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Best Fly Traps – Indoor and Outdoor Options Overview

by | Knowledge Bombs


In today’s article, we’ll provide you with a brief overview of 7 of the best fly traps that were found to be effective against flies, both indoors and outdoors. So without further ado, let’s hop right in!

There are tons of fly traps out there that you can buy. However, not all of them are created equal. If you’re looking for the most effective fly trap out there, you’ve come to the right place!


Top 7 Indoor and Outdoor Best Fly Traps Available on the Market


1. Trappify Fly Window Sticky Traps – Best Overall Indoor Fly Trap



Kicking off the list with one of the best indoor fly traps that you can find out there. The Trappify Fly Traps are clear strips that you can rely on to remove the flies from your house as well as a variety of other flying pests, such as mosquitos, moths, and gnats.

The strips are lined with adhesives that contain a pheromone attractant. As the insects approach them, they’ll instantly trap the flies for good.

The great part is that they’re completely safe and non-toxic for pets, and you can strip them up high for extra safety.

The product is also quite affordable and easy to replace once they’re filled. All in all, this is one of the best indoor fly traps if you don’t want any strong odors or popping sounds in the house.



  • Comes at a reasonable price and last for a decent time
  • Highly effective against flies and other types of flying insects
  • Completely odorless and non-toxic on pets


  • You’ll need to replace them frequently as they get full of flies


2. RESCUE! Outdoor Disposable Fly Trap – Best Outdoor Fly Trap



Rescue is one of the most component options on the market and easily one of the best outdoor fly traps on the market.

This one utilizes a water-soluble fly bait that will lure the flies into the trap through the top opening.

As the flies go inside, they get trapped in the water until they drown. This method is surprisingly effective and can be placed in various parts of your property.

What’s great about this outdoor fly trap is that it can carry up to 20,000 flies at a time and once it’s full of flies, you can dispose of them without directly coming in contact with flies.



  • Easily disposable and replaceable
  • Highly effective and safe trap
  • Has a decent capacity for long term action


  • May produce a noticeable smell, especially on hot days


3. GTOCS Bug Zapper Outdoor Electric Fly Zapper – Best Zapper Fly Trap



Another highly effective method to efficiently trap and kill flies, as well as other flying pests, is the fly zapper. The GTOCS bug zapper will help you eliminate anything from flies and gnats to mosquitos and moths!

What is nice about these traps is that they can work both indoors and outdoors. However, with regular use, we’ve found that it’s most effective on flies when placed on patios and backyards.

This is mainly because they regularly produce a loud popping sound as they zap a fly. The 15 watts ultraviolet lamp does a great job at attracting those annoying creatures and trapping the dead insects in an easy to clean tray.



  • Does a great job at luring all kinds of flying insects
  • Protects fingers and paws from shocks and zaps by covering the zapper with a safety frame
  • Has a large disposable tray


  • It can be a bit disgusting to empty the collection tray


4. Farnam Starbar Captivator Fly Trap – Best Long Lasting Fly Trap



This Farnam Starbar trap is another efficient and innovative solution that will help you trap flies away and it works like a charm.

The surprisingly simple principle of the trap shows you how effective it can be. The trap contains a variety of pheromones and feeders that flies simply can’t avoid. As they fly into the trap, they won’t be able to escape it until they fall dead.

The transparent container is a good way to show you how many insects it can hold. Surprisingly, the trap can house up to 0.5 a gallon (2 quarts) of dead flies.

Unfortunately, this might also be a bit disgusting to some, but it’s nothing an opaque cover can’t solve.



  • Works for a very long time
  • Specifically targets flies without posing any dangers to other pests (hangs up high)
  • No risk of spilling or accidents while emptying like smaller bags


  • You might need to cover the horrific scene of piling dead insects


5. Catchmaster Sticky Fly Trap Ribbon – Best Indoor and Outdoor Fly Trap



Another product from Catchmaster, which clearly shows the effectiveness and quality of their products and traps.

If you want to use sticky traps but you don’t want stinky insects on your windows or walls, these trap ribbons can be a nice alternative.

To use them, pop the tube open and pull the ribbon-like strand, then attach it wherever you want.

The best part about this product is that you can use it both indoors and outdoors. The adhesive and attractant are non-toxic and pet-safe while being very effective on flies.



  • Can be used just about anywhere on your property
  • Holds up to 100 flies each
  • Highly compact and stretches 20 times its size


  • Mostly effective in warm weather, so may not perform well on moderate to cold days


6. Safer M380-AMAZ Reusable Fly Trap – Best Reusable Fly Trap



If you’re tired of replacing the fly trap every time it’s full, this one might work like a charm for you. The Safer M380-AMAZ fly trap relies on a very simple “lure and entrap” principle to work.

However, the attractant material used here doesn’t lose effectiveness over time, so you can simply dump the contents of the bottle when it’s completely filled and refill them.

The bait is great against a wide variety of flies and shouldn’t be dangerous on pets as it’s made of dehydrated food-grade materials.



  • An easily reusable and effective trap
  • The bait is made of non-toxic safe materials
  • Small in size and easy to hang


  • The bait produces a strong smell, so you should hang it away from the house


7. FVOAI Indoor Fly Trap  – Best UV-Attractant Indoor Fly Trap



Lastly, if you want a compact indoor fly trap, using pheromones might not be a good idea because of the stinky smell they produce.

In that case, this fly trap might be a suitable alternative. It works by attracting the flies and mosquitos to the UV light it emits, then gets them stuck in its sticky glue board.

It’s incredibly easy to remove and replace the glue board with a new one, so you won’t have to worry about a zapper pop or a bait stench.



  • Doesn’t produce sound or smell
  • Easy to replace
  • Available in different colors


  • Requires frequent replacement


Best Fly Traps – Wrap Up


With that said, you now have a better idea about the best fly traps that will effectively solve your house flies problem whether indoors or outdoors.

Although all of the previously mentioned products are quite effective against flies, we recommend that you combine a variety of methods both indoors and outdoors to completely eradicate the flies in a record time.

We largely recommend trying out the Trappify Indoor Window Corner Disposable Traps, because they’re highly effective at keeping these annoying insects at bay.

However, if you’re looking for an outdoor solution, you might want to give the RESCUE! Outdoor Disposable Fly Trap or Farnam Home and Garden 14680 Starbar Captivator Fly Trap a try. These are sure-fire solutions to get rid of flies and prevent them from hovering around your property.

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