full of fruit flies. They really work and are much better than a fly strip hanging in the kitchen. I keep all foods put away.

  772. Yolanda Townsend

    These cute little traps were easy to use, the flies stuck right to them and being able to use them in my plants was a big help also.

  773. Amazon Customer

    We recently had an infestation of small (fruit ?) flys on my side of the office where I had quite a few house plants. Our office manager put one of the Trappify bug traps at one of the plants and a day later it was covered with the little fellows. I immediately went to Amazon and ordered 2 packages. We put these all over the office and the little bugs are no longer a nuisance. Best of all we didn’t have to go around and spray pesticides on all the plants, a real Health plus.

  774. Kindle Customer

    This product was purchased because our plants got bugs and we were having a hard time eradicating them. This work great! We put them in the planters themselves and they catch all the little flies that are in the dirt before they can fly out. I highly recommend them if you have a bug problem.

  775. Autumn Carter

    We tried everything! Apple cider vinegar mixture, soap mixtures….every DIY solution but we were still swatting knats that were coming from the plants. My Lil sister told me about these and i bought them immediately. They are a life saver!

  776. Monica

    I love these! Gnats stick to them and its great wish it came with more ties and things to hang

  777. Joner

    I’m not too fond of the smell of pesticides. I get dizzy even with the smallest sniff of it. So I started using this bug traps, and I prefer this over any pesticide or insecticide there is. It’s much safer for everyone.

  778. Brad K

    Five stars because for home use I’ve tried all, concoctions needing apple cider vinegar, bowl with wrap over mixtures that one puts pinholes in. Many….not a one effective. Here at work, we have major fruit fly infestation. Purchased pack of 25. After two days ordered two more packs. The arrow side does not have adhesive, the butterfly is glued…which simply do your best to avoid….otherwise you’ll need a good hand washing. Earlier today we replaced the ones that were filled w/ fruit flies, image is of what was caught in one office since fresh one put on earlier.We used paperclips as hangers, and in most cases simply taped bottom arrow to where we knew the flies tended to swarm at. Sticky works…..others, well don’t waste your time/money….this product works. Certainly not pleasant to have them, let alone working and seeing latest fly stuck….yet better they are on glue stick then landing on food, desk…etc. We did place orange rinds underneath or near the ones we put in place. Just a tip….rinds perhaps offer added value.

  779. Dennis Tisdale

    Works very well in trapping gnats that are flying around. I hung above a glass half filled with apple cider vinegar (see picture). Used a banana holder to hold the trap above the glass.

  780. C Davis

    I live in the country and haul my own garbage which means it sits in a garbage can in my garage for weeks. Opening it to the disgusting bugs was awful. Now I hang these inside the can and the majority get caught and can’t fly in my face when I open the lid. They came packaged nicely and were delivered promptly. I’ll be ordering them again when these run out.

  781. Netlines

    I live near a pond or a lake (I’m not sure what it’s called lol sorry), so mosquitoes and other bugs are very evident. I bought these and stuck it near our windows. Insects haven’t been bothering me ever since.

  782. MBU

    Cute, easy and effective

  783. redroxx

    Fungus gnats- so gross. And what can you do? Use bug spray?Literally my cats hang out right next to the plants.These little Trappify miracles essentially saved my potted violets- the gnats loved them most and I was ready to sacrifice them to the insect gods.No photos bc I couldn’t throw the dead bugs away fast enough, but trust me, we are bug free now with many sticky yellow Trappify butterflies left over.

  784. Edwin

    Very messy to handle.

  785. W. Smith

    When I first set these traps out I thought they weren’t going to work. After an hour not a single fly was on any of my traps. I decided to leave them overnight and as you can see from the picture they worked great.I think the secret to using these traps is time. The first fly to land on one of them attracts other flies like frat boys to a kegger. Over a couple of days dozens will follow.I would definitely recommend them for fruit flies. The only other advice I would give is to move them around if they are not working well. One of my traps out of five caught nothing. Apparently the plant it was under repelled fruit flies.

  786. Busy Prof

    I’ve had a pretty serious fruit fly problem this year and when one flew up my nose, I decided it was time to act. For the price, these seemed like a reasonable gamble. Very easy to use out of the box. They’re glued together in a pad like sticky notes and the full pad is covered in plastic so you can peel off as many as you need and leave the others for another day. I chose the cup method and placed them where I most often see the fruit flies. Because it’s a non-chemical treatment, I expected to have to wait several days to see results, but I must have picked good spots because the number of fruit flies dropped dramatically in the first 24 hours.

  787. Madame Mermaid

    I’ve been having a gnat infestation that has spread throughout my entire home. I have lots of houseplants and the gnat issue has gotten out of control. These traps have been the only thing that has helped. I’ve tried many of the other remedies to kill gnats with no luck. I’ll be purchasing more of these traps to keep my house gnat free.

  788. Momma Mia

    We did not have much success until we use the apple cider vinegar at that point within 5 minutes we were catching them left and right literally caught like 12 within a two minute period of using the apple cider vinegar in 5 different cups with about 1 inch of apple cider vinegar in each cup. the gnats were quite worrisome so we are very pleased with this product and proud to support a US company:)

  789. Kath

    Would like more metal rods for hanging

  790. J. Foote

    Works well. Do not touch with your hands as it is super sticky.

  791. Amazon Customer

    Repeat customer. These work great. They really keep the Gnat population down. I can either hang them or put them in the dirt in my houseplants. And to me and my asthma, the most important thing is they have no smell and let off no harmful VOCs that I can detect.

  792. Amazon Customer

    This is a great product. It worked for me EXTREMELY well. I used it as directed and used it in conjunction with an attractant, in my case apple cider vinegar, and it worked flawlessly. Fruit flies were trapped and disposed of efficiently and safely. Thank you TRAPPIFY.

  793. Susan

    I have been having a problem with gnats and have not found the source yet. In the meantime, I bought these and they are wonderful at attracting the gnats. It was a very short amount of time, after I put one up, that there were gnats stuck to it. Very happy with the purchase.

  794. Connie Bowsher

    I liked that these traps do work and catch the gnats, like it said it would. As you can see by the pictures it caught quite a few. Just put the trap in a room you know the gnats are in and wait a few days. You’ll see a lot less.

  795. Heather

    Buy these now if you have a fruit fly problem!!! Bought some apples and bananas and next thing you know BOOM fruit fly invasion. After many diy traps I finally went to amazon to help my sanity and found these bad boys. I find that the flies LOVE wine as much as the next gal so I taped them to wine cups and bam 24 hours later and they are almost completely gone! Worth every penny!

  796. Timothy Warner

    it does as advertised. once they touch these traps they are stuck, literally.

  797. Christina O.

    This product was easy to use and the trap/ cider vinegar combo worked well! Would definitely recommend this!

  798. Dawn Grillo

    This product does the job. Much more attractive than hanging fly strips. You simply insert the bottom stake of the sticky cutout into the soil of your plant. There is a small flat spoon-like tool included with the sticky traps that you can use to create a space in your potting soil. There are also several coated wires included so you can hang the traps as well. Some reviews complained about the stickiness but isn’t that point? You want them to be sticky. This is the second time I’ve ordered the Trappify sticky insect catchers.

  799. Jenysu

    I knew I had bugs….. but never dreamed I had this many Bugs! I love the yellow butterflies around my house and they are getting rid of my pests without pesticides. How Clever! A Great company. I’ll always have these around.

  800. barbara

    so glad it is safe for animals. very easy to use. i had little gnats/ fruit flies around my sink area worked great to get them i put it in a plant by my kitchen window. no chemical smell. doesnt look like a fly trap. perfect to use in my house as we have cats

  801. wtjmklein

    I don’t usually review but this is a great product if you have a countertop compost container. I hang one on the handle and slip one inside the lid. Amazing way to hide and catch the fruit flies. Love this product. Works perfectly.

  802. Laurentiff


  803. Penkay

    These work great in the sink area. They have caught a lot of gnats! They however do not get rid of them. You will need to use some other form of treatment for that. These are really unsightly when they are full of the gnats but no more so that having gnats in your food , drinks or flying around your face. They are sticky so be careful getting it on other things. I would purchase them again.

  804. W8N4Singularity

    These worked great! I used apple cider vinegar as the attrictant and was pretty much gnat free after about 3 days.

  805. Megan Kay

    Works great and has caught some fruit flies already.

