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Decorative Fly Traps for Your Home – Top 8

Nobody likes having flies buzzing around their head, least of all your pets. And if you have kids, you know that a fly in your home is just asking to be swatted. This is where a fly trap comes in handy. Here are the best discreet and decorative fly traps for both outdoors and indoor use.

Are you tired of house flies in your kitchen or living room, but you don’t want to ruin your beautiful interior décor with an ugly fly trap? You can catch fruit flies and other flying insects without worrying about how your fly trap would go well with your home décor.

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Fly traps don’t have to be ugly or stick out like a sore thumb. The best fly traps are discreet or decorative. Either people won’t notice them, or they’ll fit right in and even enhance the look of your kitchen or outdoor patio.

Be careful with choosing your trap. You could end up with a glue board that can’t even catch one fly! Or course, you’d also find a trap that works even better when its bait has aged, but then you would also find a fly trap that requires a bait, and it can be confusing how to fill it with bait.

Why Fly Catchers Work on Fruit Flies

Flies are attracted to the sticky substance on the fly strip because it is full of nutrients that they would otherwise eat if they were outdoors. The substance is also attractive to other insects, so the fly strip can be used to trap a variety of different species.

However, flies are not the only ones who are attracted to the substance. The human body also produces chemicals that are attractive to flies, so the fly strip can be used to trap indoor flies as well.

In addition to being a nuisance, flies can also pose a health hazard to humans. They are known to transmit diseases, so it is important to keep them away from food and other surfaces that come into contact with humans. The non-toxic substance on fly strips is an effective way to trap and remove these pests from your home.

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Fly Traps for Flying Insects

If you’ve ever been dealing with a fruit fly infestation, you know how frustrating it can be. These tiny insects seem to appear out of nowhere, and no matter how much you clean, you can’t seem to get rid of them.

Luckily, there are a few different ways to catch house flies and get rid of them for good. One of the most popular methods is to use a fly trap. Even the best fly traps come in all shapes and sizes, but they all work by using bait to lure fruit flies into a container where they can’t escape.

There are a few different things you can use as bait, but fruit flies are especially attracted to rotting fruit and vinegar. You can either buy a fly trap or make your own by simply putting some bait in a jar and covering it with plastic wrap.

Once you’ve caught the fruit flies, you can release them outside or dispose of them however you see fit. With a little patience and the right trap, you can rid your home of fruit flies for good.

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Fruit Fly Trap: What Are Your Options?

There are different kinds of fly catchers that you can buy to catch flies. The best fly traps are the clear window fly catchers. They are cheap and they work well. You just need to put them up in your house and they will attract flies and then catch them.

Instead of smelly bait, you can just set these things up to lure and ensnare your home’s pests. The glue board or sticky surface has attractant that tend to lure more flies. This makes these things great for outdoors as well as indoor use. You would even find those that you can re-use.

You just need to dump out the dead flies, and then add a new bait. There are two main styles of traps: container traps and sticky traps. Both fly catchers can work as either indoor or outdoor traps.

Be sure to check whether your fly trap is great for indoor or outdoor use only.

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Container Traps

Container traps lure flies in with bait and make it impossible for them to leave. Some container traps are reusable with bait refills, while others need to be thrown away after a certain amount of time.

Container traps are more effective at catching flies, but both types of fly catchers can be useful in solving a fly problem. Some container traps are reusable with bait refills, while others need to be thrown out once they are full. Disposable traps may come with bait already in place to make set up easier, but reusable containers will likely require additional bait to be added after the first use.

Most traps, even sticky ones, use some kind of bait to lure flies close enough to trap. Disposable traps may come with bait already in place to make set up easier, but reusable containers will likely require additional bait to be added after the first use.

There are a few different types of baits that you can use.

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Sticky Fly Trap

This trap require a fly to land directly on the sticky material, which may catch other debris and need to be replaced more often.

