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5 Common Things That Attract Flies in the Kitchen

Did you know that there are certain things that attract flies in the kitchen? In fact, flies are notorious for being drawn to certain smells and flavors. But seeing flies in your kitchen isn’t really a pretty sight, is it?

Make sure that your home is free from these flying pests by making it a priority to eliminate fruit flies, drain flies, fungus gnats, and common house flies before they lay eggs. This helps prevent the contamination of your food and water as well as the spread of diseases.

So, what are some of the things that flies are attracted to?

flies in the kitchen

Why Are There So Many Flies In My Kitchen?

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of finding yourself swarmed by flies in your kitchen, you’re probably wondering why they’re there in the first place. After all, your kitchen is clean and don’t remember leaving any food out.

So what gives? Well, there are a few reasons why flies might be congregating in your kitchen. One possibility is that they’re attracted to the light coming from the windows or door. Another possibility is that they can smell something cooking, even if it’s just something small like a pot of boiling water.

Finally, it could be that there are other insects in your kitchen, such as ants or roaches, that are attracting the flies. Whatever the reason, having flies in your kitchen is never fun. But at least now you know some of the possible causes.

5 Items That Attract Flies In The Kitchen

Although there are a lot of items in the kitchen that can attract flies, there are five that are more common than others. If you can avoid leaving these items out, you’ll be one step closer to a fly-free kitchen. Here are 5 items that attract flies to your kitchen:

Food Scraps

When it comes to battling flies in the home, there is no better weapon than food scraps. Food scraps are a favorite food source for flies seeking a quick and easy meal, and as more and more food ends up on the ground, flies will inevitably flock to these areas.

Adding to the problem is the fact that most conventional fly traps are ineffective against food scrap-feeding flies. Luckily, though, there are a number of simple strategies that you can use to combat this pest problem.

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One strategy is to seal up any cracks or gaps in your home where flies may be able to enter. You can also take measures like removing old food waste promptly, using an indoor compost spot or garbage bin with a secure lid, using natural repellents like lemon or lavender oil, and even using sticky traps to catch flies as they emerge from discarded food scraps.

By employing a multi-pronged approach, you can ensure that those pesky food-scrap loving pests have little chance of bothering you in your home.

Dirty Dishes Left In The Sink

Did you know that dirty dishes left in the sink are a major attractant for flies? Flies are attracted to the organic matter and moisture found in dirty dishes, and they can lay their eggs in the moist environment created by wet plates and glasses.

The fly larvae then feed on the organic matter, resulting in an infestation of flies in your home. In addition to being unsightly, fly infestations can also lead to health problems as flies can transmit diseases.

During a fly’s life cycle, they might use your dirty sink as breeding grounds. To prevent flies from taking over your home, be sure to wash dishes promptly and keep your sink clean.

flies in the kitchen

Open Doors Or Windows

If you’ve ever had flies buzzing around your home, you may have wondered why they seem to be attracted to open doors and windows. The simple answer is that flies are drawn to light. They are also attracted to the carbon dioxide that we exhale, which is why they often seem to be clustered around our heads.

However, there are a few things you can do to discourage flies from entering your home. First, make sure you cover and store your food properly. Flies love the smell of food, so keeping things clean and sealed will help to keep them away.

Additionally, you can try using flypaper or setting out dishes of soapy water, which will trap and drown the flies. By taking these simple steps, you can help to keep your home fly-free.

Sticky, Sweet-Smelling Fruit

Flies like  sweet-smelling fruits for a couple of reasons. First, the sweetness is an indication that the fruit is ripe and full of sugar. Sugar is an important energy source for flies, and they are constantly on the lookout for sources of food.

Secondly, the sticky texture of ripe fruit makes it easy for flies to get their fill. They can land on the surface of the fruit and then use their long mouths to suck up the juice.

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Rotten Food Or Garbage

Rotten food or garbage may attract flies, as these are common ingredients of a fly’s diet. Flies like decaying organic matter, which not only provides important nutrients but also offers a variety of microorganisms that make the food more palatable and easier to digest.

But contrary to popular belief, flies are not simply looking for something rotten or putrid to eat; they will happily feed on almost any type of organic material, including fresh produce. In addition, many species of flies have adapted to be able to survive without access to surface contaminants such as rotting food.

As long as they can obtain sufficient amounts of water and minerals from similar sources, they will be perfectly content feeding off plants and other living organisms. Thus, while rotten food or garbage may initially attract flies, its presence is not essential for a prolonged fly infestation.

fruit flies in kitchen

The Dangers Of Having Flies In The Kitchen

Flies are a real nuisance in the kitchen, making it difficult to cook or eat without interruptions by buzzing or landing on our food. Not only are they irritating, but flies also pose a serious health risk.

Spread Bacteria and Germs

Flies can spread bacteria and germs ingested when landing on food or surfaces in the kitchen, increasing the risk of food poisoning or other illnesses. Additionally, flies are notoriously persistent and difficult to get rid of, often returning after repeatedly shooed away.

While some strategies keep flies out of the kitchen, there is no perfect solution. Methods such as covering all windows with screens and storing foods properly are more effective at keeping the kitchen free from flies than traps and repellants.

Though these are still useful in trapping straggling flies and preventing any that might get through from getting established. Overall, despite their many drawbacks, having a few flies in the kitchen is a small price to pay for living among such beautiful plants and animals!

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How Do I Get Rid Of Flies In My Kitchen?

There’s nothing worse than having a fly buzz around your kitchen while you’re trying to cook or eat. Not only are they annoying, but they can also spread diseases. So how do you get rid of them?

Keep Your Food Covered

There are a few things you can do to keep flies out of your kitchen. First, make sure you’re keeping your food covered with a plastic wrap. Flies like the smell of food, so if you have uncovered food sitting out, they’re more likely to come into your kitchen.

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Close Garbage Cans

Second, keep your garbage can lid closed. Again, flies like the smell of garbage, so if your garbage can is open, they’ll be more likely to come in.

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Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Finally, clean up any spills or crumbs immediately. Flies, like other household insects, like dirty surfaces, so if you have a spills or crumbs on your counters or floors, they’ll be more likely to come into your kitchen.

Apple Cider Vinegar Fly Trap

If you’re looking for a way to get rid of flies, try making an apple cider vinegar trap. To make this trap, simply combine a cup of apple cider vinegar with several drops of dish soap in a bowl or jar.

Next, place the bowl or jar on a windowsill near where you’ve seen flies. This will attract fruit flies to the apple cider vinegar and trap fruit flies inside. They’ll get stuck in the dish soap and drown.

You can also add a piece of fruit to the mixture to attract even more flies. Just be sure to empty the trap and replace the mixture every few days.

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Using Bug Zappers To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies

If you have a fruit fly problem, you may be able to get rid of them with a bug zapper. A bug zapper is a device that emits ultraviolet light to attract and kill insects.

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To use a bug zapper to get rid of fruit flies, simply place it near where you’ve seen the flies. The light attracts the flies and electrocute them when they fly too close. Just be sure to empty the zapper regularly, as it can fill up quickly with flies.

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