  806. The Crochet Kitty

    I put ACV in a glass by my sink and within a few hours, I had caught several drain flies!!! This picture is from 4 days !! So gross, but effective!!

  807. S G

    Loved this product and will be buying again. Was having trouble trapping the fruit flies with vinegar. With this, they all got stuck and died preventing eggs from being laid.

  808. MzDreadlock

    Great fly catcher and look nice in plant pots

  809. ShopwithTara

    These are great! The seller even includes clear instructions and recommendations for use. They are super sticky and the product is difficult to wash from hands (think tree sap) so remove and place with care. A pair of disposable gloves wouldn’t be a bad idea if you’re placing a lot of them.The pointy ends were easy to drive into the soil around my potted plant that was infested with fungus gnats. This all natural trick caught two flies before I was even done placing the three traps I used. I used the enclosed hooks to hang one from the stems of my plant.By the end of the first evening I’d caught 3 dozen gnats. They work so fast. And they remain sticky. I’m still using the same three traps a week later and they’re still catching gnats!

  810. Michael J. Olson

    This works very well and didn’t even bait them. I just put them near the foods they liked.

  811. Gary

    We were infested with gnats / fruit flys that had made a home in one of our plants. Putting these down in the soil quickly captured them and was rid in four to five days

  812. FlowerChild

    Easy to use sticky traps that work! I simply inserted the traps into my orchids where there was an infestation of fungus gnats. As you can see in the photo, after just a couple of days the traps were covered in gnats! Follow the directions and keep your fingers off the butterfly which is the sticky part. If you do get some on your hands, simply wash off with warm water and soap. Highly recommended!

  813. Piercing

    Not bad for a cheap sticky trapper. We put 4 inside the house and they got most of the flies and mosquitoes in one night! I will buy these again if needed.

  814. Janet Sedlar

    These traps are easy to use (just be careful to hold them by the pointy stem so as not to get glue on yourself) and they do catch fruit flies if properly placed. However, don’t expect them to catch large numbers of insects right away. It took me a few days to see results. FYI, the glue is not toxic for cats! My kitty got one of them stuck to her fur, which was very scary to me because I was afraid she’d lick the glue and poison herself, but the seller assured me there is no danger to pets. Whew!!

  815. K. Billiter

    Hands down these are saving my life! I had a fruit fly problem and nothing was working. I bought these on a whim and in minutes my first bug was nabbed. After a day or so the thing was full. A pack lasts several weeks after the initial killing off.

  816. Kaleb Bryant

    I like these and they’re working but the hooks and how you have to hang these are a little tedious. Overall they’re worth the money

  817. Ali

    Product looks and works as described. Would purchase again.

  818. Christina L. Nogueira

    This product was easy to use, buttfly looks cute hanging with my hanging plants. Will buy again if. I need to !!

  819. JBC

    They are quite sticky. The tool that comes with them helps to separate them. The little wire hooks are great. Better than some other brand I tried that only included twist ties.

  820. Brian

    I’m happy with these butterflies, they do the trapping unexpectedly well. These could be very handy when someone forgot to close the screen door and let all the mosquitoes in.

  821. Annie Paschal

    Use traps one at a time instead of multiple in one area.

  822. Gail

    For a cheap price, I could easily get rid of the mosquitoes that are flying around my home! A “butterfly” could trap a lot of mosquitoes so I think this 12pcs pack could last.

  823. Peter & Savannah Hulce

    I hung a couple by themselves, and they didn’t catch a single fly. I then put a little jar of apple cider vinegar under the traps to attract the fruit flies, and it worked wonderful!

  824. Jeniffer Caraballo

    Great item!Caught s all these little flying bugs around my plants.Will buy more in the future.Came in great condition.Fast shipping.Love the item.Thank You

  825. marta Rodriguez

    Worked perfect for nats.. mosquitoes… small bugs … and flys

  826. Leo J. Mangini

    Loved this product, worked better than I anticipated, used it in containers of my plants.

  827. Janice E.

    I put the base in a little bud vase and set it on the windowsill in the kitchen. I don’t have a bad fruit fly problem, but I didn’t want it to get worse, I see a few on the butterfly already, and I don’t see more than one or two flying around. Seems to be working well.

  828. NailCrushASMR6260

    I Had to open this pack while signing for my package because i had been trying to get rid of these things for 2 weeks. I had been having luck with apple cider vinegar but there were some that wouldn’t take the bait. Low and behold a hour after putting these up , the photo is the end result . I had also went around slapping the gnat with the trap because it’s sturdy and sticky enough to catch them in mid flight. I got my apartment back ! The best $10 i ever spent !

  829. nelson Gomez

    It catches them before they multiply ??

  830. connor keane

    Does exactly what i need it to do

  831. Bill L.

    I have never written a review. But this product had conflicting reports. Took a chance. SUPER happy. Fruit flies gone. No nasty chemicals or mess to clean up. Looks nice in my plant from my preschooler.

  832. Amazon Customer

    These bug traps are really sticky and collect a lot of bugs that live in the dirt in flower pots.

  833. Charity Grubbs

    We were having an issue with fruit flies in our kitchen. I poured some red wine vinegar in a plastic disposable cup and then stuck the fly trap down into the cup. It fit perfectly. If the flies flew into the cup they were instantly stuck.

  834. Smithgang

    Well these sure did the trick! I’m not sure if they smell sweet or something but I put them inside my concoction of vinegar, water, sugar, and dish soap (with rotting fruit). It sure got rid of a lot of them! However, it’s pretty impossible not to get ur hands sticky, but olive oil and soap gets it off. I want them to send a little plastic grabber with it so i don’t have to deal with it on my hands, most annoying part. Basically just watched them torture themselves to escape, it was a good time for the amount of hell they’ve caused me this week.

  835. Paula Anderson

    Works well! In one week of use, all but 2 or 3 of the hundreds of fruit flies are pasted on the yellow butterfly. Also vaseline removes its stickiness, if you touch it.

  836. Michael


  837. Vincent Aviles

    Started working the same day, couldn’t be happier. These fruit flies were becoming a problem. Thank you.

  838. satisfied customer

    Love this product so much that after buying a small pack, I promoted and shared with an acquaintance. Then I bought more! Really works well for gnats in the soil!

  839. Aaron

    The product is easy to use, and works like it should work. It’s worth the money

  840. Ryder

    These have been working quite well, i must say. Thanks!

  841. Giesecke Family

    I use this with my indoor plants and have caught all sorts of little gnats that hang out when I place water in my plants. It is easy to use and remove. I simply used the trap as is, didn’t hang it with the catcher and it works just as well. It has lasted with me placing water into the soil. Added this to my subscription as well and it prime ships.

  842. Meierer

    We get fruit flies in our kitchen towards the end of each summer and have tried a variety of things to get rid of them. We put one Trappify out and it was covered in a couple hours. We threw that one out and put another one out that caught the remaining flies over the next few days. We threw that one out and haven’t seen a single fly since and that was two weeks ago. If I could rate this product 10 stars, I would.

  843. mandayo

    Had a HORRIBLE fruit fly infestation. This resolved it in less than 3 days.

  844. Amazon Customer

    This product works well. I just swatted it around and caught over 40 fruit flies in a matter of minutes.Even days later, the same traps work.Would be nice if it was able to lure the insects as well.Will buy again.

  845. Jen Miller

    I tape them to the top of my kitchen trash can and it works great for catching gnats!

  846. Alex Conover

    Very sticky cards that will trap any insect that comes their way.

  847. JOYCE C

    after fighting fruit flies for two weeks, I turned to Amazon. I found these. they seem to lack pesticides, but the “stickiness” worked well. Within 3 days I was fruit fly free.

  848. maegan roby

    Did the trick

  849. Altria

    Truly worth the purchase if you are dealing with flies or gnats, plus these could trap even big-ass flies. These do their job quite well and there’s not much to complain about. Just a tip though: wear gloves when you dispose of these because they can be full of insects.

  850. Kimberley pipher

    We have gnats in our basement these are amazing! Very sticky !

  851. soon hee han

    I like it.

  852. Dgm

    We had gnats invade our travel trailer and needed something that we could hang out of our pets reach. These were the perfect solution without having harsh chemicals that our pet could get into to.