Once the fly trap has caught a few flies, it will turn brown and then you can throw it away. If you have a lot of houseflies, you may want to buy a couple of these clear traps and put them up around your house. This glue board is also perfect for outdoor use.

Instead of using toxic or smelly bait , this trap relies on sticky boards to contain the flies, making it a safe option for use indoors and around people and pets.

The fly trap is easy to use – simply add some fruit or other lure to the fill line, and wait for the flies to be lured in and trapped. With no chemicals or foul smells, this is a trap that even kids can help set up.

And because it’s non-toxic, it’s also safe for outdoor use near produce or other areas where you don’t want to contaminate with chemicals.

So whether you’re dealing with a few lone flies or a full-blown infestation, this trap is a safe and effective way to get rid of them.

Get a Fly Light Trap

Do you have a light trap in your home or office? If not, you may want to consider getting one. Fly light catchers are an effective way to control flying insects. They work by emitting a light that is attractive to all kinds of insects.

It works for a long time, so you can save money. When the insects go towards the light, they are pulled into the trap and unable to escape. These insect catchers are safe for humans and pets and can be used indoors or outdoors.

They are also an economical way to control fly populations, as they do not require the use of chemicals or pesticides.

So if you’re looking for an effective and safe way to control insects, consider getting a fly light trap. It will help you save a lot of money too!

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Kinds of Decorative Fly Catchers

Have you ever seen those little fruit fly catchers at the store and wondered how well they actually work? Well, fruit fly traps lure flies in with bait and make it impossible for them to leave.

The bait is usually some kind of sweet smelling food that fruit flies are attracted to. Once the flies enter the trap, they cannot figure out how to get back out and eventually die inside.

Not only does this protect your fruit and food from being eaten by these pests, but it also eliminates the chance of them laying eggs in your produce.

Let’s take a closer look at the best fly catchers in the market, especially those that would allow you to save money!

Trappify Fruit Flies Trap

Trappify Sticky Gnat Traps for House Indoor - Yellow Fruit Fly Traps for Indoors/Outdoor Plant - Insect Catcher White Flies, Mosquitos, Fungus Gnat Trap, Flying Insects - Disposable Glue Trapper (25)
  • PEST CONTROL: Dual sided sticky bug cards for mosquito, leafminer, aphid, and other flying pest problems. Protect your best inside plant from fungus...
  • EASY TO USE: Peel off a trap from the stack and place in a houseplant, a home kitchen, or a garden. Highly rated zapper catchers to finally protect...
  • ORGANIC GARDENING: Safe way to remove small pests with no harsh ingredients. Fruit Flies, Gnats and other small flying insects are attracted to the...

These cute little traps are yellow and have a butterfly shape. You can place them anywhere in your house or your patio, and they blend in well with green plants. They are yellow because yellow is an attractive color to common flies found in homes and gardens, such as aphids.

This trap is best for smaller fruit flies, gnats, mosquitoes, and other small insects. On the other hand, they are not as great for larger house flies.

These butterfly glue traps come with hooks so you can hang them from your plants, indoor trees, and anywhere else. They also have a pointy base. That allows you to stick them inside soil; you can even use them as gardening tools.

To use them, peel off the sticky tape on the sides, and they will start attracting and trapping flies. They are very sticky, so flies won’t be able to get off them. This device comes in packs of 12.

With this device, you would find dead flies in no time at all.

pheromone fly traps

 Tongye Yellow Flower Sticky Traps

24 Pack Fruit Fly Traps, Sticky Fungus Gnat Traps, Yellow Sticky Insect Traps for Indoor and Outdoor Use, Non-Toxic and Odorless Insect Catcher for White Flies, Mosquitos, Fungus Gnats,Flying Insects
  • Natural Pest Control, Safe & Non-Toxic: Experiments have confirmed that yellow is very attractive to flying insects. Such as fruit flies, fungus...
  • LONG-LASTING fly trap: This fungus gnat traps are UV resistant and waterproof, It can continue to work for a long time. You don’t need to replace...
  • Easy to Setup: These fungus gnat traps have a double-sided tape design. When using, you only need to tear off the cover film on both sides, easy to...

