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Catchmaster Moth Traps – Reviews, Pros, Cons, and Alternatives

Have you heard of Catchmaster moth traps? Moths may be small, but they can cause big problems in your home. Most people know that these insects are attracted to light, but did you know that they’re also attracted to dried fruit and other dry food?

That means that if you have dried fruit, cereal, or even pet food in your pantry, chances are you’ve got these insects. And once they get into your food, they can lay up to 400 larvae at a time! Yikes.

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Here are a few facts about these insects that can help you get them:

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This Pantry Pest is Annoying!

These pests are quite annoying once they find their way into your house. They can destroy stored grains, Mediterranean flour, and other types of food, and some types of moths can also damage your clothes in the closet, which means that you might have to replace all the clothes in the closet if the pantry moth infestations are too severe.

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But luckily, you will find a professional strength lure or attractant that can help with a bad infestation. Simply place the traps, like Trappify or Black Flag, in your food storage areas, and you’ll be able to enjoy your dried goods in peace.

Catchmaster is one of the most popular pantry moth trap brands. In fact, it’s almost rated 5 stars in Amazon, but it has some limitations. Keep on reading to learn more about these products.

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Grain, Clothing, Indian Meal, and Tobacco Moths Common Characteristics

Moths might be small, but they can cause big problems. These pests are attracted to infested food and dry pet food, and they can quickly infest your pantry.

You can also use lures to trap them. These insects typically fold their wings when they’re resting, so you might find them hiding under furniture or in other tight spaces.

All pantry pests lay their larvae in food items, and the larva then eat their way out of the food. This can contaminate pantry items and make them unfit to eat. If you find pantry pests in your home, you should throw away any infested food items and clean your pantry thoroughly.

pantry pest on grain based products

If you suspect you have a pantry moth problem, it’s important to act quickly. These pantry pests can reproduce rapidly, and the number of these insects can quickly get out of control. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take to exterminate pantry pest for good.

How Do They Work on Clothes Moths, Pantry Moths or Indian Meal Moths?

The early signs of finding moth infestation in your house are usually missed by most homeowners. You might not feel that these insects actually infesting your house until it’s a little bit too late.

If you have moths in the kitchen, they will peacefully feed on any grains or flour that you keep in your storage. When it’s time to cook a meal, you will be surprised by the number of these insects hidden in your cupboard, and you will have to reconsider rebuying every food item.

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Infested With More Moths That You Can Deal With?

You may have noticed little moths fluttering around your pantry or kitchen and wondered what they were. These are pantry pests, and you may not think of these insects as being particularly dangerous, but there are actually several different kinds that can cause serious damage to your home.

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The most common pantry pests are grain moths, clothing months, tobacco moths, and Indian meal moths. Grain moths are small, brown moths that are attracted to cereals, grains, and other dry goods.

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Some types of moths also feed on your clothes. Clothing moth can cost you your most precious clothing items, and unfortunately, the earliest signs of damage are difficult to detect.

In most cases, people will know that clothing moths are feeding on their expensive clothes when they grab an expensive 100% silk blouse or wool sweater to find that it’s completely filled with small holes.

Clothing moth also feed on wool rugs, eating the wool fibers, which happens to be their favorite food. As a result, your rugs will show a thinning in their density, and they will look poor.

Tobacco moths are slightly larger than grain moths and are attracted to tobacco products. Indian meal moths are the largest of the pantry pests and are attracted to flour, chocolate, spices, cereal, rice, dried fruit, and other dry goods. They are even attracted to dry pet food and even Mediterranean flour.

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Benefits of Catchmaster Professional Strength Lure

Luckily, Catchmaster offers high-quality moth traps that help you kill these insects without hurting any member of your family. These traps are specifically designed to lure moths that reside in your pantry, feeding on any stored food like grains, grain-based products, dried fruits, nuts, chocolate, or any pet food you might be keeping in your kitchen cupboard.

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These traps work to lure moths that feed on food. They’re easy and compact and won’t bother anyone in your family, including your pets.

There’s another type that targets clothing moths. It will help you get rid of these annoying pests and save your expensive clothes.

moth trap pantry pest attractant

Each trap features a sheet covered with pheromones that lure moths in your pantry or any other place of hiding. The unsuspecting insects feel attracted to the scent and will fly close to the trap, eventually getting stuck.

When they feel stuck, you can discard the sticky moth trap and add a new one until you get rid of all these insects. You can also search for other items with great feedback from customers, and use these similar items to fill any gap that Catchmaster can’t fill.

User Reviews

Users agree that Catchmaster traps are easy to use and are quite efficient. You can easily peel off the trap and stick it wherever you like.

The stick is covered with natural attractant, so it’s not toxic and won’t affect your pets or kids in the house. It’s also safe, so your food will be safe and ready for use.

People who used Catchmaster loved that it acts fast. You won’t have to wait to see a reduction in the number of these insects. It lure moths quickly and easily.