  853. Amazon Customer

    Brought to catch fruit flies

  854. Lydia Hutchens

    I bought these on my husbands account and these are flippin fantastic. This gnat infestation weve been dealing with for months and within at most 5 hours they are nearly all gone!! I set them up when I got home from work and then I had to be out the door again. Within the short minutes I had to get changed and out the door, these traps had already caught around 10 gnats each! And in the pictures is what you see after 5 hours! I didnt know we had so many!!! THANK YOU!!!Use it with apple cider vinegar for more potency!!!!

  855. Lugs

    These are the star of my kitchen now. Flies in the kitchen has been my problem for a very long time but now, these traps got rid of them. They are very sticky and can catch approximately 10-15 flies in my case. I’m planning to put this in the garden to reduce the number of moths there.

  856. Natasha

    My husband decided to put some plants inside the house and because of that decision, there are gnats everywhere! It’s annoying but I just can’t get rid of the plants and if I do, the gnats will still be in my house. I bought this in hopes that the gnats will stick on this and thankfully, they did! No need for insecticides and my house is now almost free from darn gnats.

  857. Pam

    These are now my new favorite trappers plus they bugs stay in place thanks to its very sticky surface. I love how reliable these are and they surely made me feel secure that there won’t be flies that will mess up the food that I serve to my family.

  858. Elizabeth Ann Molleker

    Used them for a fungus gnat problem and they worked great!

  859. samantha

    Basic sticky traps but they definitely work

  860. Amazon Customer

    It works perfectly. I placed it in a Mason jar that was half full with water and apple cider vinegar. I made the mistake of leaving fruits behind while going on a 2 weeks vacation. Ugh, gnats were everywhere!! Within 3 days after putting these out, 90% of the gnats were gone. Love it.

  861. Yesha

    My indoor plants have gnats flying over them and it’s getting annoying but thankfully these sticky things do their job well. The gnats are almost gone and all I did was put one sticky butterfly on each plant.

  862. William F. Leffert

    Around this time of year the gnats get pretty thick, and they always manage to get inside the house. I got sick of waiting for them to fly into a fly trap, so I tried this.. And it works perfect. Hung it on a lamp in the living room, and within a few hours there were a few already on it. 24 hours later and I haven’t seen another gnat except for the collection just one of these is accumulating.Definitely worth the purchase. A bit of a pain to set up without getting the sticky crap on you, but not a big deal and still worth it.

  863. SmoochyDucks

    I had a gnat problem with my office plants and I got these to try and help. Two days later, I see 10 gnats on the yellow butterfly thing and no gnats flying around anywhere else. These clearly are doing the job. Great product.

  864. Gauge

    These are excellent fly traps to keep around in my house and they don’t cost that much which is a huge pro for an on-the-budget-mom like me. These work as advertised and they certainly get a lot of flies.

  865. Christina S.

    These traps are perfect to get rid of those nasty black flies flying around the houseplants. It is easy and cheap. I love them!!

  866. vb1993

    This works as advertised. I put a trap in two indoor pots using the little scoop that was included to slice the soil so the trap could easily push into the potting soil. Within two days the traps caught a bunch of gnats. After 5 days there were only a couple of gnats flying around that I could see. It caught more gnats than I thought were around. It doesn’t smell and is a nice shape so it looks like a decoration. I like the option to be able to hang the trap if I want, too. Well worth the money to get rid of the pesky gnats.

  867. Amy A Angle

    Summer is the season for fresh garden produce which can result in fruit flies. Trappify works great to eliminate and control those nasty little gnats.

  868. Megan S.

    After fighting various bugs in my greenhouse and garden, I was ready to give up on organic gardening. That is, until I found out about these yellow sticky traps from Trappify! I simply place them at the base of my plants and my problems with bugs is eliminated! I am so glad that I was able to find an organic solution to my problems before turning to chemicals. I read on the box that they also can be used as a fruit fly trap, gnat trap, and fungus gnat trap so I decided to put a few in my kitchen to see if they catch those pesky little bugs around my garbage disposal….SUCCESS!I am a clean freak that is creeped out by bugs, but I don’t like using chemicals if I don’t have to. Trappify has been an answer to my prayers. I also like that it is a small family business based in the US and is veteran owned. Way to go Trappify!

  869. Valerie J. Matias

    Product works great! Light but sturdy. Attracting lots of gnats!

  870. Gustavo Pérez Sarabia

    it works very well. Just use gloves to manipulate those.

  871. SuperMom

    These traps seem to be working really well. Especially at the source of my problem which was an indoor houseplant. The one I put in there has a lot of gnats stuck to it & I also hung a a couple other places that I noticed the gnats flying around. I don’t see as many flying around now. Just a note…the butterfly part is very sticky, so make sure to only touch bottom area so hands don’t get sticky. I did get some on my hands putting the hanger through the hole, but I sprayed some citrus spray on them & it washed off easily.

  872. Maddy Towns

    Easy to use and a great product, will purchase again!

  873. Patt Smalley

    They work really well. Can believe all the different bugs flying around.

  874. George C

    Use in potted plants indoors or place in a cup of apple cider vinegar to help attract gnats.

  875. Samantha G

    These work way better than expected! First day = no results so I was disappointed because I have a ton of gnats/fruit flies by my patio door. Day 2 & beyond; they’re covered! I wore a rubber glove to unpackage them and hang them up because they are super sticky and gross.

  876. Joshua E. McDowell

    Works like it says it does. We have a different bug every year and this year is gnats. I place a couple of traps in small cups I’m the kitchen and poured a little Mt. Dew I’m each cup to attract the gnats. Within a couple days the traps were covered. Quality product that simply works.

  877. Shella

    These sticky butterflies got rid of the flies that are in our kitchen and I’m thoroughly impressed by how these work. I used these with putting some scraps of food so that the flies would be attracted to it and it worked! The trap put the flies into oblivion! *laughs.

  878. Rosalied2

    Easy way to remove gnats in the house or outside. Frankly, I was amazed there were so many to catch in the house. Excellent product…very satisfied.

  879. Artem

    Rarely write any reviews, but could not hold back after seeing this product in action. Traps were super easy to setup up and as you can see after a few days they practically eliminated all of the fruit flies. We were honesty shocked at how many there were…

  880. Andrea

    For some reason, the insects are drawn to this and it’s very good ’cause I don’t have to put anything on the sticky traps anymore for the insects to be attracted. This never fails to get a lot of flies and mosquitoes and they stay stuck on this as well.

  881. Protegé

    Unlike some liquid traps I bought on here, these actually work. I’m using the traps for some bugs that were in the garbage can. I’m using an apple cider vinegar mixture to lure them towards the traps and the bugs are sticking.

  882. Daves

    One of the best and stickiest fly trappers that I found online and now that I have a reliable sticky fly trap around, then it means no more flies to bug me. I will repurchase soon.

  883. Carl

    I like the use of non-chemical methods to control pests and its even better when you dont have to do a lot of work. The seller gave tips to maximize the effectiveness of this product and followed up.

  884. A. Cornejo

    They are super sticky. Don’t get one in your hair. Our cat brushed against it and we had to cut it out of his fur.They basically trap anything that gets too close. Great for monitoring gnat infestations and capturing anything that flies around your plants. I will buy these again.

  885. Ariel L. Watriss

    This small but direct product helped significantly with the gnats and fruit flies around my plants and in my house. I was blown away by the speed in reduction of bugs once these were set up. I was not convinced they would work as well as other reviews on here said they would. But they worked SO well and I am incredibly grateful.

  886. D.Flora

    Excellent product!

  887. zek

    Fly death trap!

  888. CrazyDaisy

    I repotted a plant two weeks ago and used Trappify in case there were gnats in the potting soil. Have used it in the past, too. Definitely recommend, at least for gnats and fruit flies.

  889. Amazon Customer

    I used red wine as a lure and within minutes, fruit flies were on the trap.

  890. Brian

    It’s smaller than I thought but it sure does trap flies. I put 2 on our patio last night and it caught a huge amount of insects! If you’re dealing with flies of any kind, I’m sure that this will be very helpful.

  891. Marcus Moonie

    I had a terrible fruit fly issue in my home and so I bought this and another brand of sticky fly trap and this one was catching about 3 to 5 a day on its own while the other faired about 1 maybe 2 most days. Then I took and placed each one at the top of a foam cup with apple cider vinegar in it and the numbers for each one tripled with this product still heavily outdoing the other one. I gave it a 4 because it was a little aggravating getting out of the pack and I had to set the vinegar trap to make it truly effective but overall I would buy it again.

