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Universal Moth Traps with Pheromones – Pantry & Clothes Moth Trap

(64 customer reviews)



We’re all about making our home warm and inviting, but moths are one guest we would rather do without. So when they arrive uninvited and unwelcome, Trappify ultimate moth traps are ready to kick those pesky party crashers to the curb! Trappify traps easily lure multiple species of common moths to their sticky demise.

  • TRAP THEM ALL: Liberate your home with specially engineered traps that lure all common moth species
  • POTENT PHEROMONES: Advanced strength pheromone mixture that entices all pesky moths to their doom
  • FAMILY SAFE: Traps made using recycled paper that is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and insecticide free
  • SIMPLE SET UP: Open foil package, remove the trap and peel off the protective paper, fold into place
  • VARIETY PACKS: Available in 4, 8, and 12 packs to handle infestations of any size within your home

64 Reviews Universal Moth Traps with Pheromones - Pantry & Clothes Moth Trap

  1. Ann

    This product is amazing!! Trappify exterminated my fireplace moth problem in less than a week!! We’ve had no issues since!! I admit I was skeptical but the proof is undeniable!! You can’t go wrong with this product !!

  2. Keown

    Good thing it’s non-toxic, so it’s safe enough to put in my daughter’s room. She got scared by the moth infestation on her closet, so I got this hung inside it. It works quite well, and the moths are decreasing day by day – good work in making such an effective and safe moth solution.

  3. Brown

    This might be the simplest moth solution I’ve ever purchased. But even if it’s really simple, the effectiveness is at peak. Moths seem to really like the pheromones from this that it’s not even hard to trap them all. After using about three of these, the number of moths has significantly decreased. Such an amazing moth trap!

  4. Gray

    The months were drawn by this, and it’s a little creepy LMAO. I thought that the moths were following me when I was holding this, but it turns out that they were following THIS! Oh, and this works quite effectively!

  5. D. Ramirez

    I thought all the moths were gone by the time my order had arrived. As soon as I opened and placed the first trap moths started to immediately get trapped in the sticky pad. I’m very satisfied with this product.

  6. S.McClintock

    I’ve had Indian meal (pantry) moth issues for years. Until I discovered these traps, I would check stored food, and completely clean the pantry every 6 weeks, and put in a fresh shelf liner. Over time I learned the cycles of the moth, what products they prefer, where the larva like to bed, and which weather conditions were prime for undiscovered larva to hatch.I first bought Dr Killian’s, and was stunned how many moths their traps caught. I had no idea there were so many moths!Then I bought these, in part because they also work for clothing moths. I haven’t had a problem with cloth moths, but I do have some wool to protect. (I did have a meal moth larva feed on a sweater…in the center of the chest, of course!) ;-(With these traps, the moths come looking for them. You can literally see the moths zoning in on the trap. I have even seen moths trying to get into the house (a first!), and then go for the trap when they find their way in. Some of them get a bit lost, and if they light somewhere else, they are likely to die by more traditional methods. In less than a week, the traps are nearly full with pantry moths.This time, I’m buying 8, which is the best buy.Tip: It is best to clean a surface where a moth has landed with vinegar. I use white vinegar, in a spray bottle. Vinegar will destroy anything they leave behind when they land, including any eggs, and eggs are too tiny to see!

  7. Solaine M.

    I’m amazed at how quick and effective these traps are! As I was peeling the first trap, two moths were doing circles around it and got trapped before I even got to set it up properly. By the time I put up all the traps, there were six moths trapped. By the next evening, we had no moths flying around. I highly recommend Trappify. The seller also shipped the product the same day for next day delivery.

  8. KKT

    It was amazing the way the moths got stuck to the trap. Great adhesives used.

  9. Cjj bookworm

    Attracted my infestation and hardly see any anymore

  10. Lady J

    I have tried several different types but this one started to work as soon as I hung it. I was amazed when I checked it 20 minutes later and there was 5 moths in it and without a nasty smell.

  11. Sarah L

    Good for pantry pests / kitchen moths. I like the hang design.

  12. Growy

    We have a lot of moths in the bedrooms, and since there are four bedrooms in the house, this 4-pack is perfect (the bedrooms are small). And I am pleased to report that our home is 90% moth-free now! I need to buy more to kill the remaining 10%.


