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Buffalo Gnat Repellent – The Shopping Guide

by | Knowledge Bombs


If you need help choosing your buffalo gnat repellent, this guide will tell you everything you need to know.

Buffalo gnats, otherwise called black flies, are a nuisance to have in your house. They’re larger than fruit flies, so you’ll definitely notice they’re there. And, they keep buzzing around you all the time, distracting you from the task at hand.

Not to mention, they have an incredibly short memory. Once you shoo them away, they’ll return as if nothing happened.

What’s the solution here? Either get a buffalo gnat repellent or get used to having them around!


The Best Store-Bought Buffalo Gnat Repellent


Here’s a list of the best store-bought repellents for buffalo gnats.

Flies can be too much to handle in your house, especially when it’s summertime. These deterrents will keep your house empty of the small fellows.


Indoor Plug-in Bug Zapper



Electric zappers are convenient, quick-acting, and efficient. They’re not as harmful as chemical sprays, and they ensure efficiency. Once the fly touches the zapper, it drops dead in an instant, and the fluorescent light attracts the buffalo gnats even when it’s dark around.

This zapper from Crioxen is capable of protecting up to 500 square feet around. It simply plugs into any wall outlet, and it starts working. It also comes bearing a brush, so you can use it to clean the dead flies every now and then.

The fly zapper is safe to be around pets because its openings are pretty small. Only a fly will be able to get inside and get zapped.

If you’re going on a hiking trip, you can take the plug-in zapper, as long as you have access to a power source.


Black + Decker Electric Fly Swatter



If you don’t mind some effort to get rid of the buffalo gnats, this Black and Decker electric swatter is ideal for the job. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and most importantly, eco-friendly.

The swatter is wireless; instead, it runs on batteries, which is good news for transportation. You’ll be able to take it on any hiking or camping trip you join. Plus, you can use it outdoors without the need for a wall outlet.

The swatter’s handle is large and comfortable for anyone to hold. All you have to do is turn the swatter on, swing it in the direction of flies, and watch them drop on the ground.

The swatter is safe for humans and pets; it only delivers enough electric shock to kill flies and pesky bugs. It’s also made of nickel-plated mesh to resist warping, so you can use it for many years to come.


PRECIS Fly Fan for Tables



We love ideas that are out of the box; that’s why we chose this fly fan on our list. The best thing about it is that it’s totally eco-friendly. It’s a simple fan; only it’s designed to deter the flies away from food, thanks to the rotating motion and design of its wings.

You merely put it on the table, and its wings will rotate, driving the bugs away. It works indoors and outdoors, and it runs on batteries so that you can put it anywhere.

The blades are soft and easily stoppable, so you don’t need to worry if there are children around. Once you touch the blades, it’ll stop rotating without hurting your hand.

The fan doesn’t use a lot of power, doesn’t contain any chemical elements, and can be used indoor and outdoor. We’d say it’s a nice option to consider.


The Best Natural Buffalo Gnat Repellent


If you don’t want to get store-bought repellents for any reason, here are some natural ways to deter black flies from your house.




Black flies love standing water; it’s not clear why, but they easily get attracted to any bottle or bag of water. If you want to repel the flies away from food, you can fill several plastic bags with water. Afterward, hang them somewhere near the fly infestation; it’ll mostly be close to windows or balconies.

The hanging bags will attract the flies, and they’ll leave the food alone.

Likewise, if you have standing water in your backyard, it’ll likely attract a lot of flies, so try to keep vegetation and food away from it.


Apple Cider Vinegar



Apple cider vinegar is perhaps the most common natural remedy for gnats and house flies. It shows excellent results because it attracts the flies, and once they fall inside, they drop dead.

To catch the flies, you can leave a bowl full of apple cider around the affected area. The flies will get attracted to the scent, and they’ll fall inside inevitably.

If you want to ensure efficiency, you can cover the bowl with plastic wrap and poke holes through it. Make sure the holes will be wide enough for black flies because they’re larger than the average gnats.

Empty the bowl and refill it every few hours, and the flies will eventually go away.

There’s an alternative solution in case you’re staying outdoors. You can swallow a tablespoon of apple cider two times a day. This way, your skin will repel the flies without having to spray anything. The vinegar tastes very bitter, though; don’t say we didn’t warn you!


Lemon Eucalyptus Oil



The lemon eucalyptus oil is an excellent deterrent for black flies because of its strong scent. If you’re staying outdoors, and you want the flies to leave you alone, you can spray some of it on your body.

Target the areas that the flies will likely visit, such as the insides of your wrists, your ankles, behind your ears, and your knees. It works indoors, too.

If you don’t want to spray on your body, you can make a homemade remedy of lemon eucalyptus. Just grab a spray bottle and fill it with some water. Then, add around 15–20 drops of the essential oil, and spray around the furniture.


Citronella Oil



Citronella oil is pretty common for repelling mosquitoes, but it shows great results in deterring buffalo gnats too. You can make a spray of it, putting around 20 drops on some water. Then, spray it around the affected areas. You can spray it on your body, too, if you’re staying outdoors.

Alternatively, you can get a citronella scented candle and put it near the fly infestation.


How to Choose Buffalo Gnats Repellent


To choose a buffalo gnats repellent, you have first to know the dangers of commercial repellents. Most chemical sprays on the market contain DEET. Despite that, they’re pretty common, and a lot of people recommend them.

The truth is, DEET’s efficiency against buffalo gnats isn’t guaranteed. On top of that, it’s highly toxic, and it significantly harms the environment. It can also pose a health hazard for pets, fish, and kids.

If it touches the food, you have to throw it out immediately.

What we’re trying to say is, sprays containing DEET have more disadvantages than benefits. They’re not recommended. Instead, go for one of the natural remedies listed above. Or even better, you can get an electric zapper or swatter. At least it’ll be safe to use around the house.


Gnat Repellent – The Verdict


Buffalo gnats are annoying, but getting rid of them is pretty easy when you have the right equipment. As long as you have your swatter, zapper, or apple cider vinegar, you’ll hopefully get rid of the ugly black flies as soon as possible.

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