  892. Michael Ansert

    These really do the job. My indoor plants had gotten gnats and I didnt know how I could get rid of them. I came across this product and thought these might work. I placed them in a few of my plants and they started working right away catching the gnats. I’m not sure if the sticky stuff attracts them but more and more were being caught.

  893. Tamara

    5 stars all the way around! We identified the source of where they neared but couldn’t get rid of the ones remaining in the house. Within minutes flies were attached and after 1 day are the front and back pics. I placed them in little shot glasses.

  894. Kaleigh

    A+++ I live in Florida and the gnats love my cats litter box in the summer. No matter how much I clean it they’re there. I put one of these sticky cards out in a solo cup with apple cider vinegar in the cup and they’re gone!!!

  895. l manz

    Great for use indoors and outdoors. Gets rid of annoying flying gnats near your fresh garden vegetables. Super sticky traps catch more insects when used in outdoor plants.

  896. Sara

    I rarely leave reviews, but I wanted to share because if you’re like me, this is probably one of those products in which you read the reviews.We’ve had a fruit fly problem for a couple weeks now and had tried everything.. The typical apple cider vinegar trap with plastic on the top with holes, wine bottle traps, beer bottle traps, bleach in all the drains, deep cleaned everything, produce in the refrigerator, etc. Nothing worked. I turned to Amazon and read these reviews, I was a little skeptical, but desperate. Well, in the first day the trap in our kitchen as 25+ fruit flies, the traps in our bathrooms have at least 10 each, and every other room has quite a few too. We had traps around the house with apple cider vinegar, plastic with holes / rubber bands. This has always worked for me in the past. With these traps all we did was remove the plastic and stuck the traps into the acv.

  897. Amazon Customer

    Performed as advertised. I had a pretty bad infestation in several indoor plants and within 2 days the traps had numerous gnats on them. I replaced the traps in the plants that were the worst and after a week they were gone. I just stuck them in the soil; 2 traps per plant. I’ll buy them again if and when I need them.

  898. Amazon Customer

    These are wonderful!! They sure are taking care of my gnat problem!

  899. Mickavellian

    This was truly incredible.. I began havit an infestation of fruit flies about 3 weeks ago out of nowhere… O looks fo a couple of obvious choices and nothing. I received the product about 3PM yesterday exactly 24 hours later three of the sticky thing are filled of the flies. As indicate I put 2 in the kitchen and 2 in the bathrooms. I n the bathroom I put the yellow leave in a aspirin bottle and a little Heinz vinegar. but the ones i put in flowers pots were AS successful. the sticky stuff must have a scent i can not smell. BUT it is wondrous. my only complaint is the way they covered the sticky leaves. NOT even remotely acceptable. just a clear traenen paper that iny box did not cover on side completely. As the did with the clever twist tie up a little pouch would have have ben ideal

  900. Leigh Watson

    I ended up using different wire to hang them from the ceiling and under cabinets where they were needed, creating a little u-shape at the bottom so that the butterflies were easily replaced. The only problem is that I placed the one over the garbage can a little too low and sometimes it gets stuck in my hair (gross). And if the sticky stuff gets stuck against anything, it’s really hard to remove. (It blew against a cabinet in the bathroom and even using windex, alcohol, fingernail polish remover and a few other solvent-y things, it’s still sticky).But it is satisfying to see the little yellow butterflies covered in black flies after a few days!

  901. Bonnie Tello

    Super sticky and work amazing for fruit flys, worth every penny!

  902. Johnnyj

    Worked alright when combined with other methods

  903. Wicky

    Now this is something that’s reliable when trapping flies. Since there’s a newly opened poultry in our area, flies are everywhere. But this fly trapper helps us maintain our home fly-free.

  904. Amanda Duncan

    Have had these up for a couple of days & haven’t seen any gnats on them yet. I’m gonna give it a couple more days like the instructions say so.

  905. David Gutierrez

    Does what it says!!! Love the product!!! Hate those gnats!!!

  906. Kindle Customer

    Works great. We’ve always seem to have a gnat issue in our bathroom. Not this year! Hung it by the fan, hardly notice it. Also put one on the light above the dining room table. Once again very inobtrusive, and they work!

  907. Amazon Customer

    Good product, good price. Recommend adding Red Cider Vinegar if using the Trappify in a cup for the lure… they (fruit flies & drain flies in my case) come near and are snagged by the Trappify trap 🙂

  908. Pete

    I used this product for a couple of house plants that I have. My roommate bought some cheap dirt that had gnats in it and they had set up shop in all of our plants. Even after one night, there were soooo many bugs stuck on this product! Absolutely recommend.

  909. Alison L.

    The traps work so well! Love that they’re not toxic. The potting soil gnats plaguing my house plants didn’t stand a chance. Easy to use, super sticky and started collecting gnats within 24 hours. I’m using them both indoors and out. Works equally well in both settings. Definitely recommend this product. No issues with the seller…all good there!

  910. RonP

    We have a problem with gnats this time of the year when we bring produce in from the garden. This year seems to be especially bad so I went on line to Amazon and found this terrific product to help me rid the many gnats that seem to follow me inside. As the photo will show you it’s a very simple set up to capture the gnats. I simply put a little red wine in a plastic cup and taped one of the supplied hangers with the trap across the top. Just like magic the gnats started to come and get stuck on the trap. This system really works and is well worth the cost. I totally recommend it.

  911. Mike Carillo

    The adhesive is pretty strong and this is based on a experience lol. But it’s good though since flies won’t have the opportunity to get out of this thing. This is great for catching flies and mosquitoes and you won’t be needing smelly pesticides when you have this around your house.


    It works within hours after dug into the corner of pot.Four annoying fungus gnats are immobile now. Yellow color may attract them.

  913. TAB

    I bought this to help catch the gnats in my houseplants. I cannot believe how well it works! I did not have a horrible issue but they were definitely in the plant dirt and starting to fly around the house. Product box was a little squished but items were packaged perfect and unharmed. You get 12 individual traps and included is 3 hanging ties and a little shovel to scoop the dirt. They are very easy to install and extremely sticky. You will probably get the sticky goo on your fingers after messing with them but with soap and water, it comes right off. Within a few hours, I already had gnats on all of the traps that I put out. They continue to get more and more full as each day goes on. When they get too full, I just replace with a new one. They are bright yellow and hard to miss but the butterfly shape helps make it look appealing. Would most definitely recommend!!

  914. Jewelz

    I was skeptical if these would work. I put them in my flower pots and the gnats jumped on them within minutes of putting them in. All 15 of my pots have dead gnats on them. The butterfly design is really cute and looks like it might be a decorative thing.

  915. Campbell

    These things are amazing!! I have tried so many tricks to catch all these fruit flies with no luck. I left these up for 2 days and seriously have close to 50 fruit flies stuck on them

  916. Letta

    Tried everything to get rid of the gnats…vinegar in a jar, stale beer. Found these cute little traps – shaped like butterflies!! They are very sticky and bright yellow. And they worked – as you can see, I trapped a few with this one. But it wasn’t quite as satisfying as I had hoped. I wanted to see them swarm to the bright yellow butterfly and get stuck. But I never actually saw it happen, just the end results. Did I mention they are very sticky. Do not touch! They work, and I will use them again.

  917. Whitney

    I give these a 4 because they don’t work the greatest by itself. I put a tiny bit of apple cider vinegar in a solo cup and then put the sticker in there and it works great that way.

  918. Rachel

    Oh my goodness I’m amazed. I’ve been dealing with a terrible fungus gnat/fruit fly problem and have had to take half my indoor potted plants outside while I deal with it. Vinegar traps and obsessive cleaning have been helping but not getting the problem under control the way I wanted. I haven’t even had these sticky traps out for five minutes and already I see that flies have been caught. I was so relieved to find a fly paper option that wouldn’t look revolting around my living room and and kitchen, but I never dreamed they would be this effective.I appreciated the thoughtful details of the plastic stake to help loosen the soil before planting the traps, as well as the wire hooks for hanging them. My only wish is that the plastic packaging around the “butterflies” had been sealed a little better. I ended up with a lot of the sticky substance on my fingers during the unwrapping process.

  919. Amy

    Great product! It works really well with the fly trap!

  920. SLH

    Great product at great price

  921. Alyssa Miller

    These little traps are great when used with a vinegar solution attractant. Just wedge this little trap in the top of a container with vinegar, water, sugar mixture which draws in the gnats and then boom they are stuck to the trap. They take slightly longer to trap the gnats/flies than the traditional long rolls of sticky trap. However, I like these much better because they are cute and I have had no cat related “accidents” where they get stuck and tangled in the long tape. Ick. That was gross. I like these little traps!! Will buy again.