    Very easy to use and very effective.

  14. Laurie

    This moth trap does the job and attracts moths to the sticky surface. Recommend.

  15. Melissa

    The product’s simple structure makes it convenient to hang or let stand anywhere. I’m also quite impressed it’s made from recycled papers because there’s nothing better for me than a brand that cares for the environment. I’m 100% recommending this product to anyone who has moth problems

  16. Lucille

    Every month, we have a huge moth problem, and the solution I come up with always never lasts. But lucky me to have found this because it works for three months. That saves me money from buying insecticides, which aren’t healthy for people to breathe in. This might be the safest moth solution I’ve ever bought, and also the longest effective one. I’m purchasing this every 90 days and set it up on the pantry. No moth’s going to want to come back now.

  17. James

    Safe, convenient, lasts long, simple to set up, and most importantly, VERY EFFECTIVE. You get what you pay for, which is a non-problematic solution to your moth problem. I got the value for my money, indeed. Great purchase.

  18. June

    Wow, the moths seem to be really attracted to these things. Right when I put one of these in the cabinet, moths were coming near this. I guess the pheromones really work!

  19. Dispute Resolution, Inc.

    I hesitated about leaving a review until I saw the results because our exterminator had given us a few of a different moth trap. The first Trappify traps I hung have attracted a few moths who have become one with the trap…exactly the result I was hoping for where the ones given to us by our exterminator did nothing. I then ordered another package and we have hung those in the hope of attracting more. Thanks for an excellent product.

  20. Cynthia

    Thank God this doesn’t have a strong chemical smell nor leaves one in wherever you put it. There were moths on our food cupboard and, of course, we need the food safe. Good thing this was effective in keeping the moths out and didn’t endanger the food, and therefore, us. The food was still safe for eating, and the moths were gone after a few days. I left the moth trap still in there, though, to make sure the moths don’t come back. Anyway, great product right here.

  21. Shawna

    We have this moth infestation in our master’s bedroom, so I gave this a whirl, and it’s a freaking hero. It got rid majority of the moths, and I only used two of these, so far!

  22. Ronnell

    Trust me, this moth trap is the best trap that you can get online. The way it lures moth to their deaths is freaking amazing. They literally fly their way to the trap as soon as I have it placed in my pantry. Impressive.

  23. Amber

    A bit smaller than expected, but at least they do their job quite well. and one in my closet, and I’m so pleased that there are fewer moths now.

  24. Tweten

    Finally, I could put my clothes in the closet now that it doesn’t have any moths anymore. By all means, this impressed me! It spared me from the pricey and harsh-smelling insecticides.

  25. Arthur

    The best bait ever. I was slightly skeptical about purchasing these traps cuz it’s too good to be true, but gave it a shot anyway. Holy! I’m glad I did. These pheromone-baited moth traps are not only powerful but long lasting as well. Furthermore, the glue adhesive is extra strong and effective, trapping any insect that crawls on top of it. Super worth it!

  26. Beals

    Much simpler compared to aerosols, and there’s none of that annoying smell that could make your nose hurt. It’s pretty effective too! I just left two of these in my closet the other day, and now, no more moths.

  27. Joseph

    We got invaded by moths. I have no idea how that happened, but it’s a good thing that I bought these. These easily got rid of the moths for us despite how small they are!

  28. Don

    I needed a good moth trap, bought these, and I really love em. They made my closet moth-free without bothering me with the extra effort and smell.

  29. Lolitta

    Very easy to use, and I could easily hang this wherever. It also doesn’t have the expected strong smells that moth traps usually have, so that’s another thing to like about this.

  30. Alena

    My daughter should have recommended this moth trap to me earlier. It was effective in trapping closet moths and gave me a break from smelly mothballs in my clothes and even from harmful chemical pest sprays. Kids these days know better

  31. saya tang

    Trappify is very easy to set up and use. It’s been catching moths I didn’t even know I had. I thought I might’ve had one or two possibly since finding holes in my clothes and not sure where and how and why my clothes were getting holes.It’s continuing to catch them. I was surprised and very happy with this purchase.

