Car Roach: How To Get Rid of A Roach Infestation Inside Your Car

Do you notice a car roach problem inside your vehicle? Car roaches are quite annoying, especially if you see them inside of your car. Sometimes, they can be hanging out in between your car interior like your floor mats, air conditioning vents, glove compartment, or even in your car doors.

Remember that roaches survive in any area where there’s food bags. So, it’s always important to clean your car regularly in order to eliminate pests in your car’s interior.

Crumbs are the number one cause for roach droppings and cockroach infestations inside your car. If you are unable to address this issue, it can lead to many other health consequences in the future.

Luckily, there are some great way to kill roaches in your car interior fast. These are things like:

  • Insect growth regulator
  • Sticky traps
  • Boric acid
  • Gel baits/ Gel bait
  • Natural pesticide
  • Bug bomb/bug bombs
  • Bay leaves

If you are looking to get rid of your cockroach problem quick, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will be teaching you how to eliminate roaches in your car.

We will also be mentioning some ways on how to keep your car clean and free of bad infestation. No body likes a creepy crawly in their car, so we’ll make sure to give you some cleaning tips as well on how to deep clean your car.

How Does a Car Roach Get Inside Your Car?


Many car owners get embarrassed by the thought that their car has a roach problem. Don’t worry though, if you are one of these people – you are not alone. Many people tend to get too busy and tend to forget about all the empty bags they leave inside their car.

Besides these little buggers find food in every crevice of your car. Whether that be in small openings, cup holders, your glove box/glove compartment. Sometimes we can even leave open windows and that’s how you get a really bad infestation.

That said, cockroach nymphs and other cockroaches are really good at squeezing themselves in tight spots. Cockroaches have flat bodies after all, and they will do anything just to reach a decent food source/food sources or even shelter.

Here are the most common ways they can enter your car:

Trouble spots

When you leave your windows open

  • Sunroofs
  • Engine blocks
  • Front grill
  • Floor mats

These areas become a breeding ground for roaches. So it’s important to always keep all the doors and windows shut at all times. And of course, make sure to avoid eating inside the car. Or, if you are going to eat inside, make sure to have a clean car before you enter your home.

Are Roach Infestations Dangerous?


There’s no doubt that we have tried to get rid of roaches one too many times. This applies not only inside your car but even inside your home. Cockroach are not only gross but they are also full of germs and contaminants. This is because they like to feed on regurgitated bodily fluids and other nasty things.

Roaches can even cause an unpleasant smell in your car if you are not able to get rid of roaches sooner. Their droppings can host a slew of different diseases too like:

  • Listeriosis
  • Giardia
  • E-Coli
  • Staphylococcus
  • Dysentery
  • Gastroenteritis

Some people may also be allergic to a cockroach and start to experience itchiness. These little buggers are also known to chew through your car wires and burrow through the car seats. Although they are not as destructive as other pests, a lot of roaches can compromise the functionality of your car in a matter of days.

Take note that if you don’t get rid of roaches right away, they can also bring in a party of cockroaches to rummage through your cars. In times like this, a portable vacuum will come in handy to take out those food crumbs in between your car seats.

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Where Do Cockroaches Lay Eggs?


While it may not be a pleasant thing to think about, cockroach infestation is a common occurrence in many parts of the world.

And unfortunately, they are not just content to stay outdoors. If you’ve ever noticed a roach scurrying around your car, chances are that they’ve found a cozy spot to put their eggs. So, where do these pesky insects choose to set up their nursery?

Well, the answer might surprise you. Cockroaches are known for their adaptable nature, so they can lay eggs just about anywhere in your car – from the upholstery to the air conditioning vents.

So, if you want to keep these unwanted guests out of your vehicle, it’s best to keep a close eye out and take preventative measures, such as regularly cleaning your car and sealing off any possible entry points. Trust me, your passengers (and your stomach) will thank you.

What Are Some Common Signs of a Roach Infestation?