Moreover, you don’t have to look for these insects, as they will automatically get attracted to the scent that they love so much.

Discarding the glue trap is another big plus. The trap is sticky, so these insects will get stuck or even die upon contact, so you can easily kill the male moths that got trapped into the Catchmaster trap.

Without the male, the females won’t be able to lay larvae, and your moths’ problem will be under control.

moth attractant to get rid of pests

Are They Expensive?

Traps don’t come cheap. They’re more expensive than other moth traps on the market

If you’re on a tight budget, you might reconsider buying them to lure moths and remove pantry moths. The Pro Strength traps are even more expensive, so they will cost even more in the long run to make sure that all these insects are handled.

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What Are the Pros of Pantry Moth Traps?

There are several reasons why people who used a Catchmaster moth trap love them so much.

  • They’re quite easy to use. You don’t have to do anything but peel the trap and set it where you think these insects are hiding. The smell will attract the male moths, and the sticky trap will keep them in place until you can kill or remove them.

insect caught by glue trap

  • These traps are not toxic. You shouldn’t worry about setting them up in your pantry or next to your clothes. They don’t contain any harmful chemicals or fumes that might affect your pets or kids.
  • The traps are fast-acting and guaranteed. The strong pheromones attract the moths, so they won’t reproduce, and you can put the problem under control.
  • There are two formulas to dispose of your pantry moths.

indian meal mediterranean moth trap

What Are the Cons of a Catchmaster Moth Trap?

However, these traps have some cons that you need to think about.

  • The scent lasts between 4 and 6 weeks. This means that if you have a serious moth plague, you will have to replace your traps often.
  • Some users reported that the traps are smaller than the ones offered by other brands.
  • Sometimes the traps work too well, so they will get filled with moths fast. In this case, you’ll have to toss them and buy new traps to make sure that these insects are taken care of.

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How to Use the Catchmaster Pantry Pest Moth Traps

If you’re looking for an effective way to dispose of grain moths, tobacco moths, or other similar pests, a Catchmaster moth trap is a great option. Here’s a quick guide on how to use them:

  • Start by removing the release paper from the trap’s protective package. This will expose the adhesive surface.
  • Fold along the perforations and insert tab into a slot to form a tent. Fold over the edges of the tent and insert tabs between layers.

effective pantry pest moth traps

catchmaster pantry pest moth traps

Just follow the instructions in the product label. Make sure that your trap is clean. It is ineffective when covered with dust and moisture. With this simple guide, you can quickly and easily kill these troublesome pests.

What are the Alternatives of Catchmaster Lure and Pantry Moth Traps?

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If you’re not sure about Catchmaster moth traps, there are other brands that you can try to keep these insects at bay. Dr. Killigan’s Premium Pantry Moth Traps are efficient pantry moth traps that can help you get your serious problem under control.

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  • Keep Food Safe- Protects Yourself from moths that eat grains, cereals, flours, pet food and other dry goods

If you’re on a tight budget, we recommend that you get the Trappify Pantry and Clothes Moth Traps. They’re quite easy to set up and are safe to be used around food. They won’t harm your pets or any curious kids in the house.

No products found.

For clothing moths, we also recommend the Trappify Pantry and Clothes Moth Traps. They come with little hangers, so you won’t worry about your long clothes getting in touch with the sticky glue.

Other Things You Can Do to Eliminate Clothing and Pantry Pests

Although your pantry pest traps will help eliminate pantry pests from infested food like your dry pet food, bird seed, Mediterranean flour, or dried fruit, it is still important to clean your home to avoid this issue.

If you’re like most people, you probably have food storage areas in your home where you keep dry goods like cereal, rice, and pasta. These areas are ideal breeding grounds for these pests, which can lay their eggs in the food and contaminate it with their larvae.

catchmaster pantry moth trap

Food storage areas are prime locations for moth problem. These pests are attracted to the food particles that accumulate in these areas. These pests lay their eggs in food products, and the larvae hatch and feed on the food. This can ruin food supplies and cause costly damage.

Clean Food Storage Areas Thoroughly

To avoid this, it’s important to regularly clean food storage areas and keep them free of clutter. Start by taking everything out of the pantry or cupboard and wiping down the shelves. Then, inspect all of the food for signs of infestation in your storage areas, and throw away any that is contaminated.

To avoid moth infestation, it is important to keep food storage areas clean. This means removing food debris and spills immediately, and making sure that food containers are sealed tightly.

Once you’ve cleaned out the area, make sure to keep it well-ventilated and free of food debris. By taking these simple steps, you can avoid this problem and keep your food supply safe.

Wrap Up

Catchmaster offers reliable clothing and pantry moth traps that can help you exterminate these annoying bugs in no time. The traps are covered with attractant and will lure the bugs, so they won’t reproduce, and you will dispose of them.

At the same time, this professional strength lure is safe, and it won’t harm anyone in the family. However, these clothing and pantry moth traps are small, so you will have to change them fast. So, they won’t work for you if you’re on a tight budget.

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