Universal Moth Traps with Pheromones – Pantry & Clothes Moth Trap

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We’re all about making our home warm and inviting, but moths are one guest we would rather do without. So when they arrive uninvited and unwelcome, Trappify ultimate moth traps are ready to kick those pesky party crashers to the curb! Trappify traps easily lure multiple species of common moths to their sticky demise.

  • TRAP THEM ALL: Liberate your home with specially engineered traps that lure all common moth species
  • POTENT PHEROMONES: Advanced strength pheromone mixture that entices all pesky moths to their doom
  • FAMILY SAFE: Traps made using recycled paper that is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and insecticide free
  • SIMPLE SET UP: Open foil package, remove the trap and peel off the protective paper, fold into place
  • VARIETY PACKS: Available in 4, 8, and 12 packs to handle infestations of any size within your home

12 pack, 4 pack, 8 pack


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