A roach infestation is easy to spot inside your cars/car. Roaches are nocturnal insects, so you can weeks to almost a month not noticing that your roach problem is getting bad. If you suspect that there might be cockroaches in your car, here are some signs to look out for to prevent cockroaches:

  • Weird smells
  • Cockroach droppings (can look like black grounds of coffee or food)
  • Old roach shells laying around your cars

Roaches are sly, so it’s good to simply sprinkle a little bit of diatomaceous earth or boric acid into your cars. Diatomaceous earth gets rid of cockroaches. Also if you have any pets, make sure that there isn’t any pet food inside your cars interior to get rid of roaches.

How To Get Rid of a Cockroach Infestation in Your Car?

Cockroaches in your car? Yikes, that’s a nightmare! If you’re dealing with a roaches in your car, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and show those roaches the door.

The first step is to identify where they’re hiding. Do a quick scan of your upholstery, dashboard, and luggage compartments to locate any signs of activity.

Once you’ve isolated the problem, it’s time to get rid of these unwelcome passengers. Sticky traps are a great way to trap and dispose of roaches without using harmful chemicals. You can also vacuum up any visible bugs and clean all surfaces with a disinfectant.

Just remember, prevention is key – keep your car free of clutter and food debris to avoid attracting these pesky pests.

With a little patience and persistence, you can say goodbye to your roach problem and hello to a car that’s clean and comfortable once again. Here are some other ways you can stop roaches from entering your car:

Use a Vacuum Cleaner to Get Rid of Food Crumbs

Mealtime can be a joyous affair, with delicious treats and satisfying dishes, but unfortunately, it leaves behind unwanted crumbs. You could try to pick up those tiny offenders one by one, or you could use the trusty vacuum cleaner to do the job in a jiffy.

With a simple switch of a button, those pesky bits of food will disappear into the dustbin, leaving your floors spotless and crumb-free.

Plus, it’s an opportunity to bust out your inner Ghostbuster with the vacuum as your trusty proton pack. Those roaches will be gone in no time. Additionally, always remember the cockroaches are very sneaky when they make their way to your car. So, it’s always important to keep your car spotless in order to eliminate roaches/cockroaches from your car.

Wash your Cars Regularly

Are you tired of sharing your car with all kinds of creepy crawlers, especially cockroaches? Well, here’s a tip that might save you some serious squirms: wash your car daily! Not only will this keep your ride looking shiny and new, but it will also help to get rid of any unwanted pests.

Cockroaches love to hide out in dirty, cluttered environments, so keeping your car clean and tidy will discourage them from making themselves at home.

Plus, regular car washes eliminate any crumbs that may have fallen between the seats and serve as a preventative measure for future infestations. So, make washing your car a part of your routine and say goodbye to those pesky roaches for good!

Sprinkle Boric Acid To Prevent Cockroaches


Cockroaches are the bane of every car owner’s existence. They can sneak into your vehicle, feast on crumbs, and leave behind a trail of unsightly droppings. But fear not – there’s a simple solution to prevent these pesky pests from taking over your ride.

The secret ingredient? Boric acid! Sprinkling a small amount of this white powder in your car can repel cockroaches and keep them away for good.

Not only is this method effective, it’s also safe and non-toxic for you and your passengers. So what are you waiting for? Give your car a sprinkling of boric acid and say goodbye to cockroaches once and for all!

Deep Clean Your Cars

Don’t let pesky roaches take up residence in your car! A thorough cleaning is just what you need to show those creepy crawlers who’s boss. Not only will you be getting rid of unwelcome guests, but you’ll also give your car a fresh start.

Start by vacuuming every nook and cranny – roaches love hiding in tight spaces. Then, wipe down all surfaces with a disinfectant cleaner. Don’t forget to remove any food or garbage that may have accumulated over time.

For added protection, consider using bait traps or sprays. With a little elbow grease and attention to detail, you’ll be driving roach-free in no time!