  922. ~Marguerite

    Usually fly paper is pretty gross looking, but these pretty butterflies are awesome!! And they work great!! I put them in my foster kitten room to trap fungus gnats and have eliminated the problem! And I hang one in the kitchen by my compost bowl for occasional fruit flies. Very pleased with this purchase!

  923. eileen

    Does not look like the old fly paper,must more stylish and so love the color. No problem leaving it in plain sight lov ed love.t y

  924. Hartful

    It took about 2 weeks but my house is free of pesky little gnats.


    surprisingly simple but effective product! it definitely looks better than those hanging rolls i am used to seeing. clever designs that fits in my indoor garden anywhere!

  926. Nik

    It works great!! Resolved my bug problems 99%! I love that there’s not too much packaging! All natural! Don’t touch the sticky part though because it is indeed very sticky! That’s why it works!

  927. W.J Cabada

    Love these, within 2 days it attracted so many little plant flies

  928. Lilly and Steve from CNY

    These work well. My classroom plants had a little issue, and these helped immensely.I will say they are VERY sticky and there’s no edge or way to hold them that you don’t end up sticky.The stickiness on these seems to drip as they sit in the plants, either due to humidity or just that’s how it works.Less expensive than some other options.

  929. Momof2

    Excellent. I keep ordering these. Gave some away as well. They are spectacular. They work right away indoors and outdoors.So very happy. Highly recommended to all.

  930. Pow Pow

    I’m so glad I got this. I won’t have problems anymore getting rid of all these insects at home. This item will totally keep them off my plants and food for good. It’s also easy to dispose of.

  931. c

    This product is great. I was using traps for weeks, but not really getting any results. I put one of these yellow traps upside down in a cup of apple cider vinegar, and within a day, it was covered with fruit flies. I would definitely recommend!

  932. Crystal M

    Worked great. The gnats were attracted to the traps and after just a couple days I’m gnat free!

  933. Faith

    Very pleased with this product. Had an outbreak of soil gnats, dug up about an inch of the soil then planted these traps. After a week I’m pleased to report no signs of gnat life. I would definitely buy again.

  934. Jer

    Interesting, hung up a couple of the fly strips, so far haven’t had any fly’s or bugs on it. Watching a fly, he walked up and down the wire to the fly strip, but then flew off. maybe tomorrow he’ll get caught.

  935. Colette I Poitras

    I will order again. Great product. Couldn’t believe how effectively it works. No more buzing flies around me. Thanks.

  936. g

    Love, love, love this. Took care of the issue I was having with gnats. Within a week I had to replace them in one plant. All my plants have one in them. The big potted plants have two. Cute and stylish.

  937. Vgac

    This product works as described. I work in a large office that leaves food out most days. I was told that they had a problem with fruit flies last year, so I purchased these and they work great! I highly recommend this product. The company turned over my order very quickly, nice job.

  938. L. Lowery

    This works great. In just a few days, I’ve almost eliminated all those pesky gnats! Very pleased!

  939. Tin

    I saw this trap at my cousins house and it was so great that insects and flies were really trapped on this sticky thing. And that’s why I bought it. Really cool trap.

  940. Melonee OKeefe

    These work great once you get them in the soil, but getting them in is a problem. They are impossible to use without getting the sticky solution on your hands and once you do it is incredibly difficult to get off your skin.

  941. Stephanie Martin

    Gnats were terrible this year in the house. Worked pretty well, but one plant I had to transplant one plant that I couldn’t get rid of them.

  942. Reading Maven “Dani”

    I like these products. Because I can put them in a plant or hang they can go lots of places that is hard for regular curly fly paper. Because they are rigid I could press them into dirt easily. I caught a few right away and over another few days a bunch more.

  943. Clark Humphreys

    These really work and are good looking also

  944. Greg Spinks

    Worked like a charm within a day had tens of house plant gnats.

  945. Amazon Customer

    You do have to keep changing them out and not an instant fix but does cat h a crazy amount of knats from my plants. Took about a month or two to get rid of them completely.

  946. JoaneeJett003

    Super sticky and seems to be waterproof. Works well in catching pesky fungus gnats hovering around my houseplants. This was a repeat purchase.

  947. ~~C~~

    Bought some Miracle Grow “Organic” potting soil and BONUS – lots of these awful things started hatching out of my newly potted plants. UGH. As you can see Trappify is awesome! TIP: Lean two sticky inserts toward each other as it mimics how they like to hide under the plant’s leaves. HATE these things and am so disappointed with this potting soil. Disgusted. Thanks, Trappify.

  948. Bonart

    These insect traps are great alternatives for pesticides. I could get rid of annoying flies and mosquitoes without compromising my kids’ health by exposing them with the harsh chemicals inside aerosoles. Plus these are simpler to use.

  949. Jeanine

    I just placed a couple of these about 2hrs ago and so far it definitely works. I’ve been having a bad fruit fly problem mainly in my kitchen near the sink area and that’s where I placed one and another on my kitchen table.

  950. K Blank

    Very sticky. Works great. Easy to use. Arrived quickly

  951. tom bates jr

    Easy to use and place througtout the area your treating due to the size . Also can be place in your planter along side the plant.

  952. Amazon Customer

    Very effective – very sticky so I used gloves to apply them.

  953. AmazonCustomer

    Awesome product & value! Plus, it’s easy to use. We’ve been having a fruit fly problem recently and this ONE trap has caught 22 (picture only shows one side of the trap) in less than 24 hours! I put apple cider vinegar in a cup to attract them and let the trap to do the rest.

  954. Amazon Customer

    If this does not work for you it means that you don’t have a problem.

  955. Mickey

    Sticky tape can be unsightly and I use it anyway, but I feel better about using this around the house, because the product is subtle and charming. Literally 20 seconds after putting one by the walkway, pests were already being trapped. Down in Florida, summer can bring a large number of bugs, including tiny chiggers that dig into my flesh a lot. I’m doing everything I can to be proactive about warding off the bugs around my house and these are certainly going to help. They would get 5 stars, but they can be messy as the sticky substance is kind of gooey.

  956. Sly Bryjak

    Works great I suggest you put this everywhere

  957. Sue

    I bought this to get rid of the flies in our dirty kitchen. And it’s so amazing, all of them loved it. LOL. They’re stuck. Thanks!

  958. Mill

    I doubt buying this product, but as soon as I received it, I used it right away, and a lot of insects were trapped on this item. One of the best purchase I got online.

  959. Captain Extras

    Love the product and the seller was friendly, courteous, and helpful. Will be purchasing more. Product works great

  960. Munchkin

    Easy to use. It works well. Enjoy!!!

  961. Luvlyh

    It took over a week for it to work which is fine. I was getting worried at first coz it says wait 3-5 days only. It says to move it if no result still but I’m glad I waited coz where I placed them worked out. They’re very pretty too. Love the tool that came with it. I just used hand sanitizer when the sticky part got on me.

  962. Barbara Lee Hansen Klein

    They work

  963. living_with_ms

    I can’t believe how great these worked!! I was being invaded by an uninvited family of fruit flies. Despite asking them to leave, they continued to invite even more relations to join them in my home. At my wits end with DIY evection tactics, I happened upon these adorable sticky butterflies! They lured even the great-grand relations out of hiding in the campground they had set up. Within minutes they started to get stuck and now 3 days later, they have been evicted!!Absolute perfection! I am a much relieved, happy camper now!! Thank you for creating a highly effective product!

  964. Robin A. Vessels

    Amazing product! Works great! I have many house plants and it seems like gnats came in with them??. Those pesky gnats get stuck to the sticky film and the population plummets.

  965. carl salesky

    Order arrived quickly. These little yellow “stickies” do a great job of catching and dispatching the little pests. i am about to order more.

  966. SuperDaaDude

    This has been very effective for my needs of catching fruit flies that don’t seem to go away. I hang these (3 hangars are included, but twisties work, too) on my chandelier since the fruit flies are attracted to the light. Seeing how many it’s catching is rather shocking, knowing that these little things would be flying in my face, food, etc. Haven’t sprayed yet because I have pets, so this has been my “easy” solution.

  967. Chandler

    They work ok if you put them in a cup with apple cider vinegar.

