CO2 Mosquito Traps for No See Ums – Worth it or Not?

The question is: are CO2 mosquito traps for no see ums worth it?

No see ums is a term used to identify a family of Ceratopogonidae insects. These are biting midges found in over 5,000 species of pests around the globe. You could include a long list of insects that would fall under no see ums. Many put the mosquito on the list. It is one of the most annoying creatures out there, famous for ruining near-perfect days.

For an effective attack against mosquitoes, check out CO2 mosquito traps for no see ums. These devices emit attractants that draw mosquitoes and other insects in and kill them.

CO2 Mosquito Traps for No See Ums – Process of the No See UMS

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This bug, like the mosquito, sustains its populace by laying eggs in moist areas. Upon maturation, the adult pests take flight.

In general, both sexes of the mosquito consume sweet-tasting substances for nourishment. Only females seek blood meals. It manages their egg production. The female is capable of attacking all forms of life, including other insects.

Once fed, the impregnated insect finds a safe and comfortable place to drop her eggs. She’ll look for standing bodies of water, hollows in trees, wet sands, etc.

After 28 days, the new pests mature and begin the cycle again. The problem is the cycle starts anew every day with different females dropping eggs that fuel the populace.

That’s why it’s important to initiate a strong, long-term strategy!

What Is a CO2 Trap?

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The CO2 mosquito traps for no see ums attract mosquitoes through carbon dioxide emissions — a gas produced as people and animals breathe. That CO2 is essentially why the pests fly around the head before landing on your skin.

A carbon dioxide mosquito trap helps reduce, control, and eliminate mosquito populations. Technically, the traps mimic human and animal breathing. The insects believe they have located a potential blood source.

When mosquitoes get in the vicinity, the trap captures them. Once trapped, the mosquitoes cannot escape. The deed is accomplished by either adhesive or vacuum method.

The ultimate goal of the trap is to trap and kill as many females as possible before they lay eggs.

Do CO2 Mosquito Traps for No See Ums Do the Job?

This is a question that has the usual pros and cons.

CO2 traps are still relatively new technology, having only been around since the late 1990s. Manufacturers continue to refine the traps.

The American Mosquito Control Association is an organization dedicated to improving quality of life and public health through the suppression of the mosquito population. One of their technical advisers, Joe Conlon, acknowledges the effectiveness of the CO2 device.

But he believes most of the issues surrounding failings with CO2 mosquito traps for no see ums center around the consumer knowledge base. He says, “these are not set-and-forget devices — each requires some level of maintenance.”

He cautions “against putting too much faith in traps as your sole means of control. These fly traps represent an evolving technology that is a most welcome addition to our mosquito control armamentarium. Their potential is great but shouldn’t be overestimated.”

CO2 Mosquito Traps for No See Ums – Double Up Your Attack

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Experts agree that a sound strategy for eliminating mosquitoes is more than one approach. Buzz traps alongside CO2 mosquito traps, for example. Or repellants with candles.

An important avenue is a thorough inspection of the infested area and removing what draws the pest population in the first list. This includes:

Other Factors Affecting Your Battle With Mosquitos

Ironically, your behavior can attract the no see ums. Here are some actions and conditions that get their attention.

  • Alcohol consumption
  • Body temps
  • Dark clothes
  • Sweat
  • Blood type
  • Salt and potassium levels
  • Pregnancies

The strength of your strategies to reduce the insect population also depends on:

  • Proximity to insect areas
  • Individual-level of tolerance
  • The mosquito population size
  • Type and size of breeding habitat
  • Direction and wind velocity

Here are a few things you can do about how you and your environment attract ums.

Different Types of CO2 Mosquito Traps for No See Ums

The market has several types of CO2 mosquito traps designed by trustworthy manufacturers.

High-tech Wireless Traps

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This is a high-end device. The CO2 mosquito trap communicates with your devices to provide updates on how your traps are functioning. You get status reports on propane tank status, lure time, net replacement, troubleshooting needs, and more through text messages and email.

Corded Mosquito Trap

A corded trap system eliminates the need for monitoring a propane tank. The only real worry is safeguarding the cord — they are easily nicked by a weed eater or lawnmower. You place the trap away from the home, living areas, and outdoor play spaces. That means you need a long cord.

Independent Mosquito Trap

This third option is a self-contained solution. The independent trap won’t need fuel or a cord because it runs on batteries. Its net will need regular replacement, though. You’ll need to examine the net at least once a month.

Other Considerations

The best way to tackle a no see ums population is with a multi-tiered strategy. Along with your CO2 mosquito traps for no-see-ums, here are some other tactics you can apply.

Screens with Small Mesh

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These tiny insects can easily wiggle through most window and door screens. They can be as small as a capital letter on a coin. They could sit unnoticed on a pencil’s sharp end. The standard screens are no threat to ums. To keep them out, use a tighter mesh weave.

Air Conditioning

Cranking up the HVAC will help. These pests look for high humidity and cannot tolerate the cold. We’re not saying max out your utility bills; just take into account you’re less likely to get bites in your own home with cooler climates.

Carefully Choosing Clothes

Long pants and shirt sleeves, full-length socks, and other smart clothing choices reduce surface areas mosquitos can attack. Lighter colors can help too. Apply repellent to exposed areas.


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Drape netting over the patio umbrella. Use a hat with no-see-um netting. Section off play areas.


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  • CREATES AN INSECT BARRIER: 20-ounce candle provides up to 40 hours of protection.
  • MADE WITH REAL CITRONELLA OIL: Keeps mosquitoes away from outdoor activities for hours.

You can get everything from candles to sprays. The smart thing to do is go with DEET-labeled products. Use them as instructed. Too much, too little, or just putting a repellent out may not do an effective job.

Spraying of Insecticides

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Insecticide application is different from repellents. Insecticides are powerful chemicals directed at areas of infestation.

Unfortunately, research determines this attack is overall not very efficient. It can eliminate existing populations, but the impact dissipates. Eggs left behind hatch and quickly replace the older generation.


One option to prevent bites is to avoid going out between dusk and dawn.

CO2 Mosquito Traps for No See Ums – Before You Buy Property or Hit the Road

If you own or plan to purchase a property, consult maps and other data to see if the region supports no see ums.

If you like to camp, hike, garden, fish, hunt, or generally spend time outdoors — especially near bodies of water — you’re looking at a habitat for no see ums. Take some CO2 bait trips along with other protectorates.

CO2 Mosquito Traps for No See Ums – Conclusion

So, are CO2 mosquito traps worth it for no see ums?

Yes, but it’s understood you shouldn’t depend on them as the sole answer. Mosquitos are tough and durable. From CO2 traps to cleaning to choosing the right clothes, there are many ways to tackle the mosquito.

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