  32. Kelly F

    I stored some bird seed in a utility room and moths started appearing from the seed. The traps attract the males and within a day will be full of them, then the females hang around until they die off. The traps are easy to handle without getting any material that may be harmful on my hands.

  33. A-nya

    These moth traps are quite impressive. The pheromones in these work, and once I put one of these in the cabinet, most of the moths were already near this. I should have bought these sooner!

  34. Juanita

    All you have to do is open the foil and peel off the film, fold the trap into a triangle, and place it where it’s needed, and this baby will make the killing. I am freaking thrilled by how it amazingly lure those pesky moths in my closet and knock ’em dead. How dope was that!? I highly recommend this moth trap.

  35. Amazon Customer

    These are great! The first Indiian Mealmoth was lured in withhin the first fifteen minutes of hanging up the tray. Will happily buy these again.

  36. Grimes

    EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE! It completely eradicates a population of moths in my apartment. You can’t imagine how much trouble those pests caused me, to the point that I lost three of my designer clothing (leaves me cursing out of frustration). It’s just too bad that I can’t use strong chemical-based sprays to eliminate them because that might put my feline, Alaska, in danger. Luckily, my neighbor recommended this product when we had a small talk. And that my friend was the most notable talk that I’ve ever had since I moved. These little traps tackled my moth problem and finally brought it to an end after weeks of religious use—such a relief.

  37. ARad

    they are very simple and easy to install. the adhesive is strong and the look nice. i hope they also work fine

  38. Brown

    I simply hung these cute little traps on my closet, and the aromatic pheromone lead the moths to their death. Epic.

  39. Sam

    It is easy to use, no odor, nicely present in the closet. I haven’t catch anything yet, but hope to get result soon.

  40. Cheryl Andrey

    We had been noticing moths in the house on a regular basis and I bought these to trap them. For a week or two they didn’t seem to be doing anything. In fact I’d see moths fly right by them! But after a while they started catching a bunch. Not sure why that was the case, but I’m buying a second round now.

  41. Joseph E. Hyland

    These traps really work. I’m very happy with them and highly recommend them.

  42. Alice Ceballos

    These work but not for long. They need replacing quickly. They are a little pricey for the legnth of time they work. If you have a moth problem, they will help in the beginning pretty well.

  43. Morgan

    Finally, no more moths! Man, this is good, and it didn’t cost me a fortune compared to hiring a pro for the job. And, it lures and skills the moths without the nasty chemical smell.

  44. Heater

    I was amazed by how fast these pheromones trap attracted and hunted the moths in my closet and my kitchen. These little traps were sticky enough that the moths immediately got stuck as soon as they come in contact and bingo – hundreds of moths have fallen. Impressive. Expect another purchase from me. And oh, it worked best in my closet, maybe because it was a close area. ldk. The point was, it worked.

  45. Tina

    Pantry moths were invading my… pantry. Since I can’t use a sprayer because of the foods, I managed to purchase these traps instead. The instruction was simple, and I set it up easy peasy. I liked that these traps came with a hook. I simply hung em to my pantry shelf rod, and there you go. The non-toxic pheromones embedded in the glue trapped the moths very effectively, giving my foods months of protection from nasty pests.

  46. Vogel

    These are more effective than aerosol insect killers, and a lot safer too. Because of these bad boys, my walk-in closet is now free from moths!

  47. Dr. Stuart Gitlow

    This set of moth traps is easy to set up – simply fold the cardboard into place after removing the protective coating, and then hang it in the closet, place it in a drawer, put one in the pantry cupboard, or place it behind furniture in a room with a wool rug. We found after a month or so that each of the traps had a few moths in them. Living in the country, our woolens are always at war with local moth families, so we use a variety of techniques to minimize the problem, but nothing works perfectly. Our goal here is to keep moths from getting to the woolens and laying eggs. Once they’re trapped on the adhesive here, they’re effectively out of service, so we’ve been quite pleased.

  48. Sport Mamma

    I am so happy to have found this product from a small business. The description was perfect and just what I needed. I love helping to keep small businesses alive and this company has great customer service. I have them in my file in case I need more help. I can’t thank you enough.

