Where to Buy the Best Biting Flies Trap on the Market

Let’s take a look at more information about biting flies so that you know their habits and preferences, and then we’ll give you some ideas on where to buy the best biting fly traps on the market.

Spending time outdoors with family and friends is one of the best things about the warmer weather that comes with summer. Warmer weather means we will spend more time outdoors and the biting flies will show up for the party.

Why is this? Biting flies feed on blood and that’s not fun summer-time news. They find their way to humans and attack them as a food source.

Biting flies like our perspiration and in warmer temperatures, humans perspire. Herein lies the problem. The biting flies sense perspiration and focus on the human’s skin. Biting flies can bite any exposed skin and in the summer we typically keep much more of our skin exposed.

Biting flies don’t have teeth. They have anatomy in their mouths that resembles scissors. They use these “scissors” to cut into your skin to get to their food source—your blood.

Different Types of Biting Flies

If you’re not familiar with flies, they can all look the same to you. A common housefly is annoying but it does not have the scissor-like mouth part of a biting fly. Unfortunately, people don’t often know a biting fly until they feel the pinch as the fly bites into their skin.

Horse Fly: A Common Biting Fly

In the United States, horse flies are very common and any outside activities increase the chance you’ve seen a horse fly. They are most likely named horse flies because they flock to animals such as horses. Although they are larger, they do look very similar to a common house fly.

Their breeding season delivers new flies every June. Other biting flies may go specifically for the head, but a horse fly rarely does. They attack legs and bodies, which are easily exposed when you are wearing a swimsuit.

Deer Fly: Smaller than a House Fly

A deer fly is smaller than a house fly, but it packs a bigger punch. It tends to go for a human’s shoulders or head to get to their food source of blood. Both horse and deer flies are persistent. If you shoo them away, they often return.

We’ve all had the experience of shooing a fly away only for it to return seconds later. It’s because they are hungry and persistent. Normal bug spray does not phase them at all.

Black Fly: Also Known as “Buffalo Gnat”

The black fly is a smaller fly with a humpback-shaped body, so they earned the nickname “Buffalo Gnat.” This type of fly loves to prey on animals such as poultry or domestic pets, but they are not picky about whether their meal comes from humans or animals.

Like all biting flies, the black fly comes out most in spring and summer when larvae are hatching. The females in nearly all species are doing the biting since a blood food source is how they produce their eggs.

What Regions Do Biting Flies Live in?

Biting flies are nearly everywhere in the United States. Different species are more prevalent in different areas, but no matter where you live, there are most certainly biting flies in your region.

The amount of biting flies often increases in areas where water is present, especially marshes, creeks, or ponds. Biting flies tend to come out the most on warm, sunny days. The same sort of days that are our favorite to be outside.

If the biting flies are pestering your household, there are solutions. You just need to understand what sort of biting fly traps are the best and where to buy them.

How to Get Rid of Biting Flies

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Biting flies are persistent. They sense your carbon dioxide, movement, and sweat, and they feel the same way as you when you open a pizza box.

The trick to deterring biting flies is to fool them into feeding on something else besides you and your loved ones. Nearly all traps specific to catching biting flies have a system set up where the flies think they are swarming over an animal or human. They go in for the bite, becoming trapped.

Where to Buy the Best Biting Fly Traps on the Market

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Although you can always try using natural essential oils, you can always just go for fly trap.  Of course, no one trap will get rid of all biting flies. With a little research, you can find the ones geared towards your specific needs. As is the case with any product, you may have to experiment to find the best fit for you, your family, and your living situation.

Home Improvement Stores

The advantage here is that there is usually a large selection of biting fly traps available. The cost may be less than online and the traps can be picked up immediately. Be sure and completely read the information labels and warnings on the product to make sure it is effective against the type of biting flies in your area.

Local Greenhouses

Greenhouses typically know all about local pesky insects. They may be able to offer advice for your situation and point you to the solutions best for your situation. Larger greenhouses may have biting fly traps in stock.


Here are a few examples to consider:

 Bite-Lite Horse Fly Trap

The Bite-Lite Horse Fly Trap is a professional system that tends to cost more than most other traps, but people swear by it. If you have horses, this system might be the choice for you.

It works without chemicals and has a high success rate of capturing several species of biting flies. It gives off an infrared signal that attracts those hungry female flies. When the flies arrive to feed, they are trapped in the inflatable ball mechanism.

Bug Ball Biting Fly Trap

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The Bug Ball Biting Fly Trap system is more affordable than many others. If your biting fly problem is not as serious and you don’t have a large area, this is another option.

This easy system also utilizes an inflatable ball and an eco-friendly spray called “Catch ‘Em” to attract and stick the flies to the ball. People often use this in a backyard or near pools or lakes, saying that one system is enough for a single acre.

Catchmaster Flying Insect Trap

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The Catchmaster Flying Insect Trap is the least expensive of these options. The manufacturer recommends you place a trap every 25-50 feet, so the affordable price gets higher depending on the size of your land.

It is chemical and electricity free and attracts and traps biting flies by tricking them into thinking the trap is an animal. It then traps the biting flies on the glue board inside the trap.

Biting Fly Traps – Wrap Up

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Depending on your budget and how big an area you are targeting, there are several biting fly traps on the market to address your needs. If biting flies along with other pesky insects are your biggest problem, an average fly trap will not do the trick. You must purchase a biting fly trap. They are available as mentioned above and it is always best to shop early in the season for these traps.

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