  968. charliechanga

    brought home a few new plant and they had gnats. after reporting I added one in every pot just in case. sure enough gnats hatched and these traps worked like magic.

  969. Lisa

    I had a problem with gnats but not anymore. I like that it doesn’t have any chemicals too.

  970. Ray J.

    Loved product but they are a bit expensive would love to try other similar items less expensive

  971. Felice

    This is such a great catch! I have found it to be very helpful in controlling fruit fly presence. I hate how our house flies kept buzzing around loaded with bacteria and they are even capable of spreading illnesses. Now I’m feeling confident and safe!

  972. Jayne

    They work well to eliminate those tiny bugs. When I moved into a new office building there was a pre existing issues with white flies from plants and it quickly became annoying when I brought in my plants. Within a few weeks the entire office was free from the issue as I put some in all the offices with plants. We have no issue now

  973. Leah

    I have been living with these annoying little bugs in my house for weeks, but never realized just how many there were. Wow!!!

  974. Amazon Customer

    These work really well. Small amount of apple cider vinegar in a cup then put the trap in it. Had a drain fly issue. They work so well it was gross how many tiny flys caught in an hour.

  975. Eightball

    There were about 50-60 fruit flies in the kitchen. I put two of these traps standing upright in cups (one trap per cup) filled halfway with apple cider vinegar on the kitchen counter by a night light where the flies hung out. I also stuck a couple of traps over partially peeled bananas with peels exposed. The vinegar worked better as bait because it attracted more of the flies and was less messy. Within one week about half the flies were trapped. By the third week all the flies were trapped. Easy to use – with patience.

  976. Gayla Foote

    These little gnat catchers work real well and look cute too.

  977. Christopher P.

    Works great! Very sticky.

  978. stacey garrity

    I always have gnats in my kitchen and basement. I tried everything. Bought these thinking that they would be another fail. I was wrong. These really work well. Hung up 2 in the basement and 1 in the kitchen and haven’t seen gnats buzzing past me in other rooms. Highly recommended!

  979. Alicia H.

    Went from having 20 to 30 gnats around the house to less than 5 in just a few days. Worked great and inexpensive.

  980. Keelakeel

    I never liked relying on pesticides so these were perfect for me. I had a bunch hung up on the garden and after a few days, most of them were already full of flies. I’m definitely happy about how effective these have been.

  981. Carol S.

    This is the best thing I have found for fruit flys. I have tried fancy traps from Amazon and the electric small bug zappers . They did not work . These work great . I put them in a small Tupperware cup that lets them sit somewhat upright with apple cider vinegar and some drops of dishwashing soap. I just ordered second box so I will not run out over the summer . Can’t find anything like this at Home Depot . The butterfly shape is nice and no one knows what they are stuck in plants . My fruit fly problem is gone .

  982. Nyork

    The design itself is really very adorable so I don’t mind putting a lot around the garden because it doesn’t disrupt the design. Satisfied to see that the sticky part is still very much intact and working even after a strong storm. Overall, I’m very happy with this.

  983. Manny Rodriguez

    Doesn’t really catch the fruit flies. The ribbon from raid is way better than this. Not worth the money. It’s not even easy to put anywhere.

  984. Karen Wilson

    This product does what it says. Trapped the fungus gnats that were throughout the house. It took about a week for the trap to look like the one I’m holding. The trap still in the plant has been in for about 2 days. I highly recommend this product.

  985. Fantaztic1

    These traps work! I bought some organic potting soil and it came complete with gnats! By the time I realized the source, there was a full gnat party going on. I used non-latex rubber gloves to handle the traps. In 2 days they were covered but still more gnats were present. I had purchased fly trap hanging spiral paper and nearly covered the paper with no end to gnats in sight! I covered the top of the planters soil with an inch of sand and set 3 traps into the sand. This breaks the life cycle of the gnats (eggs every 6 days!) Much smaller gnats stuck to the traps. It’s been a week and I don’t see any new activity. I withheld watering my mother-in-laws tongue (3ft high) during this time. I’ll remove and add fresh traps in another week just to be sure all the gnats are gone.

  986. Cass

    I brought a plant into my office which is in an administrative suite that is very formal. All of a sudden, I had gnats flying everywhere. I watched one almost fly into my bosses mouth as she stood at my door talking to me about a project. I was embarrassed and decided to try this product to fix the problem. It worked, I have zero gnats now! It’s butterfly design is very pleasant compared to the regular large yellow sheets that are normally used.

  987. Sabina C

    I’ve gotten a few different types of these sticky traps, and these are the best price and they have more sticky space than the others! They work great, and do exactly what they are supposed to.

  988. Pridgens

    I placed this on our porch since that is where the moths and fly are lingering around. I left this for a day and it’s already almost full. I touched it accidentally when I was installing it and it is definitely sticky. I will be putting up one again to finally get rid of them.

  989. buggybell

    These little sticky gnat traps really catch gnats. Work great! I would buy them again.

  990. Kati

    We are very satisfied with our traps! We’ve had a horrible issue with gnats in our new home. It was to the point to where we didn’t want to cook because we’d be fighting gnats away. I looked on amazon and saw a lot of good Reviews this product & the price is perfect. A few days after having these out, our gnat problem is non existent!! Love this product & highly recommend! Plus, they’re a veteran owned company. They deserve our support.

  991. James A. Abrams

    I am using this to get rid of gnats that have inhabited some of my house plants. It works great. In just 3 days there were literally dozens of gnats on the items. If you need to get rid of pests this is the product to use. The owners have also been a pleasure to deal with. Would buy again and again and again.Jim

  992. Gary

    I find that these are a much better way to catch insects rather than using pesticides. Since my daughters play a lot in the garden, I don’t want any harmful chemicals there. These are working great wherever I put them. They’ve been very effective and I’m definitely thinking about buying more once I’ve finished off all of them.

  993. Samantha

    Product arrived and functions as described. Had a few flies trapped within hours and 20 flies within just a few days. Super sticky!

  994. MizzKimm

    They are VERY sticky. So be careful when handling them. The butterfly shape and bright yellow makes it look like a cute little decoration. Works as expected to trap the pests.

  995. Higgies

    I was surprised to see how many flies were actually loitering around my house. Within a few days, already four of the traps were full of flies and had to be replaced. I’m glad to see the traps are working exactly as they were described to do.

  996. Kadels

    Judging by all the dead gnats, this product actually does work. I just wish there was a way to use them without touching the sticky part, or to get the sticky off of your fingers. The sticky seems to last forever. Also, my plants occasionally get stuck.

  997. Christopher Broaderip

    I had a huge problem with fruit flies and my potting soil I came to find out, was infested with them. These sticky traps are now absolutely covered in these pesky flies! Easy to use, just stick the pointed part into your soil. You can also hang them but I found sticking them right in the dirt with the plant was most effective. Would highly recommend these!

  998. Alex Hood

    I wish there were more in the package and more hooks but you can stick them directly into the soil which is cool. I left them out for an hour and was very satisfied, they must be attractive because I caught a bunch of gnats.

  999. RebeccaC

    Thank you for your product. It has been great! We are an office and recycle our k-cup pods in turn they end up getting gnats and your product has helped 100%.

  1000. Ali

    I previously purchased a different kind of gnat trap, with the yellow stickies that attach to a plastic stick. It was effective but for the cost and use of plastic, it’s not worth it. These are way better. You can stick them directly in soil or hang them, and you can buy a lot more for the price. I got the 21-pack and it’ll last us a while. Great product. Will buy again but hopefully, we won’t need them!

  1001. Connie Thornton Brown

    I used the Trappify with Apple Cider Vinegar (as the lure). It started working immediately! About half of the fruit flies drowned in the vinegar and the other half stuck to the product.

  1002. amanda cooper

    This worked exactly as described! I did some Braggs Apple Cider vinegar in a small cup, placed these inside and caught a ton of fruit flies on each one. The ones that I just hung up without the vinegar didn’t really work, but with the vinegar…BOMB product!! Will buy again if we have a fruit fly issue.

  1003. S. Newton

    After fighting fruit flies for a couple of weeks, this product got rid of them in just a few days. So glad I tried this. I highly recommend it.

  1004. Archie

    The product came as advertised

  1005. Tor

    This killed so many fruit flies it disgusted me. In a good way.