You Can Also Use Diatomaceous Earth

Cockroaches, the six-legged pests that can send shivers down anyone’s spine, are infamous for being nearly impossible to get rid of.

But fear not, because there’s a secret weapon that you may not have heard of; diatomaceous earth. This natural substance is not only eco-friendly but is also highly effective in eliminating those pesky roaches.

Simply sprinkle the powder in the areas where roaches frequent and watch the magic happen. As soon as the roaches walk over the diatomaceous earth, it will shred their exoskeletons and dehydrate them, leading to their ultimate demise.

Plus, it’s safe for humans and pets to use in the home. So, whether you’re a green-thumbed individual or just looking for an alternative to chemical insecticides, give diatomaceous a try and kiss those roaches goodbye!

Spray Essential Oils Inside your Car

Are you tired of unwelcome guests lurking in your car? Roaches can easily find their way into your vehicle and quickly become a nuisance. But don’t worry, there’s a solution that doesn’t involve toxic chemicals or traps.

Have you heard of using essential oils? By spraying a mix of essential oils, such as peppermint, lavender, and tea tree, inside your car, you can naturally repel roaches and other pests.

Not only will your car smell great, but you’ll also be able to drive without worrying about unwanted passengers. Try it out and see the benefits of using essential oils in your car!

Make Use of Sticky Traps

Few things are more cringe-worthy than walking into your kitchen in the middle of the night and finding a family of roaches scurrying around your countertops. Not only are they unsightly, but they can carry disease and contaminate your food.

Luckily, there’s a solution that doesn’t involve harsh chemicals or expensive exterminators: traps.

These traps are like little Velcro strips that capture unsuspecting roaches as they crawl by. Just place them in strategic areas around your home, like under the sink or behind the refrigerator, and let the traps do the rest.

Before you know it, your cockroach problem will be a thing of the past! Plus, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you outsmarted those pesky critters with a simple, yet effective solution.

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Car Roach: Place Herbs or Some Plants Inside your Car

Are pesky roaches finding their way into your car? Look no further than your herb garden or local plant shop. Placing certain herbs or plants, such as lavender, or mint, inside your car can help fend off those unwanted critters. Not only will your car smell fresher, but these natural repellents can also be a safer alternative to using harsh chemicals. So go ahead, add a touch of greenery and keep those roaches at bay. Your passengers (and your car) will thank you.

Car Roach: Try Adding Baking Soda To Prevent Roaches

Looking for a natural way to get rid of pesky roaches? Look no further than your pantry! Baking soda has been proven as an effective way to control roach infestations. Not only is it a safer option compared to harsh chemicals, but it’s also affordable and easy to use.

Simply mix equal parts baking soda and sugar, and place it in areas where roaches are often spotted. As they consume the mixture, the baking soda works to disrupt their digestive system, eventually leading to their demise.

So don’t let roaches make themselves at home in your space – try adding baking soda to take control of the situation.

Car Roach: Try Catnip Inside Your Car

When it comes to keeping pests out of our homes, we eager to try anything. Tired of using harmful chemicals that barely work? Have you considered trying catnip inside your car? Yes, you read that right! Catnip, the herb that drives our feline friends wild, has been found to be an excellent natural roach repellent.

Not only is it non-toxic and safe for humans, but it also releases a sweet aroma that anyone can appreciate. So, next time you’re struggling with pesky roaches in your car, grab some catnip and let it work its magic!

Car Roach: Make Sure to Keep Your Car Windows Closed


Make sure to keep your car windows closed if you want to avoid a roach infestation! While it may seem like common sense, it’s important to emphasize this simple tip in order to save yourself the hassle and expense of dealing with unwanted critters in your vehicle.

After all, no one wants to be driving down the highway and suddenly spot a roach scurrying across the dashboard. Not only is it gross and unsanitary, it can also be distracting (and potentially dangerous) to the driver.

With a little precautionary action, however, you can easily prevent roaches from getting inside your car. So roll up those windows, folks – it’s the smart thing to do.

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