These tiny, beautiful traps are yellow and have a flower shape, so when you stick them in your house plants, nobody will even notice that it’s a fly trap.

They come in packs of 20 or 40, and each one has a tiny twist tie and bamboo stick, which you can use to stick them into your plants, hang them from branches or stems, or hang them from your light bulb.

These beautiful little traps work well, but it is best to use them to catch small flies in lower quantities. Since they are small, they can’t catch large flies or a lot of small flies.

Awinro 20-Pack Dual-Sided Yellow Sticky Traps

Awinro Jasmine Scented Sachets, Fresh Floral Scented Bags, Pack of 6 Large Sachets with Hanger
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY & WIDE APPLICATION: Our scented sachets made with quality vermiculite, smelling eco-friendly, safe. Take a sachet bag in your...
  • SPECIAL DESIGN: The fresh scented bags designed with a hanger, easily hand on rail in closet. Each sachet is independent double layer sealed...
  • HAVE A GOOD SLEEP: Scientific experiments prove that the floral fragrance of jasmine has the effect of relieving nerves to improve sleep quality. Let...

These yellow-colored fruit traps have a lovely flower shape. They are very similar to the Tongye traps, but they also use strong adhesive tape, so they work very well. You can use them to catch the following types of small insects:

Since they look like flowers, nobody will notice them when you stick them in your plants using the bamboo stick they come with. You can also bend the rod and hang the flowers from light bulbs, branches, windows, picture frames, or other decorations.

These fly traps last a long time. Since they are made of non-toxic materials, they are perfect for eco-conscious individuals.

RESCUE! Big Bag Fly Trap

The best thing about this fly trap is that it’s low maintenance. You don’t have to add water, attractant, or bait repeatedly, and it can hold up to 40,000 flys. All you have to do to activate this device is to fill it up with water and then position it where you want it.

When it’s time to dispose of the trap, you can simply toss the entire trap since it’s non-toxic and doesn’t require you to remove the flys. This makes it ideal for both indoors and outdoors since you don’t have to worry about dealing with a mess. It’s also great for large quantities of flys, as well as various species.

Nobody likes dealing with flies, especially when you’re trying to enjoy a meal outdoors or lounge around in your backyard. But traditional fly traps can be stinky and full of toxic chemicals, making them dangerous to use around pets.

This trap uses sticky boards to contain the flies, making it a safe option for use indoors and around people and pets. The trap is also easy to use – simply fill it with fruit or fly lure, and wait for the flies to be lured in and trapped.

So next time you’re looking for a way to keep the flies away, this trap is a safe and effective option.

glue for fly traps


TERRO T2502 Ready-to-Use Indoor Fruit Fly Trap with Built in Window - 2 Traps + 90 day Lure Supply
  • Works Fast – This fast-acting traps eliminate fruit fly infestations. You should notice a dramatic decrease in fruit fly populations within a few...
  • Long-Lasting Lure – The ready-to-use, non-staining lure attracts adult fruit flies. Each trap lasts up to 45 days, giving you up to 90 days of...
  • Discreet Design – The attractive, apple-shaped trap design will look at home in any kitchen. It also blends in with the fruit these pests love

If you really want to be discreet, consider using these Terro fruit traps. They literally look like fruits (apples, to be more precise), so you can put them in your decorative fruit bowl or on your main kitchen counter without anybody noticing they are fly traps.

Here is how they work: The traps use a non-toxic bait, using food-based materials, to lure flies into the traps. Once the flies enter, they will not be able to leave. That stops the flies from breeding and helps control the fly population in your kitchen.