  1006. Jessica

    Amazing. We had water damage in kitchen and with it being summer the little flies came running. It’s been a week of just beyond annoying. Searched amazon and found this. Did what the one popular reviewer said with the soapy water and vinegar in a cup. Just about an inch of each not even. And set the trapper in. Put a cup in the kitchen where it’s been the worst, and one in each bedroom. I have sworn for a week there was one fly in my room and my mother swore there were two in hers. Thirty minutes later…one dead fly stuck to mine, two stuck to hers. And about 10 stuck to the kitchen one on each side. I feel like I have my house back after thirty minutes

  1007. RMJ

    Wiped out those pesky fruit flies in the house. It works fast. Only will need one or two. Great deal.


    Easy to use, no pesticides and very effective.

  1009. Kat A

    These work great! I saw these on Home & Family and ordered them right away. I have them in all my indoor plants and herb pots. They’re cute and decorative and have caught those pesky little knats. Best product for your money!

  1010. Kelly Smith

    Doing a great job at trapping my fungus (soil) gnats!

  1011. Gravroht

    These are perfect for sticking in indoor plant pots. Iv’e trapped so many gnats already and I’ve only been using them for 2 days!

  1012. LouP

    I can’t believe this thing work .

  1013. just above water

    I cut slits into some large leftover styrofoam packaging pieces, and stuck a trappify butterfly into each piece, thinking I would leave 4 out on the counter by my fruit where the flies have been swarming. I soon realized that I could pick up the styrofoam and wave the sticky traps through the cloud of flies and voila have a disgusting shrek-like treat of flies stuck to the trap. I immediately caught huge numbers this way and controlled the problem quickly. Leaving the traps sitting out on the counter was much less effective and I wasn’t patient enough to wait for that to work.

  1014. BA

    Gnats are attracted to it!

  1015. Anne

    Little pricey but effective! After it did its job, I think it’s worth the money! Got rid of all my buggies!

  1016. Christine H Leone

    This is a superior product for catching fruit flies. I love this product. It is my favorite. WOW does it catch them and rid your home of fruit flies. YES IT DOES. It is one of the best. I am so happy I purchased this item.

  1017. Shopaholic Mama

    Great product and easy to use. Always fighting gnats on new plants! They fly by and stick in. Stays sticky a long time

  1018. DaleNStarr

    Works good. I mist my plants once every couple of days or so in my sun room. I think that have effected them. It does say water resistant or whatever…but idk. Maybe so. I am going to try again. They do work, if they’re not wet too much. I’m going to be more careful this time.

  1019. Dom

    All 4 of my peace Lily’s were invaded by gnats. I have about 2-3 in each pot with huge success. My plants are thriving. Use baking soda to get rid of glue if on finger

  1020. Breanna

    Great product!Worked fantastic, and basically got rid of my fruit fly problem!I love love love that they are shaped like butterflies too ??

  1021. Stephanie Aponte

    I just got these today and they have already caught so many fungal gnats that have been driving me crazy. Pics are from ten mins of use, front and back of the same one.

  1022. Megan

    Love it!! My house plants were infested with gnats and didn’t realize how bad it was until I got these. So easy to use and so effective!

  1023. sabrina mincin

    Cute product. Bugs fly into them, just make sure you hang it high enough to protect your pets. My cat likes to swat at it

  1024. Raven

    love it

  1025. Gregory E. Cox

    This product immediately worked and help capture a number of gnats and fruit flies. Would definitely recommend giving this product a try! Would purchase again.

  1026. Kim Middleton

    Excellent product !! Will be keeping these on hand ..

  1027. Mary Sue

    Trappify Sticky Bug Traps are a “Real Catch” in ridding annoying pests. I have an indoor herb garden and was getting those annoying little gnats, so I purchased the Trappify Bug Traps and I am glad I did. I put the yellow butterfly traps in each pot, and they have successfully captured those nasty, little gnats. I have used them less than a week and I hardly see a gnat now. The traps are shaped like butterflies and they easily go into the potted plants and the best part is they are safe for your plants and they look good in the pots. I highly recommend these organic ecofriendly traps from Trappify. Great product and great service.

  1028. brandy McCulley

    I had indoor plants and some flying bug got on one of them and spread soon fast! nothing would kill them, my plants were dying and we were out of options. I tried these and INSTANTLY the bugs were flocking to these! the bugs were going to it before I even hung it on my plants! I cannot recommend these enough!!!

  1029. PH

    I purchased these in hope’s of getting rid of my fungus gnat problem(overwatering my plants) and this item did not disappoint…I bought them twice to make sure I was covered!

  1030. Raven Potts

    Works great, wish the hooks were already installed because it was a little hard to put them in with it being so sticky but it’s definitely done the job perfectly !

  1031. Amazon Customer

    Easy to use, definitely doing the trick! Bye fruit flys!

  1032. Gigi Turner

    It is so nice to have Trappify in our potted plants outside. We are able to enjoy the outdoors without pesky flying bugs. Not only do they work great but they are a pretty addition to the pots….once filled with bugs, changing them out is easy! Great product!!

  1033. Sarasota Seller Michelle

    Before I purchased these sticky traps, I purchased another that was a waste of money. The flies, knats just walked over it and flew away. Not so with this product!!I followed the instructions of the one women who used apple cider vinegar and dish soap and I added a twist because these flys were dive bombing my Cabernet red wine. I put some in wine glasses with both mixtures with and had success!! They were attracted to the solution and stuck the the butterfly. Great product with this method!!! Finally some relief: )

  1034. Sharon C.

    This product does exactly what is says it does! So many times we’ve had others that didn’t. I will be buying Trappify again. It’s so nice to be gnat free!

  1035. designed

    After a sudden fungus gnat issue came up in our office, I wanted to find a decent and organic solution to the problem. While this hasn’t completely taken care of the root of the issue (which will require some additional solutions), it is a lot better than without!

  1036. Tearose

    These work so well! The little gnats found their way immediately to the sticky trap within the first day. Cute design, practical, and works extremely well. Excellent customer service as well. Will definitely buy again!

  1037. brian hodges

    Great product! I have placed them in my house plants and caught over 20 gnats in a hour on each one. It’s just awesome! Must try!

  1038. Mars

    It works! At first, I hung them in the bathtub, bathroom vanity, and kitchen, but an hour passed, and there were only a couple gnats caught. As other reviewers said, after I placed the trap in a shot glass of apple cider vinegar within a couple of hours, placed near the vanity sink, at least 20 gnats were caught!!! Great product!

  1039. MJ Piontek

    Colorful, hidden use????

  1040. Amazon Customer

    Works like a charm. My plants are gnat free !

  1041. April

    Fills up fast with the little gnats that plague our home since moving to SC.

  1042. Leslie Powell

    Saw this product on home and family show this week. Had to have it!!! Order came quickly and they work like a charm!!! Love them..

  1043. ActiveReader

    I have a lot of plants in my office and tried three other methods involving apple cider vinegar before buying these (which I didn’t even know existed). Within 36 hours, these things had “caught” more fruitflies than any other method I’d tried for 3 months. I’m thrilled! They’re super easy to use too…try not to get the sticky on your hands though; it doesn’t wash off very easily.

  1044. devans4432

    Barely put them out and they trapped a lot of bugs.

  1045. Kim McSweeney

    I’ve been having problems with fungus gnats in my houseplants. They have been driving me absolutely nuts and regular sticky traps weren’t helping at all! I haven’t even had these out for a full 24 hours and it has already caught 5 gnats! I’ve had to put many houseplants outside due to the gnats and now I no longer have to! Will definitely be recommending these to friends, family, and all of the plant groups I follow on Facebook. So so so glad I purchased these, will definitely be purchasing more.

  1046. Krissylee

    It definitely works! Caught so much fruit flys already. Also a small fly and a huge mosquito. It’s a bit messy though. It has a clear plastic over all 25 traps, and they’re all stuck together in the sticky pate. Kind of hairs to get into the soil. I think that it should be priced cheaper :/

  1047. Vicky Justus

    Stick them in my plants to catch all those nasty bugs

  1048. biggyboy1

    Hands down the most effective of all traps around. I tried all Home Depot remedies to not much success but this one beat all my expectations. Placed in indoor plants and look for yourself how much it caught in my attached picture! Thank you!

