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Black Flies in Your House? List of Steps to Take

by | Knowledge Bombs


If you have black flies in house, make sure you eliminate the cause of this invasion first. In today’s article, we’re discussing ways to help you get rid of them. As well as repel them from future attacks.

Here’s a list of practice-based tips:


1. Make Sure They’re Black Flies


Whether you’re trying to get rid of existing black flies in your house or looking for ways to keep them away, to begin with, it’s best if you know what black flies are and what they look like so you can better identify the enemy.

Black flies are insects that target people and livestock. They’re biting critters, known to pay unwanted visits to homes with water bodies located nearby.

The average size of an adult black fly ranges between 5 to 15 mm. Their bodies are quite bulky compared to other types of flies, featuring large wings, compound eyes, and a humped-looking thoracic area.

While it’s true that these pests can get inside houses, they’ll mainly just annoy you. Black flies’ bites rarely transmit diseases, but they’re painful and can cause itching, swelling, and sometimes allergic reactions of varying strengths.


2. Keep Away from Their Residence


One of the ways black flies may find their way into your house is actually through you! No, they won’t hide inside your body and come out later (yikes!), but you may accidentally carry them in via clothes, fishing gear, or other items.

As we mentioned earlier, black flies like to stay around waterways (ponds, streams, lakes) as well as places with lots of vegetation and high moisture. If you’re planning to visit such areas, try to postpone your trips outside the summer months because that’s when these pests are most active.

By avoiding encountering black flies outdoors, you’re less likely to see them indoors.


3. Choose the Right Clothes



This probably didn’t cross your mind, but clothing plays an important role in attracting and repelling biting pests like black flies. Going with the theme of their name, black flies were found to gravitate more towards dark shades than towards light colors.

Applying this information to our daily lives, you can avoid being the target for black flies’ bites by wearing bright-colored or white outfits. During the summer months, wearing such clothes is preferred anyway to combat the heat. to make you a less obvious daytime target for biting insects.

Not to mention, you’ll be able to see them easily if a black fly decides to park on you.


4. Use DEET-Containing Insects Repellents



For many people, the first method that comes to mind when trying to get rid of black flies is using commercial insect repellents. These can be very effective against many pests, but unfortunately, black flies are among the least affected insects.

Still, this doesn’t mean they can’t offer some help. We’re especially referring to insect repellents that are made with DEET (also known as N, N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide, or diethyltoluamide).

In addition to keeping black flies away, such products can also deter other pests like fleas and mosquitoes.


5. Black Flies in House? Try DIY Fly Traps


If you don’t prefer using chemical products inside your house, then you can try DIY fly traps. These methods use natural materials and everyday items that you probably already have lying around, and they don’t cost nearly as much as commercial solutions.

Keep in mind, however, that the effectiveness of these homemade traps isn’t necessarily constant. So, don’t expect a 100% satisfying result every time you try them.

That being said, here are two traps that you can try to get rid of black flies indoors:


1. Dish Soap, Sugar, and Vinegar


  • In a bowl or a dish, pour some vinegar (apple cider is our recommendation but you can try other types as well) and add one tablespoon of sugar.
  • Dissolve the sugar into the vinegar, then add a few drops of dish soap – preferably with a fruity scent.
  • Leave the concoction out in the open uncovered. You can also use plastic wrap to cover the dish but don’t forget to poke some holes so that the flies get attracted by the smell.
  • Either way, the vinegar will lure in the pests but instead of landing on it, the black flies will sink because of the dish soap.


2. Sugar Water and a Soda Bottle


  • Find a couple of plastic soda bottles. You can use any size but the 2-liter ones work best. Make sure the bottles are empty and clean.
  • Use a knife or a cutter to carefully remove the top 1/3 of the bottle. That’s about the section above the position of the label.
  • Make some sugar water and pour it into the larger bottle, filling up about the bottom 1/3 section. You can also use any sweet solution including juice.
  • Next, take the part that you cut, flip it into a cone shape, then put it on the opening of the larger bottle.
  • Over time, black flies will be attracted to the sweetness and make their way into the bottle with no way of flying out.


6. Use Repelling Scents



Some natural scents can help you get rid of black flies in the house, or at least keep them from getting inside. These scents include vanilla, lavender, pine, and peppermint. At the same time, you’ll have a pleasant odor around your home.


7. Black Flies in House? Avoid Leaving Sweet Items Out in the Open


Other than moisture, dense vegetation, and fungi, sweet items can also attract black flies. This includes sweet foods, drinks, and even perfumes because of their sweet scents.

Additionally, black flies can get attracted to sweet-scented soaps and shampoos. So if you want to reduce the number of these biting insects in your home, you should minimize your use of such products.

Try to use unscented items and don’t leave sweet foods and drinks uncovered. Alternatively, use products with scents that repel black flies such as vanilla, lavender, peppermint, or pine.


8. Blow them Away



Black flies may be strong fliers, but they’re no match for an electric fan. Keep a heavy-duty turned on to make it harder for the pests to approach your house.

This will also blow away the carbon dioxide that you exhale, which can attract flies towards your face. If installing a fan isn’t available and you own a fire pit, you can fire it up to smoke out the flies.


Black Flies in House – What Should You Do if One Bites You?



In most cases, all you need to worry about from a black fly’s bite is the itch that follows. To soothe it, try using calamine lotion, aloe vera, or witch hazel.


Black Flies in House – Wrap Up


Getting rid of black flies is all about methods to repel them such as covering sweet foods and drinks. Be sure to start with simple methods first like DIY traps and natural scents, and if that doesn’t work, you can try stronger DEET-containing products.

If none of the ways we discussed above is working, then you should consider seeking the services of a professional exterminator. It’ll cost you extra money, but you’ll get the issue resolved.

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