It is best to use them with the bait they come with. If you want, you can try to reuse the traps by putting some apple cider vinegar inside. However, you may find that they are no longer as effective as before.

That’s the one downside of this trap — you can’t use your own solution like apple cider vinegar attractant or bait. However, they are very inexpensive, and you can buy them online whenever you need new ones.

 Elevated Lifestyle Fruit Fly Trap for Kitchens

Fruit Fly Jar Trap - Decorative, Effective, Kid and Pet Friendly (Marbled Turquoise)
  • This fruit fly catcher trap is a beautiful and natural way to get rid of fruit flies in your kitchen, restaurant, or bar. Fruit flies are lured in...
  • Directions: Pour a small amount of apple cider vinegar, sweet wine, or fruit juice into the vase along with a drop of dish soap, replace the top, and...
  • More Directions: Rubbing a little of the liquid around the funnel in the lid helps lure the buggers inside.

This trap is one of the most decorative traps, and it will blend in when you place it on your kitchen counter. It comes with a beautiful marble turquoise design, and it looks pretty much like any other decorative jar. However, it has a unique hole on the top, which traps flies.

You need to put something inside the jar to lure the flies. It’s best to use apple cider vinegar, fruit juice, or sweet wine, along with a drop of soap.

It’s a fruit fly trap; it won’t work for gnats, flies, or other insects. You won’t have to use any harsh chemicals, so it’s an excellent option for those who worry about chemicals in traditional fly traps.

Keep in mind that the jar is around the size of a large grapefruit, according to reviews. If you are looking for something smaller, this might not be the trap for you.

Gardner FlyWeb Classic Fruit Fly Trap

Gardner - Fly Traps Indoor for Home, Indoor Bug Trap, Plug in Bug Catcher Indoor, Fly Catcher Indoor, Gnat Traps for House Indoor Plug in, Fruit Fly Traps for Indoors, Flying Insect Trap Indoor(Grey)
  • Compact & Stylish: The FlyWeb fits into your indoor space while swiftly trapping flying pests. Works instantly—a great choice for gnat catcher &...
  • Highly Efficient Dual Insect Trap: This indoor flycatcher uses its UV light to lure flying mosquitoes, bugs, moths, fruit flies, gnats & other insects...
  • User-Friendly: Getting this insect trap indoors up and running is a cinch. Just peel off the protective coating from the adhesive board, place it into...

If you are not satisfied with any of the options until now, consider this Gardner fly light. It looks pretty much like any other indoor night light that you would plug into an outlet to add some light to a room, but it has a dirty secret. It uses a 9 watt UV light to lure flies.

Once the insects land on the light, they get stuck to the glue card and can’t get away.

Of course, you should use this light during the day, as that is when the fruit flies will be most active. However, it isn’t very noticeable.

It is an overall great trap to use if you are tired of using chemical traps or find that the fake apple or jar trap don’t work efficiently for you (you may simply have too many flies for them to deal with).

This trap is for indoor use only. Also, one of its drawbacks is that you will have to plug it into an outlet, so if you are trying to trap flies in your garage, for example, and you have no outlets there, it won’t work for you.

However, the good news is that when the glue card gets full of flies, you can replace it rather quickly.

fly trap glue boards

Faicuk Wall Sconce Fly Light Trap

Faicuk Wall Sconce Fly Light Trap for Capturing Flies, Moths, Gnats, Mosquitos and Other Flying Insects-12"x6.1"x5.98"
  • Work in Silence - Luring flying insects with special violet light and then capturing them on the special glue boards, killing them softly and no more...
  • Triple Effect - Unique inner reflective coating boost the UV light produced by Philip bulb up to triple times, increase the cover area (600 sq. ft.)...
  • Ideal for all indoor environments - Effectively fly light trap, ideal for use in kitchens, restaurants, stores, supermarkets, offices, hospitals,...