  1049. JAG2020

    Bought these for infestation of gnats from aloe Vera plants I had started inside the house. Put these out and within a few days gone

  1050. krisfletch

    I love that these traps take up no room. I have been using another trap for years that is effective, but you don’t actually see what it’s caught (which can also be a good thing!) but main things I don’t like is taking counterspace, and I don’t want them all over the place, and they lose effectiveness once not fresh. These cute little butterfly traps are non toxic, no liquid to spill, and you can stick them in plants or hang up so are inconspicuous and the materials provided make it easy to create little hangers for whatever you can hook on. I have a problem with fruit flies because I leave my porch door open for my cat when it’s nice out which is most of the time in FL. I can see this trap is catching a lot of flies, more quickly than liquid traps, and it will be easy to switch out. If I had toddlers I’d put out of reach cuz of the stickiness (their hands get sticky enough as it is!) but other than that I believe you would have no worries using this. LOVE this product and the seller was also very prompt and used sensible packaging. THANK YOU, TRAPPIFY!

  1051. Amazon Customer

    no poison

  1052. Amazon Customer

    Works great! Very effective and nice looking.You get a lot of traps for your money and they get the job done!

  1053. Kathy

    Works like a charm, recommend 100%. My office was infested with nats. Almost eradicated now. Thank you!

  1054. Heidi M.

    I was skeptical but gave these a shot. So glad I did. Outdoors I hung one on hanging patio lights, put one in a mason jar (that I had put apple smelling dish soap in), one in a potted plant. Inside I put one in each of my two potted plants. This morning there were MANY Gnats on them ALREADY. Just put them all out yesterday. The instructions ask that you give the product 2 or 3 days to start working because it’s organic… nope…within 24 hours not only are the plants getting help but so are we when sitting on the patio. VERY VERY pleased with these. The instructions are easy and extremely helpful in that they tell you how to get the sticky stuff off your hands (most don’t). I’m ordering more for the potted plants and landscape in front yard.

  1055. izzy

    Great product got rid of the fruit flys a week or less 10/10 would recommend

  1056. lauren

    Work as advertised

  1057. TJ

    Got these to help get rid of fungus gnats that have infested some house plants. Only been a few days and they are working great. Thanks so much now I can keep my plants and eliminate annoying pests best of both worlds.

  1058. Kasondra Allen

    Great PRODUCT

  1059. Margaret

    Caught those nasty, irritating knats

  1060. SP

    We just installed a new backyard (primarily grass) and I was really overwhelmed by how many gnats were flying around!I did have a little trouble with my first two traps, but it was my own fault – I didn’t realize our backyard was quite so windy! I had placed two in plastic cups, one with a banana peel and one with apple cider vinegar (as suggested by other reviewers). Neither was very effective in the short amount of time they were out in the yard (before they blew over).I retried the traps by attaching a couple to the trees in the yard. They weren’t very successful the first couple of days but today they have lots of bugs on them! I’m very happy with the product and glad I was patient and let the traps do their work, as the instructions stated.VERY HAPPY to support an American company, veteran owned!

  1061. Amazon Customer

    I’ve purchased these things twice already. I have a heavy infestation of fungus gnats in a couple of my pothos plants. These things work great. I just stick them into the soil and within a few minutes I already have those sucker stuck to it. The only slight complaint I have is the bottom half of these sticky traps is pretty flimsy. Even using the digging stick they provide I have difficulty inserting it into the soil with out touching the sticky part. I’m going to try the rods it comes with but I’m not sure if it will make a difference. Other than that these things do a great job catching those pesky gnats and ive seen less of them since I started using them.

  1062. Amazon Customer

    These work great!!! I just moved into a new house and potted new house plants and had gnats galore. I bough this had gnats stuck to these after a day and had a ton dead ones stuck after a single week.

  1063. Jan Marie

    Issues solved! I stapled the pointy (non sticky part) to red Dixie cup, filled the cup a bit with apple cider vinegar and lemon ajax dish soap.

  1064. brandon botchlet

    Works good.

  1065. AmazonAddict

    These work really well as fly swatters. I now have zero flies. ??

  1066. Brian Potter

    It works great… but read on. I’m sure any negative feedback is because at first the company didn’t include instructions for using an attractant. Seems the original use was for sticking in a potted plant that was prone to attracting gnats, etc. Now they add a card with “pro tips” 😉 Once the first gnat/fruit fly is caught, others gain courage and begin to pile on. The photos are after the first two days and they catch more and more. Here’s a “pro tip” for you… Use a Dustbuster with the extended wand to suck up all you can see. It reaches a 9’ ceiling (where the like to rest) if you stretch or use a small stool, etc. I call it the Gnat Sucker 5000. Works wonders in combination with this product… We’ve went from gnats everywhere to just a few with this combination of sticky stealth and black hole suction power in just two days! The stickies do their job, but if you are serious, you’ll do yours as well armed with the Vac! Good hunting my friends…

  1067. Kelsey

    These sticky traps are incredible! I didn’t realize how bad the fungus gnats were in plants till I got these. They were easy to use and extremely effective. I’ve already order another set.

  1068. Amazon Customer

    A lot less messy than the home DIY attempts I’ve tried in the past and pretty effective. It says that it might take a 3-5 days for fruit flies and gnats to get trapped, but I started seeing the annoying bugs stuck on the cute butterflies a day or two into using them. Highly satisfying and will use again if I ever have the same issue.

  1069. Hoss

    Don’t know about presentation

  1070. heidi allen

    Works awesome

  1071. Thomas Woolford

    I ‘ve had a big problem with fruit Flies and Gnats following a family seafood get-together last weekend. These critters were driving me nuts. Seemed like every one I killed, three more took their place. I ordered these traps and hung them up in the biggest problem areas and waited. Very few trapped. The decided there was nothing to attract them and stuck the spade end in an old beer can. Two of these traps have now trapped over 30 flies / gnats since I stuck them in the cans ( about 2 hours). Its not pretty, but man do they get the little buggers.

  1072. Texas gal

    These are great! I keep on in my potted ivy and fruit flies somehow love it! No mess, no chemicals!

  1073. Paula

    Works great and easy to blend without losing it’s purpose of keeping gnats out of your plants

  1074. rashed saleh almarri

    the mosquito is no more ????????

  1075. Joyce

    I bought these to insert into my indoor plant and ones that I keep on my screened lanai in Florida. They can be a bit sticky when handling so I wear plastic or latex gloves. I just wash the sticky off with Dawn and water..no problem. They worked wonders on the little gnats that were flying around my new indoor plants. The design is of a yellow butterfly and before long, after I inserted them in the soil, they were covered with these little pests. Amazing! I highly recommend these.. they perform 100%.

  1076. Coppergirl

    These stick traps work great. I put them in with my potted plant, and within minutes had trapped dozens of fungus gnats. This was after using high priced fungus gnat and other flying past pain for over a week. Just bought another pack.

  1077. Madhu Bazaz Wangu (Founder, Mindful Writers Groups and Retreats

    My daughter suggested this product to me. I use it and it does what it promises to do. I wish its color was subdued or matched the gnats and fruit flies.

  1078. Super Savvy ??

    Traps pesky fungus gnats easy. Nice that it places in planters

  1079. Susan

    Trap if is a great value, especially if you have pets or small children or in my case ,breathing issues,no pesticides! , I hang a few by the windows, I live by a river so pests are quite a problem, a true value!

  1080. Jerry

    This caught quite a few of those detestable insects that kept eating my precious herbs. I’ll be stocking up on these. Two thumbs up!

  1081. Cristina

    Have it all in my indoor house plants.

  1082. Mary

    I placed this right above my garbage can, expecting it to catch maybe a few flies in a couple of days. When I went back to check on it, I was so surprised to find a few flies already stuck there. I put a few more up around the house and they’ve been successful in attracting flies within a matter of hours as well. I’m very satisfied with this product.

  1083. Karina Berlin

    Looks cute and does the job

  1084. K. Murphy

    I researched the life cycle of the fungus gnat because all the plants in my office, at least four departments’ worth, are infested. We are a safety-oriented company and we produce silica, so my discovery that diatomaceous earch (basically powdered silica) would interrupt the life cycle of these things brought both a thrill and some sadness; the powdered form of silica is no good to inhale. There was no way I was going to break out the inhalation PPE to work with that stuff and there was ALSO no way I was going to introduce it into the building without PPE and cause a safety incident (the place is strict, ‘k?).Enter these sticky things. They trap and kill adult gnats, which interrupts the life cycle at the end, but they’re only sticky on the butterfly shape, they’re super easy to insert into a potted plant’s soil, they are not an inhalation hazard, and they WORK. One week in and there are dozens of gnats stuck to these things. I seeded them into the potted p