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Banana Gnat Trap – How to Make One to Catch “No See Ums”

While many gnat pesticides can help you eliminate gnats, there are other inexpensive solutions you can try at home. A banana gnat trap is a simple DIY method of getting rid of gnats or “no see ums”; here’s how to make one.

Gnats and fruit flies are found in any outdoor or indoor environment. These bugs are common, but might be intolerable for people when found in their kitchens.

These insects’ small size makes them undetectable to most eyes and typically create large infestations when people don’t find them in time. Some might hover around you and bother you as you attempt to eat. Other “no see ums” might bite you.

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Identify Gnat and Fruit Flies Infestation Site

Before creating your banana trap, it would be best to locate the source of your pest infestation. For gnats, check areas with food out in the open, such as ripened fruits.

Gnats also thrive in areas with a lot of moisture, such as garbage bins, garbage disposals, or leaky sinks. Sweet and fruity scents are some fragrances that attract these bugs the most. Gnats might fly around you if your body produces a lot of sweat or body heat.

Bright lights typically attract no see ums, so it might be wise to turn your lights off often to keep them from entering your home. These insects typically thrive near standing bodies of water, so it would be wise to identify any sources of open water on your property, such as sinks, pools, or moist soil.

Once you check these areas or see a swarm of these pests around your house, you can proceed with creating your DIY banana trap.

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Homemade Fruit Fly Trap? Works as Gnat Trap!

If you notice fruit flies in your drain, you might want to look for a quick remedy, such as pouring bleach down it. However, experts claim that this isn’t the most efficient solution. While this may kill female fruit flies and their larvae, it will not be enough to eliminate the problem.

This is the same with fungus gnats. If you notice an infestation, you need to be smart when it comes to creating fruit fly traps and gnat DIY trap.

When creating an effective banana trap, it would be wise to get a few containers to act as the trap’s central compartment for the insect bait and liquid solutions. Some people might prefer using reusable plastic containers for their traps, while others may use a traditional bowl.

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It would be best to use a clear plastic container to track how many gnats and fruit fly you capture for the best visible results. Your container should be durable and have no visible cracks that can let liquid or bugs escape.

Although some people prefer using food containers, you can also use plastic jars or bottles.

You can also place a smaller container inside the main container to hold the bananas you’ll place inside the trap. This technique might be an excellent solution for preventing the bananas from getting drenched in the detergent or water you might add to the larger container.

DIY Fruit Fly Traps: Banana Trap Bait

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One effective way of attracting gnats, no see ums, and other flying pests is by using fruit to lead them into your homemade trap. Bananas tend to attract gnats the most due to their swift ripening characteristics. As bananas ripen, their starch breaks down into sugar.

Before placing your bananas in the trap, consider their physical state. Some people might prefer slicing the banana into smaller pieces when using the fruits to lure the bugs, while others might mash the bananas into a lumpy paste. Leaving the banana peel in the container is another alternative that can attract gnats and other small fruit-loving insects.

After deciding how you want to prepare your bananas, place them in a small cup and place it in the bigger plastic bowl.

Fill the Container with Soapy Water and Other Liquids

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When luring no see ums into your banana gnat bait, you’ll want to ensure that they don’t escape after tasting the bait. You can add a water mixture into the trap to drown and eliminate gnats or no see ums. This method works because the container doesn’t have any solid surfaces the bugs can stand on.

The simplest solution you can use at home by adding a few drops of liquid dish soap to water. Most no see ums thrive near water and use them as nesting grounds.

When the bugs come into contact with soapy water, the soap breaks down their protective skin and makes them sink. Be sure to mix dish soap with water together for the best results. You can also try adding dish soap into a glass of wine to catch a few gnats and flies.

Adding Vinegar

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Although water and dish detergent are excellent solutions for trapping pests, some people might put additional materials inside to increase the trap’s effectiveness. One thing you can try adding to your gnat trap is vinegar.

White vinegar is a practical solution for deterring most insects due to its acidic properties. When adding it to the water and sealing the trap tight, the pests have no chance of escaping.

Apple Cider Vinegar

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If you don’t have regular vinegar on hand, you can mix apple cider vinegar with your solution mixture. It has a sweet smell and aroma that attracts most insects, similar to the sweet plant nectar they typically feed on in their diets.

The idea behind each method is to set an appealing, sweet-smelling bait near your fruit bowl in a bottle, mason jar or small bowl. Soon you will find the container packed with dead gnats or even drowned fruit flies.

By adding apple cider vinegar to your mixture, you can increase your chances of luring no see ums and other bugs into the trap. Your apple cider vinegar trap also works well when you don’t have overripe fruit, fruit juice, or same bait to use.

Small flies are attracted to the smell of apple cider, and they will want to land on its surface. The dish soap, however, weakens the surface tension of the vinegar, allowing the fruit flies to fall in and drown.

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Keep Your Room’s Lights On

You might typically find gnats or other bugs flying near lamps or uncovered windows due to their attraction towards the light. You might find your traps more effective when placing them on a counter in a brightly lit room.

The trap’s scent and light should be enough to lure these bugs out of their hidden nests.

Seal the Trap with a Plastic Wrap or Lid

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You might find your trap more effective if you capture the fruit flies and gnats in smaller increments instead of the entire swarm at once. You can perform this task by covering the trap with plastic wrap.

After placing the wrap over the container, cover tightly with string or a rubber band to prevent the bugs from escaping or spills. Wasting your supplies isn’t something you’ll enjoy in the middle of a no see um infestation.

Once you seal the container, poke a small hole through the top with a knife, toothpick, or pencil. It might be wise for you to poke these small holes above the old fruit. These few holes should be large enough for the bugs to enter, but small enough so they can’t leave.

If you don’t have a plastic wrap, you can leave it uncovered on your kitchen counter. The scent from the fruit and vinegar will entice the no see ums as soon as they sense it.

 Determine How Many Traps You Need to Set

The number of banana gnat traps you set around your home depends on how large an infestation you have. One to two traps should be enough if you find them near your sink or trash bin. If you see them all around your house, you can place a trap in every room if you have enough resources.

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How Long It Takes to Catch No See Ums and How Long You Should Leave Your Trap Out

Depending on the no see um infestation size, trapping all of them could take several hours to a few days. We recommend checking your trap every few hours to see if the bugs fly to it, typically around dawn or dusk.

If your trap’s bananas start to develop brown spots, you should discard them and replace them with a fresh ripened banana. Placing them in a sealed bag should prevent other bugs from getting drawn to it.

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Although no see ums are smaller than most fruit flies and gnats, it’s not impossible to catch them without pesticide sprays. Patience and ingenuity go a long way when creating effective DIY banana gnat traps.

It’s the same with fruit flies. Fruits and vegetables should be consumed before they get overripe or go bad. Fruit flies like ripe or fermented produce to lay their eggs on. Refrigerate them for even greater results. Clean your kitchen: Fruit flies can land on your counters and lay eggs. So make sure that there is no food waste.

When it comes to fruit flies and gnats, one thing is certain: they are absolutely relentless breeders. With only a tiny bit of rotten produce and access to some moist soil or garbage disposal, these little pests will continue producing offspring at an alarming rate.

And once they’re established, it can be difficult to get rid of them for good. But with a little diligence and a lot of caution, you can banish those annoying pests from your home and keep them out for good!

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