This trap also uses UV light to attract flies. It is a bit more expensive than the previous trap, but it is also a lot stronger — it uses two light tubes to give off UV light and an inner reflective coating that reflects the light and expands the trap’s working area.

That allows you to attract and trap flies over a larger space.

It is also a bit more decorative than the previous trap. It has a sleek wooden exterior design and a soft velvet ultraviolet light, so people might even comment on how cool it looks without knowing it is a fly trap.

Trappify Indoor Clear Window Fly Traps

Trappify Window Fly Traps: House Window Fruit Fly Traps for Indoors, Gnat, & Other Flying Insect, Disposable Indoor Fly Trap with Extra Sticky Adhesive Strips - Inside Home Housefly & Bug Catchers (8)
  • VALUE SET: Available in 4, 8 and 12 packs to of fruit fly traps for indoors. Designed to attract house flies, mosquito, knat, gnats, along with many...
  • EASY TO USE: Just simply open the wrap of our fly catcher, fold panels into place, remove the protective paper from the glue strip, and lastly apply...
  • LONG LASTING: Our bug indoor trap with a double strength adhesive secures a reliable and lasting application with every use and utilizes sticky glue...

These disposable clear window fly traps are small and discreet, but they are very effective. They use double-strength adhesive tape that lasts for around three months and catches all kinds of flying insects, including gnats and fruit flies.

These traps use a very clever mechanism. When you place them in a window corner, light enters through slots on the side. Flies are attracted to the light and enter the trap, where they get stuck in the glue.

The best part is that they don’t require any electricity to work, so you can place them indoor or on any window sill, in any part of the house. This fly catcher can lure flies and other species easily. Once trapped, you can just put it in the trash and replace it with a new catcher and bait.

cluster fly traps

Create Your Own Fly Trap

So, you want to make your own fly trap, huh? Well, pull up a chair and get comfortable, because you’re about to learn how. It’s actually pretty simple – all you need is a container, some water, and a little bit of sugar.

Fill Up the Container

First, fill your container about halfway with water. Then, add a few spoonfuls of sugar and give it a good stir. The sugar will attract flies (as well as other flying insects), and the water will keep them from buzzing away.

Add the Attractant

Next, drop in a piece of fruit or meat – something that will be especially attractive to your target species.

Finally, cover the top of the container with Saran wrap or another kind of food-safe plastic wrap. Make sure there are a few holes poked in the top for ventilation.

Sit Back and Wait

Once you’ve done all that, just sit back and wait for the flies to come wandering in. They’ll crawl through the holes in search of the sweet sugar water, but they won’t be able to find their way back out. And that’s it! Your very own DIY fly trap.

These work great indoors or outdoors, and they’re not harmful to humans – although we wouldn’t recommend eating anything that’s been trapped in there.

aura decorative fly light trap

Fly Trap: Wrap Up

Trappify Hanging Fly Traps Outdoor: Fruit Fly Traps for Indoors | Fly Catcher, Gnat, Mosquito, & Flying Insect Catchers for Inside Home - Disposable Sticky Fly Trap for Indoor House Pest Control
  • CATCH PESKY BUGS: Trap mosquitoes, gnats, flies, horse fly, housefly, nat, lantern fly, knat, and many other irritating flying insect with this...
  • PROTECT YOUR HOUSE: Hanging hook lets you place the trap anywhere near common bug infested areas in your home to lure, and catch all pests. Try...
  • THE GREAT OUTDOORS: Perfect for porches, garage, patios, gardens, stable, lawn, chicken coop, and any popular hotbeds for flying insects to keep them...

So, there you have it: eight discreet and decorative fly catchers for your house, kitchen, living room, and outdoor spaces. Regardless of whether you target small fruit flies or larger wasps, you can use one of these options to get rid of them.

The best fly trap works incredibly well. You can set up the trap, and within an hour or so, all the flies would be dead. Once your fly trap is full, you can just throw it out without needing to come into contact with all the gathered dead flies.

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