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Make Your Own Fly Paper – or Learn the Best Ones in the Market!

Are there flies in your house?

Do you feel like you’re constantly swatting them away, but they just keep coming back? Everyone hates flies, but until recently (the dawn of fly paper and other devices), there hasn’t been a whole lot of ways to get rid of them effectively.

A insect paper is one of the oldest device around, and it’s still one of the most popular. But unless you know how to make your own, you might not be getting the best results. Well, have no fear!

In this blog post, we’ll teach you how to make your own, as well as give you some tips to take into account on the best ones on the market.

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Fly Paper: No, Not the Movie of Patrick Dempsey and Ashley Judd

This product can still shield you from many potential dangers such as over two groups of pests for hours. It can restore order and once you activate this flypaper, it can be considered a message from a deadly device by plenty of your unwanted and uninvited guests.

Although this isn’t about the flypaper movie that’s about a man trying to protect a teller from a crime, this flypaper also serves to save you, your family and your customers from winged trespassers.

It’s an exciting trap that can be bad news to flies and mosquitoes. If you make one of your own or purchase one, it will give you a hand in turning a living fly into a dead body. It can confirm many kills once pests make contact with it and though it can also make a mess, it’s okay.

The mess is a sign of its effectiveness. However, you have to change it after some time for it to recommend deaths to many flying pests who agree it’s these fly-catchers they can’t resist to be caught into. It’s like they read a review from other flies recommending to stick on them.

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Not Just One Dead Body, But Many Dead Bodies of Flies!

If you are unable to get these flying pests out of the gates of your home, it’s time to change things! It’s time to put ousting pests into writing! You need to work on making one or assemble a team to help you make these answers to your fly problem.

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If you don’t have the time but got the money, you could also purchase some from a company that makes them. By having a flypaper trap, whether it’s made by you or delivered to your doorstep, you will have a way of getting rid of pests effectively and efficiently.

They come in separate sheet packs or in a roll you can just cut out. If you don’t want to take too much time to search for one, check online for a site that sells them.

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Creating DIY Fly Traps

Creating your own sticky trap can be very simple and cheap. Unlike the movie, you don’t have to rob any banks to make one. With a DIY though, you can have a bank full of dead insects. What’s great about making one is that even your kids is eligible to help you out.

Then can be your affiliates to bring down the unwanted flying pests. You can either select from your friends and family with who can help you make it. Don’t just run and leave your nasty problem, if pests enter your home, make sure they regret their visit.

Tape the catchers where they won’t notice and once they commit an error, they won’t be able to get away. Even if they try to twist their bodies for hours. Find a spot where the catcher can get many pests and let it just roll while hanging for hours.

Eventually, it will look like the image you imagine in your mind. It will be full of pests. Creating one doesn’t take long and is simple. As simple as creating orange juice.

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DIY Fly Trap

If you’re looking for a cheap and easy way to get rid of flying insects, flypaper is the way to go. It is basically just strips of paper coated in a sticky substance that lure flying pests.

You can buy flypaper at most hardware stores, but it’s just as easy (and much cheaper) to make your own.

Plus, it’s a fun project for the kids!
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Equipment and Tools You’ll Need: Scissors

  • Saucepan
  • large stirring spoon
  • cookie sheets
  • drying rack
  • tongs
  • brown paper bag
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1/4 cup honeyfly paper trap


Cut the paper bag into strips. Combine the honey, sugar and water in the saucepan and heat it up while stirring until the sugar dissolves.

Submerge the paper bag strips into the mixture. Dry the strips on the drying rack until they are dry to the touch. Hang the strips where there are pests but make sure it’s out of the way of pets and people.

Empty Soda Bottle Fly Trap

If you want a DIY fly trap of a different variety, you can make one using an empty soda bottle. This can be easier since it’s almost impossible not to have a soda bottle at home.

Equipment and Tools You’ll Need:

  • serrated knife
  • permanent marker
  • cutting board
  • 2-liter soda bottle
  • ripe fruit (for bait)
  • piece of wire to hang your Contraptionfly trap roll


Draw a cutting line around the top part just below the tapered neck of the bottle using a permanent market.

Cut the top part of the bottle off using the serrated knife. You can use the cutting board to make cutting the bottle easier for you.

Don’t keep the top part of the bottle covered. Remove the cap of the bottle then put the upper part of the bottle inside the lower part while it’s upside down. To bait the trap, remove the top part and insert the ripe fruit then cover it with the upside down top part of the bottle acting like a funnel.

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The Benefits of Making Your Own Fly Paper Trap

DIY is Cheaper

Making your own is not only cheaper than buying one, but it’s also more effective. For one thing, a store-bought one is often coated with a sticky substance that pests don’t seem to be attracted to.

Easy Customization

A DIY allows you to customize the size and shape of the trap to better suit your needs. And finally, DIY models can be made with natural ingredients that are safe for both people and pets.

So if you’re looking for a more efficient and economical way to get rid of flying pests, ditch the store-bought stuff and make your own.

If you plan on putting them in a barn, you can place them where flying pests can be entertained such as the ceiling or any surface they typically land on.

A product from an online store can sometimes also arrive so late. This is one reason why a store bought item can be a disadvantage.

If you do decide to buy, always make sure to buy from a trusted store and never buy from just any store. When wanting to buy, again, choose from a reliable store. When you find one, save the link so you know from which team you’ll buy once you need some again.

You don’t need a whole vault full of it.
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Where to Purchase Fly Paper Traps?

It’s easy to buy one on the internet.

You can order one for flies online by doing a search on your site browser like Google and finding a website. Find one with a 5-star rating. A 4-star rating isn’t too bad. But be careful of those with a 1 or 2-star rating.

Also, be sure to at least read a review of the product. Just go to the product page then click the review. A review is reliable. To ensure you get a really good product, don’t just read one review.

Some online store platforms require you to create an account. Just make sure not to input your email password anywhere when you log in after you create an account.

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You can buy these devices for fish, flies and many other things at a store, whether it’s an online store or a physical store. Just make sure you edit your shipping information before you proceed with checkout in the store’s website.

If you saw some good products on the TV, you can search the store online too. Again, just make sure to read reviews of the product from the store that you saw on TV. You shouldn’t wait long to receive your items from the store.

Purchasing can help you save time. If you want to save time, just buy some. It only requires money from the bank and creating maybe also creating and to enter your account with your email and password.

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Make Your Own Fly Paper Trap Today!

When the flypaper enters the room, flies begin to drop! If you don’t want to have an audience of flies when you eat or don’t want that image on your mind, know that it’s not a mystery to get rid of them.

By following the directions we shared with you, you can navigate yourself easily to making your own anti-fly device. Whether you are interested in doing it your own or opening a package that you purchased, what matters is that you have a way to combat the error.

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