What Makes Epps Fly Traps Superior to Other Fly Traps

Horse owners and dairy farmers know that biting flies are a serious nuisance. With Epps fly traps, you can get rid of these insects safely and effectively. Read on to learn more about Epps fly traps and what makes them superior to other pest control solutions.


Why Choose an Epps Fly Trap?

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The Epps fly trap is a large structure that features reflector panels that will catch flies and cause them to fall into a tray filled with soapy water. Once pests fall into the trap, they will drown in the soapy water, which is a safe and natural way of killing them.

There are several advantages to choosing this method over other fly traps.


It Works Right Away

The trap starts working right away to effectively control the biting fly population. It also works on other types of pests, including deer flies, bull flies, stable flies, black flies, and more. All these flies target horses and cattle and can become a serious problem.


It Attracts Flies Naturally

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The trap is a large structure that will stand out to biting flies and other insects. These pests are constantly looking for horses, cows, and other large animals that could be potential hosts for feeding.

The dark color and large structure of the trap will naturally attract biting flies. Insects will circle the trap to investigate it and determine if it’s a potential host.

As flies circle the trap, the clear plastic deflectors will cause the insects to bounce and fall into the tray filled with soapy water.

Because the trap forms a large structure, flies will see it from far away and come to investigate it. It’s an effective way of targeting pests everywhere on your property, and it’s also a natural way of attracting them that won’t disturb the local wildlife.


It Covers a Large Area

It can be difficult to control biting flies in a large pasture. With the Epps fly trap, the trap will stand out and attract flies from every corner of your property.

One trap is enough to cover several acres, and you can get even better results if you place the trap in a spot that will make it more visible, for instance, at the top of a hill. You can also set up the trap near stagnant water or in another spot where biting flies seem to be more active.


Sturdy and Durable Construction

The trap features a sturdy structure that can withstand wind, rain, and other weather conditions. You’ll need some T-posts to anchor it into the ground.

It’s best to set up the trap away from horses and other animals, but the trap won’t be a safety concern if an animal decides to investigate it.


Minimum Maintenance Needed

It’s easy to take down the Epps fly trap at the end of the season and store it for the winter. You can remove the T-posts and disassemble the trap within a few minutes.

The trap also requires minimal weekly maintenance, which consists of cleaning the dead flies from the tray and adding more water if needed.


Why Is the Epps Fly Trap Better Than Other Pest Control Products?

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The Epps fly trap is an excellent option because it doesn’t rely on electricity or chemicals to eliminate biting flies. However, there are additional reasons to consider using this trap over other products.



The Epps fly trap is a large trap that can cover up to 20 acres. It’s difficult to get this same coverage with other products that are typically smaller in size and less noticeable for biting flies.

If you decide to use one of these smaller traps, you’ll probably have to set up several traps to cover your entire property, which makes the cost of pest control go up.

Since the Epps fly trap uses its dark color and large structure to attract biting flies, it will attract flies from everywhere on your property and help you implement an effective pest control strategy at an affordable cost.


No Electricity

Bug zappers and other electric traps are popular options for getting rid of flies and other insects. These traps typically use noise or UV light to attract bugs before electrocuting them. These traps can work well, but there are some drawbacks to consider.

These devices act as a point of attraction. However, bugs only die if they fly between two metal plates that will electrocute them. An electric trap can attract more flies or cause biting flies to be more active in one area without effectively targeting all of them.

Another issue with electric traps is that they electrocute bugs and cause them to fall to the ground. It’s difficult to find all the dead bugs and clean them.

The dead insects can become a food source that might worsen your pest problem. Besides, flies can harbor different diseases. And it can be unhygienic to have dead biting flies pile up underneath your trap.

Besides, electric traps can malfunction in rainy weather or stop working once the battery runs out.

The Epps fly trap works better than an electric trap because it uses clear reflectors to make flies fall into a tray of soapy water. It’s a much more effective way of catching bugs since you won’t have to wait for flies to go between two small metal plates to die.


No Chemicals or Poison

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Some biting fly traps use bait, poison, or chemicals to attract and kill bugs. The Epps fly trap is a much safer option for the environment because it uses soapy water.

The issue with poison is that it doesn’t kill insects instantly. Instead, the biting flies will ingest poison, travel a few miles, and die.

With birds eating 400 to 500 million tons of insects each year and other animals relying on flies as a food source like frogs, spiders, bats, hedgehogs, or shrews, poisoning biting flies can harm the local wildlife. These different predators play an important part in the ecosystem and poisoning their food source can have significant repercussions.

By using drowning flies, the Epps fly trap prevents dead flies from potentially spreading diseases in the areas surrounding your property. The design of the trap also targets biting flies. Which means you won’t poison or eliminate other food sources for the local wildlife.


The Epps Fly Trap Only Targets Biting Flies

The purpose of the Epps fly trap is to target insects that would naturally bite horses, cattle, and other large animals. It’s important to control the biting fly population because these insects can carry diseases like encephalitis or the West Nile virus.

Since the Epps fly trap attracts insects by making them think there is a large animal they need to investigate, the trap is effective at targeting insects that would bite horses and cattle.

Other pest control methods won’t differentiate between flies that bite cattle and other insects. You might end up with harmless bugs eating the entire poison supply of a bait trap, which can make pest control more expensive. You can also have bait or electric traps that kill insects that are beneficial for the environment. And eliminate an important food source for the local wildlife.


Final Thoughts

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The Epps fly trap is superior to other pest control methods because it’s safe and easy to use. Besides, the design of the trap only targets biting flies and won’t harm other insects. The tray allows you to collect and clean up dead bugs to prevent diseases from spreading. And using soapy water is much safer than relying on poison or electricity.

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