  49. Cliff Vose

    The item works as advertised, within the first couple of hours the first two I set had moths in them. I’d recommend, and it is easy to use.

  50. Craig G Wells

    simple, worked well

  51. Watson

    The hand-me-down cabinet from my mom looks great but has a lot of moths, and using pesticides is a huge no since I have a very sensitive nose, so I bought this instead. This is really good, so far! After just a few hours with this in the cabinet, it already caught/trapped a good amount of moths. It doesn’t have any bothering strong smells as well, which makes it even more likable for me.

  52. Rainwaters

    Who knew this tiny thing could actually do a lot? It’s great! It got rid of the moths in the pantry and in my closet, and I didn’t even need to put extra efforts such as spray insecticides or what-not. All I needed to do was put this inside! The effectiveness for the price is quite impressive. Plus, I’ve only used two of these, and the moths are already a few to none.

  53. Kindle Customer

    I didn’t think I had very many moths but to my surprise I had a bunch. The first night I filled up the bottom of trap. I love Trappify. This is the best trap ever. I’m buying more for all my rooms.

  54. Mary

    Simple but convenient. Out of all the moth-controls that I’ve ever tried, this method gave me the most astonishing result. This trap brought the moths out of their hideout as if they’re under a dark spell, lol. They completely fell for it! This trap is so effective.

  55. Maite

    When I saw the words “moths” and “doom” in the same sentence, I didn’t hesitate to make the purchase, and I have no complaints regarding the traps’ efficacy in killing moths because they work! The antique cabinet that I bought is now officially moth-free, and it’s a huge plus that these don’t smell strongly of chemicals like mothballs do.

  56. Byerly

    These traps effectively ward off the moths in my pantry. Such an excellent choice for getting rid of moths that is super safe for use in kitchens. I’m beyond pleased with this purchase.

  57. CB

    Easy to use and VERY effective for a reasonable price.

  58. Lina

    I just moved into a new home and all my stuff that was in storage for 5 years must have been a moth breeding ground. I have spent the last two weeks chasing moths. The exterminator came two weeks ago but last week when the weather warmed up and it started raining, a new crop of moths arrived. I’ve set up 4 tents. One was almost completely filled. I put a fresh one out in the same rom today, it’ about a 1/4 full tonight. I like that it’s not smelly.


    These traps worked as soon as I took it out of the box and put the bait in.. as soon as I opened the bait I was getting swarmed by the moths as they all tried to get into the trap.I set it in the pantry and within a 2 day period all the moths are gone. We got rid of any opened cereals and rice , whatever they could have gotten into.We haven’t seen any since we set these traps out.This product worked great..

  60. Amazon River

    Product works great good at capturing both kinds of moths, easy to deploy. Would buy again.

  61. Gela

    Effective luring in and trapping moths! I put this in our old walk-in closet since it has a ton of moths, and after a day of leaving it there, it caught A LOT. Moths seem to be quite attracted to this, and it’s great! This bad boy did the work for me.

  62. Family7

    I saw a moth the other week and decided to get this to put into my pantry. It was very easy to set up and place. Within literally 2 days, I checked it and saw 5 more moths sticking to it. I was shocked, and extremely upset. Upon further research, I realized I have an infestation. These moth traps do not really solve the issue but rather act as screeners to check if you do have an infestation. Only way to truly rid of moths is get rid of the entire pantry and clean with Clorox.Thank you.

  63. Trixie Treetop

    These are great! There was a moth inside within the first 5 minutes of putting the trap out. I have noticed it does depend where I place the trap. In my hanging closet where the moths seem to be hungriest is where the most moths are getting trapped. I put a few out in other places throughout the room but no moths are flying in. Overall I’m very pleased. 1. It’s working. 2. It doesn’t smell at all.

  64. Antoinette

    I got these traps because I somehow had a bunch of moths get into the house. They’re really annoying in addition to being a danger to my wardrobe. These traps started working as soon as I set them up. It took me around two minutes to get them all done. They’re basically cardboard triangles with a hook that are sticky on the inside. Place them wherever you see the moths. I highly recommend them.Thanks so much for taking the time to read this review. I hope the information that I’ve provided makes your decision a little easier.

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