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Electric Gnat Killers That Work on Most Flies

by | Knowledge Bombs


Keep reading to find out more about these electric gnat killers and how they can put an end to your pesky pest problem.

Are flying insects pestering you day and night? Do you want to get rid of them but hate the idea of spraying harmful chemicals into the air? Then, what you’re looking for is an electric gnat killer that works on most flies.

Also called bug zappers, these devices are placed in areas where insects pose a health risk. Some examples would be in commercial kitchens like the ones in cafes and restaurants. Other places include outdoor businesses like car workshops and plant sheds. Alternatively, you can install them in your home or yard.


Types of Electric Gnat Killers


There are two main types of insect zappers: the stationary and the racket.


Stationary Electric Gnat Killers



Stationary electric gnat killers consist of bars of ultraviolet light within an electrically-charged wire mesh grid. Flying insects can detect ultraviolet light more so than other types of visible light.

An effective zapper should be able to provide at least 4000 volts of electricity. It should also be waterproof and fire-resistant.


Hand-Held Electric Fly Swatters



Hand-hand fly swatters look like tennis rackets. Their handles act as the battery compartment, while the strings are made of metal and designed to be close together.

A good swatter should generate no less than 3000 volts. It should also be lightweight, weighing an average of 11 ounces.

These devices are good for places with low insect infestations. They’re also good for taking along on picnics or outings where you don’t have access to an electric outlet.


How Do Electric Gnat Killers Work?


When you plug in the stationary zapper, the UV lights turn on. Insects will instantly try to get close to the lights through the small gaps in between the mesh grid. Once they touch the mesh, they complete the circuit, causing a powerful jolt that electrocutes them.

Hand-held electric fly swatters work the same way. The only difference is that there are no UV lights, and they don’t need an electric plug to work.

When you switch the swatter on, the strings become electrically conductive. All you have to do is move the racket, and any insect that comes in contact with the strings will get zapped.

It’s worth mentioning that some bug zappers are designed with more than one layer of mesh. This design is meant to protect you from accidentally touching it and zapping yourself. It’s an important feature, especially if you have children or pets that may have access to the device. The good news is this double mesh layer doesn’t reduce its bug-killing power in any way.


The Best Electric Gnat Killers


After reading about electric gnat killers and how they work, here’s a roundup of the best three on the market.


LiBa Electric Indoor Bug Zapper: Best Overall



The Liba bug zapper weighs a mere 4 pounds and measures only 3 x 10.5 x 15 inches. Yet, it’s capable of covering a space of 6000 square feet. It’s also portable and doesn’t take up a lot of space. It comes with two blue UV lights covered with a corrosion-resistant mesh layer on the front and back.

Underneath the mesh is a tray that catches all the pesky bugs. You can remove it for easy cleaning. This zapper is quiet and energy-efficient, which makes it great for your home or commercial space.


  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Portable
  • Comes with two UV bulbreplacements



  • Bulbs aren’t as long-lasting as other models


MOSKILA 6-Pack Indoor Bug Zapper: Best Value



The Moskila bug zapper uses the power of high-intensity light to eliminate all types of flying insects. It can be safely used indoors and outdoors, even with kids and pets around, thanks to its protective covering.

One of its best features is that it’s portable, measuring only 100 x 70 mm. It’s quiet, odorless, and can cover an area of about 172 square feet.

Another handy feature is that these devices are easy to clean. Simply unplug from the wall socket, open the protective covering, then clean the inside with cleaning wipes.


  • Safe for kids and pets
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use



  • Frequent turning on and off weakens the bulbs


ZAP IT! Bug Zapper Racket



If you’re looking for something a bit more portable, then the Zap-It fly swatter is what you need. It provides a robust 4000-volt grid that instantly does away with any pesky bugs.

At the same time, it’s extremely safe. The three layers of mesh and the glowing indicator light prevent any accidental zapping.

One great feature is the blue LED light on the handle that attracts the flies. You can use it as a flashlight at night, which is a bonus.

This fly swatter has a built-in lithium battery. You can quickly recharge it using the USB cable that comes with the swatter.


  • Triple-layer mesh
  • Ergonomic handle
  • LED light



  • No indicator light when charging


Are Electric Gnat Killers Effective?


How effective any electric gnat killer is depends on two things. The first factor is the size of the area the device is covering. The second one is the amount of power it can provide.

Some bug zappers have electric cords, others are battery-operated, and others are rechargeable. Think about where you need it the most and which model would best work for this area.

Stationary bug zappers are better where there’s a larger infestation. They’re also more convenient because you hang them up and let them do all the hard work.

Bug rackets, on the other hand, only work when you need them. You turn the device on, then swat away. Their best features are that they’re portable and don’t need any electric outlets.

The three main advantages of any electric gnat killer you choose are that they’re safe, odorless, and non-toxic. Compared to bug sprays, fumigators, and insecticides, these devices are better for your health and the environment.


The Best Place to Install Stationary Electric Gnat Killers


Finding the best place to install a stationary electric gnat killer is essential. It can add or take away from the effectiveness of the device.

Please take a look at these three tips when it’s time to pick a place to hang up your stationary gnat killer.


Think About Height


Insects fly at an average height of about 5 to 8 feet indoors. Hanging the zappers at this height range will get the job done more effectively and quicker.


Stay Away from Other Sources of Light


Avoid installing your electric gnat killers near other sources of powerful light. This distracts the insects and makes them less likely to head to the device.


Keep Away from Windows and Doors


The main aim of hanging an electric gnat killer indoors is to attract any flying insects that are already within the space. However, if you hang it near entryways, such as windows and doors, you’re inviting them to come in from the outside. That’s the exact opposite of what we’re hoping to achieve with this device.

If your home or business has lots of flying insects buzzing outside, you can hang the zapper on your porch or backyard. Some business owners hang it on a wall near the doorway to keep these pests from bothering their customers.


A Final Note – Electric Gnat Killers


Now that you know all about insect-killing devices, are you going to choose the hanging bug zapper or opt for something more portable? Finding the best electric gnat killers that work on most flies is easy once you know what to look for.

Think about where you need these devices the most. Then, pick something practical, energy-efficient, and powerful enough to get the job done.

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